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Scene Title In the Circle
Synopsis Two mages meet in the Gallows.
Location The Gallows
Date Justinian 25, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Attempted breaking and entering by a Nightwing
Logger Seren

Seren is NOT here of his own free will. Then again, who is? He's also still not over being shipped to this hole from the previous hole, which was taller. At least now he's been allowed to roam the hall freely so he's going to roam every damn inch of it until he finds his best bet on breaking out of the gallows. Not that he got to see much of the outside of it. Of course, he's been doing this for the better part of an hour and evening is setting in, so every time he comes near one of the narrow windows, what looks like a beak, and then a claw from a taloned foot, pokes in and scrapes at the stone. "…Revas… Just wait. As soon as we find a window big enough…"

Sadly there are pleanty of mages who are in the circle of their own, free but broken and browbeaten will. But, Katerina is certainly not one of them. The city elf mage comes around the corner, having passed her afternoon wandering the halls and really just thinking to herslef. Being in a constant state of looking busy was really the only way to get any privacy around here. She spies the dalish wandering about, and knows well the look of a person looking to find some sort of crack in the prison, some means of escape. She used to do it too. "All of the windows are barred." She says, melancholy about it herself. "But I applaud your attempt."

Seren glances over his shoulder, studying Katarina for a few seconds before shaking his head. "At this point, I'd settle for a way in. Revas isn't going to stop until she finds a way and I'm afraid one of these idiots in armor is going to put an arrow through her. There's always a way out, even if you have to be creative about it."

Katerina smiles at the dalish mage, "You're looking at the woman who tried to run off to join the wardens twice, and has tried to run off and join the dalish more times than I care to admit." Her head tilts to the side as she speaks, curtain of wild brown hair falling off to the side to reveal delicatley pointed ears. The admission of escape attempts is only uttered after a cursury look around the hall. She was allowed such freedom because those details hadn't made it into her file and she's like to keep it that way. Bright green eyes flick to the bird and her brow furrows with concern. "They're not often so jumpy as to shoot someone's pet, sadistic maybe, but not jumpy. Then again the incident with Karl has put everyone on edge."

Seren looks at the revealed ear with a little surprise before looking at Katerina's face again. "You… don't have a clan." He's observant, isn't he? But at least he's not breaking out the flat-ear just yet. "In the tower where I was held after I was captured, sometimes they would try." He shakes his head at the mention of the name. "I don't know this person. Is there a place big enough for a nightwing to enter? Or will this cause problems?" And then there's the list of escape attempts and might look a little bothered by that one. "In Rivain, we come and go as we please. If you ever manage to escape, you should go there. Just take care that you never wander past the border." Guess who did that one.

Katerina shakes her head, "I was born in Denerim, snatched up by the templars as a little girl." Not a fact she sounds overly happy about. "Karl was… Something horrible happened to him. It has a lot of the mages afraid and a lot of the templars angry or confused." she explains. As for the bird, she thinks for a moment. "There's the courtyard, but that comes with more danger of being shot at." Eyes flick up again at the comments about Rivain, though she doesn't seem to have much to say on the subject.

Seren growls and hits the wall with the side of his fist. He's not stupid enough to punch it. "Revas! Go hunt," he orders the bird while reaching out to touch her feathers. "Go hunt." He finally turns from the window to lean against the wall beside it. "This courtyard is surrounded? Do they ever let us into it?" He lets out a long sigh. "Angry and confused… I think that's one of the traits of their profession. At least they didn't throw me directly into an underground dungeon in this one." He gestures to the walls. "They just dispensed with the underground part." One more angry smack at the wall- this time with the bottom of his bare foot- and he sighs. "Forgive me. My name is Seren Tylluan."

Katerina shakes her head, "There's nothing to forgive." She says, "You're allowed to be angry about being kept in a cage." The look on her face is knowing, sympathetic. "Katerina Vulcheva." She offers, not a particularly elven name, but it works for her. "There's a templar that might be able to help you find a place for Revas." She offers. "He can be frustrating but he's… his heart is in the right place. Or as much as it can be while he still has the armor."

"I have a hard time believing these templars CAN have their hearts in the right place while it's still in their chests." Seren's a LITTLE angry. "We hear stories about the circles in Rivain, but they were always just stories. Then I find they really do make you face demons and then lock you up in case you change your mind." He shakes his head, apparently trying to clear the anger away to be dealt with later. "This templar… if you say he can be reasonable, then I'll believe. What's his name?"

"Cenn d'Argent." Katerina offers, poor Cenn, whom she's been laying all of her troubles at the feet of recently. "There are a few here who are at least not sadistic. Misguided, blinded and brainwashed perhaps, but they are not cruel for the sake of their own enjoyment." She offers, having taken that one bit of hope to heart herself. "The Harowwing is barberous, and not to mention pointless. If you take too long you were clearly going to sucumb anyway. If you finish too fast, you've made a deal with the demon and you die." There is no small amount of bitterness in the mage's voice.

Seren nods at the name. "I'll remember it, but if you see him will you ask him to speak with me? Revas will hunt for herself, but she's not going to stay away forever. I can make a case for her being able to follow traces of magic to their source." He gives a bitter chuckle at the description the harrowing. "I'm a spirit healer, they were drawing lots on which one of them it would be. At least I think they were. They had Orleasian accents. It was either that or they were boasting about the length of their swords."

Katerina nods, "I'll mention it to Cenn the next time I see him." She assures. "I am sure your clan is wanting for your talents." She says sympathetically. "I am sorry to see the brutality of the Chantry rip more of our people from their homes and families." The sadness in her eyes is certainly legitimate, even for a flat-ear.

"At least they know what happened, those bastards didn't keep me from healing them as they dragged me to their wagon." Seren shakes his head. "None of this should be happening. We live freely in Rivain, there is no Chantry to protect the people from mages and yet demons haven't ripped the country apart." He rubs a hand over his eyes. "I'll have to ask your forgiveness again. I'm sure you hear complaints from every mage dragged in here. Trust me when I say I'm going to find a way out. No matter what that way is." With this he pushes away from the wall. "For now, I'm going to see if my request for a robe that fits has been granted. They acted as if wrapping my wrists in extra cloth to try to get out of the shackles was a novel idea." Which is obviously the reason for the badly fitting robe. "I hope that I have the chance to speak with you again. … preferably on our way out of here under our own free will." Yeah, he's not giving up.

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