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Scene Title Pirate Piercings and Dalish Tattoos
Synopsis Two healers discuss piercings and tattoos.
Location Library, Circle of Magi
Date 27 August, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Piercings and Tattoos
Logger Seren

Late morning, and the library is still fairly quiet. People are sleepy, or taking a late breakfast. But Valentin has been up for hours, he had a class this morning. Really, the fact they let him teach people is never going to be something that doesn't surprise him. Not even a little bit. Nevertheless, it's true, and it means that he's well awake and ready for a day of… Well, Garou had work today, and Tytos was with him, and he didn't have a mind to go to the Chantry, and his wrists were tired of writing. So instead the Enchanter has scaled one of the tall bookshelves.

Seren had been in to bring books back and search for more, but within a few seconds he's spotted Valentin and it's really never going to stop surprising him that he finds his friend in all of these odd places. Never. "Is it the isolation or the ability to listen in on the silence? Or do you just like to make people wonder?" Revas isn't with him this time, being off on her own errand, which is just as well since he gets looks for the nightwing being in the library.

Valentin laughs. "Hello to you too, Seren." He says, though he casts his voice soft to not disturb anyone else that may be spending their morning in the library. "I just like to climb, and it's not like they give us trees… Or ship rigging." It all comes down to him having been a pirate, in the end.

"Good morning. … creators, I haven't climbed a tree in so long…" Seren sighs. "Well, mind if I join you, then? I actually had something I wanted to ask you, if you don't mind." He'll wait for permission, but he's already looking at the shelves and weighing the possibility of tipping. Then again, being an elf has its advantages. They don't exactly have the hollow bones that some seemed convinced of, but lightweight is definitely a good descriptive.

"Sure, come on up." Valentin says with a grin. These bookshelves are huge. They're heavy. And they're weighed down with rows upon rows of books. The things have to be fifteen feet high. It won't go anywhere from Seren's weight. Valentin shifts, pulling his feet up to sit with his legs crossed as he waits.

Seren chuckles at the very idea, but climbs anyway. "This is… you're right, this is nice. I used to sit high up in the trees to listen to the wind. I'd forgotten what it was like. You could hear the birds and listen to the halla calling to eachother below." The memory brings a sigh but he shakes that off. "I wanted to know if it was alright to ask about the piercings. It's always seemed strange to me that you didn't have them, but you did. Did you decide to remove them?" Because he's from Rivain. Humans have piercings. It's just the way it is.

"Truthfully, I don't know." Valentin says with a shrug, "I do not know if anyone else in the Circle has them. It's not exactly an easy detail for me to discern." He pauses, shifts again, to put his back to the wall properly. "They were… More gentle than one might expect. Only one of them was torn and that was, I think, legitimately an accident. But I've had a mind recently of trying to repierce them. Though I'm not sure how well it would go with… Well… It was certainly a lot more simple to do when I had my sight and a mirror."

"I could help," Seren offers. "We would just need to find the appropriate jewelry. I don't think my carvings would make suitable decoration. Not shiny enough. You need shiny. …still, the thought of them taking away from you." Not that it's surprising that he's that protective. "I have needles to help pierce the skin in my tools. They're meant for the creation of vallaslin, but I don't think I'll be putting that skill to use here and imagine their unhappiness if I started giving tattoos."

"I am sure it could be acquired." Valentin says, "Out in the market. I could probably harrass Garou for it. For all… 28 of them." There's a small laugh then. "I have needles too. Stitches and things. But you should definitely take up the tattooing." There's another shrug. "I was angry about it for awhile. But it was a long time ago, and I had a lot better things to be angry about, even at the time. Like my sight."

"It's pretty painful. I've seen men and women nearly faint from the pain of vallaslin. I didn't mind it as much…" Seren chuckles. "But I'm fairly certain the human population, a few aside, would think I meant to torture them. I'm fairly certain only a few would trust me. …but if we can acquire the jewelry, I'll help you re-pierce. There's at least one that I saw that might even still take it without needing to be done again."

"Yeah, well, most Southern folk can't handle piercing, either." Valentin says with a small laugh, and then nods. "Thank you. I will see what can be done. And yes, I think there's a couple of them in my ears that would still allow for it. Maybe a little uncomfortably, but they were the first. Followed by my tongue, but that closed quick."

Seren laughs. "It's true. …and if you want to be tattooed, all you have to do is tell me what you want and where. Fortunately, I had my bag with me when I was taken. I dropped it, but Revas picked it up before following me. I still have the ink powders." He regards Valentin for a moment, studying the places where the piercings should be. "I can imagine you'll look like a proper Rivaini pirate," he informs. "…and hopefully they don't try to remove them from you again." It's that 'I will shred them with my bare hands' tone.

Valentin laughs heartily at that. "Yes, well, that's because I am." He says through his laughter, and nods. "I will think on that, it sounds like precisely the sort of thing that would be interesting to me." As for the notion of the piercings being removed again? "I can hope."

"I may actually draw blood if they try," Seren admits. "To tell you the truth, I've thought of it myself. It would have to be where I can reach, but I imagine it can be done." He's silent for a moment, then sighs. "I had better go before I'm being looked for. I promised a few of the apprentices stories and if I don't find them, I'm going to face pouting faces." He reaches out to touch Valentin's hand in parting. "I'll talk to you later, hm?" But then he's hoping down from the bookshelf because of course just dropping is what you do.

"I am sure they would be charming on you." Valentin says with a smile and a nod. "Yes, of course, don't let me keep you. You know where to find me." And Valentin expects Seren to climb down. Because, well, look… Back in Val Royeaux, Valentin had jumped from those shelves plenty. But these? These were tall. "Seren, Go-Maker's balls, don't do that." He says, worried. And you know it's bad when Valentin is the one fussing.

Seren laughs. "Elf, Valentin, remember? I used to jump from trees. I'll come talk to you later. If you need me, I'll be in the courtyard later and then in my room after checking on Macenaya. I may come steal the affections of your cub again. I'm feeling quite abandoned by that bird of mine." Not really, but he puts on the abandoned tone. Now he's off for those stories.

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