Portrayed By Richard Dean Anderson
Faction Warrior
Organization Seekers of Truth
Position Knight Lieutenant
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 51
Place of Birth Orlais
Date of Birth Harvestmere 3
Mother Deceased
Father Also Deceased
Siblings Ugh, too many.
Marital Status Hah
Children None that he knows of.
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Jack, one of many kids in a low ranking Orlesian noble's house, grew up with the kind of double-sided view that provides a sort of instinctive wisdom that some people never attain. He could see first hand the Orlesion largesse, and the opportunity available to even the most low of it's ladder. But, also the excess and the glamour that hid the rotten core beneath. And from the side of the commoner he watched their struggle as the lived almost by the side of someone as low ranking as they were; only the smallest bit of blood kept them from a much better life. Yet they were still generous in helping one another and making sure nobody went without. On the other hand? The crime and greed and pettyness that can come of those who see no way out of poverty's endless struggle. And as the oldest of his parents' brood, it was going to be up to him to set an example for the others. So he chose service. Service as a Templar, to be precise.

Was he really all that devout? Well, no. He might have been better off trying to be a Chevalier. But again, having seen first hand the treatment some of their less honorable members gave out to those of common status… he would have wound up dishonoring his family by disemboweling one of them someday. So really it was for the best. And while he did an outstanding job in all aspects of the military side of his training, his lack of fervent belief in the divine righteousness of the Templar Order over the Mages did not quite go unnoticed. So it happened that the Seekers, who often scout for potential among the Templar's trainees, gave him the option of a different path. He would never be more then the lowest of those in the Templar Order with his.. penchant for asking questions at the wrong time.

As a Seeker, he learned to watch for corruption in both the Mage and the Templar Orders. For while the mage may find themselves overwhelmed by a demon in the Fade or otherwise tempted by power or demonic persuasion, power over others can also corrupt. Especially when combined with the lyrium that Templars use to fuel their powers. As a Seeker in training, he had to spend countless hours of meditation and ritual to duplicate the abilities of their parallel order. And as with others of the Seeker order, he can neither be posessed or mind controlled. And, as what SHOULD be a last resort, he can set the lyrium in a person's blood aflame. A useful interrogation technique. Even if.. well, it's a torture technique. Let's be honest. One he has yet to ever actually use.

But what brings him to Kirkwall of all places? There are multiple answers to that. But, it's been long known that the Templars led by Meredith Stannard have a reputation for being excessive with their discipline toward the mage's in Kirkwall's Circle. And while it hasn't been a concern of the Seekers until this point, there are some murmurings that perhaps the reason for many possible defections and missing mage's in Ferelden after the latest blight might be due to a stark refusal to come to Kirkwall until the Ferelden Circles can be cleansed and repaired. Understandably, this is cause for concern. Unrest can lead to rebellion. Rebellion leads to bloodshed. And ultimately, that would cause problems of the faith for the Chantry. So they send in one of their experienced Seekers to investigate, REDACTED. NOT CLEARED FOR GENERAL KNOWLEDGE


Jack… is pretty much an asshole. He's that guy who really doesn't have many fucks to give, so he's hoarding them until they're absolutely needed. As of yet, they haven't been needed. He's also not a big believer in tiptoeing a diplomatic line, which means he'll get along FANTASTICALLY with Meredith. He also doesn't technically report to Meredith, so… he's got no fucks to give there either. He's equally at ease speaking to a Mage as a Templar, and seems to have no fear of either. Or really, much fear of anything. He's an experienced hand at being an active duty, investigating Seeker.


Other Information

Why is someone his age not higher in rank? Depends on who you ask. It could have something to do with his big mouth. Or, it could be that he would much rather be out in the field doing good and investigating. Being a paper pusher would pretty much suck. So don't let the rank fool you.

Memorable Quotes:

Even if.. well, it's a torture technique. Let's be honest.

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