Faction Mage
Races Human, Elf, Qunari

In Thedas, magic is a natural physical phenomenon such as gravity or magnetism. Some people are born with the ability to interact with, control, and shape it. Conventional magic originates from the Fade, the realm where spirits dwell and humans, qunari, and elves visit when they dream. With the proper training, mages are capable of manipulating the basic elements, such as conjuring gouts of flame and small, localized ice and electrical storms. There are also spells that allow for the temporary reanimation of corpses and the draining of an opponent's life-force. More altruistic Mages can use their powers to help and heal, or summon benevolent spirits in times of need. Though they are often ostracized to the point of persecution, mages are key for everyday life in Thedas. They serve as its healers, scholars, scientists, and weapons of war.

In order to qualify to be a mage, one must be an elf, a human, or a Qunari - dwarves cannot be mages.



Where most mages keep their distance from combat, Battlemages, as the name suggests, prefer wading into the thick of things. Their skills aid in this, specializing in self-preservation and manipulating the elements around them, both to benefit themselves and their allies and to cause thier foes tremendous injury.

  • Known Battlemages Aelia Zinovia, Davan Pulcherus

Spirit Healer

  • Known Spirit Healers Anders, Valentin, Selen Tyllerun

Force Mage

Force Mages are a powerful and unsublte lot. Their focus on the raw application of magic goes beyond the simple elements. They are capable of summoning maelstroms of raw energy or ethereal weight that crushes people to the ground. This particular brand of specialization is rather popular amongst the mages of Kirkwall.

  • Known Force Mages Bethany Hawke


For each Dalish clan there is, there is a Keeper. The Keeper's focus is not only the nature around them but in the preservation and passing on of the lore and traditions of Elvhen culture long past. Keepers are are also rather secretive. They only pass along their magical knowledge to their apprentice, usually referred to as their First, and as such, their ways are often never found outside a clan's Keeper and First.



The staff is the primary weapon of any mage. While a mage is certainly capable of using magic without such a weapon, it can help in channeling energy and even provide focus and aid if necessary. Nearly everyone trained as a mage is also trained in the use of a staff, either as its purpose as a magical aid or as a more practical, physical weapon. As such, many mages are well versed in whapping someone over the head with a stick as they are to sling magic.