Faction Warrior
Organization Carta
Position Mercenary
Sex Female
Race Dwarf
Age 27
Place of Birth Amaranthine Airling
Date of Birth August 5
Mother Senna Clay
Father Gordain Clay
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children Nah!
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Katka is a Ferelden dwarf. Her most recent ancestor from Orzammar was her maternal grandmother, a casteless exile. The rest of her ancestry had been surface dwarves for generations. She was born in a small village in Amaranthine airling, where her parents supplemented her father's income as a potter by working a small patch of land. They were not prosperous, particularly as the rest of the family suffered some financial setbacks, but they survived. Katka was a rambunctious child, wooden sword in hand, encouraged by her ailing grandmother, who, despite her social condition in Orzammar, still regaled the child with tales of Paragons and heroics. And while being a dwarf undoubtedly beat being an elf, she still got in more than her fair share of scuffles with other children over being a stumpy little rock-worshipper. Not that she was, her parents took her to the Chantry, and she grew up vaguely Andrastian and vaguely belonging.

A few years of bad weather and poor business and the family ended up in debt, and a corrupt local officer seized their property. Katka's parents moved north to the city of Amaranthine, to find help with a more prosperous cousin. Katka, aged 16, with her parents' reluctant blessing, went east to Denerim, to meet an uncle who worked with a merchant caravan. He took her on as help, and while, for the most part, she just helped with the animals and with storage, she also learned how to fight, and she was 17 when she first killed a man during a scuffle with highwaymen. Unfortunately, the caravan ran into even worse trouble the next year, and was completely wiped out, not by bandits, but by a landslide. She lived, and so did her uncle, but what he hadn't gambled away in Denerim was swept away and ruined. Katka wrote home, and learned things in Amaranthine weren't looking good either. Her parents were surviving, but just barely.

That's when Katka was recruited into the Carta. As they put it to her, it was pretty much the same as what she'd been doing before, the only difference was the goods weren't exactly legal. Besides, it paid better than the other jobs available to her, menial labor or worse, and whatever third-rate mercenary caravan guard outfits that might hire her someday, if she was lucky. And the dwarf in charge was an acquaintance of her grandmother's, or so he said. So she did it, and she continued doing it for the next few years. Her outfit mostly traded back and forth between the gates of Orzammar and various corners of Ferelden, straying a couple of times into Orlais. She's had to fight bandits, guards, wannabe hero cavaliers, wild animals and, once, while travelling underground to avoid detection, briefly crossing a forgotten section of the Deep Roads, darkspawn.

She's grown into a fierce warrior, sometimes too heroic for her own good, though Katka's comrades appreciated her shield arm, even if they often taunted her for her country bumpkin Ferelden ways. She's worked as muscle for loan collection, extortion and protection rackets, and while she's a bit soft-hearted for the job, she's learned to look the other way when she has to, and the tattoos on her face make her look menacing enough. She saved her gold, and regularly sent some home to her family. She never mentioned the details of her occupation, but they figured it out. Katka's mother was disappointed, her father blamed her no-good grandmother.

When the Blight hit, her outfit decided to move its base of operations across the sea to the Free Marches, eventually ending up absorbed by the local Kirkwall branch of the Carta. While sneaking into town was easier for them than for other Ferelden refugees, Katka still didn't fit in. She wrote home, worried about her parents and the Blight, while news out of Ferelden were dire, trying to convince them to leave. Eventually, the Blight was ended by the Hero of Ferelden, and she planned to return. But the City of Amaranthine went up in flames, and as far as her uncle knows her parents must have died there. Katka can't find it in herself to go look for them and risk finding out for certain. For now, she can find it in herself to drink her savings away in the Hanged Man.


Katka is a dwarf. Katka is Ferelden. Katka isn't sure she's very good at either thing. She's a Carta thug, and she's got the cocky criminal thing down, but she barely fits in there either. She usually does what she's told, and she's brave and loyal to her comrades, but not quite cutthroat enough to advance in the organization. Sure, sure, there's the knee-breaking and the extortion and the occasional murder in some back alley or smuggler's den, but she feels bad about it! The dwarf can be snarky and moody and surly, and she drinks a lot and has a temper, but she's trying to be friendly. Really, she's a sweetheart. Deep down.

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