Portrayed By Charlie Hunnam
Faction Warrior
Organization Evocati
Position Mercenary
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 29
Place of Birth Gwaren, Ferelden
Date of Birth Guardian 14, 9:02 Dragon
Mother Ainys Traske
Father Devlin Traske
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None Known
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

A veteran of the Fifth Blight, Luthor is reticent about his actual service. But he carries a sword far too fine for his station, and it's known that he helped a war buddy of his settle into a butcher's business here in Kirkwall. There are some rumors that he was an officer, and that he knew the Hero of Ferelden personally, but these are largely dismissed. Whoever said it had clearly had too much to drink.


Luthor is quick to smile, but he usually isn't the one telling the jokes. He has a love for the underdog and has been known to stick up for the Elves of the Alienage. His reputation is that of a penny-ante hero, a man who leaps in without thinking. A brawler, as much as a mercenary. But he's slow to use his blade, unless there's no other choice. He'll beat a man bloody for striking his wife, but he probably won't kill him.


Other Information

Luthor's sword is a greatsword of masterful construction. Its blade is made of dragonbone, and electricity ripples up and down its blade when drawn. A strange metal has been inlaid into the blade, glowing green. It seems to be loyal to its chosen owner, and one man who grabbed it in the bar was electrocuted so badly that he was knocked unconscious. Every other piece of his kit is plain, unvarnished, and certainly not magical.

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