Portrayed By Zachery Levi
Faction Rogue
Organization None
Position Captain
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 25
Place of Birth Antiva City
Date of Birth Solace 13
Mother Carmina
Father Alejandro
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None that he knows of
First Appearance
Character Song Runaway

Character History:

Not every man from Antiva City is a poet or merchant prince, some of them are the sons of whores and their noble customers who learn the art of seamanship and dueling in order to make their way in the world. Of those, fewer still are pirates who take to the seas to rid those wealthy merchants and nobles of their profits. Matteo is one of those few.

It's very likely that his father was a noble- his mother worked in one of the classier brothels with high paying customers that allowed her to pay for the lessons in swordsmanship and seamanship her son would need to make it in a world that cared little for his kind. It's likelier still that the woman Matteo then fell in love with was the wife of his half brother. What is definite is that, when that wife's father in law paid an assassin to end Matteo's life, he stole one of the man's merchant galleons, hired a crew, and took to the sea. The truth is, he's not even sure why the assassin was hired. He'd agreed to leave the woman alone to ensure her status, but sometimes Nobles do things that no one else understands.

With his ship- now The Virgin Whore- and a vast ocean of wealth to plunder, Matteo quickly took to smuggling and piracy, his successes outnumbering his failures as time went on. It wasn't until the offer of a large amount of coin to bring in an unknown cargo that he set sail for Kirkwall, and that's where it all went wrong. The price had included the asking of no questions, which Matteo was used to doing, and everything would probably have been fine if it hadn't been for the storm that rocked the ship as it made its way to the Waking Sea. One frayed rope, one barrel slipping lose, and a small explosion that sent the ship limping its way into the harbor insured that The Virgin Whore would be a resident of the warehouse docks for some time to come.



Other Information

Memorable Quotes:


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