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Scene Title Promises
Synopsis A Mage and a Templar hunt down a hunter.
Location Lowtown Markets, Alienage
Date Justinian 23, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Taril having a moment of maturity.
Logger Taril

The day was starting to wane. Clearing Deep Roads entrances takes a lot of work, but there were hours yet before the city was dark, due to the long daylight of summer. The hike back from Sundermount was tedious and quiet, but here they were none the less, in Lowtown. That was where the search was to begin, correct? A Templar, Cenn, specifically, in his armor, escorting one of the Circle Mages into Lowtown, presumably with some intended purpose. The market is busy, bustling with the business that comes with many of the laborers being free of their work for the day.

Taril has been a busy elf. He's hunted, he's washed from his hunt, and now he's here in the market to trade off the skins- cleaned but not yet processed- with one of the merchants he's familiar with. Every so often he shakes his head and laughs, countering the offer with one of his own before the two finally settle and several items are placed into a cloth bag in exchange for the small stack of rabbit skins. He's not paying much attention to the others in the market aside from where they are in relation to him. City people doing city things in a city is hardly novel.

Katerina has had better days… weeks, but at least she was finally getting this done. The elven circle mage walks perhaps a but further from the templar than is strictly normal. The girl is looking for something, head turning here and there,, tossing wild hair that just won't seem to behave for love or money along with it. She stops just outside the flow of traffic through lowtown, a frown across her face. That damn cat had told her where to look, but given her no notice of /how/ to find this damn necklace.

The Templar remains as near his ward as she allows him, but simply appears to be following.

Taril certainly isn't paying attention to this flat-ear and her escort. In fact, he's just going to breeze by them. Any time someone is looking that intently FOR something, he's usually in trouble. He may not know this woman, but instinct man, it's a thing. So he's out of here. Even if he does have to pass Katerina in order to do it.

As Taril passes her by the frown subsides, and is replaced by a look that is somehow simultaneously both dazed and relieved. It is the look of the person who has been carrying around Thedas' worse migraine for days only to have it suddenly stop… and then start again as the other elf keeps walking. Fuck. It had to be on a Dalish Elf. Great. Well, there was no point is spooking him in the middle of town. Instead Katerina waits for Taril to get a little bit of distance before walking over to Cenn and speaking to the templar quietly. "There's a decent chance I'm going to have to look for this thing in the alinage and you are not following me in there." She says to Cenn and it isn't at all a conversation as far as she's concerned. "I promise not to run off into the hills, but there's no point in you frightening all those people."

For a small moment, Cenn looks like he's going to protest the point. But, then, he sighs. "Fine. Do what you will." He says. After all, he's already breaking rules.

Taril is, predictably enough, heading for the alienage. It's been a pretty long day. He misses the tree and the relative quiet it provides. Plus, leaves smell better than… well, pretty much everything in a slum. Of course, now he has suspicions about those two and he takes a glance back to make sure he's not being followed. Getting in trouble is exactly the thing that will get him (even more of) a talking to from his Keeper. He's trying (and failing!) to avoid all of that.

Katerina isn't so much following Taril as she'd really like to talk to him. She gives him a moment again, to at least help with lessening the feeling of her breathing down his neck, before wandering towards the aelinage herself notably leaving her templar behind. Very behind.

Cenn follows as far as the edge of the Alienage, but stops there. He's not really keen on upsetting a bunch of people either. He will wait, and he will trust.

Taril stops and turns. "Alright, you've been 'not following' me far enough for me to get the hint. Is there something I can do for you? I can guarantee that I haven't done anything that involves you or yours. A few Qunari and some second born noble shits aside, I haven't really bothered anyone." A few Qunari. One big one, a bunch of small ones.

Well, that was unexpected. Bright green eyes blink a few times having, not quite accounted for this scenario. Then again Katerina wasn't accounting for much other than this fucking headache going away and getting a decent night's sleep. "Ir abelas." The city elf mutters, like she has some practice at speaking elven. "I…" She sighs, fuck it. "I think you have something that could be of a great help to me. A necklace." She glances over her shoulder to see gage just how much distance Cenn has decided to keep, and how populated the area around them is.

"I'm a hunter, not a thief. I haven't taken anything that I haven't traded for in this town. We've all been taught how to keep from breaking the rules set down by humans." At least Taril is being polite. He knows when to not use labels that could be taken as slurs. "You tell me what you think I have and I'll answer you."

Katerina shakes her head, "I'm not claiming that you're a thief, I am asking for your help." Her temperament seems to improve the longer she stands beside the hunter, though it's nothing to do with the man himself. "The explanation requires some bluntness, and no small amount of my putting myself on the line. Would you mind if we stepped off to somewhere a little more private than the street?" Katerina asks. "I swear I'm not looking to harm you or anyone in the alienage."

Taril gestures toward one of the empty hovels. "I can't take you to where I live unless you're willing to climb the tree. But this one was vacated a few days ago." With that, he walks over and opens the door to let them both in. Once the door is closed again he settles on the abandoned table and waits. "I can't really imagine what you'd want my help for, but if I can give it…" He sighs. "I may kick myself later for saying this, but if I can give it, then I will."

Katerina follows, it does seem like a reasonable enough suggestion. Strangely she's not at all surprised to hear that the hunter has been sleeping in the alienage's tree. Maybe she's just had a long day and is drastically running out of fucks to give. Once inside she takes a deep breath before beginning what always /feels/ like a ludicrous explanation. "Do you know a creature who likes to call herself Kitty?" She asks of the hunter. "Sometimes takes on the form of a large Tevinter cat?"

"I sleep with her," Taril confirms. "She said she likes my dreams and I'm not using them for anything that I'm aware of." Yes, he said that. "Did she send you looking for it?" He reaches for the pouch hanging from the cord round his neck and undoes the knot holding it. He's not going to pull the thing out just yet, though.

Katerina nods,or at least Taril's summation is close enough. "I met her in the fade." she begins. "She said the amulet could help keep me safe from demons while I wander there." The pattern of her breathing seems to be changing, now that she's had some time of not dealing with the constant feeling of an ice pick being driven into her head. "I didn't expect it to help with the aching as well, the stinging that comes with the air of this city." The implications of her being a dreamer are well enough there, but she's not quite ready to say as much, how people react is often a crapshoot.

Taril honestly looks as if that was the last thing he wanted to hear. "Shit…" See? Happy. He pulls out the amulet and holds it up. "You must understand that I'm not going to give this to you? I will let you hold onto it. If Kitty said it would help, then she's told you to come look for it. One day I am going to ask for it and I expect you to give it back. I want to return it to the place I found it. I want to learn as much from it as I can before that. You understand? Agree? Because you can try to take it away from me if you want. You're a mage, I imagine you could use some sort of power to force me. You would have done that already if you were inclined."

"I have no magic to control people like that." Katerina replies. "I mean, I could attack you and take it, but I could do that with or without magic." She sighs, small smile on her face in spite of it. "Blood magic is what it would take to control you like that, and that's not a thing I know how to do." She listens to Taril explain and is surprisingly understanding. "Makes sense. I promise to do everything in my power to protect it while I'm holding on to it." She agrees. "Hopefully I'll have fortified the fade where I sleep better by the time you need it back."

Taril lets out a long sigh and holds the amulet out. "I hope you keep your word." He also offers over the pouch he'd kept the thing in. "Just in case you don't want anyone to see it. The metal would make it a tempting target for those with big eyes and sticky fingers."

Katerina takes both offered items, once the amulet is actually in her hands she takes a deep breath and looks as though she might just cry. She considers a moment before instead choosing to slip the cord around her neck and hide the metal pendant under her robes. The pouch is then offered back to Taril. "Thank you."

Taril nods. "Taril. My name is Taril," he informs as he takes the pouch back to tuck it away for future use. "Don't thank me. I'm not sure if anyone should have that thing before we understand it. It was just a risk I was willing to take." He stands and heads for the door. "Remember your promise. I'm not going to forget it."

"Katerina." the city elf offers in return. "I'll not forget, and I will see what I can find out about the thing for myself." The mage heads for the door as well, no reason to leave Cenn out in the market with his proverbial pants down for longer than necessary.

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