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Scene Title No One Leaves Happy
Synopsis A trip to the Chantry leads to everyone angry.
Location Chantry
Date 9 August 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Cousins arguing, Bethany and Ashalle trying so hard not to eavesdrop, asshole Templar.
Logger Adeline

You'd think a Templar would be glad to have a charge who takes their own faith seriously. But Ashalle's escort stands back a few yards, watching her charge like she might be a known petty thief on market day.
Ashalle herself, trying to ignore the onerous presence, is looking through a large book on a podium, frowning as she sounds out some of the longer words. Her staff stands on the floor, resting in the crook of her elbow as she studies the pages. Her hair is left loose today, falling over and hiding her distinctive ears.

From the upper levels of the chantry descends a brother clad in purple and red robes, the sunburst of Andraste mimicked down the front, with a sash belted to keep the whole attire neat and proper as expected. In his arm he was carrying a tome, likely bearing the burden of having to locate the proper shelving of such, a task that the cleric's often send the Brother's upon. The religion and spiritual comforts are often given by the Sisters, and so, the menial, is put upon the shoulders of the men. He's not really paying much attention as he descends, a reverent pace that suggests he was caught in some parallel of thought. Though, his path eventually takes him passed the podium, blue eyes only skimming the presence of the reader briefly, as if utterly distracted beyond a cursory glance.

With her orange mage-robes, Ashalle stands out only slightly less than the clergy themselves. Still, she's been lost in thought herself. So she lifts a hand as the man comes by. "Excuse me, Brother. May I trouble you for a moment?" she asks, her voice reverently soft as she speaks.

Sebastian refrains from any outward signs of emotion, though one can be sure the interruption of deeper thoughts usually garner some momentary frustration. Only a slight exhale can be heard above his foot falls thudding in front of the podium, which would hint at said interruption. Nevertheless, the Brother was at the beckoning of the faithful, for that is what he signed up for. Tome slides more across his hip as he pivots, the intensity of Starkhaven blue eyes resting upon the orange-robes of the mage calling him to aid. A step proceeds his acceptance, drawing him up the platform raised where the podium rests, "Andraste's blessings. How many I assist?"

No member of the Vael family could really be called faithless, but Adeline had never been the most devout among them. Perhaps it was part of why the woman had left for the Wardens in the first place. In the greys and blues of the Wardens, she is a rather more somber figure than the bright jewel tones the Chantry favored, for its clergy and its mages. Her wild, dark hair is pulled back into a braid that is thick and looks as though it is not inclined to hold her hair out of her face particularly well. Her bow has been left behind, though her falconer's bracer is still on her arm, though the gyrfalcon that is her regular companion is not. She is quiet as she enters, catching sight of her cousin, but not moving to disrupt him just yet as she moves to find a quiet place to pray.

Bethany makes her way into the Chantry shortly behind Adeline. The middle Hawke sibling, who had become something of a fixture of the quiet-hours of the chantry over her first year in the city, has been oddly absent as of late. Probably something to do with the fiasco in Lowtown a few weeks ago, or the antics of either of her brothers. The Ferelden woman is dressed in her usual worn but servicable grey clothes along boots that probably aught to be replaced sometime soon. Her chainmail and staff have been left at home, as they so often are for trips like this. Bethany makes her way over to her usual stand of candles to light one and pray, but not before doe-brown eyes pick out both Sebastien and Adeline about the Chantry's glittering halls.

Ashalle meets the brother's blue eyes with her own blue-green ones, nodding respectfully. "It's this word… I'm not sure what it means, and I can't tell from what's around it. The passage is new to me," she replies, keeping her voice down. Her Fereldan accent still shines through, though.
She glances up at the faint sounds of others coming in, their footgear different from that favored by the clergy. Distractable Mage is distractable.

Really, Sebastian has no clue what's been happening with his cousin or with Bethany. There was fighting in Lowtown and since then… he's been more or less cloistered in these here walls. So who knows what mysteries Wardens and apostate Mages are up to? It really didn't involve him much at all! What did involve him, was the ask of assistance. He had approached Ashalle with a glance to the passage. He shuffles forward to look down at the passage, putting his tome down, "Ah," he moves to a sheaf of paper to write down the conversions, "This is the Canticle of Erudition, in Orlesian, it can get pretty tedious." He writes the transcription with eloquent script, handing it to her, "See, the translation isn't nearly as difficult." While he has done this, he wasn't quite aware of her distraction, until he meant to hand off the sheaf of paper and she's staring out across the chantry. He can't help but look as well.

The Warden has taken to kneeling, praying under her breath. For all the world she is stoic and serious. Those that know her a little better, though… Those that knew her when she was young, for example, might notice the way her hands ball into fist around her tunic around her thighs. Or how color rises just to her ears. Or the fact that she only ever actually speaks the Chant when she is troubled. But she does not move, remaining where she is to pray. Perhaps there is a reason she came into the Chantry today that involves her cousin, but she will not interrupt his duty to address it.

Bethany's prayer finishes more quickly than Adeline's, and the refugee is shortly rising to her feet and moving from the stand of candles to the center of the hall where she can look up at the looming statue of The Maker with a patient, contemplative expression on her face. Above her she sees Sebastien and Ashalle, to both of whom she smiles, but otherwise doesn't interrupt the brother at his work or the mage at her learning. Her eyes wander down to Adeline then, whom she looks upon with concern for the tightening of her fists and the worrying of her brow. The Ferelden girl takes a half step in the warden's direction, but isn't set in interrupting her praying just yet.

"Ah! Under all the strange words, it's very simple. Thank you very much, Brother," Ashalle says gratefully, turning back, blushing a little at being caught so distracted. Or maybe just staring. At Bethany. She's interesting. So is the Warden, actually, but not quite so much so. The sudden smile catches her off-guard, though. Blushing, she returns it shyly.
But Bethany's moving now, and her attention strays back to Sebastian and his pages. "Do you mind if I keep this?" she asks, referring to what he's written. "I have a feeling I might have to explain this passage to someone else in the future, and your words would help immensely," she explains.

It wasn't every day that a warden that was his cousin came to visit. In fact, he's pretty sure it's been a while since he's talked to her and hey, he tried once to contact her. Warden business they said, busy they said. And now, his blue eyes settled on her while his hand splayed over the tome he had been carrying around, slightly exasperated. Though his attention rallies and turns toward Ashalle, tracking Bethany's movements with a casual look from under his brows. Like, what are you both doing in here at the same time? Totally suspicious! Or something. "Yes, of course… Keep it," he nods to the sheaf of paper left on the podium, "I'm glad I can help. That's more than I can say for most days."

Busy, indeed. These weeks had been exhausting. Recruits to train, questions to answer, supplies to buy, maps to make sense of and those damned letters. Adeline was near ripping her hair out at all of this. All of this, and her having all of… Six (five and a half, depending on who you asked) Wardens in the city. Two of which, mind, she didn't even know how long she would have, they still needed to go through their Joining. So, no, she had not had time to return his request for a meeting. It was, however, part of why she was here. And she's about to finish her prayer, rise, and step over to the Brother when she hears Bethany behind her. Looking over her shoulder, the Senior Warden smiles faintly, nodding to the girl. "Good to see you, lass."

With Adeline standing Bethany walks to her side more in ernest, "It's good to see you too, Adeline." Bethany says, still looking concerned because hey, Adeline needed someone to mom at her every once in a while too. "How've you been? Since the commotion in Lowtown? Not the Qunari, I know that was the last time we spoke, but Maker, a week ago Carver came home prattling something about a golem and darkspawn."
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"Rest assured, you helped very much on this one," Ashalle replies with a smile, folding the paper and slipping it into a pocket. "Andraste bless, Brother."
She tracks his gaze, offering a smile when she sees where it's focused. "Please, don't let me keep you from your friends."

Sebastian drags his tome off the podium, folding it back over his chest as he steps back from the circle mage, thinking that Ashalle wasn't needing his assistance any further. Blue eyes note the two women speaking further in and he doesn't wish to interrupt them either. To Ashalle, he nods, "If you need anything else, please ask." Or he really ought to return the volume he was carrying was important… Sure it was. Her quip about them being friends has him regard her, about to quip back something, but really he just offers a tight smile back, "I need to replace this volume before it gets misplaced."

Adeline nods. "I got a similar story from Minea. I was out at the Coast at the time, it seems. I am sorry I was not present to have spared your brother having to deal with it." She answers, truly sounding apologetic. "I fear there were some damages in Lowtown. Are you faring well enough?" Because, really, Adeline might need someone to mother at her from time to time, but it didn't stop her from being everyone's mom anyway. Ashalle and Sebastian? She doesn't pester. Even with the looks cast their way. There will be time, surely.

Bethany shakes her head, "It's not the first time Carver has had to deal with Darkspawn. Better him than someone who didn't have some idea of what they were doing." She feels guilty about saying that, and about not being there herself but at least it was true. "We're fine. Some other people are out of their homes, but ours is still standing." Damn pasty dwarves didn't even manage to blow up Gamlen.

Ashalle hadn't been being snarky; her kind smile remains unshaken. "A noble aim, to be sure. Kingdoms have been lost for want of nails. Peace be with you, Brother." She bows her head respectfully, turning to leave.
She doesn't quite, though. Not yet. She pauses to speak with the suspicious Templar who seems to be her guardian… frankly, what there might be to guard against in this place is open to question.

"Peace be to you as well," he nods to the Mage, eyeing the Templar side ways but otherwise he proceeds to leave her to the study. Sebastian slowly but surely moves from where the circle mage was standing, toward one of the many book shelves lining some of the back walls. The indexing he was taught to understand, going through the various shelves and climbing a short step ladder to slide the volume back into place. Once that's done, he folds his arms so his sleeves fall over his arms and he starts to head back the way he came, probably to go rejoin the clerics or something chantry like.

Adeline nods. "I see. Well, then I am glad that Lowtown had someone to defend it that knew what they were doing." She says, "And I am glad you still have a home." A gentle hand placed briefly upon Bethany's shoulder. Which is when she notices Sebastian moving off. Her nose crinkles. "I am sorry, lass, if you'll excuse me…" The Warden does not wait for leave, but steps to the side, moving to follow her cousin. "Se-" Clears her throat, her voice carrying though she tries to cast it soft, despite the distinctive nature of the Starkhaven accent, "Brother Vael?"

"Of course." Bethany says to Adeline, even though the senior warden is already on her way to intercept her cousin. Leaving them to it she eyes the Templar in the corner with perhaps a little more caution than is normal before making her way up the stairs to where Ashalle is standing, seeing as there's no one else to talk to here. "Are you learning the chant in Orlesian?" she asks, spying the notes Sebastien had left over the mage's shoulder.

Ashalle, turning back to her book as the Templar returns to brooding not far away, glances up in surprise as someone addresses her, blue-green eyes flicking over the interloper. It's… the interesting woman?
She bows her head, blushing a little. "Myself? I'm trying," she admits, embarrassed, though she manages a faint smile, knowing the woman's accent well enough: It's close to her own Denerim cant. "I know it well enough in the King's Tongue, but languages do not seem to be my strong suit."

Sebastian was a few steps further along when his cousin's accent does draw him to a hesistant stop, "Warden," He pivots a little, the cold sheer of his emotions available for her to see up close, steel and cold a blind mage had said he was. A rapt description for it now. "Maker shine on you. How may I help?" The same tone that he might have just used for Ashalle, so it wasn't personal, it was just … Sebastian, the chantry Brother.

Maybe she should not have expected different, but that cold metal bites at Adeline. It steals the words she was about to say, making her swallow hard. Adeline Vael was not a woman easily disarmed. For years she had built up this palace of ice and stone and talons upon the throne of which she reigned Queen. Her own family, though, it was the thing that made it all crumble around her. Perhaps that was why she had made so much distance between her and all of them. "You had sent word you wished to speak with me." She says, falling back into her own distant professionalism in the face of his steely demeanor.

Sebastian was thrown out of his family, is it expected that when he calls for aid and the one he recently discovered alive didn't come, that it would be anything else? He had long since learned only to be loyal to himself and not let anyone in. Time had built him hard, there was only softening around the edges when the unfortunate are grieved. "That was a while ago," he squints, "I'm hardly sure it's irrelevant now." He does recall a bit, "Something a missing brother from Amaranthine and a misfiled copy of all the wardens who were in Amaranthine before it burned to the ground. I'm not sure if that's information you would like, readily available. I have little to do with your order or what you do. With Darkspawn in the city, I can only surmise it means little and nothing. I apologize for not rescinding the request."

Bethany smiles kindly at Ashalle, the Denermin cant comforting to her ear. "There was a lay sister in Lothering who was trying to teach it to me in Orlesian. We didn't get particularly far though." Because of the Darkspawn, because that's how every sentence seems to end when you're speaking to someone recently from Ferelden these days. "She used to sing it in Orlesian so the villagers would have something a little different to listen to every so often."

It /is/ how so many stories from Ferelden end lately, and Ashalle would know better than most. "You're from Lothering?" she asks, her faint smile growing. "A friend and I passed through there, once. We could not stay long, but the people there were kind to a pair of lost strangers. Please, if there's ever anything I can do for you… I owe your town much."
She glances down at the book, surprised and embarrassed at her own emotional outburst. "Oh… would you like to see the words?" she asks, stepping aside so Bethany can join her at the podium. Her foot comes down on the hem of her floor-length robes, and she winces at the loud rip that follows. Oops.

Adeline shakes her head. "It could not have been much more than a month, cousin…" She says, "I am sure it is…" And then he's talking about Amaranthine and she goes wide eyed. "Yes, Sebastian that is… That is very much something that I…" The surprise has her slip out of her formality. She closes distance, voice dropping so the whole of the Chantry will not need to listen to the two of them. "How did you come into this?"

"When your whole family turns their back on you, you remember the small things… Adeline, it was more than a month," there's the hurt and it cannot help but come out in front of someone who was supposed to be there for him, but ultimately, she left to pursue otherthings and left him behind to fend for himself. He may not have expected the latter response though, that it was important to her. Time to gloat a little? For a moment he seemed he would, hold it above her and dangle it like a carrot. "It was here," he nods toward the shelves in which he just recently replaced a volume, "I kept it after finding it. I felt it could be of some use and that a document of a warden's roster was… ill fitting our records. I wonder, if someone of your order stashed it here?"

Bethany smiles, though the expression has a sad lilt to it, "We were like that. Friendly to people who passed through, I mean." Bethany misses the place, that much is clear, but she forces herself not to dwell on it. "I- thank you. I'm more of the opinion that all of us Fereldens need to stick together now, but I'll take the gratitude." Bethany is stepping in closer to take a look at the book just as Ashalle has offered and then there's that awful ripping sound, wincing with the circle mage in kind. For now, she's doing her best to pay attention to her conversation with Ashalle and not eavesdrop on Adeline and Sebastien.

Ashalle nods, a hint of sadness coming into her voice. "I understand. And I think you're right: Wherever we may be, we're all still part of Ferelden. It's good to meet someone from home," she says, bowing her head. And hoping that Bethany didn't hear her robes rip, but the look on the other woman's face says plainly enough that she did. She tries to sneak a look at the damage, pointing to the book. "The words look beautiful, but I have a hard time pronouncing them.
Seeing that the skirt of her robe has torn free of its waist on the left, the side away from Bethany, she blushes and pulls the loose material up over the gap. "Have you seen many of us on these shores? I am only lately arrived from across the sea, and I haven't been able to look around much." For obvious reasons, or so her robes say.

"Sebastian…" Adeline says, sounding hurt in turn. "I received word from you right at the end of Justinian. It can't… Is it not just August now?" She sounds worried then, as though she has lost time before, and as though the thought is distressing. But she brushes it off with a shake of her head. "Perhaps they did. I do not know. I have been finding our records in strange places all across the city. Would… May I… Look, I know you're cross, and I can understand that, but I need to those documents. And I need you to be my cousin and not a block of ice for a minute, there was something else I needed to speak with you about."

"You need them now…" Sebastian's sigh is short and expectant, as if people need things from him without giving, so, he mutters, "I'll retrieve them if you tell me what sort of trouble you're in? Why the panic for documents regarding the city?" He doesn't repeat the name again, in case someone has mage ears (I'm looking at you two over there). "I'll have to fetch the document from the dormitory," which is likely somewhere behind the back of the Chantry or whatever. "Now, what more do you need of me?"

Adeline sighs. "No, strictly speaking, I don't need them now." She admits, shaking her head. "That place… I was there. It… It's hard to explain." Adeline says, "And if I try to, we would have to go somewhere a lot more private than this, with, likely, a lot more wine. Which, mind you, I am happy to do." The glance she gives her cousin is one much softer than any previous. "I do miss you. But you… I… I wanted to tell you that I'll be going into the Roads soon and… You're, I think, the closest I have to a next of kin."

Bethany looks at Ashalle with a surprised expression. "There's scores of us living in Lowtown." though living is putting it lightly. "I'm surprised you didn't-" She stops abruptly, eyes running up and down the robes, over to the Templar and back to Ashalle again. "I, I'm sorry, I imagine it's hard to get news from outside the circle." Reason number 3478 Bethany had no interest in winding up in mage-jail. "But yes, there are a great many of us here. Mostly people from Southreach, some from Westhills, between Ostagar and Lothering there isn't a whole lot to go back to."

"I know you were," Sebastian replies, with a slight tilt of his head down, because he had mentioned the document was a roster. The softer look steels him. Something bad always comes after those looks. The news laid at his feet that his cousin was going to venture off into the deep roads has him look aside, "Then I'll get them for you. Maker knows if we ever see each other again." How bitter all this was. To discover she had been alive, seeing her so seldom, and then to know she is to walk back into the pit of doom. He shakes his head, "I'll never understand why you chose such a life Adeline…" It's a hollow sound, for he had already grieved for her once, there was no room for a second loss.

"It can be difficult to hear much from inside the walls," replies Ashalle evenly. She didn't have a choice about ending up in mage-jail, though she's made the best of her existence that she can. "Or see much. And my last visit to Lowtown was a bit too hectic to do much looking around. But at least there are that many of us who survived the… the events of the past year or so," she finishes, much more softly.

"I'll come back, Sebastian. I do believe that." Adeline says, "It's just… I don't… I didn't want to go and have you not know. Not after…" She sighs. "Alright, baby cousin, that's it." She's got a different face on now. Related to Mom face, but different. This is Older Sister face. This is one people don't get often. But in the next moment she's hugging him, flailing or protests be damned.

Bethany nods, "You're right, I apologize if I seemed harsh." Bethany offers to the circle mage. "I often forget how different it must be." But then the absent snapping of Adeline and Sebastien has turned into Adeline hugging the perhaps-flailing brother and Bethany is deistracted by the pair despite her best efforts.

Sebastian hadn't seen /that/ face in a long time. When they were different people, when life was different, somehow less colder. Now that he sees it, there wasn't the brilliance of laughter to tease her or the sheepish howl of protest to dodge it… It was nothing. It was like ice being touched by a single flame. The shock of her arms around him, well, naturally he didn't like that, but rather than flailing, he stood stiff, frozen. It reads on his face, the absent turn of his eyes, the parting of lips, the slight wavering in his arms - he wasn't a god damn touchy feely person but… that was because of the fortress built around his heart and in this moment, Adeline was trying to breech his walls. He had forgotten all affection and naturally denied it, a step dragging back intent to pull free…

"No, I understand. Perhaps I should have tried harder to get outside," Ashalle admits, managing a faint smile for the taller woman. "Thank you for telling me that much."
Only Bethany isn't looking at her right now. The Elfwoman follows her eyes, and blinks in surprise at the sight of Adeline hugging a Brother-shaped pillar of ice. Her hands clap to her mouth, to keep in inappropriate giggles at the sight; by the look on the woman's face, this is /not/ a happy occasion. She turns to Bethany. Maybe there's an explanation there.
She's forgotten her ripped robes. Bethany may not notice in her distraction, though.

"No. No you stop it right now." Adeline says, quiet but demanding. "Be angry at the world all you fucking want, but you stop this nonsense this instant. You are not made of ice and I am not buying it." And thus, the Senior Warden does not let go. "My cousin isn't dead, you're just burying him and I won't have it."

This is…. awkward, for Bethany. It was awkward talking to a circle mage with a templar /right over there/ and desperatley reminding herself that the tin can couldn't just smell the mana on her. And it was especially awkward watching Adeline and Sebastien play out what she was so afraid of happening with herself and Carver. there was a trip to the Hanged Man for the Ferelden girl after this. "I can only imagine how difficult trying things like that can be." She offers to Ashalle, sympathetic but distracted.

Ashalle, of course, has no idea that Bethany's got any mana to smell. "Circle life has its moments," she admits. "But not many like up there. In a way, I envy them. My best friend is on the other side of the sea now."
She offers her hand. "I am Ashalle Roane, of Denerim. May I ask your name, kind one?"

Did those arms just get a little tighter around his neck?! Squish. Ok, the Senior Warden has an unexpectedly strong grip! And she clings well. Wonder who taught her that! The Chantry Brother was still ceased up at the closeness, his eyes flickering toward the observers, aware then that people were starting to stare at why a Warden was half pounced on a Chantry Brother - if they weren't related it'd look like some sort of romance gone wrong. Then the fire of his own anger ignites at her pushing him, he was not just ice, but fire too. "You left… You already /died/ in my mind when I found out you left for this-" He pushes back against her, strong in his own right, able to pry her wrists up off him, to push her back, "What do you want me to say?! Do you want to know that when you left that I no one left I could turn to…? Do you want to know that my own brother tried to have me killed and my parents had me shackled up and brought to the Chantry!? Yes Adeline, I am made of ice. The only thing that's kept me warm is the word of the Maker and Andraste's Light." He finally disentangles himself, holding her wrists, "I will get you the document so you run back to your dark holes and your secret life… I will get it so you can run away again. And then, Adeline, I expect you to kill as many of those darkspawn as you can…" His hands drop away from her, he moves to go fetch the paper as he promised, "And Maker have mercy on you."

It's quite a little tussle, really. Starkhavenites and their grip, they're both strong enough people, but Sebastian wrestles free and holds on to her wrists, despite Adeline's attempts to pull away. She frowns, pausing, staring at her cousin like he's just slapped her. Of course. Of course his rhetoric would be that. The laugh that it pulls from her lips is ugly and bitter, there to save her from crying hot, angry tears instead. "You wish mercy upon those facing death. I am that already, by your own admission, and he has offered it not." She throws back, "I…" She can't even speak the lie, it dies in her throat and she shakes her head. "Keep it. I'll take the help of my cousin, not the charity of a Brother. When you figure out how to be that again, you'll find me." And Adeline is turning to walk away as well, before she can go doing something stupid like crying.

The hand being offered brings back Bethany's attention, and she takes the offered shake in response. "Bethany Hawke." she replies. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ashalle." The elven name is noted, but not otherwise remarked on, the maker smiles on all his children, after all. But the the Starkhavenites are outright wrestling and there are hot, angry words and Adeline is making her quick exit. "I just wish it had been under better circumstances." Her eyes follow Adeline, her friend, for a moment then travel back to Sebastien whom she regards with a sad sort of kindness. Doe eyes flick back and forth a few more times as she tries to decide where she wants to stay, eventually she settles on the Vael she knows better. "Excuse me. I hope we get the chance to speak again. Maker watch over you." she offers to Ashalle as she makes to follow Adeline. However, her route takes her past Sebastien, "Maker watch over you brother Vael." she offers the Prince. "I pray Andraste's words will bring your wounded heart some comfort." And with that the Ferelden girl is following after the warden.

"Then he wants you to live for some other reason yet," Sebastian's tone is grave but sincere, "It is the punishment we all must face until we are repentant utterly, in His eyes." The fierceness in his tone and his words, well, it goes hand in hand with Starkhaven blood. When she denies the document for the stated reason, he pivots with his foot upon the stairs leading up to various levels, assumedly where the dorms were, to watch her go. Public spectacle indeed. He was sure he'd face penance for the disruption, for no doubt, there were Sisters and Brother's alike peering over railings and around corners to find out what the fuss was over. Bethany's words make him shake his head, not the first time he's heard that, and twice so recently. But, the Brother has no time for it, taking the stairs two at a time… He doesn't cry, but he'll damn well find something to target with his bow!

"Bethany… a name with beauty and strength. It is an honor to know you," Ashalle replies sincerely. "Perhaps I could…"
She halts herself as the two suddenly get louder… then /much/ louder. Seeing Bethany's trepidation, she nods as the other woman excuses herself. "And you. And your friends. Please give them my best," she says hastily, as her new friend hurries away. She waves to the Brother, then turns to make her own, hopefully quiet, exit.
She has to collect her Templar, of course. The ironclad woman is watching silently as her charge returns to the door, only to slap her soundly and point to the embarrassing rip in her robes, launching into a scathing monologue of her own. Her face growing hot with shame and anger, Ashalle tries to pull up the material and keep her balance at the same time as she's all but yanked from the Temple.
So much for not making a scene…

"Shove it up your ass." Adeline fires back to her cousin, those words having burned like a damned brand. It seems she's lost all sense of propriety for the Chantry right now. It doesn't break her gait, though, she's just heading for the door. For the air. For where she can go get her bird and just… Leave. It was, after all, what she was good at, right Sebastian? It seems that she does not immediately realize Bethany is following her.

Bethany has to walk at a decent pace to keep up with Adeline, but not so fast a pace that she doesn't also hear the sickening ring of a metal gauntlet crashing against someone's face. The Ferelden apostate turns to see the ugly sight of Ashalle being hauled out of the chantry and there is /anger/ in those just previosuly so soft and kind eyes. But no, no Bethany it's not just you on the line, but your brother as well. It is Kailen's safety that is the lion's share of what keeps her anger in check as rage and an affinity for pyromancy do not tend to go well together. For the breifest of moments there is a pained, guilty look for Ashalle for the apostate's inability to do anything at all but be completely useless. With that though she tears her eyes away and moves so she's keeping pace with Adeline, the air just around her hands hot enough that the senior warden may notice with how close they're keeping pace with one another.

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