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Scene Title Own Business
Synopsis Fenris is having dinner, a guard takes issue, Carys helps him get out of it, then he is an ass. So… Tuesday?
Location Hightown
Date 23 Justinian, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Hilarity
Logger Fenris

Real talk: Fenris was not the most unassuming figure in Kirkwall. Between the giant sword on his back, the dour expression, the strange as fuck tattoos all over his skin, and the reputation that has circulated some after the Summerday incident (Let's call it an incident, that is much more polite than 'Qunari invasion shit show,') people tend go give him something of a wide berth. Pair that with perching up on one of the low medians in Hightown, and a bottle of wine that he would rather no one ask where he acquired, he doesn't really fit up here. Though it isn't the first time, his repeat appearances have gotten to the point of making a few people uncomfortable and it seems that tonight is the breaking point. The streets of Kirkwall are dark, the evening coming to- a close, but that doesn't stop the high and mighty from bustling about the square. They have the money for candles and oil lamps. They don't have to be awake in six hours when the sun rises. They have affairs to slip away to when they think no one is watching.

Fenris is watching. Not that it matters to him beyond idle amusement.

Tonight, also, the City Guard is watching. Or, well, at least one of them is. Watching Fenris, specifically. More than watching, even… Full on approaching. Must be a brave one. The elf cants his head to the guard, looking confused as he says some nonsense about prowling - And then when Fenris so aptly, and drunkenly, points out that one must be moving to prowl and he has been sitting here for the better part of two hours, loitering - and Fenris continues to drink his wine. Eat his dinner. Same thing really. He was an adult, he could have wine for dinner. Lots of 'I'm not bothering anyone' follows. Lots of accusations of 'public drunkenness' follows that. This is then followed by a rather more aggravated assertation that - No, much as he would like, Fenris was not drunk, thank you very much and he would only agree to those charges if the guard in question was also offering to supply him with enough wine to actually be drunk. This is about to get ugly.

Alexia was in the process of returning to the keep after her shift when she came upon the confrontation in Hightown. Watching from a distance for a moment, she sighs quietly and approaches the fellow Guardsman and the elf, managing a faint smile. "What's all the trouble?" she asks, with a good cheer she really doesn't feel right now.

Look! It's Batman! No, wait… It's just Carys chilling on a roof of one of the currently not occupied buildings in the area. Not to say it isn't owned… just nobody's in it at the moment. But from up here… she can see everything! Like, oh hey. It's Fenris. … Drinking. Doesn't he ingest anything else? Shaking her head, she slides into a crouch while she makes a mental note to start just delivering food in general towards the clinic since apparently people don't /eat/ down there. But at least Fenris is getting his daily allotment of fruits? There is that.

But the goon squad approaching the elf gets Carys's attention and she purses her lips as she makes her way now towards a balcony on the second story. This gives her a good place to watch and listen. She's digging in the pouch she keeps secured to the belt at her waist, and she grabs some random object. A quick flick of her eyes shows that she's holding…flint? Well, she's not wanting to start a fire any time soon. Taking advantage of her high ground she suddenly LOBS the flint in a direction opposite where Fenris is in an attempt to trick the guards to go chase something else than bother some poor sap publicly drinking.

And oh hey… Carys notes Alexia as she quickly moves to get on the ground. Hm, hopefully the other Guard's arrival doesn't monkey wrench things. Oh well.

Listen, Fenris was an elf. Surely elves needed a higher daily intake of fruits? Surely. Must be. It's important for his proper nutrition to drink this wine. Silly shem wouldn't understand. Not that Fenris is really all that much one for playing the race card. Nevermind the fact that this is likely at least bottle three and that even if elves needed more fruits this might be just a little bit overkill. Then again, Fenris wasn't really one to believe in the concept of overkill either. A man who spends plenty of his time ripping out hearts (yes, literally, no heartbreaker jokes here, at least not yet) can't buy into that concept too much, after all.

"Ask him." Fenris says, nodding to the Guardsman, "I am simply taking my dinner out of doors." Okay, he's not even trying anymore. Bold as brass, Fenris lifts the bottle to his lips again, the light of the streetlamps catching on sharp, metal gauntlets and darkened glass.

The Guardsman opens his mouth to retort when the flint cracks against stone behind him and he turns around quick. Takes a step away, even. Seems he's not the brightest lad, poor dear. Or he's new and jumpy. Maybe both. Stupid little pup.

Alexia is probably newer than her fellow Guardsman, and she also looks that way, if not nearly so violently. But she also puts a hand around the lower part of the wine bottle as she does. Not to take it, or even to stop him from drinking, since she can't grip it properly down where it's fattest anyway. But if he moves that bottle, whether violently or slowly? She'll know, instantly. Handy for when someone makes a violent move to escape from distracted Guardsmen. Carys has escaped her attention, of course.

"Maybe you should find out what that was," she suggests to the other Guardsman softly, before looking back to Fenris, releasing the bottle.

Curses! These guards are either really clever… or really stupid. Why can't she ever get the predictable ones? The ones that fall neatly in the middle between clueless and totally clued? She monitors the situation from where she's now located on the side of this mansion. Chewing the side of her lip, she watches for a few moments. That gives her enough time to make sure her visible weapons are peaceknotted and she can yank on the armor so she looks more… casual. Y'know, like she wasn't distracted from finding a place to, uh… acquire items. That people obviously don't need anymore.

Should the group of guards finally split, and thus, making the numbers needing to be dealt with smaller, it's then that Carys will approach the group. "Oh hey! Fuzzy! There you are, been lookin' everywhere for you," she greets once she's within polite conversation distance. "Guardsman," she greets Alexia, her tone light and amiable. And the number of times she's used this ruse had increased. Boy, she's going to need new tricks.

Okay, look, if Fenris really wanted to start a problem there is a giant sword slung across his back. No, seriously, the thing is nearly as tall as he is. It's probably taller than Carys. His eyes narrow at Alexia as she holds onto the bottle, but he doesn't actually stop her. The Guard who was harrassing him nods, and then walks off to investigated the Strange Noise(TM). The bottle is drained when it is released and Fenris looks up at the sound of Carys's voice.

It takes him longer than is strictly reasonable to realize she is talking to him. Fuzzy? Really? He lifts a brow, glances down at himself. Spiky, he could see that. Glowy, he'd gotten that one before though it normally earns a glare. But Fuzzy? Nope, that ones new. "For me?" He asks back to Carys, sounding confused, and maybe a bit drunk, despite his assertion otherwise. There's a glance to Alexia then, and a small shrug.

Alexia smirks faintly as the other Guardsman moves off to check on the source of the noise. She looks back to Fenris, but whatever she had been going to say dies on her lips as Carys comes hurrying up. She manages a little nod and a soft, "Good evening," to Carys. "A friend of yours, then?" she asks, keeping half an eye on Fenris.

Noting the empty bottle, the faint smirk returns to her lips. "Looks like you have finished dinner," she observes. "Feel up to a nice after dinner walk with your friend? Preferably before my comrade returns and starts the same old argument over again?" Her tone is firm, but not unfriendly.

"Yup!" Carys answers Alexia, giving her her best innocence-radiating smile. "He an' his girlfriend apparently had this /huge/ argument and well…" She indicates the bottles and asides to the Guardswoman, "Y'know how couples get, right?" She nods here as if Alexia /totally/ just agreed with her! To Fenris… who is Fuzzy. Because of his hair. It's technically fluffy, but she's pretty sure Fluffy and Fenris don't mix… so he is now thus Fuzzy. Was a bear, didn't have any hair and wasn't very fuzzy, was he?

Sighing the sigh of an exasperated friend being sent out to make sure people weren't angry and stupid, obviously, she nods to Fenris. "Yes, I have been. You shouldn't just storm out like that, people worry!" Again to Alexia. "People are worried."

What? Fenris's drunken brain doesn't follow the way laid out cover that Carys has carefully offered him. The gears of his mind turn slowly, in great, clunking movements that are heavy and play a little too much on his face. Confusion, amusement, a slight touch of embarrassment. Luckily, that might just be a drunken person's reaction to all of this being true as well. "I - Wha - Oh…" Fenris stammers to Carys, not sure what in the world to say to that. What do people say when they've had arguments with people they care about? What… Fenris had never had a life that normal. Never been drinking on the side of the street for something as mundane as a lover's spat. Much less had he ever had friends who would come looking for him if he did.

The Guardswoman's suggestion pulls his attention to her, and he nods. "Fine." He says simply. Though there some grumbling about how the whole situation was ridiculous. He'd been perfectly quiet. Likely has something to do with his being an elf… It's all slurred and under his breath, not really all that audible. Pushing himself off of the median, he's even courteous enough to take his empty bottles with him.

"Truly? My goodness, you'd best get him home quickly, and put their poor, worried minds at ease!" Alexia replies, her smile not quite sympathetic enough to suggest that she completely believes Carys's story. But their aims clearly are in agreement… get Fenris away from here before something very bad happens, whatever it might be. So she makes no move to counter the argument. "And please do make up with your beloved. Love is a beautiful thing, and should be allowed to grow." Perhaps oddly, this part actually sounds completely sincere.

There's a bit of a dimming to Carys's expression as it seems Fenris is a little slow to grasp onto what she's offering him. "Thank you so much," she says to Alexia as she bends down to help Fenris collect his bottle collection. She does give a bit of a noise in appreciation. "Ooh, good year," she comments noting a label. To Alexia she continues, "It is good to see the Guard out here doin' what it does best." Whatever that is? Well, likely up to interpretation. And Alexia gets sappy - and it's obvious… it takes all of Carys's willpower not to suddenly bust a gut laughing. She'd just end up on the ground. Again. At least Hightown is clean…er?

The Clinic was probably cleaner. Rich people throw all sorts of things on the ground. Hopes, dreams, servants that displease them… Oh good, he's on a cheery train of thought this time. There's a glance to Alexia then, and Fenris blinks. What is there to say to that either? Love? What in the name of the Andraste's holy tits did Fenris know about love? "That's probably a strong word for it…" Fenris says, clearing his throat and coming slightly back to himself. "Yeah," He says then to Carys, "It was… A gift." Definitely. Wine as a gift. For sure. Then, once things are gathered and Fenris is willing to actually get ready to move on, he quips, "You know, I doubt Anders will care for you calling him my girlfriend…" It wasn't as though they had managed to keep those whispers quiet either.

Alexia makes no move to stop the two as they move to depart. She even turns her back and walks a few steps in the opposite direction, to let them slip away relatively unnoticed. "Thank you, Phillipe," she murmurs. "If I hadn't had to use that same trick to get you away from those gendarmes, I might have mishandled this one."

And so when her comrade returns and asks her where the knife-eared drunk was, she could simply reply, "Gone. He had some trouble with a lover, it seems."

Carys just blinks at Fenris at the latter - are they really having this conversation right here? Apparently it skips Carys's mind to wait to answer, and she's answering Fenris immediately. "What? An' give Bricks for Brains," Aka the Guardsman who wandered off after her flint, "more reason to heckle you? I dunno about you, but my evenin's quota of people bleedin' all over the place is at an acceptable level." She pauses and then says, quite frankly, "It could'a been worse. I could've posed as your girlfriend. Digest that, Fuzzy." And she gives him a firm nod of SO THERE, HMPH. And she's probably glad she didn't do that angle - as she said, her level of blood is acceptable. AS it is, she's risking her hand by trying to use her fingertips to push-turn Fenris in an acceptable direction and then use a light push to encourage him to get moving. Thataway Drunky MacDrunkerstein!

Fenris shakes his head. "That would have ended poorly." Is all he says to that idea. Pretending to be his girlfriend… He wouldn't have known how to make heads or tails of that. If following along with this lie had been bad enough, that would have been a complete mess. As for blood for the evening? Well… This is Fenris. He doesn't really shy away from blood. Usually. Despite his having to move, it seems the elf is actually in fairly decent spirits… Until that pushing happens.

Fenris recoils. Physically, it's obvious, almost overblown for how small the touch is. It would be comedic, even, if it weren't for the glare that gets shot Carys's way. Cold as ice, calm as a killer's, and paired with a twitch at his upper lip that is the phantom of a snarl, this glare is something all together different than the drunken elf that was present a moment before. Sobriety hits like a brick wall, and the elf growls. "Touch me again and I will remove the hand." He says, hackles raised. And he wasn't even about to get into that particular mannerism that came beside. That nervous directional touching that Fenris knew all too well. That was the touch Danarius's help would give him when they needed him to cooperate. The pain would drive him, but they knew full well how dangerous he was. The image twists in his mind, the feeling crawls under his skin, and Fenris can't shake it, or the anger, or the daggers he continues to glare at the woman who had just helped him.

Well… shit. For a moment or ten it had looked like the whole mess was resolved more or less to everyone's satisfaction. Job well done. Miller Time.

And then that happened. Alexia turns to watch the brimming confrontation, ready to intervene if things threatened to turn into more than an argument, while silently cursing Phillipe, whoever he is, for being a stupid, besotted bastard. All the while hoping her comrade is a LONG time searching for that noisemaker…

Carys has been on her own a long time. You learn lessons. Lessons like 'Never show them you're afraid' when you're dealing with a threat that can possibly maim you. And after a while, when you're young and on your own, and you tend to always be afraid… you end up pretending you're never afraid. And then you have situations like this. When she's all but literally staring a world of hurt in the eye - and she doesn't flinch. Oh, make no mistake, the glare that's leveled on her does scare her… but fear is in it's own little corner. Because if they get wind that you're afraid, they will use it. And Fenris looks like he's used to being able to intimidate people and so… she's not going to give him that advantage.

His threat is greeted with a shrug, complete with her hands lifting and palms being offered. "Meh, hands are overrated half the time," she responds nonchalantly. Noting movement in her periphery, she glances to Alexia. Who has thus far proven to be at least semi-decent. So there's a subtle shake of her head. If Fenris flips, it's all on her, and she fully intends to take the brunt of it. If it happens. Back to Fenris, she then says, quietly, "I'm sorry."

In fact, Fenris was very used to being able to intimidate people. However, the fact that she doesn't recoil from him actually eases some of the problem in the first place. It goes from 'treating him like some dangerous beast' to 'angry person' very quickly and it's a balm for his rage, at least a little. The elf takes a deep breath, and he shakes his head. "I… Apologize." Fenris says then, "I should go." Go, indeed. He does, even, off toward Lowtown. Off toward the Land of Horrid Quilts. Off toward probably more wine and trying to shake the phantoms of his past that one little touch has dredged up like a trout from a pond, thrashing and bleeding and gasping for sweet water it cannot find.

Alexia nods to Carys. But she keeps watching the two worriedly. Just in case. A fight up here among all these Hightown dwellers and their delicate sensibilities will be a matter for the Guard to deal with. Whether it actually is or not. One of the many 'perks' of the job.

"No harm done," Carys says of Fenris's apology. It accepts and dismisses it easily, and she speaks honestly. "Get some rest, Fuzzy," she tells his back. And then she turns to look at Alexia and gives her a helpless sort of smile. When she's figured Fenris has pretty much made his way towards being completely gone she cups her hands at her temples, drops to her knees and lets out a bellow of frustration! Then she huffs. "Ah, feel better now. How 'bout this weather, eh?"

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