Faction Mage
Organization Grey Wardens
Position Warden
Faith Chant Of Light
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 20
Place of Birth Kirkwall
Birthdate Wintermarch 15
Mother Talena Black
Father Talos Black
Siblings Melody Black
Marital Status Single
Children N/A

Character History:

Merek Black was born to a noble family in Kirkwall, and was trained in etiquette and also the sword. He was to take over as the only son of his parents. However, it was discovered he had magic abilities, and was taken to the Circle. There he began to love an elven woman that was named Rose, though she was eventually killed by Templars during her Harrowing. He ran from the circle, and found himself in the Deep Roads. He fought off a darkspawn until a Warden came to save him, and conscripted him to save him from being hunted for being an Apostate. He survived his Joining and went on to become a full Warden under the mentor of the one who found him, Teren. He was stationed with the Starkhaven Wardens, and even traveled to the Orlesians country. Eventually, he was taught much by his mentor, but then a call came for Wardens, and being that he was from Kirkwall, he was sent to reinforce the others that were there.


He has a curious personality. He is both kind as well as has a care for people he knows, even as far as to treat elves with kindness. As a Warden he seems to have taken off the mantle of what most men think. However, he is prone to brooding, and also it seems that his past bothers the man quite often. He does not like for people to know he is a Mage, but often enough it comes to notice, and he isn't well received for it, though his position as Warden allows a small comfort to the man, and he is comfortable with the fact he has become one. He seems to be fond of his surname being used as his name, with most people calling him Black.


9:31 Dragon

Harvestmere 31: Arrived in Kirkwall to assist the Wardens.


Not much is known about the man of his actual history, to the people of Kirkwall. It has been a while, and those that might recognize him are likely in the Circle or back at home. He avoids these places unless he has business there. All that is known as of the moment, is that he is a new Warden arrival.



9-31-10-31A: Another Warden Arrives adeline ariston merek