Portrayed By Taylor Swift
Faction Warrior
Organization Templar Order
Position Knight Captain
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 22
Place of Birth West Hills, Ferelden
Date of Birth 23 Haring 9:8 Dragon
Mother Arlessa of West Hills
Father Arl Gallagher Wulff
Siblings Berchan (Brother), Izot (Sister)
Marital Status Single
Children None>

Character History:

The youngest daughter of Arl Gallagher Wulff, Isolde was always meant for the Chantry. A pious and devoted girl, she flourished there. Though he family had not forgotten about her, and would visit regularly. She kept regular correspondence with them throughout all of her life. What the Chantry might not have anticipated from the wide eyed, little blonde girl, though, was that when she grew older she did not wish to become a sister. Isolde was never delicate enough for that. She was fiery and protective. What was more, is she wanted to protect those the Maker has the most reason to distrust. If mages could be shown the safety and love of the Maker, anyone could.

And thus the young girl was slated for the Templar Order. Her dedication was profound, as was her selflessness. It was her belief that a feeling of security, and the assurance of the love of the Maker, was what would keep Mages the farthest from Demons. A gentle hand, and a firm belief of wrong and right, she did have a tendency to grate on her superiors. No one could deny the girl's spirited nature, though, or her capabilities as a Templar.

After taking her vows, Isolde was assigned to Kirkwall. There, she continued to distinguish herself. Climbing ranks quickly, for her charisma and dedication. Before long, she was a Knight-Captain under Meredith Stannard. She didn't have the kind of history many of the Order did, but she was talented and reliable. Endlessly likable, and willing to take on duties beyond what is expected of her. She's become something for a fixture since she came to Kirkwall at the age of sixteen, and she intends to remain that way.





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