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Scene Title Nope
Synopsis Telling Maura no.
Location Maura and Adair's Hovel
Date July, 15, 2016
Watch For No
Logger Adair

Good thing it was an off day after the card night, cause Maura's been nursing that hangover from rumballs all morning. Those chocolates are evil. Like a demon in disguise. "Worse then Fade tricks, they are." she was possibly heard to mutter at several times during the morning while drinking the herbal tea that's kept everything else down. Which she has another cup of, even if she finally feels adventurous enough to have some bread. And cheese. Must eat something. So at least there's a mission in mind when she hits the kitchen and starts rummaging.

You know who didn't drink? Adair, that's who. He's behaving himself pretty well. He's only made a little noise here and there and even that was an accident. Now? Now he has fruit in the form of melons because he knows from experience that hydration is EVERYTHING when it comes to a hangover.

Given that Maura's never exactly overindulged like that before, she's ben remarkably stoic about the whole thing. Muttering? Yes. But notably there has been no wailing and gnashing of teeth! But like the pathetic creature she is, she takes the bread and cheese and heads over to Adair and his.. melons, to curl up in his lap while she eats. It'll take a few minutes for coherence to arrive, sorry. WHen it does, though, she makes zero mention of the card game. "Talked to Varric yesterday."

Adair is suspicious but he's already got one of those melons split in half and is eating with a spoon so there's no spillage on Maura. "Oh? You're not going to put me in a wheelbarrow again, are you? I mean, I appreciate the thought but I'm mobile now."

"Hey, that wheelbarrow ride got you to a healer." Maura pauses. "A better healer then I am, that is." She chews thoughtfully, still curled up and apparently not caring at all that the poor man is trying to eat too. "Asked him about a barrier rune for Fenris. So I'll be making a bunch of potions for his deep roads expedition in exchange. Sorry. We'll smell like an apothecary again." So really, no different then most weeks.

"I've smelt like worse." Adair has trained, remember? "Oh? I think I heard something about that. Not a bad idea going down there after someone's been to clean things up a little. A rune? Isn't his boyfriend a healer? I mean… it's a good idea to not always rely on magic, but still. Buuuut I imagine they'll be happy to have it."

"Well, you know that non-Wardens can't get darkspawn blood in any cuts or open wounds or else… so, I guess that's why they need it. And he doesn't like magic being cast on him." Maura explains, seeming half sleepy now that she's comfortable. "I guess there's not a lot of Mage's that are going with Varric's group. So, he also asked if I'd sign on to be part of the crew."

"Ok, I guess I can see where… no." Adair doesn't even finish. He's not even going to explain. He's just going to go back to eating his melon and that's the end of it.

Fortunately, both are on the melon eating portion of their food. At least, Maura took the other half of that melon anyway and assumed it was hers so now she's digging into it. His immediate no earns a quick look up at him through her lashes, like she's gauging his expression. "I did tell him there's no way you'd let me go without you. So, if we went it would be as a pair."

"You were right about one thing, There's no way I'd let you go." Come on, Adair isn't THAT controlling. "Because we're going to be recovering from already being in there and having absolutely no time alone. So we're declining as a pair."

Maura hasn't seen any of it as controlling; more like incredibly overprotective. Which is borne out in part when he keeps talking. "There'll be some time between the xpeditions. He needs Anders to go with him, since apparently he's the only one who can read the maps. So recovery time will be a must anyhow." See? It will all be okay! And since her stomach is all like NOPE to too much food, she's already donedonedone despite having only taken a couple bites of the melon. So, she sets is aside momentarily in order to rest her head against him. "You have a point about the time alone, though. I don't feel like we get enough now, let alone on a trip like that."

"Maura, no." Adair's already worn out by the idea of it and he can only guess at what they'll be doing. "Besides, we'll probably still be training. Don't we have to… I don't know… ask someone? Someone who will hopefully have the decency to tell us no?"

"Since Grey Wardens are supposed to fight Darkspawn, I can't imagine anyone in charge saying no to a request to go fight Darkspawn and protect an expedition team." Maura and her silly logic. "Well, except that you're already all 'no', so it's a moot point." See, more logic. "Can we go back to sleep now? I want to snuggle." He CAN'T say no to THAT, can he. She'll just keep bringing up the expedition at different times until she finds a good one where he'll say yes!

Adair sighs. "Alright, but the answer is no later, too." he waits for Maura to get up so they can lay down again. He may not have had alcohol, but it's been a tiring week!

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