About The Game

Dragon Age: Smoke & Shadows (S&S) is a text-based role-playing game that is based primarily on statistics-enforced consent. The game has been organized and is run by people who enjoy the Dragon Age universe and all thing associated with it. Access and play on the game is provided free of charge, save for what you pay your Internet Service Provider for access to the internet. There is absolutely no guarantee of quality of service, uptime, or any other aspect related to the player's purpose. The staff reserve the right to, at any time and for any reason, restrict a player's access to the game or server with or without prior notice.

S&S is hosted by Dune.net. As such, the location of the server is listed as the continental United States. All players and staff must comply with the laws of the United States while connected to the game. By participating in the game, or accepting these terms, you are agreeing that you are not violating any applicable local, state, or national laws.

Accepting this AUP acknowledges the understanding that participation in the game is 'at your own risk', and that you agree to not hold the game administrators and the hosting provider on which the game resides, responsible for an injury or adverse events of any kind that may occur during your time on the game. Participation in the game is solely at your discretion.

Original Content

Game administrators at S&S recognize that the Dragon Age universe is a creation of Bioware and hold no claim to any of the characters, places, or objects within the universe created by Bioware. Original material, not limited to and including, theme elements and ideas, original characters, original buildings, descriptions, codes, bboard posts, and wiki pages belong to their associated creators. However, the staff of S&S reserve the non-exclusive right to use said content whether or not the original creator still maintains a presence on the game. The original creator retains the right to use the content elsewhere or to grant the right to others for use in other locations.

Rating and Minimum Age

Based on the standardized video game ratings system, S&S retains a rating level of M for Mature. Content on the game may involve scenes of violence and dangerous performances, as well as adult content and language, descriptions of nudity and possible sexual references. For this reason, S&S will not accept character applications from players known to be under the age of 18. This ensures that people who are not comfortable RPing with underage players are not made uncomfortable by not knowing if their RP buddy is or isn't. In addition to this, players of any age who are unable to conduct themselves in a mature, reasonable, adult manner can and will be removed from play by staff. By applying for a character, you acknowledge that you meet the minimum age requirement set down and that you will not hold the game administration responsible for objectionable content seen in the game.


During the course of the game, there may come a time that staff needs to monitor the game for administrative, plot, or server purposes. This can be done in various ways and for various reasons, a few of which are listed below:

1) A harassment claim filed against a player.
2) Abuse of the code, server, or other potential hacking or threats of same.
3) Furthering of plots, or emitting NPC's for a scene.
4) Unheard observer of any dueling or combat-related scenes, or in a scene which may have ICC repercussions.
5) Normal maintenance or necessary maintenance.

No expectation of privacy is given to anyone on the game, nor for any of the text submitted to the game or other sources such as the Wiki or Forums.

Respecting The Rules

Players and staff are expected to adhere to to all the rules and policies set forth in the rules files, available on the game by typing '+help rules'. Failure to abide by the rules could result in disciplinary action or being removed from the game. This is all at the discretion of the staff.

Accepting the AUP

Once you have read the AUP, type +accept in the first room of chargen to accept it.