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Scene Title Lyrium Jags
Synopsis Maura brings Adair to the clinic
Location Clinic
Date Justinian 14, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Unconscious smartass
Logger Adair

A large wooden panel sports two doors that lead into what is now a make-shift clinic, though the hall has clearly seen other uses over the course of history. Faded banners the color of rust hang from the walls, their decorations lost to time, while ragged cloth festoons the ceiling high above. Pillars offer support along the outside walls, though holes high above on one side provide enough ventilation to make this one of the safest places in Darktown. Tables also line the length of the clinic with the center of the floor left clear for traffic. Here and there are barrels topped with planks to create places for bowls and pitchers of water while yet more supplies and crates have been pushed to the back of the room. Further in still is another room set with a bed made of ropes stretched over a wooden frame and topped with a mattress of old blankets, a half-barrel that serves for washing, and several other personal items neatly packed away.

Usually, this early in the evening, the lantern is still lit. Usually, this early in the evening, Anders is still bustling from patient to patient. Usually, however, he doesn't look like he got in a bad fight with sleep and lost. Tonight is not a usual night, but still he sits, brow furrowed as he rolls scrap cloth for bandage and mutters under his breath.

Imagine, if you will… Maura trying to haul the not-really-conscious Adair through the streets of Lowtown and Darktown. Done laughing yet? Okay, now imagine she's smart enough to realize that ain't gonna work. This is why she enlisted the aid of her new friend Varric, to get her some muscle, and get the poor Templar to the clinic. "Lantern ain't lit, lady." The other dwarf nudges him. "Boss said to call her Rose, not lady. I mean… not that she's not a l.." Little mage woman, suddenly pinching the bridge of her nose. "It's ok, I got it from here." She drops a few coins in their hands and takes up the covered wheelbarrow handles (Adair's going to love her even more for this, honest… and knocks on the door. "Anders, I need help." She sounds pathetic enough to need it.

Adair is in a wheelbarrow. Ok, look. He's been in worse positions. He was a teenager once. Still, just the sound of Maura's voice is enough to prompt him to start muttering for her to get the fuck out of there and to safety. Whatever he's dreaming, it's certainly not rainbow farting unicorns. It's probably a good thing he'll never have to face those dwarves again.

The sound of Maura's voice is enough to propel Anders up and out of his seat, though the man who answers the door looks more like a sullen teenager than anything else. All it takes is one look at Maura, Adair, the dwarves and the wheelbarrow and already he's scrubbing both hands over his face and regretting being awake. "Get him inside," he sighs, not even bothering with the questions at this stage.

Obviously, Maura is getting used to Anders always acting like this. She doesn't even say anything. Just takes in his appearance and… nods, carting Adair into the clinic like it's totally nothing for her to be dragging the man around in a wheelbarrow like this. Possible bonus is that the spirit healer may be too damn tired to notice the glint of gold on her left hand now. Questions just seem awkward when someone is muttering weird things, occasionally twitching, and looking like death warmed over.

Adair is a fountain of muttered words. Anything from demands to get mages out of the fight to his half of an argument about not giving a damn who ordered they stay. Of course, he has quiet moments where he could be mistaken for dead if his breathing would slow enough. THIS WAS A FABULOUS IDEA.

Nice try, Maura. "I - Maker's breath…" And when Anders resorts to nice curses, you KNOW it's a bad day. It's all he says on the subject, though, before kneeling down next to Adair's wheelbarrow. (And that's not a sentence one gets to use every day.) Both hands go to the sides of the Templar's face, fingertips making contact with skin to ease the process of lowering the fever and sending restorative magic to the liver clogged with toxins. Only when the worst of it is eased - which should hopefully ease those sparkly unicorn nightmares - does he sit back on his heels and look up at Maura. "He's stable, but there's a lot of work that'll need done to reverse this damage." And that's not even the most depressing part. "And the fix isn't a permanent one. What's your plan?"

"Can we fix a pallet for him? Please. This was the only way he could be moved. And I.. I want him to be comfortable." Maura sounds like Anders looks. Haunted, defeated, bloody well tired. And given the state that Adair is in, she's probably been caring for him for a day or so at least before realizing she needed to bring him here. "Thank you." But yes, she winces when he notes that the solution isn't a permanent one. "I need to find a source of lyrium for him. Letting him detox isn't working. I'm worried he won't make it." she admits, kneeling next to the.. uh.. wheelbarrow, to brush the hair away from his forehead. "Right now, the only option I know of is hoping that Tevinter mercenary group can get their hands on it, and I can work off the debt."

Look, those dreams were keeping Adair company, but now Anders has gone and fixed things and he lets out a long sigh. It was the shitty kind of company, like when your parents come to spend the weekend and question your eating habits and life choices. Without them to keep him tense, he sort of just sinks into his wheelbarrow bed and looks pathetic. No one tell him about this when it's over, ok?

One of the few actual perks to being a still-young Warden is the ability to (on occasion) surprise the people who still believe in labels like 'delicate mageflower'. Rising to a crouch, Anders slides one arm under Adair's shoulders and one under his knees and lifts. It's enough effort that there are veins standing out on his neck and arms too skinny to pull this off tremble a little, but he has enough within him to settle Maura's husband (he's trying REALLY hard not to think about that word too much right now) onto one of the cots. Gently, even. When he straightens it's to walk over to their storage compartment and dig out his last two vials of lyrium. "It's the wrong kind of processing, but Wynne always said that in an emergency, these could be used to sustain a Templar." He returns to the cot and holds them out to Maura. "I'll settle him upright so he doesn't choke. Can you get at least most of that down his throat?"

Maura is all about magepowah!! But she is kind of tiny, so it's hard for her to perform feats of strength like this. "Was Wynne a teacher of yours?" Now she is wracking her brain trying to go through every mage lesson she's ever been taught. But… is still coming up empty of ever hearing of this solution. "And this is temporary s well, isn't it. If i could even get it in this form. Regularly, that is." There's gratitude in her voice that Anders even HAS this at his disposal though, and she gives an affirmative nod when he asks whether she can get the 'medicine' down the gullet so to speak. "Thank you." she breathes, taking the vials in hand and unsealing the first one to ready it. This should be fun.

Adair gets to be princess lifted, at least? It's an experience he's never going to remember and Maura is probably NEVER going to let him forget. His only protest to the move is a groan but he's going just lay there in unconsciousness and enjoy not having every horrible thing he's seen and imagined dancing through his brain. Look, he vastly underestimated his ability to handle this.

Anders nods, though there is an empathetic kind of sorrow in his face when he looks at Maura. "It is only temporary, I'm sorry." Temporary is the best they can hope for at this particular point in time. Lifting head and shoulders, he perches on that end of the cot and braces Adair upright on his shoulder before nodding at Maura. "Also he'll have terrible gas for a bit, but this should buy him a few more lucid days while we figure out Step Two."

"It's better then the alternative." Continued hallucinations, mutterings, nightmares.. shouting. Seriously. Does it look like the past few days have been happy funtimes? THey definitely didn't disappear for a few days to get their freak on. Unfortunately. "Oh, great. How does lyrium… nevermind." Maura's just going to be happy he'll be a bit more lucid, even if he'll be farting unicorns. She might be telling Adair that she's got more of that tincture she's been making for him, to get him to drink what's in the vial. Or, she might be muttering nonsense at him to get him to let her pour the lyrium down his throat. Either way, who knows what he's actually hearing. "Right. Step two."

Adair is going to REGRET being the pliant unconscious person he is right now. It's worse than falling asleep first at a sleep-over. At least he doesn't sputter on the lyrium potion until he's gotten most of it down, and then he's trying to push it away from his face. He mutters something that sounds suspiciously like 'not funny' but at least it's coherent and related to what's going on at the moment.

Anders is a steady backrest, though at one point he does reach around and gently massage the Templar's throat to encourage swallowing over breathing. Once the process is complete, he eases Adair back to lie down on the cot and beckons Maura back further into the clinic. A real, honest-to-Maker nap will do wonders at this point. "I've heard good things about this merc band you're set on going after." And he still doesn't look like he's entirely comfortable with that idea but at least he sees the necessity. "But if that turns out to be a dead end…" He sighs and looks for a moment like he can't believe he's about to say this. "Maker help me, but if you run out of options I may… know some people."

"Honestly, Anders. I just want to find a source of lyrium at this point. The merc group was supposed to be something for employment. For both of us. But I have to fix this first." Maura admits, as they walk back further into the clinic. "What's your suggestion? Because I only have one option right now. I may as well have two available." she reasons, rubbing the back of her own next to try and ease some of the tension there. "It becomes a matter of which option is the least unpalatable I suspect."

For the record, Maura? Adair is going to pull the blankets up for the side effects. JUST SAYING. For now, though, he's just going to enjoy not feeling like he's dying while at the same time being afraid he won't. Give him a few. He'll come around eventually.

Anders hesitates here, even chewing on his lower lip in a kind of tense worry. Finally his shoulders slump forward in defeat. He's just too far down in his own personal Void to fight battles on all sides right now. "Go to the Hanged Man and ask for Adeline. There's a… unique situation going on right now. She might be willing to make him a Warden and they have their own supplies."

"No matter what choices Adair or I wind up making, you need not take it on your shoulders in addition to what you already have, Anders." Maura just takes a breath, and nods solemnly at the suggestion he gives. "I appreciate your help. I'm going to make myself presentable and decide what to do. I know we can't wait too long." If nothing else, she's determined. And, holding herself together reasonably well given the circumstances. "Wish me luck, yeah?" She has a feeling she'll need it.

Adair is just going to take his time waking up. The nightmares being gone is new, but he can work with it. He's on a cot, and his mouth tastes like that night back in their circle when he fell asleep briefly on hall duty and a couple of the mages poured half a bottle of lyrium potion into his water. "M… Maura?" Because he's not seeing anyone in his immediate vicinity and experience has told him that moving his head is bad. He's not willing to test this 'feeling better' thing yet.

"All the luck in the world, Maura." Anders' voice is, perhaps, uncharacteristically gentle at that, but Adair's waking prevents further discussion. "Go on, see to your tin man. I'll hold things down here."

"Thank you." Maura murmurs, at Anders wishing her luck. But then, obviously, she hurries over to Adair's side to generally make a fuss over him, get him something to drink.. avoid talking about her plans to get him lyrium. Things like that. It won't work very long. But, if he's going to get any rest, she has to at least try.

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