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Scene Title Making Amends
Synopsis Cenn makes a proper apology this time.
Location Mage Training Area
Date 24 August Dragon 9:31
Watch For Some growing up getting done.
Logger Cenn

Cenn's on something of a mission. It's subtle thing, a slow walk through the Circle, out of his armor, looking for someone in particular. It's the afternoon, hazy and warm and good for lounging about. Thus, Cenn is in few layers and light linen. Thus, the Circle is quiet, people doing work that doesn't require a lot of movement. The Lieutenant looks more relaxed than he has been in weeks. And he's even smiling faintly as he walks.

Katerina has opted to take some time to herself in the training area during the off instruction hours. She's brought a stack of books from the library two of which are open on a table for reference, and the mage herself leans over one of the desks with a quill in hand. She seems to be copying something out of one of the books. There's some standard magical implements beside her: chalk, sand, water and of course her staff within easy reach. Her brows are knitted in an expression of care and concentration.

Ah, precisely who he was looking for. Cenn smiles, approaching Katerina slowly. With how concentrated she looks, he pauses, within easy sight, and at rest. Patient and quiet, for her to have a natural break where she can choose to acknowledge him or not.

Oh no. Cenn is smiling. And… even looks… happy. Clearly he's finally cracked. Katerina catches sight of Cenn in the midst of looking up to pick up a new book. She stops, deer in the headlights for a moment out of that special mix of surprise and seeing someone you really didn't want to see. "Ser d'Argent." She says after a bit too much of a pause to be graceful or polite.

That look gets Cenn to take a half step backward. Not retreating so much as just giving her more space. The Lieutenant looks down, clears his throat. He'd forgotten how much Katerina's ire actually stings. Unlike when they first met here in Kirkwall, though, he does not look as though he's on the verge of any sort of emotional crisis. Just ashamed of himself. "I was wondering if you might have a moment to talk." He says then, after a moment to breathe.

Katerina considers the question for a moment before nodding slowly. She doesn't appear to be affronted, so much as confused. she was under the distinct impression that she and Cenn had come to an agreement about avoiding one another. "I need to wait for this to dry anyway." she says as she sets her quill down and caps off the inkwell. "What can I do for you?"

Cenn nods. "I won't take much of your time." Cenn says, "But I wanted to tell you that I… Have recently realized that I have been a complete shit to you. And a great many others. About everything. And have failed in ways that I am wholly ashamed of. I don't expect any form of forgiveness for it, and I can't begin to think of what kind of reasonable amends I could make aside from fixing this behavior, but… I wouldn't have been given cause to think about it if it weren't for you. So I wanted to apologize, and say thank you… And if you don't want to speak with me beyond that, I am happy to let you return to your work."

Katerina blinks a few times, more and more confused by the second. "I… what?" she asks, shaking her head as if to make sure she wasn't hearing things. "What exactly are you apologizing for?" She asks. "Because many of the wrongs you've done me you already apologized for. Under extreme emotional distress, sure, but it was an apology all the same."

"I did." Cenn says, with a small shrug, "But not in a place or a time or a way in which you could actually accept it or not. I put you in a position where you… Were obligated to telling me whatever it was that would calm me, for the sake of the assumptions that would be made if someone had found us. I had no right. To put you in that position when I meant only to apologize. To endanger you for the sake of my own weakness. So, in a time when there is no one here, and when I am in no danger of falling to pieces, I am sorry… For making a decision that was not mine about your life, for not understanding for so long that it really did not matter at all what it would have done to me… That is selfishness, plain and simple, and cowardice, and you deserve better from someone who claims he has a mind to protect you."

Katerina listens, intently, sometimes her eyes have little flashes of that old anger, not because she's still angry, but because she's been reminded of the incident. However, through most of the monologue her expression is placid. Once Cenn is finished she takes a few moment to think of a response, but eventually settles on just smiling and shaking her head. "Well, at least Macenaya being here is far less concerning now." She remarks, seeming legitimately glad for it. "I appreciate the apology, Cenn, though it is surprising."

Cenn tilts his head, the old puppy mannerism that is starting to become common once again. He's coming out of the shadow he's been hiding under. "Thank you, for appreciating it. I would understand if you could not think it anything but hollow." He says, and then thinks for a moment, "You aren't obligated to explain, and there are a good many reasons why it would be," Cenn begins, "But why was it concerning to you?"

Katerina looks at Cenn with a sad expression and sighs. "I was worried you were going to do something stupid, heroic, hyperbolic, whatever you want to call it." She says, crossing her arms over her chest. "And that you were going to put her and others around in danger on top of whatever act of martyrdom you could come up with." She looks down and away from Cenn, not wanting to look at him for some reason other than anger. "I'm sorry to have thought so little of you. Apparently you went and became someone who deserves better while I wasn't looking."

At that, Cenn sighs, and shakes his head. "It became… Painfully and immediately obvious that I am not the person best suited to helping Macenaya. I've… Asked one of the Circle's Healers to look after her, and someone in the Order that I trust to help me keep the worse of us away from her." He says, quietly, "You don't have to apologize, by any stretch. With how I have been behaving, being concerned is… I am glad you were. I am just hoping I can continue to try and be better than I have been. You all deserve it from me, I am capable of it, and Rylan would have expected it."

At the comment about Rylan, Katerina nods sort of like that was the understatement of the Age. "I'm glad you're doing better, Cenn." Katerina says with palpable awkwardness. Turns out the girl is fantastic and burning bridges, not so great at putting them back together. What's more she'd been walked in on during her introvert time. "Was there anything else I can do for you?"

Cenn just nods then. "No, nothing else. Thank you for your time, and good luck with your work." Cenn says then, giving Katerina a small smile. And if he is not stopped, he turns to leave then, not wishing to take up any more of her time than he absolutely needs.

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