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Scene Title Magical Skyrim Pony
Synopsis The three most senior Wardens in Kirkwall go down to the black market hunting for some supplies. They do not leave with what they expected.
Location Darktown Market
Date Justinian 27, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Magical Skyrim Pony
Logger Dragon

The last week of every month is always madness in Darktown. Hawkers of… very questionable wares come out en masse. It overwhelms what little authority reaches this far down and while most of everything is rubbish, there is certainly some very real value. Raw lyrium, for example, or some of the rarer venom extracts. Some even whisper there is blood magic available within these tunnels lit only by flickering torchlight… for the right price, of course.

Adeline Vael isn't above making use of the black market. Maybe once she had been, but no longer. Now, as she comes into Darktown, there are glances to stalls. The Grey Warden gear is normally enough to keep all but the bravest of pickpockets at bay, but she never the less keeps a watchful eye for small hands reaching to pouches.

Staff strapped to her back in it's holder, at Adeline's side is Minea. Times like these, it's fun. You never know what you'll find, save for high high prices, and every now and then the Dalish elf stop to peer at something before carrying on. Likely making some wary and thinking twice about what they may or may not do. But the petite elf doesn't stray and keeps looking here, fingers trickling through the air at her side in thought.

Anders does not wear the Warden armor - though it fits and works and everything, he already did that pre-Roads check - but his ridiculous feathered coat and layman's clothes. He's known enough in Darktown now that he doesn't worry about being pickpocketed. The residents here know that he has no more money than they do - and what he does get goes into their care anyway. So, for the most part, he is left entirely alone. Even so, he's getting some weird looks wandering around with the two Warden Women and mostly just offers awkward smiles and lengthens his stride to keep caught up. "It would have killed you to cover the griffon for an evening?" he grumble-gripes at Adeline. There's not much in the way of heat behind it but he had to say something.

Looking over at Anders, she raises a brow. "Would it kill you to wear it for once?" Adeline quips back, also without heat, but her point made none the less. This is what, this was who, she was. Simple as that. You could no more divorce Adeline from the image of the Wardens than you could do so from her bird. Which, trying that only ever ended up with a lot of bloodshed. In fact, she'd even tried recently to not wear her Warden blues. It had been… Awkward.

Is that a laugh being stifled by the younger mage? That would be a laugh, begin stifled by the younger mage who is opting not to - or try not to - stick her nose in this exchange.

Adeline's return quip makes Anders' mouth twist up into a smile that can only be described as the cat who got the cream. "As a matter of fact I wore it not five days gone." It's said very primly, though there is an unmistakable tone of 'so there' tacked on the end. "And for your information I did, actually, die a little." Just not… not at all in the way she undoubtedly means. Look, that armor does good things for his figure, okay?

Oh, Adeline catches that implication. She does speak Orlesian. Looking over her shoulder to Anders, she fixes him with a long stare. "Choosing to put it on to excite your elven lover hardly counts, Anders." She volleys to him, "No matter how many deaths it earned you." With a smirk, she turns to Minea then. "Were you running out of anything? It's not the most legal market, but it's got a variety you won't find up in Lowtown."

A few things are rattled off at Adeline's question by the tattoo'd elf. "If I find them, I find them, if not, the world will not end." If she steps a little quicker, it's because she wants to see what is ahead. "I have to agree with Adeline. Wearing it to seduce, is not wearing it for duty. Besides, you look very nice in it Anders. You really should wear it more often. Maybe he'll give it to you a little more often too if you do."

…okay well he should absolutely have seen this one coming. "I didn't put it on to - " Okay, see, now he's turning a truly glorious shade of pink. "I got the rest of my gear out of its hidey-hole when Kat helped me pummel out that last caved-in entrance. I was trying everything on to make sure nothing needed replaced or repaired before we leave!" So the putting it on part had a legitimate reasoning. "It isn't my fault he showed up when he did!" Just… not so much the taking it off part. And he's not going to apologize for that, Maker bless. Minea's addition, however, just… Anders can't say she's wrong so much as this conversation has gotten ENTIRELY away from him and now he rather wants to disappear. "Oh look, a goat!"

Not a goat, Anders, but close! … Kind of. The section of tunnel they're passing by is some kind of importer. It stinks even worse - scents like blood and shit and rot mixed in with sweat and wet dog - and even the regulars down here give it a very wide berth. Animals of all varieties are in cramped and filthy cages, most shivering in the farthest corner from People they can be. A few still snap at passers-by, their spirit not entirely broken, but even these are visibly fading. There is a goat like thing, chained to a crude leather collar around its neck bolted to the ground. Not many people seem to pay it much mind at all, but none of them are anywhere near Dalish enough (or well-traveled enough) to know what it is they've got there.

Sweet, sweet victory. "Mhmmm." Adeline says, raising a brow to Anders, "When will you learn you can't out sass me, Warden?" She says to him, and offers her hand up to Minea for a high five. Points for the assist. She'll let Anders have his deflection by way of animal. Though her glance does move next to the caged and chained creatures and she frowns, then huffs. The Ranger has never been fond of seeing animals in such a state.

High five requested, high five fulfilled, smack goes her palm to Adeline's. Hold up. All that other stuff that she said she needed? This wasn't on that list but as Anders points it out to distract them, Minea's not letting go of that high fived hand. "That, that's not a goat." Loud enough for Adeline and Anders to hear. That's not a goat and Minea has a sudden want of the thing staked to the ground. Then there's a glance to see who's in charge or selling the animals in this particular section, even if the smell turns her off and right this moment, she wants to snap the neck of whomever has chained it.

Look, Darktown doesn't exactly have the capacities for keeping animals. Much less keeping them in decent conditions. He works with what he has access to, alright? Give him a break. Life's not easy for a Ferelden by way of Orlais by way of Nevarra by way of Tevinter by way of Antiva refugee, okay? You gotta make ends meet. And this guys looks like he's… Sort of managing that. He's clothed, at least, even if it is in a mess of different styles. All of it sturdy though, heavy linen, leathers, gloves that wind over his forearms and protect fingers from being bitten off. Scraps of fabric in different colors hang from his belt, some tied to be makeshift pouches for feed, or coin, or who knows what else, others matching the colors of fabric tied around horns or legs. Some sort of code for himself. Currently, the man is seeing to his books, and does not appear to be paying much mind to the trio of Wardens (duo of Wardens and their tagalong? Hard to tell) that have caught notice of his 'goat.'

The goat-not-a-goat doesn't have enough chain to stand up, but she bleats pitifully from her place laying on the filthy ground next to the man's boot. She shakes her head and rattles her chain, the motion causing something on her crust-covered horns to glint shiny in the firelight.

"… it's not?" Anders is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a wildlife expert. Unless it's cats. He can say with certainty that this is not a cat. Beyond that… well, at least no one is giving him sex advice anymore. "What is it then?" He takes a step closer and squints and then reels right back. "That should not be here." It's not a goat. It's the inspiration for the damn necklace Cenn wears. For the… "And why has it got yellow on its face?"

It's not until Minea points it out that Adeline sees the animal for what it is. She takes a deep breath and shakes her head. "Why must people be so very, very stupid?" She mutters, and then looks to Minea. "What do you want to do?"

"it is not" Spoken with the certainty of a woman who knows full well what she at some point, if her life had not taken the turn that it took, have found one in the wild and.. well. "It should not be here and I will not leave it here." The Warden is moving forward to the 'Goat's' side, kneel down and slide her hand under it's jaw, look at it. "A respectable amount is rattled off, this to the man doing his books, not looking at him but instead, the Halla.

"'Ey!" The importer calls down to Minea with a glare, "Warden or no, hands off the merchandise." Huffing, he sets down his ratty quill and crosses his arms over his chest. "She's already been sold anyway." He says, though it is very likely that he has no clue of the actual sex of this animal.

Wee tiny baby rears her head back from Minea's approach at first, scrambling to try and get Away and getting exactly Nowhere. This time the bleat is louder - sharper - more like a call for a mother that is not coming. It's hard to smell anything when overwhelmed by all the putrid filth of Darktown and thin enough to see ribs with each in-and-out panting, panicked breath, it's evident that the creature is well within her rights to be afraid of… well, everything at this point.

"It's been sold to me." There's a withering look given to the man. "Take the money, and I will take the Halla. Or you can stand there, while I take the Halla and you can have no money. And if your previous buyer has a problem with this, then they can look for the warden who took it. Either way, it's coming with me. Or I can shove my staff up your ass, that is a third option. I do so like shoving it up the asses of people who would chain a halla." There's venom in Minea's voice. "Choose wisely."

"I'd do as she says, friend," Anders tosses out there with a deliberate casual carelessness to his tone. "She really does have a terrible habit of shoving staves places they really should never be." He hooks his thumbs into his belt and rocks back on his heels - a local chatterbox who has never once in his life been able to pass up on the opportunity to be a smartass. "Had to pull three of 'em out just last week down at the clinic. And since you don't look much like the kind of man who enjoys her brand of arse pounding, well…" Arms out to the sides are a gesture of 'whaddaya do'. See? There's no need for trouble. So long as no one gets violent on the ladies, anyway.

Well, this escalated quickly. Adeline sighs, but follows Minea over. "Really, it's not worth the trouble. Whatever your buyer has paid you, I'll pay you double and half, so you can refund him and make a profit on the inconvenience." Adeline says. She means it, too. No vows of poverty here. All this talk of violence, Adeline will play Good Guard, that's fine. Or at least, she'll play bankroller. Whatever.

"Such talk of violence." The importer says, his hodgepodge accent not helping him sound reputable at all, "Little knife ears shouldn't come down here threatening people they know nothing about." He's practically hissing near the end. And then Anders is chiming in, and the importer rolls his eyes. "Whatsit any business of yours, Healer? I think you ought to be more concerned for your lassie here-" Adeline's approach cuts him off, "Or maybe it is you that ought to keep the girl in line."

Baby is really scrambling now. The elevated voices and aggressive postures have put all the animals on edge. Nobody likes this and someone is about to hurt themselves.

"Cut the collar off it Anders." The leather, it can be cut off. "Little knife ears doesn't care who you are. The Halla is coming with me." Snarled by the Dalish elf, reaching for the pouch at her belt and dropping it down to the ground at his feet. "What I have, and what she will give you. You'll take it, whether you like it or not, even though they are not things that are to be sold. Or likely you are just selling it for it's horns." It's so very rare that the Mage gets so riled up and as fast as she has. "It's mine." Interposing herself between the importer and the 'goat'.

This is just one more of those times Anders is reminded that he really needs to look into a proper weapons kit. Staff, beltknife, you know… mage-y things that aren't that ridiculous spear he lugs around. He's muttering to himself under his breath, but he's kneeling next to Minea, reaching out and hoping that for once in his life luck is on his side and the reinforced Panacaea aura can work on more than just people and cats. Otherwise getting the poor thing to hold still long enough to free it is going to be a chore and a half.

As Anders moves to kneel next to the creature, Adeline passes him her own belt knife. She keeps half a dozen anyway, just not all on her belt. She did not like being unarmed. The look she gives Mr. Scummy Animal Saleman here is not pleased. Not even a little bit pleased. "Call one of my people that again, you piece of shit, and I'll cut your balls off and feed them to you. Now take your coin and shut your mouth." She growls, and hopes very much that this guy at least has enough self preservation instinct to not fuck with her about it.

Okay, look. He's not good at a whole lot, but this guy can do math. They are three(?) Wardens. He is one guy with a lot of half feral animals. Yeah, he's got a couple of guards, but really… It's not worth it. "Fine. Take the stupid beast. Been more trouble than it's worth anyway." And out of his own frustration, or perhaps just to get a rise out of the angry elf who is coming making demands of him, he turns and kicks into the halla's side, just about at the time that the leather collar would be cut free.

Panacaea does, in fact, also work on halla. The relief of her discomfort and malaise has the little thing leeeeeeeeaning forward to sniff at Anders. His smell makes her sneeze - which is such a tiny squeaking sound cute enough to break the laws of physics - but she settles enough that he can get close and free her. All would be quite well, then, except that Charming McShitface here is a lot bigger than she is. So that boot to the side sends her sprawling. She tries to get up, but she can't. She tries to take deep breaths, but she can't. The magic ambient to the human healer means she doesn't really… hurt yet, but there's something Definitely Not Right about the shape of her ribcage, now.

There is no reality in which abuse of living things in your care becomes acceptable. Anders has literally just had this conversation - right around the time he tried his Warden armor on again - and the way his upper lip curls at the trader speaks volumes about the visceral distaste he has for him. So he does literally the worst thing he could possibly do to the man. He steps aside and lets Minea and Adeline have at him. He's got a little lost halla to try and patch up at any rate.

Oh but her hand moves to that staff, looking like she might just up and smack the back of his head with it. She can't stop the kick, but she can at least give him the dirtiest looks that she can muster with an ear twitching. "Adeline, watch him." Anders can heal, but so can Minea and she turns away from the importer to kneel beside the Halla, tears in her eyes at the state of the tiny thing. "Though he should be hung." And she's working the spells then. Maybe not as strong as Anders but they are healing none the less and concentrates on fixing the creature enough that it's safe to carry it out of there.

It is by the gentle graces of Anders and Minea alone that this guy doesn't get really familiar with the business end of one of her arrows. But if they're not going to jump at the chance to hurt this guy, she isn't. None the less, she places herself between her Wardens and the importer, glaring daggers. "That is just petty." She says with a shake of her head. "And you'll be satisfied with the coin my friend gave you, if you're selling damaged goods."

This is a Darktown establishment and reputation doesn't mean a whole lot, but he's really getting tired of these three standing around causing a scene. The importer takes up the thrown coin pouch, opens it, gets a general count. It's no great amount, but it's decent enough. And with the headache this has been… "Fine. Now get out of here. You tire me." He says, huffing and setting the coin aside.

Minea's approach is understandable, her concern is understandable, Anders can even acknowledge that her desire to actively heal is understandable. It is this that keeps him from saying a word. This clash between his healing and her healing is not a new argument, nor is it one he wants to take up now. The two mages have two different methods capable of two different types of healing; he simply pulls back from the body in general and focuses his energy on the broken ribs alone so that they can return to proper form and not accidentally heal at the wrong angles. Beyond that, he is hands off. Minea can see to the rest if she likes. He's eyeing the standoff between Adeline and the Importer from his crouch, but as the trouble seems to be fizzing out, he makes no moves on that front either. So he waits.

Breathing is good. Being able to draw breath again is nice. But there are other aches and pains that register as discomfort while the aura around the lot of them keeps the pain at bay. It isn't long before she's wriggling herself to stand on legs made wobbly by virtue of time spent unable to fully use them. She will probably always have an odd gait, but given time and care she'll heal up well enough not to really so much notice - or slow down. Good luck, Minea, you've landed yourself a friend who must investigate EVERYTHING.

Wobble is good. Wobble is better than what it was and with the collar off of it and the man counting his coin, Minea's shelving that staff again and leans down to scoop up the baby halla with a grateful look to Anders for his help in healing it. Gender can be discerned later - girl - but for now, she's picked it up and refraining from kicking the man like he did the creature. "I think I've found everything I need down here. Lets go. Please." She said please.

Adeline nods. She really doesn't care to linger either. "Yes, let's go." She says, not turning her back on the man, and expecting both of her mages to begin leaving before she does. Yes, thank you, she will be the last one out as though this is some sort of excursion into the Deep Roads. Training dies hard.

Anders straightens and brushes his palms down the sides of his coat. He had other things he needed to look for down here, but those could definitely wait. He's not exactly keen on sticking around Smiley just now anyway - especially not without company. So with something almost like his trademark I'm charming grin flashed at Minea, he is leading this little company out of this shithole.

The importer lets them go, muttering something in… Is that Antivan? Probably.

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