Portrayed By Lyndsy Fonesca
Faction Rogue
Organization Nobility
Position Chevalier
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 28
Place of Birth Val Chevans
Date of Birth Drakonis 8
Mother Comtesse Marie d'Aubingy
Father Comte Gaston d'Aubingy
Siblings None
Marital Status Technically Single
Children None
First Appearance NA
Last Appearance NA

Character History:

Dame Julie d’Aubingy was born Drakonis 8, 9:03 Dragon to Comte Gaston d’Aunbingy and his wife, Marie. Her father’s claim to fame in Orlesian high society was not his rank as a Comte, but rather, his position as a teacher at Orlais’ Academie des Chevaliers, which, after spending much of his daughter’s formative years teaching her the art of dueling within his own home, he sponsored her for entry into. Orlesian nepotism at its finest.

Julie was far from a model student at the Academy, prone to not following instructions to the letter she does not display the famed social and military discipline of the Chevaliers, but her discipline towards technique was not only up to snuff, but outstanding. During her time in training she quickly developed a pattern of performing to the status quo when required, but not when it was even remotely optional.
Julie’s time at the academy was also her time with Orlesian high society, as one does. Over the years split between training and partying she developed something of a reputation. An independent firebrand, known for flirtations with both sexes, bold romantic gestures in full public view, recklessness, an unabashed habit of calling people on their shit and challenging them to duels when they responded in kind. Duels which she often won. Her reputation made her the bon vivant of various social gatherings, but didn’t do her a damn favor with her teachers and superiors. After a string of high profile affairs, grudges, duels and allegedly seducing a chantry sister, Julie obtained her chevalier’s chain by the grace of the influence of her father and various socialites she had come to impress (or sleep with) and sheer technical skill. The award of rank came with the strong suggestion that she take some time away from Val Royeaux, thus the announcement of her plans to travel to Antiva City were met with resounding support.

Her desire to travel to Antiva came from reading about and hearing stories of the famed Antivan duelists who eschew armor all together and favor their speed and skill in combat. A style that had always resonated with Julie more than the clunky, heavily armored combat practiced by most Chevaliers. One man in particular, a swords master named Juan Destreza, whom and earned the moniker “The Antivan Dragon,” garnered her interest. He was allegedly the best outside the Antivan Crows (whom she did not wish to associate with) and she was the best. So why not?

Imagine her surprise when not Destreza himself, but one of his apprentices turned her away out of hand. Try as she might Destreza and his house just wouldn’t budge on the issue. Which, unfortunately, left d’Aunbingy herself stranded in Antiva city her absence from Orlesian Society not yet extended enough to afford her any grace from the elite. So, Julie resorted to making her way in Antiva on her own with the skills she had available to her. Swordsmanship and a talent for performance. Julie made her way on exhibition duels, starting from the street fighting rings at the very bottom to high end betting at the very top. The occasional lover who doubled as a sponsor, also beneficial.

Eventually, her consistent work earned Destreza’s attention. Her time under Juan’s tutelage was not pretty, at all, but it was brutally effective. The complete lack of pomp and circumstance, the sheer dedication to skill as opposed to history and ideology were what it took to instill the kind of discipline expected of a Chevalier in Julie. Her father and peers likely expected the Dame to go on a bender in Antiva and come back worse for wear, not better. But better they would get. After three years of Juan’s personal tutelage Julie managed to narrowly best her master, the final task in his training. Landing a blow on Juan earned her his approval, and the right to teach his style to students she might find worthy. She departed Antiva with a blade wrought from the master’s own hands for her’s alone and his heartfelt wish of luck to teaching the Orlesian’s true discipline.

However, though unoccupied there were still tempers to cool back home and Julie didn’t feel quite at peace with her soul searching as of yet. The Free Marches seemed interesting, and a dart decided that her first stop would be Kirkwall. One marcher city couldn’t get into too much trouble no? Oh Julie, you sweet summer child.


Julie is a reckless person, prone to self centered theatrics and other various forms of trouble making. She is primarily the sort of person who doesn't handle things like commitment or siting still for too long well. Though her time in Antiva has lessened it to some degree she still has and instinctive need to introduce chaos into systems of authority. She carries around a perhaps not-so-healthy dose of Orlesian hedonism, which sometimes spills over into an unhealthy amount of Orlesian entitlement. While a bon vivant prone to excess and avarice she also holds a capacity for kindness. Her displays of compassion are not often found among the Orlesian elite. There are matters that Julie can be compelled to take seriously, one just has to prod at her enough to find them.


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Chandelier- Sia
Empress of Fire-Elizaveta Khripounova

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