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Scene Title Reaching Out
Synopsis Maura seeks out the Wardens.
Location The Hanged Man
Date Justinian 15, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Stubbornness!
Logger Varric

Any attempts to make herself look strong, sturdy,.. just no. So Maura settled for presentable and maybe even capable. Capable of what exactly? Well, who knows. But at least she arrives clean and with hair braided back and a sigh less of a mess then she did the last time she was in here to drink somethng containing alcohol as her lunch. A pause at the bar to ask for directions, and soon the mage woman is on her way to that corner of the Tavern occupied by the Grey Wardens. "Excuse me. Pardon me… Yes, I'm looking for Senior Warden Adeline?" Her eyes dart around, thinking she may recognize the woman upon seeing her since she at least remembers something of her from that Qunari oddnes in Lowtown during the festival.

Wardens, plural… That was rich. There were four of them, and Adeline couldn't even convince one of them to stay here. So, today, the people sitting at the table with Adeline are just a few of the tavern's regulars she'd taken to occasional card games with. Looking up as she hears her name, the Vael cants her head, setting down her card. "Aye, that's me." She says, "How can I help you?"

Hey, it's still more then one! Which is good enough for Maura's pedantry. As she turns towards the table the voice came from her smile comes across a bit nervous, but is genuine nonetheless. "I apologize for disturbing your card game. But I was wondering if I could speak to you privately about something." Her gaze flicks towards the cards, and then back up at the dark haired woman. "I don't mind waiting until you're done here of course. But it is… well, a time sensitive matter." She'll look back on this, and be proud of her euphemisms.

"Yeah, of course." Adeline says, folding her hand and forfeiting her bet. Between the coin they've just won from her, and her standing from the tables, her companions don't seem to know whether to be peeved or enthused. It's a weird mixture. The Senior Warden pays it no mind, nodding toward the stairs and heading up herself. As she moves, a bird that had been perched over above the bar alights from his place, the falcon finding a new perch upon Adeline's shoulder as though he very much belongs there.

Maura follows Adeline, with a vastly relieved expression. This isn't exactly the type of conversation she wants to have in haring distance of the patrons of the bar. Though she does blink at the coin left for the rest of the table patrons. And then the Falcon. Her eyes light up, obviously, and she nods towards the bird. "May I ask is name? He… I assume it's a he.. is quite a handsome devil. Though I suspect he knos this." That's right bird, she's talkin' to you.

"His, indeed." Adeline says with a nod, one hand coming up to smooth pale plumage. "This is Sterling. My ever faithful companion." The falcon turns his head to look at the voice he does not know, clicking his beak happily at his mistress's touch to his feathers. Very pretty bird, who seems quite content in knowing it.

Maura wiggles her fingers at the Falcon when his head turns her way. "Sterling." She commits the name to memory, and then is thoughtfully quiet until they are behind closed doors. "Well, then. Would you like the story behind the help I am about to ask for. Or, do you prefer that I just get right to the point and you can ask what questions you wish of me." She's much more relaxed not being out in the open. And, she may as well get Adie's preference before she starts babbling.

The suite turned dormitory come office is a simple thing, but it is servicable enough. Adeline shrugs Sterling from her shoulder, and he moves to a perch near the corner of the room, set up for just that purpose. "Just go ahead and ask for the help, I can ask for details." Adeline says with a smile, her Starkhaven accent a little thicker behind closed doors. She endeavors to be easily understand downstairs, but here she's relaxing some.

"Alright then." How to word it, how to word it… ah, screw it. "My husband is suffering from lyrium withdrawl. He was a Templar, and we thought he could get away with easing off of it with just a week's worth availabel to him. But it's not working. Anders was able to provide him some temporary relief, but.." At once, she takes a deep breath and then blows the air up across her own forehead to get that annoying stray few strands away from her eyes. ".. we need a permanent source of it so that he doesn't die or go stark raving mad from the withdrawal. It was suggested the Wardens have a supply, in the form he needs. Though, it may also require him to become a Grey Warden."

"Was a Templar?" Adeline says, setting herself down on one of the cots in the room. "Did he lose his commission?" The look Adeline sets Maura with is one that is sharp, but not unkind. The look of someone who is capable of helping, and likely even wants to, but who does not trust. Dour and stern, almost motherly, and not a good face to lie to.

Maura remains standing, since it allows her to pace a little bit. She does look Adeline right in the eye again when she speaks though. She doesn't appear inclined to lie, though obviously there's many a slick con artist out there. It could be the catch in her voice, or even the way she stubbornly sets her jaw to avoid getting all water works emotional that is more convincing then the story itself. Though really, who would make this shit up? "Was." she agrees. "I'm a Mage. A mage from the Waking Sea Circle in Ferelden. He was the Templar assigned to me and we became… involved. Obviously. When the blight came, he stuck me on a ship bound for Kirkwall and told me to wait for him." Her lips twist wryly. "Since I didn't turn myself in.. no thinking person would turn themselves in to THIS circle… I'm now an apostate. He tried to convince the Order I was dead. But, they didn't buy it. So, he stole my phylactery and came here without permission. He will not go back to the Order." For obvious reasons. "You could turn me in of course, but I am hoping you won't."

Adeline takes a deep breath, and whistles, low and quiet. Sterling returns to her shoulder, and she returns to petting his plumage. It seems soothing. "I see." The Senior Warden says, and sighs. "I wish I could help you, truly, but that is no reason to join the Wardens. Here, though…" She rises, going to one of the trunks in the room and rummaging through, finding a few bottles of processed lyrium. "You may have these, and I hope they tide you over until another solution can be found."

Maura's hand may itch to grab the bottles, but she steps back and shakes her head. "No, I can't just take that." she says simply, with a sigh in her voice. "I would ask how much they're worth. But, I doubt I've enough coin to purchase them outright. I will speak with the Tevinter mercenary group; perhaps they can help me." How, if she hasn't the coin for it, is another story entirely. But the woman is offered a genuine smile of thanks anyway. "I appreciate your taking the time to hear me out though. Good day to you." Whence, she spins' round to leave.

"Oi." Adeline calls after the swiftly departing mage, "I am Adeline Vael of Starkhaven, and I took no vow of poverty when I joined the Wardens. I have the coin to hand out the lyrium. Swallow your pride and take it." That tone is different, proud, even, but also scolding, every inch a noble as much as a Warden in that moment, and more than a fair share motherly.

Oh boy. Stubborn meets stubborn! Maura tilts her head a little, before looking back over her shoulder. "It's not just my pride I think of. I don't take things that I haven't earned, Warden Vael. But if you've ever need of a mage who isn't bound by the Circle, you can reach me through Anders." she says simply, though with a faint smile for the woman's motherly tone.

Adeline huffs. "And you're a friend of Anders? Maker's breath, woman, take the lyrium." She says, "And if he's actually interested in being a Warden, send him my way, hm? I just… There are ways to approach this situation, and trust me, your wife asking for favor because of lyrium addiction isn't the way. Please, take them. Get him his right mind in order, and then if he wants to come talk, I will make time for him."

"Are you kidding? He'd rather chew on his own dirty socks then become a Warden." Maura scoffs. "And if HE becomes a Warden, so do I - an idea he likes even less. I'm certainly not going to let him do it alone. Not now, not this time. I won't even go into his reaction to the Tevinter mercenaries." Whatever THAT means. "But even worse? Is to be under Meredith's thumb with the way they treat their mages. And he would probably seize with heart failure if I so much as hinted at turning myself into the circle at this point. So none of this is about what we want. It's about what we have little choice about." Seriously, who atually WANTS to be a Grey Warden…. okay, except for a few sickos out there somewhere. And didn't she just have a similar discussion with Adair?

Well, there are some people who do choose this. One such person is standing before Maura. Though she'd done so for her own fear, and escape. None the less. "My statement stands. Variation of reasoning or no. If it is the most palatable option to him, I can be found. Now… You can take them, or we can waste them. Catch." And with that Adeline tosses one of the vials of lyrium, underhanded, into the air. It's a gentle throw, slow, but Maura will not have all that much time.

Maura isn't dumb enough to let it fall to the floor and shatter. Though she does gurgle with frustration when she catches it. "Or I could leave it with Varric to give back to you." she points out, still stubborn. To the last. She quite honestly looks at the lyrium like she absolutely despises the stuff. Which is probably all too true right now. "If he comes to you, no matter what he says, I wish to be made a Grey Warden if he is." Of course, she can't really force that decision. But it feels darn good to say it. And, probably much to Adeline's vexation.. the mage is absolutely going to start dropping off coins, a bit at a time as she earns them, to pay for the vial of lyrium. For now though, she will again express her thanks before heading back to the clinic.

There are a hundred things Adeline could say to that, but she says none of them. She just nods as Maura thanks her and lets the mage leave. Eventually, she'll make her way back to her card game, but for now she just sits quietly with Sterling and things.

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