Faction Diplomat
Organization Nobility
Position Ambassador
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 22
Place of Birth Ostwick
Date of Birth Bloomingtide 20
Mother Colleen Trevelyan (d)
Father Rodrick Fionnlagh, Teryn of Ostwick
Siblings Tolan, Niles, Fen(d), Henri(d)
Marital Status Single
Children None

Character History:

Year 10
Today, I turned ten years of age and mother gifted me with a journal. I would rather have had a sword; my brothers were given swords on their tenth birthdays. All but Henri, but that is because he is only eight years old. I believe that she did so in hopes that I would write things that bother me, instead of acting on them. I don’t think it will be as effective as she would like but since I love her and even though it is not a sword, I will try.
I will start with introducing myself. My name is Aeryn Fionnlagh. My father Rodrick Fionnlagh , is the Teryn of Ostwick. Mother is Colleen daughter of the Trevelyan family. I have four brothers, three older and Henri is the youngest. I should mention that though my name is Aeryn that only my father calls me that and only when he is upset with me. Instead, I am known as Kindle. Mother says that is because I hold onto things. Not physical things but thoughts, wrongs, injustices and ideas. That I tend them, kindle the fire in them and watch them grow until they turn into burning pyres that in turn drives me to being called Aeryn by my father. I think that maybe she is being dramatic and really they just call me Kindle because even though father and my brothers are all dark, I have bright red hair like my mother.
I have three other brothers than Henri. Tolan, he is the eldest and father’s heir. Tol is what father calls a thinker, he considers all things before he acts, which can be very irritating if you are sitting there waiting for him. And waiting for him.
Niles is next, he is two years younger than Tol and already stands a hand taller and weighs a good twenty pounds more. That Niles is going to end up in the military is really no doubt to anyone, including himself. He is already wickedly good with a blade and father says that Niles thinks steps well ahead of anyone else. More important I think is that I have only ever seen Niles angry once. It was scary, really scary but it is something that just doesn’t happen.
Then there is Fen, where Niles doesn’t get angry, Fen has a temper that explodes like quick fire. Fast, hot and over in a flash. Mother says he is devilishly handsome though to me he just looks like Fen.

Year 12
I got my sword! Not the way the boys did, father has been very stubborn. Tol gave me the one he was given at the age of 10, it’s still a little long he was taller than I am not but not too much so as I am now two years older than he was then.
Father wasn’t happy but Mother reminded him that what another does with their belongings is up to them and if Tol wishes to teach me to use the sword, then it is his decision. I think in truth that did not occur to him, as he looked as if he was going to object but Niles stepped up and said that for my present he would take that task. Which really is probably for the best, because though Tol tries, Niles really is a better swordsman and he doesn’t take as long to decide what to do next.

Year 13
There will not be a party tonight, not that I think anyone else will notice as I am pretty sure that they forgot that I turn thirteen today. Mother didn’t she came to my room a little while ago with a new dress for me to wear to dinner. It’s pretty, ocean blue with gold lining and a corset, which I have never worn before but she says my shape has filled out enough that it will not look funny. She even brushed and braided my hair which she hasn’t done for many years now.
Not that it was a gay meeting, she was quiet but then everyone has been with all the changes that have been happening. I don’t really understand it, Henri’s magic becoming known was celebrated, he is happy, mother says everyone is happy but still there is this quiet kind of whispers and looks that keep passing between her and father. Not that I am upset with Henri being magic but I don’t get to see him as much as I used too and now with Fen gone to the Chantry and Niles away from home more and more. It is very quiet and lonely.

Year 16
Father announced at my birthday dinner that I can accompany him to Starkhaven next month. He said it was because I have proved to be maturing and for the first time has not caused any more gray hairs than his other children in the last year. At which point I think perhaps I squealed, which does not help with the adult image that he was implying that I have become. Not that there was anyone there that I needed to impress, this year it was just Mother, Father, Tolan and his family as well as Henri and his friend Avery.

Year 17
Tolan and Fae’s little girl died this morning, his Rodi is sick as well. The pain has almost brought him to his knees more than once but he has been determined to push forward, to help father. I have been trying to help Fae, she has been so strong caring for the babies and even though she lost her infant this morning, she is still sitting holding Rodi’s hand and refuses to leave him. When I tried to get her to take time, to go lay down, she said that this plague has stolen from all, there is no one that is hurting more than another but at least her little girl would be with her Grandmother Colleen and Uncle Fen.
I am unsure what to say to that, I know she is correct. But it still strikes me as unbelievable that I had looked at this woman when she married my brother and thought her shallow and uninspiring. That she can look out the window and see that we are not yet defeated when all I see is pain and the columns of smoke from the burial pyres.

Year 20
Everyone is trying so hard to make today special, Tol and Fae had the boys bring in my breakfast and sing to me this morning. Niles came home for Henri’s burial and stayed through today, he will be leaving again soon. He came in with a small gold and brown striped kitten, dropped it on my lap. Even Father stopped by my room, though I have a hard time looking at him right now.
He let that man ride away, Templar or not, he took Henri away from us. Henri who never did hurt anyone, who could smile and light a room up not matter what was going on. He robbed us of him and father let him ride away.
Niles says I need to stop, that there was nothing that Father could do that Alrik is a Templar and outside his reach. I know he is right; I shouldn’t blame Father but I just keep seeing what this would have done to Mother if she was still with us. For the first time, I find myself glad that she didn’t live to see.

Year 21
Father brought me a new book today for my birthday, when he gave it to me he called me Aeryn. It’s funny I didn’t even flinch, probably because its’ been so long since he has called me Kindle. I know I am frustrating him, that I am too vocal in my support for the rights of the Magi. I just wish he would understand. He has even stopped lecturing me, I am not sure if he has given up or simply hopes that this is something that will pass.

Year 22
Ambassador to Kirkwall, that was the title I was gifted with this evening.
Ever since I misinformed the Templars on the direction they needed to go to find the Grey Warden Anders, giving him time to make his escape. Father has stated that he doesn’t know what to do with me anymore and has left my fate up to Tolan. So I am to be banished to Kirkwall.
Tolan says that is not that I am being punished but since he is the one sending me, I am not sure that I believe him, though for him to come up with such a precise plan in so short of time is very unlike him. “Open communication to Kirkwall. No one better suited. Give everyone a little time apart.” These are all the lines he stuttered at me when we talked after dinner. I am to leave in a couple weeks as plans are made. He did say there are other things of course that we needed to speak about before I do, but for now, I plan to just spend as much time with Rodi and Cian as I can.



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