Portrayed By Natalie Portman
Faction Mage
Organization Grey Wardens
Position Recruit
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 20
Place of Birth Highever
Date of Birth Solace 6
Mother Rachel
Father -
Siblings Several
Marital Status Attached
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

There are so many things that Maura doesn't know. Things that her family may have told her eventually, if she hadn't been discovered by the Templars and taken to the Circle. Her memories of family are few and fleeting now. A tall woman with sad eyes, and others with judgemental stares. Her father, unbeknownst to her, was one of the Lavellan clan of Dalish elves in Ferelden. But her mother, not knowing she was pregnant when the clan moved on to another location, simply never had the chance to tell the father of his impending paternity. The Family (?) obviously disapproved of the liason. And even if they couldn't blame the child, Maura, for her mother's indiscretion? they could certainly be relieved to shove her out the door on the way to a Mage Circle at as young an age as possible.

And so it became the Circle that was her heart family. What other life did she really know of? She had little concept of the freedom she missed out on in multiple ways. The barred windows and invisible shackles of Circle life were her normal. At least until the time of her Harrowing. She watched friends made Tranquil, and still others killed outright when they wound up possessed by a demon when they didn't have the necessary strength of will.

Unlike some of the other fortresses however, the Templars serving at Waking Sea neither abused their charges, or placed them under such undue restriction that the mage's felt inclined to rebel. Even then, obviously, fraternization was highly discouraged. When has that ever stopped anyone though? Seriously. Adair, the Templar assigned to her and several others actually tried to be encouraging rather than intimidating, and took a rather dim view of the goings on that were heard of at Kirkwall. They became somewhat close during the time leading up to her Harrowing, and passing through it alive and with her powers intact was undoubtedly a relief for both. Impaling her with a sword would surely have been rather awkward, all things considered.

What could have led to an ethical conundrum should it become much more serious, was quite suddenly put on the backburner when the Blight - which had before now seemed like a distant threat - swept through their lands and their Circle without mercy. When the ranks of mage and templar alike were all but decimated by the Blight? Ethical became a matter of survival rather than morality. And Adair, taking a huge risk, all but shoved her into a trunk to smuggle her onto a ship headed for Kirkwall to escape. While he remained behind to convince those left behind that she was dead and gone.

Despite having heard the stories of Kirkwall Templars, there has been a time or two since arriving that Maura has been tempted to turn herself in to the Circle. But instead, she waits. Every day, heading for the docks to watch new arrivals being processed through or turned away. Just in case.


Maura is one of those people that tends to think that if they just help enough people, enough of the time, she can make a positive impac on the world. Alas, it really isn't so. But she tries. She tries so hard that sometimes she'll step on toes, or make a misstep somehow and wind up on the receiving end of anger that she just doesn't understand. And when it's just directed towards her? She can usually stand there quietly, take her lumps, and then go home disillusioned for the day. When someone she cares about is targeted though? She suddenly becomes like an angry tigress protecting her kits.

But just because she's -nice-, and a little (okay sometimes a lot) naive, doesn't mean she's an idiot. And that is the fastest way to irritate her. When treated like some kind of ninny either because of her small stature or her desire to help, or the way she's disgustingly besotted with Adair…she becomes incredibly stubborn. And, will pretty much take no shit from anyone thankyouverymuch. Sometimes that results in a display of anger. Other times, in a quiet 'passive resistance' kind of way.


Memorable Quotes:

Storm says, "Maura rolls a healing spell, almost kills herself. Maura rolls a second healing spell - someone a mile away no longer has syphilis. Maura rolls haste; everyone runs around like they're on crack."

Dragon is crying.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Combat dice do not seem to like her. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.
  • A portion of her day, every day, is spend at the docks when the passenger ships arrive.