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Scene Title Mageflowers R Us
Synopsis Insomniacs at the Clinic hatch a stupidibrave plan of rescue.
Location Clinic - Darktown
Date Friday, 03 of Justinian, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Flowers
Logger Maura

Clinic Kirkwall
Friday, 03 of Justinian, 9:31 Dragon

A large wooden panel sports two doors that lead into what is now a make-shift clinic, though the hall has clearly seen other uses over the course of history. Faded banners the color of rust hang from the walls, their decorations lost to time, while ragged cloth festoons the ceiling high above. Pillars offer support along the outside walls, though holes high above on one side provide enough ventilation to make this one of the safest places in Darktown. Tables also line the length of the clinic with the center of the floor left clear for traffic. Here and there are barrels topped with planks to create places for bowls and pitchers of water while yet more supplies and crates have been pushed to the back of the room. Further in still is another room set with a bed made of ropes stretched over a wooden frame and topped with a mattress of old blankets, a half-barrel that serves for washing, and several other personal items neatly packed away.

Morning dawns late in the dim alleys of Darktown, but for those among its residents lucky enough to have a job, morning comes still in the dark of pre-dawn. Anders' lantern is lit much earlier (or perhaps much later) than usual and though the hour is inhumane, there have been patients trickling in and out for hours. The healer in question has taken enough of a break from his magic to clean blood-soaked tables with the lemons and vinegar Taril had managed to acquire. Anders never seems to get much sleep, but this morning it looks as though perhaps there's been none at all. The only bright spot in the whole damn room is a vase on one of the empty tables, filled with bright, fresh - only slightly bedraggled - wildflowers.

Maura is still practically rubbing the sleep from her eyes when she arrives at the clinic this morning. She has trouble sleeping too these days it would appear. And what better to do then something helpful. She's not expecting a haggard looking Anders to really be awake right now, but the lantern says otherwise and she walks right in through the door armed with a pleasant but stubborn set to her face. "Good morning. Or is it good evening still? Oh! What lovely flowers!" Leaning over, she breathes in their scent on her way past the table. "Shall I help with the tables, then?"

Anders is more awake than he'd like to be and there is tension in the tightness of the skin around his eyes. "No, I think this about does it," he answers, almost entirely on autopilot. But then he stops, turns, tilts his head to one side and stares at her while she admires the flowers. "I thought… " He shakes his head and tries again. "You didn't bring those in yesterday?"

"Alright. I'll start putting together some potion kits that we can hand out to people before they leave. It might help hold people until they can get here if it's a serious wound; and if it's minor they may not need to come at all if they have a kit." Maura, determined to be industrious. "How are you feeling? I'm doing very well with my Creation magic, so I should be able to heal any lingering wounds you have if your healing doesn't work on yourself." she offers, brow furrowed. "No, I didn't bring those in. I didn't think you'd want flowers in here."

Anders nods along to Maura's Plan For The Day. It makes sense and with the unexpected influx of supplies, they can certainly afford to do it. "At least for the families with children." Maker only knew those tiny harbingers of plague were the cause of most trouble he saw on non-disaster days. Her next line of questioning confuses him and he stares at her for a minute longer than usual before his brain catches up with the program. "Oh, that, no, no, I'm fine. Thank you but I'm…" All that breath is let out in a soft sigh. "I'm fine." One of his hands touches the opposite leather bracer - the set one he's taken to wearing over his shirtsleeves since the burns on his forearms proved impossible to heal properly. "I honestly… no, I don't think I did want flowers in here." But now that they're here, they're nice enough. They're also a mystery. Who in the world would bring flowers into the Darktown clinic that wasn't Maura?

"Yes, that was my thought." Maura agrees, settling herself in at the storage corner to start going through their supplies and tie together several sets of vials that the families can take when they leave. She doesn't look up as she works, figuring he might be more comfortable that way. Especially considering some of what she has in mind to say. "I know you don't know me very well, but I hope I'll prove trustworthy enough that you'll eventually let me help you the way you help others that come in here." She gives a pointed glance at the bracers. "Those, for example, are new. Recent as of the events of the festival." Need she say more? "Hmm, well. They brighten the place up a bit. I like them." Pause. "Obviously."

With the last of the tables used in the night cleaned, Anders tosses the bloody rags into the basket of linens to be burned rather than cleaned and re-used. Finished with that task, he crosses the room stiffly to stand beside Maura and help assemble the little vials into useful variety packs. He doesn't comment on her offer - doesn't say anything - for a long time, and when he finally does open his mouth, it's with a quiet tone. "That's not it, Maura." Maker, it feels like trying to explain his need to heal Fenris to Minea all over again. Only more awkward since this pertains only to himself. "It's not that I doubt your abilities. You've a good temperament for a healer." And for the kind of work he knows, the right personality is paramount. "They're as healed as they ever will be and I - " He shrugs one shoulder awkwardly. "I'm just not ready to look at them every day." He sounds serious enough, but the healer keeps glancing over his shoulder at the doorway - every few seconds - like he expects something to be different about it each time.

"Too bad there's not a spell to scour those rags clean instead of having to burn them." Imagine the coin that could be saved! Maura is on track to become Martha Fucking Stewart if she's not careful. Bu she lets the silence stretch between them, finding it somewhat soothing rather than awkward at the moment. And the explanation Anders offers… well, even if she doesn't *fully* comprehend what kind of injury has caused permanent harm, she does understand the sentiment. "Ohhh, I see. Maybe we can find you a set of bracers that are more functional then. Maybe they hold potion vials or something. So that people don't ask questions." Eventually, she too starts looking at the door. "Are you expecting someone? The elf with the white hair, perhaps?"

"Fenris?" And Anders spins around, looking to the empty doorway before physically deflating a little and turns back to their work. "His name is Fenris." Yeah, great cover there, buddy. "And… yes, actually." His lower lip is pulled back and worried between his teeth while he works, an absent self-soothing habit that displays his concern for anyone to see. "He should have been back by now." He shakes his head. "It's a nice thought," he admits about the functional bracers. "But before I get anything else, I need to find a proper staff." Which is a fair point, since no one would have seen him with one since coming to Kirkwall. Not once.

"Okay. It's good to have a name to go with a face, now." Maura is tempted to wax eloquent about how the two have obviously known each other a long time, and dawwwwww it was so romantic to see Fenris carrying him off to be treated for his injuries. But, she IS smarter then that! Marginally. She can't help the little smile on her face. "I can look for him if you want to stay here; or, stay here if you want to look for him." It seems reasonable enough, and her expression brightens further at the mention of a staff. "I have two right now. You are welcome to have one. There's the one that appeared just before the fighting started - it's by far the more powerful of the two. ANd the other is the one I used since arriving here. The enchantment needs to be recharged soon. But it could possibly be made more powerful through the enchantment renewal."

Anders huffs a laugh at that, shaking his head. "He's not much for social niceties, no." Which means he'll probably have a whole career out of smoothing ruffled feathers left behind in Fenris' wake, but he doesn't look like he minds much. Or, you know, at all. The offer to look - or to free him to look - is a kind one and there is enough tranparency in Anders' expression to see just how tempted he is, but still he shakes his head. "He told me to stay." And it still galls him, this idea of 'staying home' and 'being safe' while someone he cares for plunges headfirst into the lion's den. It makes his gut burn and his skin crawl, but what is there for it now? Fenris had been right about the Qunari - they did not like him. At least the idea of a staff is a bit of a distraction. "I will gladly take your old one, if you've no longer any use for it. I was almost to the point of asking the Gallows Tranquil about enchanting my damn spear." It's a terrible joke, but it's Anders. He doesn't exactly respond to stress in the healthiest of ways.

Maura and Anders may need to start a support group at some point. The 'stay home while others do dirty work' support group. "Okay, just let me know if you change your mind." The offer will apparently stay open. "I will bring the staff for you later today or in the morning then. I can't do permanent enchantments for obvious reasons. But, I can still do temporary ones if I'm careful." Of course, so can he. So she assumes anyway. "You should see the bow Taril has now. It's incredible. He sounded almost eager to go hunting again." Her lips twitch. "Obviously without me this time. And you know, getting a spear enchanted isn't really a bad idea. People don't think 'Mage' when they see a spear. They think 'Hunter'."

Anders is not at all about this support group - if he had his way, there would be no need. There is, however, no denying that he is tense and antsy. The idea is tempting, but he can't shake the worry that he is just worrying for nothing - that his help is not necessary and would not be appreciated. "I'd appreicate that, Maura. Thank you." He listens to the rest of what's said - about Taril and enchantments and hunting - and even smiles and nods in the appropriate places, but he's not very active in the conversation. "I may look into that. It would be nice to go mostly unnoticed."

Anders is not at all about this support group - if he had his way, there would be no need. There is, however, no denying that he is tense and antsy. The idea is tempting, but he can't shake the worry that he is just worrying for nothing - that his help is not necessary and would not be appreciated. "I'd appreicate that, Maura. Thank you." He listens to the rest of what's said - about Taril and enchantments and hunting - and even smiles and nods in the appropriate places, but he's not very active in the conversation. "I may look into that. It would be nice to go mostly unnoticed."

Anders jumps a little and then settles with a sigh. She's entirely right, he hadn't been listening all that well. But her suggestion - though appealing - is one he feels obligated to nip in the bud. "I know where he's gone, Maura." And for a statement that should be reassuring, it sounds anything but. "It's not that he's lost. I just…" He shakes himself and sets his jaw. "Your tiger friend," he says this almost accusingly, like somehow tiger and Maura are complicit in this complication, "sent him into the Qunari compound after some slaves huddled in a warehouse somewhere." And it's not like it isn't a worthy cause - it is, he was going to go along - but Anders knows his own track record with good things in his life and it is Not Great. Losing this one - even the chance of it - settles a bitter, nauseating fear right between his lungs.

For a moment, Maura looks like someone just smacked her with a two by four upside the head. "He went into the Qunari Compound?" she whispers, clearly in awe od Fenris' stupidibravery. "Okay, look. I know that apparently the Tiger hitched a ride here with me. Because I connected to it in the Fade. But that does not make it my tiger, and it certainly takes no cues from me. If anything, it also likes to riddle me things to do as well." She gets sad when she's blamed for things that she has no control over! "Well, I can see why she.. he.. it wanted that done. But fuck, Anders. We can't go in there. We have to, don't we. Okay. We need some kind of backup that isn't magic related."

"Yes," Anders almost growls. "He did." At least he isn't the only one who's appalled at just how insane this is. THANK YOU MAURA. "Frankly, I don't care who it belongs to I just want it to not send people I like on suicide missions." He knows they shouldn't go in there - he knows they can't go in there - but to be completely honest Anders is rapidly losing the memory of why exactly he can't go after his Fenris. "You don't have to go in there, Maura. I can't guarantee any of us are coming out alive. Not if things are bad enough that he's not back by now. I'm not going to let that stubborn bastard die in there." And he's already going for that spear and the satchel he'd packed the night before. "But first, I need to get Adie."

Maura starts pouring theough the leftover potions. "Healing, Mana… I have Rock Armor potions back in Lowtown." She didn't expect to maybe be breaking into the QUNARI FREAKIN COMPOUND today, so she didn't come loaded for bear. "You know very well I can't just let you go without as much help as possible. That would just make me the worst kind of hypocrite. Just tell me where to meet you, so I can get my things while you go get Adie." she suggests. Which leaves him the option of making sure she can't go with, even though she's not thinking that.

And Anders isn't thinking about that either - though later he might wish it. "She's at the Hanged Man, but we won't be there long." Not if he can help it at any rate. Already out the door, Anders makes the best possible use of elevators and passageways; no more wait and see, no more good little mageflower. He's had enough.

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