Portrayed By Unknown
Faction Mage
Organization Circle of Magi
Position Enchanter
Sex Female
Race Elf
Age 25
Place of Birth
Date of Birth Justinian 23
Mother Aneya (d)
Father Ceyan (d)
Siblings Rylan (twin, d)
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

What is it to live Dalish, to have one?s entire life to be their clan, to travel constantly, from one settlement to another, from one camp to the next. It is the life that Macenaya and Rylan knew. Born twins into this world, they grew strong and free in the wilds without the persecution that tended to follow many others. Fiercely independent at least of others, tended towards wandering away from the camps as often as in them but one thing was for sure, they were never out of earshot of each other.

It was all so normal, so everyday, no real surprises to be found but that was fine at least for Mac, even if Ry was a little more adventurous because there was a contentment there. And that contentment all shattered the day that Rylan?s powers emerged. At first, the confusion was all that Mac could focus on, Ry would become a Keeper instead of a hunter as they had always planned. There was a joy for him, as without the threat of the Chantry, it was an honor but there was also that feeling that she was being left behind. It was what she thought at the time as the worst two weeks of her life. And then, much like Ry, Mac?s powers emerged.

At first there was talk about sending one away, but the twins resisted, they would not be separated both would leave first. In the end, it was decided that both would be trained that they would just have to be careful not to draw attention.
In training, there was more caution, but of than that their lives did not change that much. They lived and learned within earshot of each other. Each doing their part to help the clan the best they could.

They were never really sure how the Templars found out about the twins or why exactly they decided to target them. But targeted they were. It was Mac that was caught first, she wandered a little further away from camp and Rylan than was her normal routine. Where Ry was as better rider, Mac was better with a bow and she had caught wind of a nest of grouse. Even with Rylan calling behind her to wait up, the girl had pressed forward and straight into the waiting arms of what would turn out to be her captures.

Rylan could have gotten away, lived a free life, that would become one of the hardest parts for Mac in the years to come. But there was no stopping him from the moment he saw them putting her in chains. Nor was he a match for those that came against him.
That trip, that long horrible trip of fear and pain would be the last time that Macenaya would see her brother, they would be separated almost immediately and for the first time in her life, Mac was completely alone.

The next years were about survival, of pulling her broken spirit out of the depths to which it would fall. Mac became prone to long bouts of depression and fear; she would disappear inside herself without so much as a word to anyone for weeks to months on end. It wasn?t until a baby raven literally fell at her feet that even a glimmer of the prideful independent girl would be seen again.

Not that the spells of depression were over, but with the tiny Raven who she would name Mor-silma that later became a permanent part of her daily life, Mac wasn?t completely alone any longer. The bird was no replacement for the brother but with it in her life, she was able to start thinking instead of just being. To work her way into that of an Enchanter, not because she wanted to help the Chantry but because in doing so would help herself

Things were not good; they could never be good. But there was a routine that was only broken by the occasional dark patches that would leave her curled for long days in her bed unable to move. That was until the day that one of the guards decided to take notice, to watch the little blonde elf mage and let himself into her room. He lost an eye that night, Mor would have taken both but others heard the screams and pulled the Templar out. It was weeks before Mac came out of the blackness, and when she did she found herself in the back of a wagon tossed in like a bag of wheat and on her way to Kirkwall.



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