Special Guest Appearances: Sister Terese & Sister Hazel

Scene Title Poultices From Bethany
Synopsis Bethany delivers poultices to the Chantry.
Location Chantry
Date 14 Justinian 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Whispers of sickness, questions about the Circle
Logger Steel

The early afternoon sun filters through the windows of the Chantry, alighting the golden statue and making it gleam. It is quiet today, and two Chantry sisters are tending some of the lower burning candles near the edges of the room. They talk quietly, but in the silent vastness of the room, everything echoes. It is difficult to keep secrets. here.

"Ostwick six years ago, and Starkhaven before that…" One sister whispers to the other, handing over the scraps of wax from one alter.

"And there were whispers about the Denerim Alienage too." Says the other, placing the scraps of wax into a basket to be collected, melted down, and reused for more candles at a later time.

"No, no, that wasn't the same fever, surely. It was too isolated…"

Bethany wanders into the chantry, her light armor and staff having been left behind in lowtown. The latter for rather obvious reasons. Instead there is a bag slung over her shoulder by a well worn leather strap. Soft eyes wander the gleaming hall, finding no one to ask for directions save for the pair of murmuring Chantry sisters. Quietly, Bethany walks towards then, "Excuse me, sisters, do you have a moment to spare?"

They seem to have not quite been expecting anyone to come in today, with no service offered, but when the taller of the two Sisters turns to face Bethany, it is with a pleasant smile. "Yes, of course, how may we help you?" She says, the very edges of her voice touched with an accent that might be Orlesian. The other Sister remains quiet, basket balanced on her hip, though she too seems kind, if not a little unnerved by the conversation she and the other Sister were just having.

There is concern on Bethany's face at seeing a chantry sister distressed, but then again with the events and results of the lowtown summerday festival the people of Kirkwall, including the chantry, have every reason to be concerned. "I saw the note on the chanter's board about poultices." Bethany begins to explain in her thick Ferelden accent. That and the dress clearly mark her as a refugee. The bag is slipped from her shoulder and held open for the sisters to see, revealing the ten asked for poultices inside. "Who should I bring these to?"

"Oh, Maker smile upon you, child." The first Sister says, placing a gentle hand on Bethany's shoulder. "The Sister Terese and I can take them. Please, follow us." With a nod to her fellow Sister, who looks a good sight more relieved at the sight of the poultices, she leads toward the back of the Chantry. To a small chest which she kneels, unlocking it with a key.

Bethany nods falling into step beside the pair of sisters, "Maker smile on us all." She responds to the greeting, almost by rote. If she wasn't an apostate being a chantry sister just might have worked out well for the middle Hawke sibling. She follows the sisters to the back on the chantry, comforted as she always is by the Maker's House, but also keenly aware of her surroundings. Templars have been known to trap apostates after all. She waits patiently, looking over the sister's shoulder at the chest.

A small pouch is drawn from the chest, one of many. Likely pre-sorted amounts of coin, all that they've been allowed to give out for the poultices. "It is not as much as you would make in the market," The Sister says, rising, offering the pouch to Bethany, "But it comes with our thanks." And with the pouch, which is a sturdy leather, and embroidered with the Chantry sunburst.

Bethany seems hesitant to take the money at all, but she does need to contend with herself, brothers, mother and unfortunately uncle all needing to eat, and thus, takes the embroidered pouch into her palm. The weight of it in her hand brings a rueful smile to her face, "It isn't very far off, actually." She says, "The merchant's guild runs an aggressive enterprise." But, for all that the double standards of buying and selling, and other general disenfranchisement of the Ferelden refugees is, it isn't these sister's fault and it does Bethany no good to burden them with her troubles. "I hope the need for poultices in mass doesn't arise, but I'm glad to make sure the chantry has them just in case."

The second Sister takes the poultices, their new home being her basket. "We also hope this, child, and thank you dearly. Is there aught else we may help you with?" The first says, leaning to once again lock the chest from which the pouch had come.

Bethany shakes her head, not looking to linger overly long. "Not that I can think of, though thank you for the offer, sister." She pauses considering for a moment before speaking. "Is it more than just violence form the qunari that has you concerned?" She queries, "If I may ask."

"We were low on them after the attack." The first Sister answers with a nod, "We like to keep a stock. In case of sickness…" She lingers a moment on that thought, "Or unfortunate circumstance, like Summerday."

Bethany nods, though the use of sickness with what she overheard of their previous conversation sparks her interest, she lets it be for now. "Of course. I hope there are others motivated to come forward and donate their time and effort." She says. Though, with that thought a question comes to mind. It's probably not the smartest thing to ask, but here we go. "If I may ask again, are the mages from the circle employed at all for healing or treating sickness in the wake of such misfortune?" She asks, "Under moderation from the templars, of course."

The Sister nods, the other moving off to store the poultices away. "When the Knight Commander allows it, yes, the Circle is permitted to come to offer aid in the Chantry." She answers softly.

Bethany nods, and curiosity satisfied starts to look towards the door. "Good, I'd hate to see such a resource wasted." She says, though her mind is elsewhere. At least when she's inevitably dragged off to the circle she might still be able to help some people. "I'll get out of your hair then. Maker watch over you both."

"Maker watch over you, child." The Sister says with a bow of her head. With Bethany seemingly ready for the door, she returns to her task of replacing candles.

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