In a world as chaotic as Thedas has been of late, few facts are known for certain - few stories ever get told in all their fullness. Secrets abound - and are part of what make character interactions more fun - but what is known is this:

The Hero of Ferelden was a human noblewoman.

Orzammar is ruled by King Bhelen Aeducan and is generally more progressive than it had been under his father's reign.

Irving and Greagoir still rule over the Circle at Kinloch Hold, but there have been increasing rumors of unrest.

The stories of howling in the Brecilian Forest have waned, but the woods have gone wilder and are even less forgiving of outsiders.

Merida Cousland and Alistair Theirin were the only two Wardens to survive Ostagar.

Alistair and Merida were declared joint rulers of Ferelden by the Landsmeet at which Loghain Mac Tyr was executed for treason.

There was a Blight, ended when the Archdemon was slain atop Fort Drakon in Denerim.

Merida Cousland died killing the Archdemon, statues in her likeness have been erected in Highever, Denerim, Amaranthine and Weisshaupt.

The City of Amaranthine was destroyed in a great fire. There are whispers of Darkspawn involvement, but no one seems to tell the same story.

Alistair's coronation ceremony was postponed until further notice. Ferelden is currently under the regency of Arl Eamon. His brother, Teagan, rules Redcliffe. No one has offered any public explanations and the rumors are wild.

The unrest is not limited to the Kinloch Circle, but with the Blight neatly ended most of Thedas is content to breathe a sigh of relief. Kirkwall is no different, but there are more things brewing beneath the City of Chains than anyone could have possibly dreamed. The year is 9:31 Dragon and the world is on the precipice of a new era. Those who will shape it and those who will be shaped by it - all are welcome in the smoke and shadows.


If your character's background would net them more specific information on any facet of the current World State, it will be provided during chargen. This is simply the general information.