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Scene Title Monogamous Chocolates
Synopsis Seren Delivers an Apology
Location Circle of Magi
Date 24 August 9:31 Dragon
Watch For What mages really think of those robes
Logger Seren

Seren has an apology to make and he's going to make it to the functioning member of the pair. See? Smart elf. With said apology? Well, there were those chocolates and he's pretty certain they're the right thing. He's also certain that if Cenn wanted them, he would have taken them. It all works out. With that all in mind, he's here in the late afternoon to knock on Valentin's door.

Valentin actually hasn't been in his room all that long at all. Between spending the night in Garou's room, and teaching in the morning, he's just settling down to a cup of tea and writing. Tytos lounges in a sunbeam that crosses the Enchanter's bed, lazing about like the cat that he is. The knock, then, is not entirely expected, but he's become, over the years, very good at identifying different knocks. So, he's pretty sure he knows who is at his door. "Come in." Is called through the door, and Valentin doesn't pause in his writing, guided between his own fingers, ink staining them terribly.

Seren opens the door, calling in a "Hello, Valentin," before he enters just to back up the guess he knows the enchanter has already made. "I thought I should stop by and see how everything is? I may have broken your Templar, and even if you haven't talked to him yet…" He places the box down near enough so that the chocolate and rum scents can be smelled as soon as he opens the box. "My apologies. I know that he doesn't do emotions well. Unfortunately… fortunately? One of those, he's also very relaxing to be around."

It's always reassuring when Valentin's guesses about the world around him are proven correct. So when it's Seren's voice that answers back to him, he smiles. Finishing his line, and making a small tear in the corner of his paper to physically mark the place he was, Valentin sets down his quill. "Ah…" He says then, and laughs quietly, "Yes, he had said… And yes, he is that… Though he doesn't always know that he is." Catching the smell of liquor and chocolate, Valentin tilts his head, blinking. "You've brought me chocolates?"

"They're very good chocolates," Seren points out. "Would you like one? Honestly? I don't think he's aware of it most of the time." Whatever is written on the paper is ignored as he regards the other healer. "Hopefully the damage wasn't too bad? I may have to come up with something other than chocolate to make up for it."

"He'll manage." Valentin says simply. Yes, the Healer is normally very protective of his Templar, but in this one instance, he can't really blame Seren. Hearts do as they will, and Garou was just not ever known to be one for emotions. Not quickly, not easily, not without significant duress, in fact. As to the chocolates… "I am sure they are. I just…" Valentin shakes his head and laughs, "Honestly, this is going to sound ridiculous but I don't normally accept chocolates from anyone but Rou."

"Why should it sound ridiculous? You know, I can leave them and he could feed them to you. Cenn's friend apparently made them and they're… that woman has a gift. I may have appropriated some of those little red peppers to have made into chocolates. It's a much better use for them anyway." Seren at least still has his rebellious streak left. "So perhaps I should come up with something else, hm?"

"Because of all the things to be monogamous about, chocolates seem like an odd place to draw the line if you aren't… You know… Me." Valentin says with a gentle laugh, "But I appreciate the understanding." He gives a wave of his hand that is small, but dismissive of the notion of reparations, "You don't have to bring me, or him, gifts, Seren." Though he does grin at the use of herbal requisitions for the sake of chocolates.

Seren chuckles. "It doesn't seem like an odd place at all. No one gets to decide where you draw your lines. Or what's appropriate. I gave Garou a rope, after all. Seemed like a better use for that ridiculous robe they sent me here in. Better confinement, certainly. I still have half of it left, I may make another." He even manages to sound insulted about the thing's existence. "It's not how I anticipated putting that skill to use here."

"Well, then you are simply a great deal more understanding than a good many people. Which isn't really surprising." Valentin says, "Feel free to make yourself at home, by the way. Chairs aren't something I keep in ready supply, but Tytos does not need the entire bed, despite what he might try to tell you." And he pulls his legs up under him on his own chair. "It is a much better use for that fabric than these foul robes they insist on having us wear."

Seren regards the cub for a moment. "I don't know, he looks entirely comfortable having the whole bed," he states indulgently. Babies, folks. Babies and critters. He does finally sit, however, careful not to disturb Tytos. "I always alter the robes anyway. They're suffocating, even in this cool climate. I also admit that I like the disapproving looks they earn." It's like constantly giving the by the rules crowd the finger. "…perhaps it's just that the rules and drawn lines that so many seem to want to stick to make absolutely no sense."

"Oh, I'm sure he does. But the minute you sit, he's going to decide your lap is better, anyway." Valentin says with another laugh. And, as predicted, when Seren takes up a spot on the bed, the cub rolls over, chirping at the elf brightly. He stretches, flanks in the air, tail flicking. And then he'd plodding with paws that are too big for him over toward Seren with golden eyes wide. As though it is precisely where he belongs, Tytos clambers up into Seren's lap, turns once, and then settles down right there with a jingle of silver and ceramic from around his neck. "And that is very true." Valentin says, smiling as he hears the cub move as he predicted.

Seren isn't about to complain. Living cute is now in his lap and the cub earns an affectionate scratch behind the ears. "Hello, da'vhenan," he greets. "Is he still teething?" And honestly, he could be asking about someone's child. "Serala kept us up for days whenever teeth were going to come in. I think every item we owned bore marks. Her father had to stop wearing jewelry altogether for a while."

Tytos purrs under that hand behind his ears. An ability he gained by the hybrid nature of lionette breeding. And a tiny, purring lion cub for all intents and purposes is just… This kind of cute should be criminal. And as if to answer Seren's question himself, Tytos opens his mouth and goes for the mage's belt. Though, as it has not been soaked in brandy, it only holds the lionette's attention for a small moment. "Yes, he is." Valentin says with a shake of his head, "It's getting better, we keep brandy soaked leather for him, but I think he'll be at it awhile. He's entirely too curious about things that can hurt him, too. Takes after me a little too much."

"I'll remember to soak it in brandy next time, Tytos," Seren promises, voice full of affectionate amusement. "It does seem to take forever," he confirms. "Well, you're here to keep him safe, but I don't know that it can be too much if he takes after you, hm? There are worse things in the world and not everything that hurts is bad." He continues petting the cub because come on. Purring cub. "As long as it's a good hurt."

Valentin laughs again, shaking his head. "Somehow, I don't think I want to encourage even seeking 'good hurt' in my lionette cub." He says with a small shrug, "He's just taken to pawing at things that he finds interesting. Last time was a rapier on a chevalier's hip." Tytos continues to purr happily, and large paws begin to knead into Seren's lap.

Seren laughs. "Well, for him it would be does no harm but teaches a valuable lesson. It's hard to let them get hurt, even if it's something they'll learn from in the long run." Ok. The kneading. It's the cutest thing ever. "It's been so long since I was around one so young. Even Revas is far from the injured nestling I found. No swords," he tells the cub. "You're too young for them."

Either Tytos understands, or he has really good comedic timing, or he's just learned to really hate the word no. When Seren says those words, the cub rolls onto his side with a grumpy mew and a huffing exhale that can only be described as pouting. It makes Valentin roll his eyes. "He is the tiniest King of Melodrama." He says, as though he has any stones to throw on that front, "But yes, it's… Refreshing, having a young… Someone or something around. I don't really know why, but it makes this a lot more bearable."

Seren laughs. "Oh, I honestly don't know where he'd get that from. At all." There's a silence that takes the place of the pointed look Valentin wouldn't be able to appreciate. "It gives some little hope for the future," he provides. "Something to make the condition of our lives worth it."

Valentin laughs again, pulls himself from his chair, joins Seren and Tytos over on the bed. "Yes, well, I suppose that is fair. Garou can be an absolute performance." He says, smirking at his own sass. He nods then,

Seren isn't going to laugh. Maybe a little. "Exactly who I was thinking of, yes." He's silent for a few minutes, caressing the cub's head and watching him lounge. "I may have made myself a little nostalgic." He's not using the word homesick anymore. So, of course, with the touchy subject comes the subject change. "I hear you've met Maceyana."

Tytos twitches his tail against his Mage's pestering, but does not otherwise move. He's an indulgent cat, it seems. Besides, he's being pet, and that is good enough for him. Valentin nods then, after a moment, letting Tytos be as he straightens up. "Yes, I have. Her raven friend decided to bring me a gift that was best to return to its rightful owner." He says.

Seren he laughs. "Mor is quite a thief, and not so willing to see his mistress fade away, it seems." He turns to watch the other healer. "She finally allowed me to heal her. I could only do so much, but I was told this morning that I had to .. had to heal for a few that had requested it." There's anger tucked into the seni, peaking out around the edges and clinging to the words. "Asking and receiving consent felt rather cleansing after that."

"Tytos also made something of a friend of her. She started to open up. Relaxed enough to take a nap out in the Courtyard with Tytos while I watched over them both." Valentin says, "Our struggles are different, but I've found I have some common ground with her. I think the heart of her struggle is aided by not feeling alone. Rather than trying to be fixed, she didn't respond well to my healing advice." And then… Valentin tilts his head, turning toward Seren as though he very much could still see, though his gaze is just slightly off, just over Seren's shoulder. "Excuse me? You were told you had to what? By whom, exactly?" There's a very familiar, righteous fury starting in the pit of Valentin's stomach.

"She's stubborn, so you must goad her, ignore her complaints, and pull her along. I think she'll recover, despite her protests." Seren neatly doesn't answer. "Unless the Templars are Garou or Cenn, I don't look at them. It was a request by … Nobles, or whoever it is that populates the places where all the wealthy live. Three men and a child. The child was less of an invasion, but the men… They could have asked. I wouldn't have said no. They lost patience when I asked. It's not the way it's supposed to be done."

"I think there is another way." Valentin says of Macenaya, then, shrugging slightly. "She'll be pulled out gently, it just… I don't know how I of all people am able to do it, I'm not usually so gentle but…" He shakes his head. It's not every day that Valentin is the person who can get through to someone. At least not verbally. He growls then. "Fools. Blood fucking fools, the lot. None of them understand how this magic works, how any of it is supposed to work. I'm sorry you were put through that… It's uncomfortable at best."

"There is now, but perhaps because she met her match in drama? I'm speaking of Tytos, of course. She spoke to me, told me about memories of her brother, mentioned foods she likes." That subject, at least, is easy for Seren. It's a consensual contract. The rest? He shivers at the memory. "I knew we had to. I thought I would be ready for it, but that… Do they really never ask? I thought it was because I'm on shaky ground at best. It's gotten better, but if that's what it is for everyone… Do I really have to refrain from setting the rubbish bins on fire so we can escape?"

Valentin laughs. "I opened the window into some of my own darkness, it seemed to soothe her. Or perhaps you are right, and it was Tytos." He says with a smirk. "I asked her that question… What her favorite food was. Told her to add a new food, a single new food, no matter its health benefits, just if she was able to enjoy it, every week until food became more natural. I am glad that it stuck. Also insisted that the strength she had gained from her brother had always been hers. Perhaps that might have made sense somwhere too. I can only hope." And then he shakes his head. "It depends. Some do. Some ask. I think I have it a little easier in the asking regard because… Well, people assume I have no knowledge of their presence or what is going on around me unless it is explicitly explained." He says, rolling his eyes again, "So their own idiocy works in my favor. But often, no, they don't. I am sorry. And… Well, I won't tell you what you have to do, but I think you would just get caught at that plan. But if there is ever a day we manage to gain the harbor, Seren, I'd be happy to have you on a boat." And he sounds serious about that.

Seren sighs at that notion, momentarily resting his head against Valantin's shoulder before lifting it again. "Sorry," he quickly adds to the motion. "It's been a trying day, and I would love to be on a boat away from this place. I used to watch the sea when we were close enough to it. I'm sorry, Valentin. I meant the visit to be an apology to you for causing you hardship. …and perhaps to see you and steal the affections of your cub for a little while."

"Oh stop it." Valentin says with an indulgent smile, putting his arm around Seren, pulling his head gently back to his shoulder before it wraps around the other Healer's waist. "You spend enough time fathering at literally everyone in this Circle, you can ask for some solace. I do not mind giving it." He nods then. "The sea is my first love, and if I could get us onto a ship, there is not a person who wished to find us that would catch us. Not until we made landfall back in Rivain."

Seren chuckles as his head is pulled back down. "… I do?" Hold on. "Not everyone," he protests without much real effort. Still, he relaxes and lets out a long breath. "I wouldn't even have to touch the ground, not as long as I could take all of you with me. I'd be content to just stay on the sea. …and I understand that you have to once in a while, but if not?" Eventually, he chuckles. "A mage pirate and a really lost Dalish elf. At least one of us would know what to do with a ship."

"Mhmmm…" Valentin says, not sounding convinced, "Yes, everyone." Nevertheless, Valentin turns to place a soft, chaste kiss to the crown of long hair. "Oh, Gods, I would too. Living on the sea was…" Valentin sighs, "But I don't think Tytos, or Garou, would take to it well. No, if I got a boat, it would be back to Rivain for me. And hoping my father can forgive a ship stolen twenty years ago." He says with a small laugh, "But it would be quite a boat. And I think I would be the only person on board who would know the first thing about how any of it worked."

"Valentin, if he can't forgive you for that then has he met you?" Seren chuckles, tipping his head up at the kiss closing his eyes. "I don't know if I could leave anyone behind. Wouldn't that be an event? Everyone run as fast as you can. I wouldn't have to braid ropes anymore." The last makes him laugh. "Whatever would I do with the time? It might be nice to see Rivain again, but… I think not to contact the clan I came from. It would be too hard to explain why I can't go back. Not that I think I'll ever have to worry about it. Those doors only open once in a while, and we're all fairly well guarded."

"Oh, he's certainly met me. But all of his forgiveness may have been used in the fact that he never sent anyone after his boat." Valentin says with a small shrug of the shoulder that Seren is not on. There's a small squeeze given around his friend's waist. "Some would not wish leave, strangely. And a boat is only so big. You would have to leave some people, dear heart." He says softly, "And honestly, it's not so far fetched a dream, really. And as for the time, well… I'll teach you about boats, and if you take to it, you can have the damn thing when we get to Rivain. On the condition that you come visit sometimes."

Seren shakes his head. "Not everyone, I'm not that ambitious. …and maybe a little selfish. The few people that I love, yes. The rest…" He laughs softly. "Do you honestly think I'd leave without you? No. I may not be able to go back to the clan I came from, but I'm not leaving the one I have now. I'm done with that. Not that I'd mind learning from you, just not so that I could go away again. Is your father so unforgiving? One ship for a son doesn't seem that high a price to pay, even if it's your only ship."

"Alright. Well," He says, laughing again, "If you could live with my very Antivan mother inevitably wanting to make you all of the clothes, then I'm sure you'd be able to stay." Valentin rests his own head upon Seren's then, and takes a deep breath. "No, he's not… But I suppose I dare not hope too much, in case he is still cross… It would shatter my heart into a thousand unmendable pieces of I let myself believe too much and then… Though I think even if he was cross, Mother would have none of it from him. It was one boat of two dozen."

Seren reaches up to brush his fingers over Valentin's cheek. "One out of two dozen? I'd give every single one of them for my child. I can't believe that Dalish falthers are so much different from… alright, I can. I don't want to." He chuckles. "Clothes? I barely wore them before. This is as dressed as I have ever been." The idea of putting on more clothes seems unfathomable. "We can't have your heart so shattered. So he's not allowed to not forgive you." Because, somewhere in his head, this works.

"Ah, but you don't know the love of a ship." Valentin says with a small laugh, "And she was the finest of the lot." Nostalgic, then, fond, like speaking of a past lover with which you parted on good terms. "But in all seriousness, you are probably right." He moves gently into that touch to his cheek, affectionate and feline. "Yes, clothes. My mother… She… She adores fabric. And she wanted desperately for a daughter, which she never got, so she just… She clothes everyone. It's her way."

Seren reaches up to toy with Valentin's hair. "The only ship I've ever been in was on land," he admits. "Well, when you don't have something your heart desires, I suppose you turn that outward or mourn. I'm surprised she didn't turn to clothing you. I'm sure you know what you look like, yes? Not that I would think of putting you in clothes, but I can understand. …and if you're tired of me leaning on you, you can say so."

"Oh, she did." Valentin says with a laugh, "All three of us. Our wardrobes were her personal projects. I was just the hardest to work with… Because I was wild and would tear them to shreds out in the wild or salt stain them out at sea. My eldest brother was much easier, he always enjoyed her couture." His hair is something easily played with, riotous curls that bounce back to wherever they wish the minute they are released. But it is soft, well cared for, a point of pride. "And yes… Well…" Valentin says, laughing again, "I have a basic idea. Haven't seen myself in ten years, but people still seem to think I'm disarmingly attractive. And if I was tired of your leaning on me, you'd know, dear heart."

"Valentin, they don't just think it, it's true." Seren doesn't quite give up on those curls. They're not a texture he's used to. He's used to short hair, enough to run your fingers through and tug at occasionally- and he likes that- but this is almost as relaxing. "You have siblings? I'm an only child. Mother… said she never regretted, but she had a difficult time with me. I was a large baby. I think she wished. She certainly looked after Serala whenever she could get us to agree."

What becomes evident quickly when messing with that riot of curls is that as they are worked through, the smell of sweet orange and clove fill the air around Valentin, oils worked through his hair for just this purpose. He smiles, easing under the attention easily. "Well, I certainly will not turn down your flattery." Valentin says then, pulling Seren just a little closer. Tytos, for his part, has managed to fall asleep. "I do. Two older brothers." He says, "My mother wanted a fourth, but I don't think they ever got around to it. Then again, I haven't heard from them since I was sixteen, and my mother was not beyond the years of bearing children then."

Seren tips his head up to breath in that scent. "Is the truth flattery?" Not that he expects an answer. "So you may yet have another sibling? I cannot even imagine there being more who look like you. They'd have to be contained in a small area or they'd leave broken hearts in their wake. …among other things." Then he chuckles, because Tytos has not moved at all and that can really only mean one thing. "We've put your cub to sleep."

"That depends entirely on why it is spoken." Valentin says with a grin, turning to place a kiss to Seren's temple, "But I'm not someone who shies from flattery in the first place." And then he laughs again. "My brothers left plenty of those. And Gods know I did back in my pirating days." Let's not even begin on the topic of who even knows how many bastards the three of them could have wound up with over the years. "And yes, I know. His breathing changes."

"I was with the same two people from … Creators, 16? Were we really that young? Serala came not long after that, but that's not unusual." Seren probably should remind himself once in a while that he's fairly young still, but he's too busy still toying with those curls. "You know you're never going to get me to move like this, don't you? It's too easy to stay here even without the way this day turned out. …and it might be flattery, too. Truthful flattery. Even as lost as I was the day you got into the fountain, I noticed."

"People make a lot of impactful life choices at sixteen." Valentin says, "You found your partners, I stole a ship and sailed away from Rivain…" He smiles then, "Who said anything about wanting you to move?" There's a small purr to those words. And rather than keep talking, which Valentin is often wont to do, he turns to Seren, his other hand raising to the other Healer's jaw, finding the curve of it, better able to judge then the proportions of his face. For a moment, he wears an expression that is very much a cat who caught the canary. And then he's leaning into him, eyes closing, finding lips with his softly, easy to pull away from.
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Seren tightens his hold on those curls without really pulling and returns the kiss without moving enough to disturb the cub on his lap. After this day of not being able to say yes of his own free will, he's nearly desperate to be allowed to do so, even if it doesn't come with words. This is one of his people- his safe place- and he's decided he doesn't really need to speak to say yes to them.

Valentin lets that kiss linger for a good moment, tender and soft. Not trepidatious, but gentle, knowing how being made to use magic twists in one's heart and colors everything for awhile. His hand slides over Seren's cheek, lacing into long hair. There's a light purr as he breaks away, pulling his hand slowly from Seren's hair. "Here, let me…" He doesn't explain beyond that, unwinding his arm from around Seren so he can reach for Tytos, taking the sleepy cub up in one arm. Tytos mrowls sleepily, leaning against Valentin's torso, head upon his Mage's shoulder as Valentin rises to place him in a well apointed set of cushions and blankets in the corner of the room. He's been moved for this purpose before, he's used to it, and falls promptly back to sleep as Valentin returns to Seren's side.

Seren watches, half smiling at the sound the cub makes. It's too much like a sleeping toddler to not make him grin. When Valentin returns, his head is back on the mage's shoulder. He doesn't really have words for the feeling that still lingers after being made to heal because it's never been within his realm of experience. The closeness helps, being able to agree helps but, even if he was inclined to speak, he doesn't really have the words to express all of that.

As it turns out, Valentin doesn't really need Seren to talk. While Garou is more able to speak around Valentin, it doesn't mean he does so a lot, and he's grown accustomed, over the years, of understanding without words. The eagerness to return to leaning upon him, the soft exhale that comes along with the relief of closeness, these things are enough. Valentin's arm goes around him again, and his other hand lifts to trace the curve of Seren's jaw. "You're sweet on the tongue, you know that?" He says then, smiling faintly, turning just a fraction so he's leaning down slightly toward Seren, "May I kiss you again?" Because just being asked, even if it wasn't necessary, sometimes helped.

The question itself is enough to make Seren relax a little more. "Yes," he finally answers, though it's barely above a whisper before reaching up to toy with Valentin's hair again. "Please," he finally adds, but he doesn't go after that kiss himself, content to trace his fingers over the other healer's cheek and jaw before giving a light tug to those curls.

That acceptance makes Valentin smile. And he doesn't make Seren wait, leaning into the other man and claiming another kiss from him. This one is less soft, but still tender, purring at the fingers in his hair. His own hand shifts down, resting on the curve of Seren's neck, under his ear, his fingers curling to trail nails lightly, for interest, along the nape of Seren's neck.

Seren might have tensed at those nails on his neck from pure reflex- he's only recently been able to stand having his neck or ears uncovered. It doesn't last long, and not enough to take his attention away from that kiss or the feel of his fingers in Valentin's hair. The truth is the scars aren't incredibly pronounced- just enough to be felt and seen as mere white lines on his dark skin. Months ago, he would have run, now he merely hums approval for the sensation.

Feeling the tension, Valentin doesn't drop his hand away, but he does ease. Gentle nails turn to the soft caress of his thumb along where his nails had once been. A moment later he breaks from Seren's lips, kissing along the curve of Seren's jaw. "You're beautiful." He whispers softly against tanned skin, smiling slowly, an expression that could be felt for how close he is.

Seren takes in a breath, and hesitates a few seconds before reaching up to redirect Valentin's touch to his ear. There's tension, but he's clearly not afraid. "You should … see the rest." It's an offer more than a warning- he knows he's done an excellent job of making those scars look intentional, he's just never let anyone touch them. "I trust you." Of course the smile eases him, giving him the opportunity to concentrate on the scent of the other healer rather than his own lingering apprehension.

Valentin's fingers are light and nimble, his hands easily moved to where Seren would like. And with his hand upon Seren's ear, there is the softest, most gentle touch of two fingertips. Up the curve of his friend's ear, tracing the edge slowly, as Valentin purrs. And to give some further distraction, he takes to kissing Seren's jaw again as the scent of orange and clove is jostled free of his hair again. "Oh, I plan to…" He says between kisses, and he is not talking about the scarring, but the man himself, "All in good time."

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