Here you will find links to individual pages for approved characters on the game. These pages are places to put pictures, backgrounds, relationships, trivia and anything else pertaining to that character.


Name Organization Position
Marlowe Dumar Nobility Viscount
Aeryn "Kindle" Fionnlagh Nobility Ambassador
Marie de Lydes Nobility Ambassador


Name Organization Position
Maura Zehavi Grey Wardens Recruit
Merek Black Grey Wardens Warden
Bethany Hawke None Apostate
Aelia Zinovia Nobility Altus
Anders Grey Wardens Apostate
Telus Fiske Circle of Magi Senior Enchanter
Avery Autret Circle of Magi Mage
Valentin Circle of Magi Enchanter
Brea Larosi Circle of Magi Mage
Davanasius Pulcherus Evocati Altus


Name Organization Position
Adeline Vael Grey Wardens Senior Warden
Adrian Morlov Nobility Minstrel
Hadrian Severinus Evocati Leader
Carys Red Jenny Servant
Sebastian Vael Chantry Brother
Tyce Arundel Evocati Mercenary
Julie d'Aubingy Nobility Chevalier
Matteo Aguado Pirate Captain
Dante Rivera de Santigo Castellano Coterie Whore


Name Organization Position
Madam Lusine None Proprietor
Zana Talitha Nobility Shopkeeper
Ariston None Minstrel


Name Organization Position
Meredith Stannard Templar Order Knight Commander
Cenn d'Argent Templar Order Knight Lieutenant
Isolde Wulff Templar Order Knight Captain
Jovan Marcius Evocati Leader
Jacques "Jack" Duval Seekers Knight Lieutenant
Carver Hawke None Mercenary
Phillipe Garou Templar Order Knight Lieutenant
Anton Beaulac Templar Knight Corporal
Solveig Reinerdotten Grey Warden None
Luthor Traske Evocati Mercenary