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Scene Title Morning In The Gallows
Synopsis Cats bring people together, talk of poison keeps them that way.
Location The Gallows
Date 10 August Dragon 9:31
Watch For Adorable cats
Logger Valentin

Morning, pleasant and warm and bright. The stalls are just set up, and the birds in the tops of the city are lively today. It's drawn the Enchanter out to the Gallows, robes as loose as he can get away with when there is a constant Templar gaze present. Can't have the mages running off. Sitting on a ledge near the stalls, Valentin sings in a clear tenor well trained in years of shanties. A sad song about the double edged mercy of the sea. A lionette cub plays beneath the ledge, a collar of silver and ceramic jingling brightly around his neck.

At first it is a soft scent on the morning breeze, a sweet clean floral that drift to barely be caught in the air. A soft russle of full long skirts, the type that really are too heavy for the day to come. Along with the soft scuff of the boot there is a soft growling annoyance, one that the mage no doubt is some what accustom too, as whatever feline the young woman has with her protests. "Stop fussing with it, you wanted out. This is out." The young woman's voice, one that has not been heard withing these walls before and perhaps closer than the singer would have realized has an exasperated edge to it. Kindle had come closer to hear the song as she wandered the booths, but Teine's annoyance at his new harness and leash had the large cat being more of a handful than normal.

"So give a sailor not your heart,
Lest sorrow you do seek;
Let true love not be torn apart,
By favors from the sea."

It's sad and smooth and almost a lullaby. An easy, lazy tune that the once-sailor knew all too well. It is the lionette that notices first the new comer. Or, more exactly, notices another feline. Tufted tail flicking, the cub pulls himself to his feet, having been rolling about on the ground with a bit of leather before. With paws more than a little too big for him, he plods over toward the sound of disgruntled cat, jingling from his collar all the while. It is hearing that collar move away that makes Valentin cease his song, brow knitting. "Tytos, don't wander too far." He calls after the cub, who chirrups kittenish protest over his shoulder and continues his investigation, bold and young and brave, coming right up to the harnessed Teine and sniffing.

Teine with his feathered ears and thick ring tail, is close to 25 lbs of annoyed at the moment and the fresh curious face of the cub does little to ease that. Luckily the cub is not that which the big tabby is annoyed with, so large paw that swipes at the Tytos' nose is without claw or much weight behind it. It however is enough to bring a frustrated sound from his mistress as Kindle gives the leash a pull. "Teine you big baby stop being such a bully."

Tytos has, thus far, lead a very safe and gentle life. Well protected by the Templar to which he technically belongs, and the equally fussy mage, and indulged by every other animal he has introduced himself to, he is not sure what to do when he is met with hostility. There is a kittenish whine as the lionette steps away, shakes his head, sniffs, and then scrambles back to his mage. Bounding up onto the ledge, he forces himself under Valentin's arm and nuzzles into his side, mewing pitifully. "Oh Tytos…" Valentin says indulgently, wrapping his arm around the lionette protectively, "I am sorry if he caused you trouble, serah." This offered out to the woman with the other feline, not sounding upset. He could tell Tytos was just startled, and young enough still to run back to a parent when afraid. He would learn eventually.

"No trouble, this big brute is just sulky because he doesn't like to be on a lead." Comes Kindles response, though lower than before as she bends to scope Teine into her arms, a soft sound of effort given at that as the girl straightens. "You are too big to carry, you wuss." comes the complaint even of as she heft the cat to her shoulder, his big head nuzzling into the sun warmed hair and dislodging pins that fall to the stones below.

Valentin laughs a little. "I am not looking forward to the day that is true of this one." He says, sounding amused. It would come, surely. When Tytos was full grown, he'd be the size of a mabari, but for now he could be kittenish and afraid. Though he seems to have calmed quickly, finding tassels on Valentin's robes to chew on. Large paws come to rest on the mage's thigh.

With her arms tucked under the big tabby, he is heavy and hot against her but at least he is now purring, a loud rumbling purr as he nuzzles in against her neck. "He is adorable. And I don't think that Teine would have actually hurt him… he is just grumpy. Has been since we ended up here."

"Protective though I am, he will need to learn not to lead with his nose eventually." Valentin says with a small smile, "And I am a Healer. Even they'd had a scuff, I would have made sure they walked away alright." Tytos chirps over at Kindle, brightening up again now that he's under his mage's arm, safe and contented and warm. "And he is quite aware of how adorable he is, as all Orlesians are wont to be."

"I don't know, some never do. I never did." Kindle returns with a bit of amusement. Though as the cat tries to push his way higher on her neck, sending more pins falling so that he can hide in her hair, the girl lets out a sigh. "Teine you have to get down, you are too hot to carry." Dislodging the beast to gently drop down at her feet, where he simply flops the the hot stone and refuses to move, which causes Kindle to snort lightly. "If he had, it would have served him right and he could live with the bent ear or whatever."

Valentin laughs quietly. "I still would have fixed it, had you permitted. I don't like leaving anyone to suffer." He answers, shifting a little as Tytos scrambles up into his lap. Rivaini, he didn't much mind the heat, even with the animal on his legs.

"Oh Teine is a great one for suffering. Just ask him and he will tell you how the harness is killing him." Kindle rolls her eyes at the lump of cat. "I would offer you pretty a snack but I seem to have forgotten the pouch." Kindle leans in a little as if to take a closer look at Tytos, her voice lowering just a bit. "You have help taking care of him, yes?" concern coloring her tones just a little before they return to normal with a "Aren't you a pretty boy." said to the cub.

"Oh, I am sure that it is." Valentin says with another laugh. His gaze doesn't track Kindle as she approaches, looking instead just over her shoulder. Or, well, seeming to. "Oh yes." He says, nodding and running a hand down Tytos's back, "He's not even mine. Tytos here is one of the Lieutenant's." Not that you would know it, with how the cub had so readily run back to the mage for safety. Golden eyes turn up toward Kindle as she leans in, and he chirrups happily at her, pushing up onto his front paws to sniff at her face.

All that floral scented hair falling forward to tickle the cub as she kisses the upturned face then straightens away again. "Ah, well that makes sense. I am glad he has someone to watch him while his master is off doing his duty then." stepping back another step before someone says something to her. "Perhaps I will bring you some dried perch the next time, hmm?" her attention turning towards Val then, thoughtful for a moment. "So you are a healer? Would you happen to know potions?'

The smell of florals and the whisper of falling hair makes the Enchanter smile a little. And Tytos bats playfully at fiery locks even as he is kissed. The cub seems quite indulgent of such attentions, Valentin has well socialized him for such. He chirps again, this one squeaky, the cub's voice just starting to break as he grows older. Valentin, though, he nods. "I do. Are you looking for some?"

Kindle folds her hands before her, the end of the leash having been looped around her wrist. "I am not sure what I am looking for even exists, but if it does…" To those looking on it's a much different scene than the quiet conversation that the two are having. The small girl in a deep blue gown with her tartan pinned to her shoulder, sword belted around her narrow waist the scabbard hiding in the folds of her skirt. Added to that all that fiery hair falling to her waste and the prideful tilt of her small chin, it seems more to the outside view as if she is holding court than having a soft and comfortable conversation. "I was looking for something that might help neutralize poisons."

And while Kindle stands proud and true, Valentin is perched up on a ledge, his legs folded, elbows now resting on his knees, a lionette cub curling up and settling down like the dip of his lap is a nest. Doesn't take on her formal posture at all. "Ah…" Valentin says, and shakes his head, "To be honest with you, I do not know either. I have only ever dealt with poison with magic. It may, however. I could look into it."

Not that Kindle actually sounds as formal as she looks but being aware of eyes watching the girl manages to look the part at least. "If you could, I would be willing to pay for the research. I have…. a need for something that wouldn't harm if it was added to food but would perhaps neutralize that which might be in it." wow, paranoid much? But even in that she manages to sound pleasant.

"I doubt you would find something terribly universal that would not… Very much effect the taste and likely be unpleasant, unless it was magic. If you have a specific poison you are concerned about, I could look into that a bit easier." Valentin says, as easily as though they are discussing the weather. "Otherwise? I would recommend hiring a taster."

"I am not going to have someone else die just because someone tries to kill me. That seems rather unfair, does it not?" Kindle sighs, much like the sounds that came out of Teine before letting the air fully out and shrugging. "I guess we just keep playing with the odds then. Because if you are right, then I wouldn't eat the food and if I am not going to eat the food. It seems rather silly to pay the money for the potion."

"So, no idea on a specific then?" Valentin says. It seems he's not going to touch the concept of a taster and whether they were a good or valid choice or not. Not his problem. "I am happy to look into it. I may be wrong, I just don't want your expectations to be… Unfairly high. But I've been called a miracle worker before." Oh there's a smirk that comes along with that. This one is full of cheek, it seems.

"Oh, I don't have any expectations on way or another. Really I am not even sure there is poison to begin with. I just know that the more I look into why the old man was killed and the more questions and answers I get. Well someone is likely to get nervous, right? And I have a house full of those that could have had a hand in it. So it doesn't hurt to be diligent."

"The old man?" Valentin says, tilting his head in confusion. He's only been here a few months, and he lived in the Circle, they do not get a lot of news in those walls. "Though, very well, I will see what I can find. As for the cost, you would have to speak with the Chantry or the Templars. The Mages of the Circle do not set the cost of their own time. Property of the Maker, and all…" He manages to not roll his eyes, but only just.

There is a moment there that she is quiet, as if she wasn't going to answer him at all. Then a soft whisper of skirts, the ooof of the cat as he is picked up and sat on the wall beside Val before the girl sits down as well, Teine between them as curiousity gets the better and his head stretches toward Tytos. Kindle however settles. "Yes, of course I can do that, I can have Bastian arrange all that for me. However.." she is again silent. "Dried Perch… and perhaps marshberries.. do you like marshberries? I have had such a foundness for them recently." falling silent to let the unspoken question sink in.

Tytos, when investigated, lifts his head and sniffs back at the other cat. His tail twitches happily, and he chirrups at Teine in a kittenish cuteness that is hard to deny. Valentin lets the two investigate without intervention. "I cannot say I have ever had marshberries." Valentin answers, tilting his head a little. "And I do not think Tytos has had perch. Though you would have to ask Garou to be entirely sure on that front." It seems the unspoken question is something the Enchanter has managed to miss.

Kindle glances sideways at the man, then down at the two cats as the sniff at each others faces. "Well then, that will just have to be fixed, wont it?" she hops the the ground. "I would consider if there is something you would rather however. I will be back to see how things go." then pausing. "I'll be back in a few days, a week maybe. Can't come here often, I tend to stick my nose in things like your little Tytos."

"Ah, I see." Valentin says, and then shakes his head, "Please, do not feel a need to bring me anything. I am Rivaini… We are a very… Communal people. If you would like to bring gifts, so be it, but there is no obligation." Tytos nuzzles against his new made friend, purring loudly. Valentin smiles, stroking down the lionette's back affectionately, with all of the warmth of a parent. For saying the lionette was not his, he was doing a poor job of being convincing. "A week is likely best, to check on progress. Research often takes me a little longer than some others." He says then, though he doesn't sound apologetic for that fact in the slightest.

Teine half flops onto the lionette, rubbing his shoulders against the kit as if trying to dislodge the leather around his muscular frame, small sounds of distress mixing with the purrs. "Of course there is an obligation. It is just not the one you are thinking off. But there is, to be fair and honest and to treat people with the respect that is due to them. If one is born to into the world. There is the obligation to stand up for what is right." she reaches down to pluck up the cat. "It's just that sometimes that has to be done in smaller steps and sometimes those steps are perch and marshberries."

"Perhaps obligation was the wrong term. There is no debt." Valentin says, not arguing her points. They're simple enough ones, and not ones he is unfamiliar with. But his words tend to come out sideways. So perhaps other ones would work better. Tytos for his part, indulges the rubbing, and even chews lightly on the harness, but it is not long before Teine is plucked away. The lionette does not move to follow, just settling back down in his mage's lap. "Valentin, by the way. I did not catch your name."

Teine lifted back to her shoulder much light one would carry an infant, Kindle adjusts her hold on him so that his weight rests more on top of her arms. "There is also a debt I owe, it just doesn't happen to be with you." she says very quietly before lifting her chin. "Oh hello then Valentine, it is nice to meet you. Aeryn Fionnlagh, but you can call me Kindle."

The Enchanter nods. "Correct, thus not mine to speak to." He says with shrug. "It is good to meet you as well, Kindle. I hope the day treats you fair." Tytos returns to chewing on tassels, and Valentin's fingers brush through kitten down softly.

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