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Scene Title Looking After the Healer
Synopsis Maura and Taril appoint themselves Anders' caretakers
Location Undercity
Date Saturday, 28 of Bloomingtide, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Attempts at breaking Anders' brain
Logger Taril

Darktown Kirkwall
Saturday, 28 of Bloomingtide, 9:31 Dragon — Sat May 28 16:23:49 2016

Once a mine controlled by the Tevinter Imperium, the exhausted tunnels were widened to carry sewage from the city's considerable population of slaves. Unsurprisingly, the 'undercity' became a refuge for those fleeing from captivity and now is home to the disenfranchised, diseased, the insane, to criminals, and even the dead unwanted corpses are often discarded here by murderers and lazy undertakers. This place makes Lowtowns' slums look pleasant as a foul miasma known as chokedamp clogs and swells in every corner, creating a poisonous mist.

Maura, in Darktown. Why anyone would consider this a good idea… except her… yeah no. But she heard rumor of a healer down here. And, thought perhaps it would be a good idea to gather all of the healing knowledge she possibly can. For the next time she opens a cavernous void beneath herself (and others) and there are injuries. She walks too straight and tall, and looks far too 'confident' for this area to begin with. But, nobody seems to be bothering her just yet as she sidesteps dead bodies, avoids chokedamp, and smacks away the hand of a would-be pickpocket.

Taril HAD been there to purchase a couple of things that can't be had in the better parts of town, but he's spotted Maura and the forehead smack- while not really performed- couldn't be more implied. And here he thought he left the annoying sister person behind him with his clan. Curses in two languages are muttered as he walks over to take hold of Maura's arm. "What are you /doing/ down here? Look, I know you can defend yourself but… You shouldn't be down here." That, my friends, is the voice of Big Brother Taril. "If you think you know what goes on in this place you only know the good points."

Taril almost gets a staff smack right on the nose; but at the last possible second, Maura recognizes the voice and snatches back her weapon of choice. Queue the eyeroll please. "You know I can defend myself, but… what?" she retorts, finally finding her voice after nearly jumping out of her skin, thank you. "I heard rumor of a healer that's here. I want to see what he can do. Perhaps offer my assistance." Her brow scrunches together then, head tilted slightly as she looks up. Why is everyone so much taller then she is?? "There are dead bodies and clouds of poison down here. I'm fairly certain -nothing- good happens down here."

Taril shakes his head. "The dead down here are the lucky ones," he points out. "If there's a healer down here, they've got their hands full already." He takes a deep breath as if he's going to start listing a hundred reasons for Maura to leave but then he lets it out as a sigh. "…fine. If you're going to be down here at least… let me walk with you." He holds out a bag that seems heavy with contents. "I was going to go looking for you next, anyway. After that last attempt, I figured you could use some of what we actually went after. The meat is dried into jerky, but soaking it should soften it up enough. I made sure the poisons couldn't leak."

"Lucky indeed." Maura murmurs, trying not to look around at the scene of decay and despair. "If the healer has their hands full, then perhaps they need another pair to assist. "And not a single word out of you about how my spells backfire." she mutters, in a warning voice. "I can at least try this before I turn myself in to the Circle here." Yeah, even -she- shudders at the idea, given what she's heard about the Knight Commander. But, things being what they are… "Ahhh, thank you. I will put these things to good use. Do you need any potions? I'd be happy to make some in exchange. And, your bow. I can apply a temporary enchantment to it."

Taril had been about to protest his innocence but stops short. "Wait. Turn yourself in? Maura," he motions for her to stop so that he can have her attention. "Have you seen that place? Because I have. Not the inside, but what they look at every day. That place has had too many miserable people pass through it to their deaths. Even I wouldn't want to stay there for very long. If they backfired it was my fault for taking you to a place you shouldn't have been. …take that in because I won't say it twice." Seriously, it's hard enough to say at all. He has SOME pride, damnit. "If there's a next time we start out in the open on smaller prey. …maybe herbs. But those are my apology. You don't need to repay me for anything. I'd be glad to let you practice enchantment on my bow if you want, though. I guess it can't hurt." And there's the seriousness fading into a smirk again.

"No, you are in no way responsible for how my spells work. That is completely unacceptable reasoning on your part. I half suspect the templar assigned to me at my last Circle was helping me control the strength of my spells." Maura's shoulders slump, adding to the general aura of defeat. -Now- she fits in a bit more in Darktown. "I wish he'd come with, instead of just.." Shaking her head, she purses her lips and attempts the stubborn human look. "Making potions and doing enchantments is soothing. And I have plenty of herbs that I've managed to gather on my own already. I've just been.. waiting, to use them."

Taril chuckles. "You know, I'm apologizing for taking you into a tunnel and into a panicked situation. Do me a favor and just say 'sure, I forgive you'? It's only okay when it's just ME I'm getting into terrible situations." Apparently he's really good at that. "Whoever this man was, I'm sure he sent you on for your own good. Who knows? Maybe you'll see him again soon." For a moment, he looks confused. "Waiting? I suppose I can understand you not wanting to use up your reserves. I can bring you the ingredients for a couple of things I don't have the skill to make. There's a poison that still kills even when it's dried on the tip of an arrow or dagger…"

Stopped just between the intersection of two streets a tall elfish hunter stands arguing quietly with a kinda short robed woman who from this angle has a set, stubborn look on her face. It's not a serious argument, since there's a chuckle heard there and the woman in question looks more morose then angry. So basically - not really out of place for Darktown, yeah? Just less violent. "I don't have a place to sell them yet. There's a mercenary group that the giant cat suggested I speak to. But I've been .. waffling on where to turn to." Circle, or Mercs. Either could end badly. "But I plan to give some of them to the healer now that I know there is one." Discussing the templar who'd saved her just makes her look sad. And she refuses to say a word more about him. Only a slightly exasperated sigh escapes. "Even though you did nothing wrong, okay. I forgive you. Have you ever seen spiders that big before? Really? Because sweet Maker.. .those fuckers were huge."

There's a section of Darktown just a little further on that is rather nicely walled off from the general hubub of the unofficial 'refugee quarter'. There's a lantern that hangs outside the door and finally a small family walking out laughing and chattering. A haggard-looking man follows them, reaching up to extinguish the lantern with a wave of one tired hand before he slumps back against the wall, eyes sliding closed. He isn't entirely sure what's near or what's far - what's addressed to him and what's not - but mentions of giant spiders are never pleasant. "Just please tell me they're not here. There's not a mouser in the world that can keep those blighters away."

"Those fuckers were huge. I've hunted bigger," Taril answers before glancing over at the figure speaking. He frowns, then nods to indicate Maura should look. "Well, I believe we may have found what you're looking for. Either that, or he's running a one man brothel." He thinks it over for a second. "Or is the tiredest fence I've ever seen." Hey, it could happen. "If they're down here they've already been eaten." Aaaaaand damnit, he's never been good at ignoring people who look in need of assistance. "You're not going to pass out in the doorway, are you? Because you'd be a huge target." Pause. "I mean… you'd be an easy target. You're big, not huge."

"Bigger spiders?" Maura sounds both skeptical and aghast at the idea. "Well, eventually we'll have to go back in there for the poisons alone." She will not allow her shoulders to slump further in defeat. Nooo, she will not! What she will do though, is turn towards the sound of the new voice, and maybe elbow Taril a little for his unflattering description of the man. Even if it's pretty accurate. "Allow us to help you get home safely." There she goes, volunteering both of them! Taril will learn, eventually. "You are the healer, yes?"

That draws a tired snort of a laugh out of Anders. "I almost wish that's what I had decided on." He passes one hand over his face and finally pushes off the wall. "Not so much work on your back, but alas it's never that simple when you aren't a lovely lady." He smiles a little wider for the offer, but it turns into an awkward sort of rubbing at the back of his neck. "Ah, this is home, I'm afraid. At least for the time being." And hey, anything's better than the Deep Roads. "Yes! Yes, sorry, yes. My name is Anders. Did you need help?" And though the offer is a genuine one, he can't help but look at least a little like he hopes they don't. Just for the sake of his own mana pool and sanity. Guy looks like he hasn't slept in forever.

Taril looks the healer over skeptically. "No offense, but you don't look like you could hold down the floor right now." If he has a filter, it obviously doesn't work well. "C'mon, let's get you inside before someone decides to take advantage." In what way, he's not saying. Also: Damnit, Maura. Not that he's protesting the being volunteered. "I've seen newborn halla steadier on their feet. …besides, from what I've heard of brothels, it's not so much back work as acrobatics."

Maura is mentally covering her ears right now, humming a lovely 'lalalalalalalala' in her head so that she doesn't really have to think too much about brothels and whores. That's definitely not a life she knows much about. And once the word 'Acrobatic' is spoken? "Lalalalalalalala. I'm sorry, I didn't catch what Taril said after 'Let's get you inside. But, I promise we're not here to receive assistance. I came to offer my help. Potions, or… whatever else you might need. And he insisted that I should not be down here by myself. I'm Maura." That she's a mage is left unspoken. For obvious reasons.

"Hey, you don't know. Warden stamina is a real thing… if it was a really cute floor, maybe. With shoulders. I'm a sucker for nice shoulders." Shoulders. Right. Very manly, Anders. Still, he's up and waving them on to follow him in over his shoulder. "Potions?" That one stops him dead almost… comedically. He twists around and looks at Maura with a narrow-eyed appraisal that is definitely comical. "You can't be more than twelve. How in the whole Deep Roads did you manage to slip the Templars at twelve?"

Taril stifles a laugh REALLY badly but waits until they're inside to say anything more. "I've been with her in a fight and trust me when I say it HAD to have been a miracle." He smirks in Maura's direction before looking around. "Potions are well and good, but you need salt for these tables," he mentions offhandedly. "So it's true? You're a warden? There are a bunch of them in the Hanged Man, I'm surprised you're down here and not with them?"

Maura jaw-drops. Twelve!? "I'm 20." There's an indignant squeak in her voice that threatens to make her sound like a liar. She mentally skipped the info about shoulders and cute floors. Cause her brain is all 'Cute floors? What does that have to do with nice shoulders?' and neither her or her conscious mind is really up to figuring out the answer to that right now. "And I… I didn't. I didn't slip them at all." Once they're inside she elaborates. "I was in the Circle at Waking Sea until the Blight almost overran us. The Templar assigned to me got me out. And, here I am. I've the ring to prove I made it through the Harrowing if you feel the need to see it." It's since then, that she's managed to slip the Templars. And glare at Taril. Which she does now for his stifled laugh.

"Adie knows where I am." It'a a simple answer to Taril's sideways question about the Wardens, though it answers less than it doesn't really. "I need a barrel of vinegar and a basket of lemons, but salt will have to do for now," he concedes, somewhere between overwhelmed and relieved by the enormity of the task ahead of him. Maura's squeak of indignation makes him jump near out of his skin. "Yes, yes, very mature," he grumbles, rubbing his elbow where he'd accidentally smacked it. "I don't care about a ring." But judging by the LOOK Maura gets, there will be other questions later.

Taril rolls his eyes, looking quite disapproving of the entire situation. "You know, it's too bad for the both of you that your ears aren't pointed. Being able to heal and…" He glances at Maura. "use magic would have you being trained to be a Keeper." He grins. "Then again, can you imagine Maura leading?" Hee. "If you want vinegar, that's easy to get. Even the worst taverns won't serve wine that's gone over." But then there's the squeaking and the jumping and he shakes his head. "…incredibly calm. Not jumpy at all. Aaand the picture of maturity." BUT BEFORE ANYONE YELLS AT HIM, LOOK. HE'S HELPING. That help comes in the form of a few small leather packages that he places on one of the tables, each no bigger than his palm. "I usually collect these for the Keeper, but maybe you need the tea more than she does."

"You try being stuck in a circle your whole life, then shoved on a ship out to this Marker forsaken place, with nothing and nobody.. and tell me how well you would fare." Maura, looking unhappy. -VERY UNHAPPY-. At -Taril-. "And you wonder why I've considered just turning myself in and being done with it." she mutters, turning resolutely towards Anders. "And no, I would never, ever, -ever- consider turning anyone else in. Ever." Just so that they're clear. And now, because she's so agitated, she starts cleaning. Tea is ignored. The men are ignored. But the mess? Definitely not ignored. Things need straightening and sweeping and scrubbing after a day's use.

Maura's outburst just kind of leaves Anders standing there blinking at the place where she had been standing and then rubbing one hand against the rough stubble on that side of his face. With one outburst, Maura has effectively established Taril as The Responsible One of their little group. When Anders turns to look to him, it's with something of a shell-shocked expression. "Is she always this… much?" But hey, she cleans well. That's… definitely something.

Mission Accomplished. Taril just grins at Maura. "We're all fish out of water here, little bird." To Anders he turns the same grin. "You should see her when she really gets going. Her face gets red and she looks like she's trying to flap her arms and fly away. Of course, it's the third time she's talked about going to the Gallows." Yes, you're in the room, Maura, but maybe he's trying to tick you off. "If you're smart- if both of you have any sense- you'll stay away from that place." YOU HEAR THAT, SHORTY? "I've only heard a few of the stories you humans tell eachother, but if your maker is that much of an asshole, maybe you should stop trying to get him to pay attention to you again."

"Well, according to you I already don't have any sense." Maura points out pertly. Oh, she heard the bit about trying to flap her arms and fly away. Obviously. "Look, I can make potions, and I can help heal. If you don't need or want the assistance that's alright. I just felt that considering how large this place is, and this being the first and only time I've heard of someone offering their services to those in need… that it would behove me to offer what I can." And look at her being industrious while she talks. Tables and counters wiped, and the broom already being picked up to sweep up the dirt on the floor into a neat pile. "And we'll have to head out of the city to enchant your bow. If I do that anywhere in the city it could be picked up on."

"The Gallows?!?" Anders looks about as affronted as a half-plucked peacock. "Are you insane?" Tactful, Anders. Tactful. "Absolutely not! They use the Rite of Tranquility like it's a time out chair." If there was any doubt about Maura being here before, it's gone now. "Where are you staying now that the Gallows looks like a good idea?" He opens his mouth to say more, stops and then shakes his head. "Picked up on how? I certainly hope not, I've been casting down here all day."

Taril gives Maura a confused look. "I'm the one who apologized to you for the spiders," he points out. "Insane? No, I'm Dalish. Oh, her. I don't think she is, but maybe Lowtown makes the Gallows look good." To Maura "You should try sleeping in the Alienage tree. It's not bad. Until you get caught by one of the children who thinks you're a ghost." Yeah, he feels guilty for that one. "Tranquility… Oh, that's what happens to make them go all blank faced, right? And they call the Dalish savage heathens." See? He's CIVILIZED.

To her benefit, if anyone were wondering whether she'd suddenly turned into a moron, Maura -does- pale at the mention of the Rite of Tranquility. "It's not about where I'm staying. I've a place in Lowtown. But it's too close to The Gallows for my comfort for me to use it for enchanting anything." she assures, with lips pressed together. "I've been having problems controlling the power of my spells. Admittedly, they're the more advanced spells. Things like a healing spell I haven't had issue with. But I don't wish to become a danger to anyone." She's never called Taril a savage heathen, at least! "I think we both know, Taril, if I tried sleeping in a tree I'd wind up falling out and breaking half the bones in my body at some point during the night."

Anders sighs. "I can't pay you anything. I can't ask people with nothing to barter for their lives. I won't." He can't believe he's caving on this. "But if you'll come back tomorrow, I'll see what kind of spells you've been taught, exactly, and we'll go from there." And his time with the Wardens had taught him a thing or two about taking care of his own. "You, I don't know what I can do with. You're no mage." This to Taril, spoken with a quirk to one side of his mouth that's not at all unkind. "I do appreciate the tea, though. Very much."

Taril puts on a look of shock. "I'm not?! My entire life has been a lie!" With his accent and the way he exaggerates, there's no doubt about his seriousness. "I'm a hunter and I don't know what you've heard about us but- at least in my clan-we take care of eachother. If Maura is going to be coming down here, it won't be on her own." See that look, Maura? NO ARGUMENTS. "You don't seem the sort to turn away someone because of the shape of their ears, so if you need herbs or a portion of my kills… you have it. I can't feed the entire alienage, but I can feed the man who'll help keep them alive. And Maura? If you were truly a danger, I wouldn't have offered to go hunting with you again."

"I'm not expecting or asking for payment." Maura assures, nodding her agreement with his conditions. "I've been directed somewhere already to try and seek a paying position. A group of mercenaries that I've learned call themselves The Evocati. I'm watching them for awhile before I approach them." She notes that for big brother Taril's benefit. "This… is so that I can help people who need it." And her reasons for doing so, at the moment, remain quietly her own. And for all that she was steaming mad at the elf a few moments ago, she finds herself slightly amused now at his insistence on accompanying her down here. "We just won't go hunting spiders." she quips, unable to help the small quirk of her lips at that.

There's the distinct feeling that Anders is missing at least half the story when the two of them start snipping back and forth about spiders and hunting. A couple's inside joke, he supposes. Taril's offer is a kindness he hadn't honestly expected and while there's a (fairly large) portion of him that still doesn't trust unmercenary kindness, he can't help but admire it a little too. "Thank you. We can keep you stocked with poultices in exchange." Especially if Maura's half as competent at brewing as she is at cleaning and shouting. "And I'll ask only one favor of you both; keep an ear to the ground for slavers coming into the area? Especially from the north." He's got reason to expect some to start showing up any day now and he'd love a day's head-start on the slimy bastards. He starts to say more, but the name of that merc band catches him off guard and he breaks out into a full-belly laugh. "The Evocati? Is that really the name?" For whatever reason this tickles him greatly and he's still giggling to himself even when he turns to start assisting with that cleaning business. "Evocati. Andraste, what next?"

It's all fun and games until someone mentions the slavers. Fortunately, Taril covers the momentary lapse of pleasant expression quickly (at least he's hoping it's quickly) and shrugs. "The last slavers that I ran into are dead." There's a little flatness in his voice but he's not explaining it. Instead, oh look, there's a place that Maura missed. He's going to scrub that. "I'll only ask for what I need. I'm waiting for my clan to come back into the area."

To Maura, he grins. "No spiders? But think of all the guts and glands you'll miss out. You really fell for them the last time!"

Not -quite- quick enough. But they all have their little secrets don't they? Maura's brow furrows, but she's silent about her questions. Nor does the notion of slavers being dead seem to bother her even a little bit. "Alright." Anders' terms are accepted immediately, though she is perhaps surprised when he lets loose a belly laugh at the name of the mercenary group. "Does that translate poorly? Does it secretly mean 'The Brothel' or something?" She'll look between the two men for the answer to that. Until… the pun. That pun. It makes her groan aloud and slump into a chair to rest her forehead on the table. "That. Was. Painful."

One does not have the life Anders did and live this long without being sharply observant. Of some things. Taril's flat answer catches his attention and he studies the Dalish hunter for a minute before nodding sharply. "Good. The less of them there are, the better." But he says no more than that. He misses the punchiline on whatever this joke is between them - and really, can spiders be all that funny? - but Maura's question he can answer. "Used to be, a long time ago the Evocati was this legion of 'super soldiers' in the Imperial Army. They were wiped out ages ago, though, so either someone has a beautiful sense of humor or the Magisters are finally learning the value of non-magical solutions." And he doesn't sound like he has high hopes for the latter.

"So was the fall," Taril replies before glancing at Anders. "One of her spells went a little strong and landed us on our asses. I've been in worse situations, but she's stuck on it. …I may have teased her a bit too much, but I've been a big brother too long to not." He looks a little confused. "Super soldiers? What did they do? Shove demons up their asses?" As for translation, he shrugs. "We're not taught a lot about their language."

"You forgot the ring of gravity that backfired and worked on us instead of the… spiders… first. And -then- it was Fist of the Maker that squished everything to smithereens, including the ground beneath us. All of the ground beneath us." Wheeeee! Rubbing her shoulder with remembered pain, Maura grimaces. "Well, perhaps I'll find out which of those two it is, when I manage to meet the gentlemen.. or one of them.. that lead the group. Though I suspect the term gentlemen might be stretching it a little."

"Ah. That happens the first few times you have to cast under combat pressures." Anders shrugs. It's not the worst 'spell gone awry' he's seen, forget heard of, so he doesn't really have much room to poke. "Hah! Now that would have been impressive." Not that he's met all of the demons in the Fade, but of those Anders has met, he can't think of any of them who'd be willing to give up quite that much dignity for a possession - especially of a non-mage. "Nothing magical about it. They were just really well-trained, highly-skilled career soldiers. Some of them came from the cavalries, even, and if you want to know how Tevinter conquered half of Thedas you only have to look at what their generals ride now and imagine an entire army mounted on them. Of course the Chantry and the Magisters want to claim it was all magic that did it, but Maker… If I never see a dracolisk again in my life I will die a happy, happy man." But mention of Maura meeting said gentlemen has him giving her something of the side-eye. "You're not going after them alone…" SIGNIFICANT LOOK, TARIL.

"I'm not forgetting it, trust me." Taril absently touches the amulet in its pouch hung around his neck. "I wasn't going to rub it in." YET, Maura. "Of course she's not going alone. I just won't be seen. It's easier to kill them when they're not expecting it." All that with a hint of a smile. "…so demons have too much dignity to be shoved up anyone's ass. Good to know." Now there's talk of dracolisks and he shrugs. "I'd like to get hold of one of them. Imagine the trades you could make with something made from that skin."

Maura just snorts. <Insert joke about rubbing it in, here > "I suspect Kitty will be around somewhere. She suggested them in the first place. Said they'd been touched by light.I don't -think- she would steer me towards anyone dangerous. Have you seen her yet, Anders? She's like a… a fade tiger. A big fade tiger." Who followed her here. Sorry 'bout that. "And I'm not going after anyone really. But mercenary work and smuggling seems about the only thing one can do to make some coin around here." Or a brothel. She doubts either of the two men are going to suggest she sign up for that.

A Fade…" Anders' voice trails off before he can even complete the label Maura's assigned to this thing. "Andraste's flaming knickerweasels, are you actually twelve?" He looks about ready to pass right out from all this stress and they've been in here maybe fifteen minutes. "You're going off of the word of something you met in the Fade and you don't think it would steer you toward danger?" Maker have mercy, he's only twenty years old and he's already too old for this shit. "I doubt you'd be the one doing the skinning in that scenario." Because weak-voiced commentary on Taril's dracolisk hunting fantasies is the SANEST thing he can address at the moment.

Taril grins. "It would certainly be a challenge, either way." Apparently he considers this a good thing. "…Kitty? Why wouldn't she be trustworthy? I slept with her in the Vhenadahl. If she wanted to do something horrible, that would be the time and I doubt I have any special immunity." Pause. "Flaming… what? Is that a creative way to say she has a brothel illness?" Class. He has it.

"Oh, she's not just in the Fade. She's outside of it too. Makes herself visible. Scared the life right out of me almost. But she's not a demon. Not any demon I've ever seen in the Fade before, at any rate." Maura nods towards Taril and his explanation. "I do -not- have a brothel illness." she adds.

"You did what in the Alienage tree?" Anders is about at his limit of Batshit Crazy for one day, but Maura's piped up addition makes him look grave indeed. "If there are things that exist on both sides of the Veil, it must be… frighteningly thin here." Dangerously thin. And that's worrisome, because that just Does Not Happen outside some very fucked up circumstances. "There are beings other than demons in the Fade," he concedes, leaning one hip on a nearby table for a bit of moral and physical support. (The table is still just as real as it should be, thankyouverymuch.) "But they don't much bother with us for the most part. She might be a spirit of Wisdom, I suppose, but she'd be the most active I'd heard of ever." And he knows a thing or two about the Fade beasties. The brothel illness, however, he's not touching with a ten foot pole.

"Slept. Why do you humans seem to get so upset about that?" Taril is a confused elf. "I don't know what kind of spirit she is, but she said she liked my dreams. Are there spirits of hunting? There should be." He glances over at Maura. "Didn't she say she'd eaten a demon?" He shrugs at the mention of a thin veil. "Doesn't that happen where there's a lot of death? Because there's a gallows here."

"I believe you're right." Kitty ate a demon; it probably gave her indigestion. Maura seems to agree that the cat said it happened though. "There's so much misery here. Slavery, death…" her voice trails off. "But Kitty came from Ferelden. She followed me here. At least, that's what she said." Showing that she has at least a modicum of sense and doesn't -entirely- trust the fade creature.

Now that does make Anders snort. "Well there was certainly enough 'fucked up' going on in Ferelden the last two years to attract anyone's attention." He shakes his head and sighs, looking for all the world like he's about two seconds away from dropping where he stands. "I've never heard of… any spirit eating a demon. Not even demons eat demons. Are you sure you hadn't inhaled something off that tree?" Not that he's daft enough to have that be a serious hope, but still. It'd be nice if it were that simple. "So long as she doesn't start eating people I guess that's alright." He's too beat to worry about much else at this point.

Taril snorts. "Inhaling things from below where I was in that tree would be more of a reason for that type of hallucination," he points out before walking over to place a small pouch untied from his belt onto the table near the mage. "And you're going to start seeing golden nugs if you don't get eat and get rest. It's travel food, but it doesn't take much effort to eat. If you're going to act as the Keeper for these people, you can't do it falling over from hunger and exhaustion." He glances over at Maura. "Unless you're staying here, I can walk you home." Ok, it MIGHT be strange that he wouldn't be worried about leaving Maura here with Anders. "Either way, don't go out the door alone. Not that I can give you orders, but it stinks down here too much for me to hunt you down if you get taken." He's adopted Maura as little sister, apparently. Never mind that he's 2 years older.

"Somehow, I don't think Anders would be entirely comfortable with my staying here." Maura of the dry voice decides. She just folds up one last bit of linen, and inclines her head towards the Healer. "Rest well. I'll make sure I bring something hearty to eat in the morning for you." He needs care. ANd she doesn't bother arguing with Taril's edict. Just heads towards the door since she knows he won't be far behind. SOrry for making your life hell, Anders. Seeya soon!!

Taril isn't sorry, just for the record.

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