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Scene Title Permission to Heal
Synopsis Tyce is healed in the Chantry
Location Chantry
Date 09 Kingsway, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Animal Healing
Logger Seren

Usually it's one healer at a time and really, that's the way it would have been today but Seren put in the (frankly? Weird) request to be allowed a trip to the Chantry. Of course, it's with the escort of Valentin and Garou, because apparently? Someone needs a healer. Surprise.

The light as that sureal quality that comes with dusk, where everything seems to have that golden silvery hue and even the drab becomes mysterous and intriging. It's a peaceful time, at least it would be if you weren't laying there with an arrow head and two inches of shaft buried in your shoulder. Tyce, being Tyce and what someone not long ago called him.. a stubborn ass of a man, isn't far inside the chantry at all, but where Davan had left him, proped against a wall with the great brown mop at his feet. Both had seen better days, it being almost a full twentyfour hours since the battle on the coast, a night outside and then the journey here. He smelled of sweat, dried blood and seaweed, the last stuffed around the arrow shaft that had been broken off. He is of course being left mostly alone, as it's the man not that dog that growls at anyone that comes close.

Valentin doesn't really ever complain for a reason to leave the Circle. But when that reason is… You know… Actually what he is good at, well… If everyone was being perfectly honest, he should probably be a little less excited. A small bag is over the Enchanter's shoulder. Boxes and rolls of supplies, as he doesn't have a lot of detail as to what it is that he is needing to heal. And not knowing quite who he is looking for, the Rivaini man sticks close to his Templar escort, quiet for the sake of the Chantry, and perhaps also for the sake of listening out where this wounded man is.

Garou has much practice at being Sighted Guide Lion without infringing on Valentin's autonomy. Regulations say he can't be carrying anything that might get in the way of his performing his duty - and they're out in a public enough place that there's not a lot of wiggle room - and he's antsy enough about that, but he too is quiet… except that every now and then a directional word or two will be offered softly in Rivaini - gentle steering to keep Valentin clear of danger and aware of anything coming up ahead. He is no healer, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the guy with an arrow stuck in him is probably the guy that needs help. So when they reach the Chantry, he offers relative positioning directions to steer them both straight to Tyce and his lovely mop.

Seren looks at the man and the dog and frowns. "Valentin? Do you mind if I observe?" Mostly because he just likes watching the other healer work. Seeing someone enjoy healing redeems a lot that's represented by Circle life. Of course, Revas has settled quietly, the huge bird doing her absolute best to look small and harmless as she considers the Templar and THEN the dog. Somehow, she resists the urge to drop down to greet the animal, but she's clearly not liking the restriction.

Sound of them coming close has Tyce's lip pulling back in a snarl, even before his eyes flicker open, the pale blues overly bright, slightly out of focus as land on Garou standing there before slowly shifting to the other two. It's clear when he finally starts recognizing who is there, the lip uncurling as eyes closing again. "So they let you stretch your legs." that broken growl of a voice even more raw with the heat that has started to burn in his body. "Have then walk you past the leaves, they are starting to turn with the coming season." Balai, lifts her head as they come close, pushing her nose in against Val's hip before she lays down again as close to Tyce as she can get.

Valentin has learned, over the years, to be quite good at following Garou's simple instruction. "That is entirely up to him." Valentin answers Seren, "But I do not mind." And that voice… Ah, he'd know that one anywhere. "Good evening, Tyce." And Valentin smiles a little at the nose from Balai. And then Valentin drops to his knee beside Tyce. "I'll be sure to make Lieutenant Garou tell me all about the leaves." He says with a small laugh, "I was called for to heal you. Would you allow me to do so, please?" Because he was going to give the man a choice, at least. "And if so, do you mind if Seren observes? He is a Healer as well, as there not many of us, so trading knowledge is often invaluable."

Garou is here for one purpose now that Valentin and Seren have arrived safely. He's got to keep them that way, so he might have snuck a quick scritch of Balai-ears when she nosed at Valentin, but then he's turned around (with his BACK turned to MAGES, OH NO) to keep a better eye on the central part of Hightown buzzing around them, ever-watchful.

Seren nods. "Thank you," is said to Valentin and he looks over at Tyce. "I have to have your permission. If you'd rather, I can go." Of course, he expected that back turn- you can't guard anyone with your back to the actual sources of danger. Revas of course makes a noise at the man that barely carries past their small group. "Valentin just had much more experience as a healer than I do."

"More the merrier."Tyce grunts opening his eyes again. "No not yet." gaze landing fully on Val even as he scoots himself back straighter against the wall, hissing through his teeth as he does. "Chantry has been paid, s' ya don't have t'do' anything you don't have the mind to." a slight slurr working it's way in the more he speaks. "but if'ya going too.. then I would have ya look at her first. Back flank mauled. I tried to get it clean.." fingers stainted with dried blood tangling into the brown fur behind Balai's ears.

There's a smile, a real, actual smile from Valentin at that. "Tyce, you have… Absolutely no idea how much you have just made my day." He says, quiet enough that it doesn't travel farther than their little knot. "But I will see to you, and if Balai has been hurt, I will of course to see to her as well." And he follows the sound of the hound's breathing to lead his hand to her back, slow enough that if Balai decided she was going to shy from him she could. But if she doesn't, there is bright, clear, fluid magic that flows through the hound, finding the wound and investigating it. And when he has identified the bite there, that same magic begins to knit flesh and torn muscle, following the lines of the wound through Balai's circulatory system to make sure that infection hasn't gotten into her blood. It's simpler, healing animals, they do not protest near so often as their human counterparts.

At this point in his life, Garou's reaction to that rushing water magic is at least half Pavlovian in nature. So there is a low sigh from the tin can standing guard, a slight shift in posture that is simultaneously relaxing and tensing… a single huff of breath to follow. That's the sum total of his contribution, here.

Seren tips his head to watch, the nightwing on his shoulder mimicking the pose as the healing is observed. He's nearly smiling as he reaches up to smooth his fingers over the bird's feathers. If it didn't make Valentin so happy, he might be a little jealous. Animals don't complain about your healing or complain that you're taking too long. They certainly don't complain about your race. Revas, however, is the only one who comments in the form of one of those low, soft coos that is aimed at Balai.

Few have ever heard a sound come out of the Mop but there it is when Val's fingers find her, when his magic rushes through her body, the small whiny whimper to which the big head turns and presses in against the mage's side. A couple thwaps of her huge tail and Valentin finds himself the recipient of puppy kisses where ever she can reach. The effect doesn't end with the hound however, Balai's healing, the tension easying from her body has a profound effect on the archer. Tyce's eyes close again, his head falling back, though there is still wear and pain in his features, the man is quiet, the tightness easying around his mouth, in the line of his jaw. "Thank you, that more than makes for the amount paid." said as fingers smooth over her dark fur.

Valentin smiles again at Balai's affections, petting through mop brown fur and laughing. "Ah, that's a good girl." He says, though he knows she won't hear him. He shakes his head, gently pushing Balai away and down, so she is out of his way. "It is no trouble. The suffering of animals has always been something that has brought me joy to ease." He says, so much more at ease here, doing this work, than he has been in some time. "Now, let's see to you, friend. I imagine you'll be a right sight more complicated. May I?" And he offers his hand to Tyce, because he's going to need to examine what is going on via magic before he can continue with what need be done.

"C'est vrai," Garou offers quietly, his first contribution of any substance to the conversation. One of the most memorable days of his life had begun with Valentin healing a tiny mother bird and her broken wing. "Beasts and birds alike, no?" And though there is more warmth in his voice than anyone else has been able to inspire the last few weeks, there is a distance that is still new but unavoidable when they are outside and among other people.

Seren moves so that he's as far from in the way as possible, but with a better vantage point. He doesn't need to interfere, but he has an interest in this extraction. Pulling a misplaced arrow from a hunter is a little different than removing one that was intended to kill and the bulk of his healing has been of the results of poor life choices. He's still not going to talk. He was given permission to observe, not interrupt. He can ask his questions later.

The truth of the matter is Davan was probably right in not trusting Tyce, if he had left him with Tyce comment that he could pay his own way, the dog would be healed and it's a good chance that he would now send Val and his merry band on their way. But oddly enough the man has a type of honor that will not allow that Davan spent money of false pretenses, at least not once Val has stated that he is all in. Not really one for drama, with all the decisions now made, he just gives a short nod, leaving his head back against the wall. After all, there are a lot of things broken in the man, Val's only going to be able to deal with the body, the rest can sit and fester as they had been.

Garou's commentary makes Valentin gtin. "Indeed." He says with a nod. Now, see, this is where things get a little bit complicated. Because, over the years, he's gotten used to listening for small movements from people… But he doesn't know Tyce well. "Tyce, I am sorry…" He offers gently, "And I think you have just nodded your agreement, but I… I cannot be sure of that because I cannot see you and if you wish to refuse me, I would not want to do something you did not want… Could I ask you for words? Even just one?"

Valentin's agreement is enough to pull a quirk of Garou's lips, one that grows a little more when his mage has to go through an explanation Garou has heard him give so many times now he's lost count. Oh, the circumstances change, to be sure, but the meat of the thing never deviates much.

Seren might be busy watching, but Revas? She's beginning to wander a little and her elf has to reach up to keep her in place. In protest, she tugs at his hair but at least there's no noise from the pair.

A wince at Valentin's remark, realizing what he had done and his own eyes opening to find first the mage, then the others beyond him. Eyes landing on Seren, then a pat on Balai's back and a flicker of fingers has the big dog climbing to her feet and moving to the elf, bumping against him as Tyce meets his eyes with a small nod before looking back to Val with his raw growl. "Of course, do what you will."

"Thank you." Valentin says quietly, bowing his head and closing his eyes, his hand resting upon Tyce's knee. It's different, when the magic is actually flowing through you. It's bright, and cool, and rushing. A lot like a mountain brook, or the spray of the ocean. Rivulets down each limb, pooling in the center of Tyce's body, and then breaking upon the place that the arrow is lodged. And upon the magic finding that, there is a small sound of understanding. "We will have to get that out first." He says. His magic could force it, but it was messier, and often left scarring. "But I can at least ease the pain first." And in the next area, the whole area around Valentin is washed in cool, rippling energy that unwinded tight muscle and eases pain in a deep, soothing way. And then his hand leaves Tyce's leg, and he pulls the bag from his shoulder. Opening it, a particular leather roll is extracted, as well as a small wooden box, a metal bowl, and a glass bottle. The bottle he opens first, a sharp, astringent smell obvious in the air. Highly distilled alcohol, clear and harsh. And some is used to fill the bowl, while the rest is applied to the healer's hands. The roll is opened then, two blades taken from inside. One, fine and sharp, placed into the bowl, and left there. The other more dull, but small. And this he uses first. Not on skin, but nimble fingers trace up Tyce's arm, tendrils of cool magic guiding him, until he is over the place where the arrow sits. And a large square of fabric is cut away out of his shirt around the wound, guiding with his own touch in such a way that if Valentin slips, he will cut himself and not Tyce, giving him a window to work through. He would have likely needed to replace the thing anyway. And with that done, the smaller blade is put aside. The box is opened, and inside is a good bit of gauze. That will become relevant shortly.

"Right, so… This is where the not fun part starts." He says, "I am going to loosen the way for this arrowhead, but that means cutting fresh. I will try and be quick." And as he's explaining, Valentin is taking the finer blade up in his hand. Soft fingers find the edge of the wound, and it's a fluid motion, in with the blade, and out, fast as a bee sting, the depth guided by the knowledge given him by his magic. And in the next breath, Valentin takes hold of the shaft remaining on the arrow and pulls firmly out. The blade is discarded back into the bowl, and his hand comes back with gauze, applied to stem the tide of blood. And it's then that the healing begins. Bright, vibrant, and rushing, this more intense than the inquisitive tendrils of magic. Like water it fills the places that are wrong or hurt or empty, knitting and cleaning and making new. But this part, this will take a minute, because with how long this was left to sit, he has pockets of unpleasantness to clean up along the way, and a circulatory system to check.

Seren tilts his head again, watching the arrow's removal with particular interest. Revas is more used to having actual work to do during the healing process, but with Balai there, she can busy herself with quiet grooming and comfort posturing enough to satisfy her (obviously skewed) instincts. The elf, however, is to busy watching the process itself to do more than make sure the bird will be quiet, and give Balai a greeting ear scratch.

Tyce doesn't move, doesn't open his eyes.. in fact there is very little at first besides his breathing to tell that the man is even alive. The first wash of magic, eases what tension was still in the man after the healing of Balai. There is no objection to the destruction of his shirt or Val's warning about the arrow it's self. That that is where things change, the digging out of the arrow bringing with it primal growl more wounded that Balai could ever produce.. sweet beads, hands curl but still he stays pressed against the wall until it is free and the cooling breath of magic follows. Fists unfurling, that hard edge seeming to melt though what is behind that mask is more a raw open wound than the one being tended. Pain, agony actually, one of the soul instead of the body washing across his features then they too start to ease as something amazing happens, the man slips into sleep for perhaps the first time in months.

A few moments later, Valentin's healing ends. Wound sealed, infection cleared, as well as a couple of older damage mended. And, honestly, he couldn't help himself, that liver was having a time of things and he made its life a little easier. He'd been expecting the growl, the tension, the everything. That's all fairly standard. So, as it turns out, is the sleep. It makes Valentin smile, that change in breathing pattern. "He'll need to be allowed to sleep, and water when he wakes." He says softly, this mostly cast to Rou. "If you could tell one of the Sisters? They're more likely to listen to you."

Rou's life is such that he's very practiced at lifting people; he has always been very strict about his training regimen, after all, else parts of his life he very much enjoys would not work nearly so well. So when Valentin's voice angles back toward him a little, Rou knows enough to turn around and assess the situation… and drop into a low crouch to heft Tyce up so that he's half passed-out against Garou's shoulder and half in a sort of princess carry. "Seren, the dog." Because he's seen that happy mop enough times to put two and two together and know that she won't hear him if he whistles. "Valentin, if you fall in immediately beind me, you'll have a clear shot inside." Since inside is where they're most likely to find a Sister who can direct Garou where he should lay out his sack of princess potatoes.

Seren nods and lifts Revas from her doggy perch to his shoulder again. He Gives Balai a pat and the general signal for follow (nearly as one would with halla) before following along. He takes up position behind Valentin so that there's someone at the man's back as if it's just what one does. Only then does he voice a "Yes lieutenant," merely to acknowledge that he's following instructions.

Balai follows along easily enough, keeping Rou's sack in sight even as she bumps against Seren's thigh, nose occasionally pushing at Val's hand in front of them. Now that he is sleeping, the dog seems to be more than happy to go where the others lead.

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