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Scene Title Hiring Mercenaries
Synopsis Jovan signs up for the expedition.
Location Varric's Suite, The Hanged Man
Date July 1, 2016]
Watch For The set up for a shock
Logger Varric

Varric is where he usually is when he's not telling stories in the bar. There is a list with names in various sections with different colored marks. Apparently he's keeping track of payments or future payments. Things are getting done.

Speaking of getting things done, making some more money is something Jovan needs to get done. This could be done via any number of ways. But, when the word started going out that one familiar dwarf was mounting an expedition to the Deep Roads? Jovan was on that idea. And Hadrian was like 'lol you asshole you're not going without me'. So, here is the warrior mercenary, sauntering up th Varric's table and knocking politely on the table to see if one of the empty seats can be his for a time.

Being as it's the suite Varric occupies- most of the time alone- he's actually a little more relaxed than he usually is in the bar. Of course he's told the bartender to point people in the right direction. He glances up and grins. "Shorty! I was hoping I'd see you, if you're here on the business I hope you're on." He gestures toward one of the empty chairs and picks up the pitcher to pour another mug full of ale. "So, tell me. What brings you by?"

"You mean, aside from the ale?" That's the most important reason to stop by the bar, right? Jovan offers Varric a relaxed smile and tips his head in thanks when the ale in question is poured. "Hopefully I'll be obliging, then. My associate Hadrian and I would like to sign on to be part of that Deep Roads Expedition I hear you're mounting. Haven't had a good challenge in awhile. And you never know what you might find down there. Aside from Darkspawn that is."

Varric considers Jovan for a moment and then grins. "Like I said, I was hoping you'd stop by. I'm gonna go ahead and assume you and this brother of yours aren't planning to bring carts, so this is the pay rate." He turns that list around so that Jovan can see it. There are names already signed on at various rates but Varric taps the upper tier to direct the merc's attention. "You're professionals, so I'm not going to insult either of us by suggesting I pay for anything less. That's the rate of hire. If you find something valuable, you get a cut. Find something really valuable and we'll show our appreciation. Try to take something out without logging it… well, we both know you're not gonna do that, so I won't mention sealing you up in a chamber and leaving you there." See the grin? He may or may not be serious.

"I appreciate the lack of insults. That makes it much easier to get along, doesn't it?" Jovan's a businessman through and through when it comes to contract terms, so his eyes sharpen perceptibly when as he looks over the pay rates, and then meets Varric's gaze as discussion of valuables takes place. He's pretty sure that he'd seal any fucker who tried to steal valuables up too, so he doesn't bother looking offended. "We have a reputation to maintain. Hard to do that if we're sealed on the wrong side of a door." he agrees easily enough. "We'll do it. Pay's fair."

"Now that's what I was hoping to hear. Shorty, you've made my day." Varric opens an inkwell and hands over the pen. "You can sign and then put the number of people you're bringing next to your name. The pay goes out when we return and any shares after we sell of whatever items we find. I'm taking care of the accounts, so I'll just bring that by personally. Impress me and I'll send anyone looking to hire swords for a good enough reason to you." He apparently likes to give incentives.

There's a brief flash of shrews amusement that crosses Jovan's face as he takes the pen and signs on the dotted line so to speak. "Saves on having to re-collect the pay from those who don't make it back." he comments mildly, with perhaps a bit of a snort. "Smart thinking, that. Now me, I'm a sword and shield man. Hadrian likes his daggers. And we bring along our dracolisk mounts. So you know in advance what roles we can fill. We can lead groups, or follow. It'll be your call, obviously. But we can do both." Can and have done both, actually. "Varric, I guarantee you'll be pleased with how well we carry out our duties. Play hard, work harder. We'll earn that pay."

Varric laughs. "Dracolisks… Shorty, you ride those things to the meeting place and go straight to the front and I'll personally set aside a cask of ale just for you." He may or may not be imagining his brother's face. "Since you're the ones with the most experience, you'll probably be put in charge of a few searches. Hopefully the only thing we'll have to fight is the smell, but you never know. I doubt it'll be that easy, nothing ever is."

"Well shit, Varric. I'm looking forward to that cask of ale, then. We can't exactly leave the beasts here to be taken care of. They don't really like… other people." Jovan's smile broadens even more. "Hopin' someone will crap themselves when they see us ride up? Bet we can make a good show of it." It's not often they get to show off, okay? So when they do… they take it. "We can handle that. How many untrained volunteers are coming along? Anyone we need to keep an eye on in particular? There's always a couple newbies in every group. They're the most at risk for not being careful enough of the darkspawn blood."

Varric laughs. "Let's just say that I'm looking to make an impression," he answer before looking over the list. "So far we have some pretty capable people. There's a few that I can't speak for as far as experience, but we'll put them with you when we head in. It's better to have it all sorted out before it gets interesting. I'm only putting those I can be certain have experience in charge."

"Perfect." Jovan looks pleased as punch with his decision to sign some of his crew up for the expedition. "One of us will check in with you again before the expedition, just to make sure everything's still a go and there's no new information you need from us. Or, vice versa. Feel free to stop by our office." he adds, unnecessarily. "Hopefully things stay nice and quiet in Kirkwall before we leave."

"Shorty, this is Kirkwall. If things stay quiet, you KNOW it's time to worry," Varric points out before putting the list back into its place and making another entry into his book. "I'm looking forward to working with you. It's not every day you get to hire on a group with a name like that. Maybe I'll put it into a story one day." He is NOT kidding.

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