Portrayed By Nina Dobrev
Faction Mage
Organization Circle of Magi
Position Mage
Sex Female
Race Elf
Age 22
Place of Birth Denerim
Date of Birth Bloomingtide 1 9:09 Dragon
Mother Yvanna Vulcheva
Father Andre Vulcheva
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance NA
Last Appearance NA

Character History:

Katerina Vulcheva was born in the crime stricken hovels of the Denerim’s alienage. Though she was taken to the Kinloch circle at a young age, her formative years in the alienage have instilled her with a deep distrust of humans, the chantry, and other such authoritarian structures designed to benefit mankind. When she was ten years old Katerina was laying in her bed in her small home, having a nightmare as small children often do. To her surprise she awoke to find roots sprung out of the ground, curled around her bed to protect her.
She was taken away to the circle by the Templars the next day.

Life as an apprentice was not terrible for Katerina, for the first time in her life people weren’t throwing cheap shots and calling her knifear, and she’d grown up used to being confined and under constant threat. It was the looming specter of her Harrowing which had her commit herself to hours upon hours of study and practice. It was during this study that she first encountered mention of Dreamer Mages. Squirreled away in some Maker forsaken book, of a maker forsaken corner of this maker forsaken library was the barest mention and description of the ancient elven Dreamers to enter the fade, consciously, in their sleep.

Katerina had always thought her dreams and her seeming ability to control her actions in them interesting. But with this knowledge they made far more sense. However, this scant description also came with words like “lost elven magics” and “strongly attracts demons” thus, fearing she would be made Tranquil were she discovered, she kept her secret from the other mages and Templars.

Her forays into the fade were conservative at first, largely focused on remaining in a small area and learning to exert her will over what she found there. In the years leading up to her harrowing she had created a modestly sized but safe and secure domain for herself within her own dreams. And, apparently, attracted the attention of a spirit. He introduced himself as Folly and their relationship was… rocky at best to start. But he had the information she needed to learn and a willingness to teach it, even if he was a capricious ass about it. Between her own work ethic and Folly teaching her while she slept, Katerina was prepared enough that she succeeded in her harrowing despite the mere presence of demons being painful to a dreamer.

However, her success in her Harowing and commitment to studying her magical arts did not garner her much good will towards being promoted to enchanter. Katerina was of the opinion that the Templars paid far more attention to the senior mages and was thus loathe to become one. Additionally, she resented her life in the circle, and refused to appease the certified Chantry thugs in the ways that would be required for advancement.

And this little thing called the Fifth Blight got in the way. Katerina was present in the circle for the incident involving Uldird and, luckily was among the few mages to find some measure of shelter on the lower floors after the Knight Commander closed the tower doors. The experience was agonizing, and the pain from the demons and abominations flooding the tower left her largely unable to contribute to the defense of her fellow mages. She was harassed by demons in her own right as well, those preying on her desire for freedom, her rage and the Templars and pride in her own talents. However, Folly has been an astute teacher, if not an ass.

Once the Circle had been saved by the Hero of Ferelden, and the mages and Templars were called to make good on the treaties they had signed at the Battle of Denerim, Katerina was one of the first to volunteer to go. Her purpose in this was twofold. On the one hand she wished to make up for her inability to act against the demons which had overrun the tower. On the other hand, she wished to capitalize on the opportunity, hoping to find any one of the wardens who would be present for the battle and convince them to conscript her. It would be a life of toiling against Darkspawn, but even that seemed better than the circle. She survived to battle only to have her ambitions dashed when she discovered that Merida Cousland her given her life to slay the Archdemon.

Any and all subsequent attempts to travel to Amaranthine and be conscripted under Warden Commander Sidona were swiftly thwarted by the Templars, who had seen how anxious Katerina had been to find a Grey Warden during the battle.

In the wake of these attempts the Templar Order has deemed it appropriate to transfer Katerina to Kirkwall, hoping that being removed from her native Ferelden and perhaps placed under a Knight Commander less strained than Gregor might curb her desire to find creative ways of escaping the Circle.

Meredith would almost assuredly get at least a note.


Katerina is headstrong and outspoken. The the delight of various enchanters, she carries a sharp intelligence, but to the chagrin of many a Templar that same wit comes with a seemingly endless font of willfulness. The city elf has never been one to be quiet about the injustices she sees in the world, and that most certainly includes the Circle. There is a cunning to her as well, which leads to veiled escape attempts in the guise of things like joining the wardens, as opposed to directly attempting to break out of her confinement. The Mage holds a grudge like nothing else, making it nearly impossible to get on her good side once you're off it.


9:09 Dragon Born
9:19 Dragon Taken to the Circle
9:25 Dragon Passes her Harrowing
9:30 Dragon The events of Broken Circle, The Battle of Denerim, and a failed attempt to join the wardens
9:31 Dragon Arrives in Kirkwall


Once Upon A Dream-Lana Del Rey

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