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Scene Title Lyrium and Gold
Synopsis Adair has a surprise.
Location A hovel in Lowtown
Date Justinian 9, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Sappiness
Logger Adair

Adair went through the night waking from nightmare after nightmare so it's little wonder that he doled out the minimum amount of lyrium in the morning. He did say it would be gradual. Stopping cold nug is not a good idea! What might be surprising is that he announced he had an errand to run and left. Now he's returning an hour later to their shared bread, presumably.

Each time Adair woke, so did Maura. When she knows she might be needed, she's an insanely light sleeper. And damn, those lyrium nightmares were wicked enough that she was frightened just seeing his expression each time he was woken out of one. So color her surprised when he announced he had an errand to run the next morning. But what was she gonna say? 'No, get back here?' .. Yeahno. So instead she smiled, nodded, and went about some of her morning routine as he left. Separating herbs, drying herbs, mixing herbs to be brewed. It passed the time until he arrived back bearing food and presumably something else. "Oh! Here, let me clear space for the food." The table really isn't that big. "Show me what you got!" Like a kid in a candy store.

Adain reaches into his pocket to pull out a simple gold band. "I melted down the medallion I was given for my corporal's promotion," he explains. "Then found a Dwarf selling jewelry and had him shape it. Hopefully he got the size right. I had to show him a really thin carrot for example, so…" He may or may not be amused at his comparison. "Don't say I should have just used the gold for something else, okay? I do have some pride and I did tell you I would. So… this can make do until we're really able."

There's a dirty joke in there somewhere about carrots and sizes, but before the wheels of a newly freed sense of humor can find it, he's all reading her mind and shit. Of course Maura was going to say he should have used the gold for something else; she's got that damnable practical mind. But now he's gone and done it and her eyes fill with tears. "And what makes you think I'd want to trade it for another, if we're ever able to make things official? It's perfect because you thought to do it." Now she's got to wipe the water from the corner of her eyes. Dammit, Adair!

Adair wins at being a sentimental dork. "It's not much and I'm sure there's some silver in it. So you like it? Come on, let's try it on." He reaches out to take hold of her hand. At least his guessing was good, it should fit fairly well. "You know, those nightmares reminded me of how I got through all of … all of the fighting. I kept remembering you were here. No matter what happened, you were safe and if I made it out alive, I'd see you again."

"Of course I do." Giving over her hand, she wiggles her fingers experimentally once the ring's been slid on, and then smiles brilliantly. "Very well done, sir. Very well done indeed." Nightmares and darkspawn tug the corners of her lips down a bit, for obvious reasons. "It was hard to get news here, unless you know the right people. And, well… I don't. I was so worried I wouldn't see you again. Or that it would be a mage hunter coming off the boat instead of you, if they found my phylactery and realized I was still alive." Not quite as scary as nightmares of the blight though. And there's obvious clouds of worry in her expression. "How are you feeling, though? Really."

"Oh, like a bronto trampled my skull," Adair answers, as if he's reporting good news. "I can still feel it. I know I didn't take enough to make it through the night. …but you have to know. If they'd sent a hunter after you, I'd be in trouble for more than just taking your phylactery." If he lived, and he's not going there. "But, there. The carrot wasn't too far off. My wife, carrot-fingers." He grins as if he's thought of the most clever nickname in the world.

"What else would you be in trouble for?" Maura's not going to let go of that. She's like a dog with a bone now. "Carrot-fingers?" she makes a face. That is a serious awful nickname, buddy. "Wait, no. You're not distracting me from this. What else would you be in trouble for? I mean, aside from putting me on the boat and stealing my phylactery and leaving without approval. Is there really more?" As if that isn't enough. And that the entire list she's already rattled off is all, uh, her fault… that hasn't escaped her notice. But they've gone over this! She will not hyperventilate. Today, anyway.

"Well, if they'd sent a hunter after you, I would have had to kill them. As it is, I'm just guilty of drugging a Templar on guard, taking your phylactery, theft of from the chapel, aiding the escape of a mage, and MAYBE theft from the order if they count my armor, sword, lyrium, and probably a few small things I'm not thinking of." Adair shrugs it off as if it's nothing. "I did my duty. I fought, I protected the mages I was assigned to, I burned the bodies of friends. They can't ask any more of me than that."

Unable to think of a single thing to say that wouldn't sound trite, or insincere, or just… stupid in the face of all that, the mage just wraps her arms around him tightly and holds on a moment. And then pretty much try to manhandle him into sitting down in one of the chairs at the table. "I'll make something to help with the headache. Let me take care of you." The tone definitely implies an 'or else'.

Adair doesn't fight the urging to sit and he KNOWS better than to beg off the need for a remedy for his headache. "You know, it's almost like the lyrium washing out is letting those memories all come back again." He's a little perplexed by it but he's willing to shrug it off. It means not dealing with it and he's GOOD with that. "You don't have to do everything. I'm a big boy. … right now I feel like a wet towel, but that isn't going to last forever." Pause. "I hope."

"But right now I'm fine, and you're not. And I *want* to do something to help until you feel better." Not if, but when. Determined Maura is determined. "Do they even tell all of you when you you sign up that you're going to wind up with this awful addiction? Or do they trap you in and then surprise you with it?" So maybe she's grown a bit cynical in the past few months. Of course, amidst the things they actually DO have are a variety of potions, tonics, and herbal remedies. So finding a vial of something helpful is easy enough, and when she joins him at the table again it's to sit on his lap and hold out the medicine for him. "I would try creation magic, but I don't know if it would backfire on you right now." And of course, every time the new ring on her finger catches the light, she has to stop and look at it with a stupid smile.

"They don't tell us a lot of things. You find those out after," Adair answers as he wraps one arm about Maura and takes the vial with his free hand. He takes it without question since there's little fear he's going to be poisoned and, at this point, he'd take just about anything to get rid of the headaches. "Maker, my hands are cold." But then he catches sight of the ring and he grins, too. "It's alright. I don't care what they didn't tell me. If it weren't for the order, I wouldn't have met you. It's worth it."

"If that doesn't start to help in a few minutes, there's another to try. It will probably knock you out for a few hours though." Apothecary skills are useful, ok? And without making any big deal of it, she grasps first one of his hands so she can warm it up. She runs warm to start with, so there's that. "I love you too." That's obviously what her inner Adair translator told her he meant at the end right there.

Adair grins, but even that action makes him wince. "Maybe we should go for 'knock the idiot out'? If it lets me sleep without dreaming it will be my favorite potion ever." He's REALLY trying not to whine here. "Do we have water? I could drink a bucket." It's what he gets for not having used any lyrium on his way to Kirkwall in the first place. At least he's young, so if he lives he probably won't have to deal with delusions.

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