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Scene Title Hope-N-Rope
Synopsis Garou brings Cenn to Seren to have a certain spiritual passenger ID'ed
Location Circle of Magi
Date August 14 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Hope is discovered, Cenn is threatened with rope.
Logger Seren

Dawn. Actual dawn, where the sky was just starting it's progression through the colors of the rainbow that lead to true daybreak. By some luck, Cenn was not wholly unfamiliar with getting out of bed at this time, even when he hasn't slept. A right sight more put together than when Garou found him, he's had the good sense to wash his face, eat something, have a glass of wine. Alright, maybe the last one wasn't sense but there was a chance he wasn't going to see noon, so he doesn't much care. That's the thought that drives him to the second glass, anyway. As for the third? That's pure selfishness while restringing his halls pendant on a new leather cord, this one black. Now, though, he's emerged from his room, not in armor, not armed, having left even his belt knife behind. No point in it. And he walks along with Garou, having nothing much to say, and so offering nothing to break the morning silence.

It's not the first time Garou has had to spend his night awake on someone else's behalf - not by a long shot. It is, however, the first time he's smelled fresh wine on them the morning after. He catches that and the new leather suspending the halla pendant, but he comments on neither, simply sharing in that early silence and stepping forward only when the right door is reached. Polite knocking is the only way to sunmon someone this early, but what he doesn't realize is that his pattern of doing so mimics Valentin's almost perfectly.

Look, Seren is usually awake before the sun, but this time he's just starting to wake up and that knock? Let's just say that it's not Garou he's expecting. So, without bothering to pick his robe up just yet (Aren't we all thankful for pants?) he opens the door to exactly not what he expected. "Garou? Cenn?" Ok, never mind that the reason he has this closet of a room is because he's an escape risk and they don't really want him spending time within influence range of the rest. He's still going to step aside to gesture the two in. "Come in," he invites, a worried look settling in place of the 'this is my morning face'. "Wine this early." He has guesses.

"I didn't drink it early, I just haven't slept." Cenn says, shaking his head, voice cast quiet and low. "Good morning, Seren, sorry to bother you this early." He must be upset, his order of operations is all twisted around. Nevertheless, Cenn steps inside when they are invited. What a set of days this had turned into.

"Good morning, Seren." His fiancé's closest friend is met with a warmer - more charming - smile than most people ever get from Garou, even if they do have some lingering awkwardness around the edges. He steps into the room behind Cenn and waits for the door to close before he says anything more. "I am afraid we require your assistance, else I would not intrude at this hour. The spirits who aid you and lend power to your healing," he begins, showing a - perhaps surprising - level of understanding of their craft. "Are they Faith? Wisdom? Curiosity? Hope? Compassion?" Yes, Cenn, there is a reason this Templar did not run you through on sight.

Seren nods, though he still looks confused. "I admit that I've been sorely lacking in hope until now and that compassion is possibly stronger, but…" He shakes his head. Of course Garou would know this. As for the other Templar? "Cenn…" He sighs. "Creators, sit before you collapse. This is because of our recent arrival, yes? Stop worrying about bothering me. "

"Not exactly." Cenn answers, but he doesn't argue with the healer, and sits as he is bid. If he was a little less full of wine, with a little more sleep, with a little less trauma, he might even put together those pieces about Garou. His hand comes up to his pendant, not hidden under his shirt for once, and there it stays. He doesn't have he will to explain this again.

Seren's question gets a raised brow from Garou, but there's also something of affection in the twitch of lips that goes with it. "I should not be surprised that you know. Is there anything that goes on in this Circle the healers don't hear about?" With a healer of his own, Garou is well aware of their gossip networks. People are funny about their healers. He watches Cenn sit and that affection is dulled by concern and not an insignificant amount of fear. "We need no healing from you this morning, my friend. Only your knowledge and experience." Somehow, he's got a pretty good feeling that Cenn isn't up to having this conversation again, so he steps up and takes the lead. "There is a being of the Fade dwelling inside this man that claims to be a spirit of Hope. I need to know if she is as she says or if this is simply a clever demon trying to worm her way into the flock through the wolves."

Seren ahs and sits down on the floor in front of Cenn, facing him. "There are things that we choose to not know about, if that helps." He regards the Templar in front of him for a moment and finally reaches out a hand to almost touch him, but not quite. "I'd rather your permission for this." Which means he's going to look anyway, but he'd rather not feel guilty about it.

Cenn takes a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment as Garou explains for him. He's thankful for it, but hearing the words from someone else's lips just makes it sound more crazy to him. Opening his eyes again, he nods as he looks to Seren. "I knew what I came here for, and I am not of a mind to back away now." He says softly. In the time he's had to calm, Hope has also settled. And she likes Seren, so she's practically waving from behind his eyes.

Garou steps to the side, leaning back against the wall while Cenn and Seren settle. There is something of approval in his face as Seren seeks gentle permission and something of pride as Cenn stands his ground with quiet grace, but this is not his realm of expertise and so he chooses to remain silent.

Seren doesn't wait long between permission and cast, and the feel of his power is more like a steady wind through the treetops. Hope's eagerness is met with a smile that certainly has more warmth than usual and he even chuckles. "You can rest assured this spirit is exactly what she says she is. … And now we must address the issue of your well being." He's a healer. Exactly everyone should have seen this coming.

As Seren speaks, Cenn relaxes visibly. "I am okay, Seren, there's nothing to be done for it. It will just take time. Seeing ghosts is like that." He says, a little more himself all at once. There's a playful sort of bubbling energy sent back to Seren by Hope as a way of hello, but it's as much as she can manage when not in control.

When Seren confirms the non-malicious nature of the spirit sharing Cenn's body, there is a palpable relief that shows in Garou's posture and expression without his permission. He had been dreading the idea of bringing the sword to bear; he would have done it, but being okay afterwards… well, it's a good thing all around. "Thank you," he offers quietly, pushing off the wall to prepare to leave. He opens his mouth to stop Seren's further prodding - he knows a healer's instinct well enough, but this is not that kind of wound - when Cenn takes care of the issue altogether. "He's right. Time's all there is for this," he adds. "Time and friends." He hadn't expected that last one to come out of his mouth, but he's not retracting it now that it has.

Up until now, Revas has been content to watch. But now that her elf has relaxed, she's going to wing down from her perch to settle on Cenn's shoulder without touching him with her talons."That's exactly what I'm talking about." He stands and rests the back of his hand against Cenn's forehead. "Wine, no sleep, letting yourself mourn without giving it…" Ok, let's be real here. Seren KNOWS this is the pot calling the kettle black. It's not going to stop him. "And what would this man that you loved tell you? I'm not saying it shouldn't hurt, but you are hurting yourself. So either lay down here and sleep, or Revas will go with you to watch while you do it in your own room. And this…" He pulls out a small bundle of herbs to hand over. "This will insure that no dreams interrupt you." He looks over at Garou. "Try to get him to see the sense in this?"

Low blow, there, Seren. Nevertheless, he takes the bag of herbs. His hand leaves his pendant and comes to smooth Revas' chest feathers. "I'll do as you say, dear healer, you don't need to call in the cavalry." He says with a small, gentle laugh.

Garou's answering grin is crooked and wicked. "If I thought he was inclined to be disobedient, I'd truss him up and toss him in bed with Valentin and Tytos. No way to escape that without a full night's sleep under your belt."

Seren raises an eyebrow at that approach. "So trussing is on the approved treatment plan list. Do I need to explain to you how well the Dalish know how to tie knots? And I will tell you the same thing I told our newest resident. It is no inconvenience to support another in grief. Now make the tea, drink the tea, sleep for Creators sakes, and then eat a decent meal. Wine should be for lifting your heart, not drowning your pain." He gives Garou a smile for his reinforcement. "Thank you for trusting me with this."

Now that gets Cenn to look over at Garou with a look that is both surprised and intrigued, and notably without any note of offense. Now was definitely not the ti- Really, Seren? Well, he's got color back, but it is through a blush. "You do not need to explain that, no." He says, looking back to the healer and then shaking his head, "And it's fine, my pain has learned to swim, I'm not drowning anything." Nevermind that he's trying. Cenn sighs. "You two will be the death of me." He says, but it is warmly affectionate, with no small measure of embarrassment.

Seren's addition brings a sharper edge to Garou's grin - a darker cast to his eyes - but he restrains his riposte to simply a raking gaze dragged down and then back up the robeless healer. "I give it a month." But that's all he says to that and seems pleased enough with his own inside joke that he is not so much inclined to share. Not at present anyway. "Valentin trusts you and I make a point never to argue with him when he's right." Which is a very Garou way of saying that yes, he does trust Seren. Cenn's response here is particularly fun, but though there is absolutely dark promise in the way his lips twist and curve into their trademark smugness, his answer is entirely mild and devoid of anything that would be out of place when commenting upon the weather. "Only a little, Cenn. Only a little."

"Death. I haven't killed anyone yet." Revas is ignoring the words. She has a human to look after and she's going to start with that untidy hair. "Revas will go with you. She's better at comfort than most people I know. But for now, your pain is restricted to dry land until after tea, sleep, and food. Send Revas if you have need. She'll come if you do, even if you don't send her." He chuckles at the mention of Valentin. "That's an incredibly reasonable position. Try to convince him to not argue when the healer is right. …month?" But then he's giving Cenn a stern look. "I mean it. Knots."

Garou gets a shake of Cenn's head. "Such promises." He quips back. Yes, Ferelden raised though he is, he did catch that, Garou. He turns his attention back to Seren in the next moment, not lingering on the baiting. "I won't begrudge her company." Cenn says with a nod. And the laugh he gives as she starts in on his hair says he's being honest. And he's going to settle in to saying hello to the nightwing properly when Seren gives him that look. "Right, well…" He says, blushing again and clearing his throat, "On that note, I ought to get on with the sleeping, no?" And he stands to move to the door. "Thank you both." He at least still has his manners.

"That man will argue with Death itself when it comes." Not literally, perhaps, if one knows Valentin well enough, but it is sufficient illustration of his argumentative streak as to make Rou's point. Which is: not bloody likely. He is between Cenn and the door, so he steps aside to open it, allowing the other Lieutenant to precede him out since he has his own cheeky grin to shoot Seren's way - he's notably not clarifying that month comment, nope - before he drags his tired carcass off to his own bed - and a no doubt very grumpy lionette.

"He'd win," is Seren's parting remark. "I thought we'd have to tie him to a bed." That one was for Garou, but loud enough for both. And now? Well, it's morning and he's going to need tea before he deals with the rest of the day.

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