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Scene Title Recovery
Synopsis Adair wakes up and hears Maura's plans.
Location Clinic
Date Justinian 14, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Sap and Sarcasm
Logger Adair

Adair is not even used to being awake yet, let alone coherent. That doesn't stop him from starting into consciousness so suddenly that he nearly falls from the cot. "Wha…" He looks around, almost panicked, before recognition sets in and he lays back to catch his breath. There isn't any noise, so he's not going to yell for the healing mage that lives here. Instead, he calls out for the mage that brought him here in a loud whisper. "Maura? Why am I here?" Next question. "Why do I feel like I have lead weights attached to me?" And lastly? "What did I drink?My mouth tastes like I chewed on a druffalo's ass."

Maura had in fact rushed over as soon as she spoke that last word to Anders, and grabbed a blanket on the way so she can shake it out and settle it over Adair when she arrives cotside; her lips curl up ruefully at all of the questions. "You've been fevered, hallucinating, seizing, and having nightmares for too many days in a row. So, I brought you to the clinic." He won't argue after hearing all of that, right? "Anders was temporarily able to ease some of your symptoms. And.." she takes a breath. "He had two vials of liquid lyrium we gave you. But again, it's only a temporary help." There she pauses, before adding. "He didn't mention druffalo ass hair being an ingredient. But I guess you never know."

Adair shakes his head. "You shouldn't… The point was to not rely on it anymore. Liquid?" He groans. "Well, that's going to be humiliating," he sighs and tries to move enough to sit up only to give it up within a few seconds. "Once I can, I'll have to replace those vials. …he shouldn't have given those up." Great, now he feels guilty AND weak. "Days? It's been days? …maybe lyrium really is just druffalo ass hairs."

"I don't think you have enough lyrium to even wean off of it, without a great deal of risk." Maura admits, keeping her voice low enough that their conversation can't be heard. "You need a supply of it, so that you can get off of it slowly." Or, not at all. "And there are a couple of options available for me to look into while you're… recovering." Or going back into withdrawal if she doesn't work fast enough. "No arguing, because it has been days. I'm worried."

"Options? What options? I have to do this. Even if I could go back to the order, I couldn't do it here. I've heard how they treat the mages here, I won't do it." Adair looks suspicious, but at least he's not ready to flip out without hearing what the other options are. "If they're options where you go to people who could be after more than an honest trade with you… Maura, this is my problem, not yours."

"This is our problem. And you aren't exactly in a potion to negotiate with anyone while you're having a seizure." Maura points out helpfully, placing her hand flat on his chest and pushing him back down into a supine position. "I would never ask or expect you to go back to the order. Not a chance." Just the thought quite literally makes her shudder. "Our first option is the Tevinter mercenary group. People have heard good things about them, all things considered. They don't have quite the same prejudice' about mage's. Different ones, but not the same ones. I would work for the lyrium without pay until we could both work for them. Or, I can speak to the Grey Wardens."

"Maura, no." Unlike the other times he's said it, this this time Adair makes it sound more like a plea. "I don't want you working to take care of me. NOT that I'm that backward, but… It feels wrong." Oh and then she's doing great things like mentioning the Wardens. "The what? You know what they do, don't you? They put themselves in front of darkspawn INTENTIONALLY. I sent you here to get you away from that. Look, I know things have changed, you're better at controlling your spells than you were, but… Maker, even their motto makes death a goal."

"Who says you wouldn't be working too?" Maura snorts, leaning one hip against the table nearest his cot. "I secure the source of lyrium for you, and then you get to work too once it works its magic." The whole darkspawn thing makes her cringe though. Because seriously, who wants to volunteer for that shit. "I think the idea is that if you become a Grey Warden either it would break the hold lyrium has on you. Or, if not, at least they could supply it without you having to even consider going back to the Templars." Buuut, oh look at that interesting spot on the wall over there. Probably leftover vomit! "And I am most definitely not letting you face darkspawn again alone. Absolutely not."

"I've done it before," Adair points out. "I wanted to spare you that, hat's the whole point." He sighs, reaching up to rub a hand over his forehead as he puffs out a sigh. "Well, I didn't know what to expect but it wasn't this. Did Anders say how bad it is? I mean, it can't be that bad. I'm awake now. Which is an improvement, right? I mean, there's still the possibility of waiting this out." Stubborn, isn't he?

"I know. And I've heard the nightmare's you've had for doing it, too. You got me here, and free of the Mage Circle. And Ferelden's Blight. But whatever happens next I won't let you do it alone. Not anymore. At least we can be together, right? You can be as merciless as you like in making sure I know how to best defend myself. I'll train constantly, if need be." Note how Maura doesn't want to talk about how bad it is. Instead, she sort of fidgets with her hands and clears her throat a bit. "We're no longer sure that's a possibility. The only reason you feel better right now is because of the way he healed you, and the liquid lyrium. It's just masking what's going on."

"What's going on…" Adair laughs bitterly. "I guess age doesn't count for as much as the amount of time you've taken it. That's good to know." Except the opposite of good, really. "Am I even going to be able to stop? I wanted to leave it behind for you. Try to have something normal." There's another tired laugh and he scrubs at his face with his hands. "By that I didn't mean 'become a mercenary or join the Wardens'."

"I don't think you want to hear my opinion about the Templar order and Lyrium. I expect the language I use would shock you even more then I already have since you got off the boat." Somehow, she manages to sound both sad and rueful about that. She picks up one of his hands to hold on to, quiet for a moment while it all sinks in. "Normal would have been lovely. I imagine at some point we can have a 'close to normal'? Until then, why don't we just try to get through whatever's thrown at us and take whatever happiness we can find along the way."

"I bet ours would match up," Adair replies. "I suppose normal was just an illusion. It's not like we're ever going to be allowed to have it anyway. Not with everyone convinced that the best place for you is tucked away in a circle. He makes an angry, growling noise and lets his head fall back without thought for impact. "Alright. …alright… We figure it out. I guess we were always going to take whatever we could get anyway. I never thought this would be the way I started doubting everything I was taught."

"Does it involve a lot of words that would make a sailor blush? If so, then yes." They would definitely match up. "A circle wouldn't be so bad if it were more of a … collaboration, between the Order and the Circle. I see the benefit of having a Templar there in case things go wrong." But there is no use philosophizing over it, not when she has to demonstrate lightning reflexes to get a pillow under his head before he smacks it back against the cot. "Careful!" Yes, Maura just squeaked. "I made a new friend, too. A dwarf named Varric. I think the two of you could probably trade sarcastic quips at each other all day. He knows a lot about the city." Safer topic, hopefully?

"Yeah, a lot of those. …a new friend…" Wait a second while Adair does the math and groans. "That's not how you got me down here, is it?" His dignity has suffered ENOUGH. That squeak earns the first grin of the night. "That ruins the satisfying thud. …but thanks for thinking of me. So you're hanging out with strange dwarves who know a lot about _this_ city. Ok, that's a safe plan."

"Oh no, don't worry about that." Maura's not lying; she's just excluding the fact that it was two of Varric's people who brought him down here. In a wheelbarrow. Covered. His interpretation of her words 'friend' and knowing about the city earns an outright laugh from her. "I'm going to make sure you meet him. I'm not such an awful judge of character am I? Taril is a smartass, but he means well. Anders is obviously a good person, helping the city…" she prompts, then leans forward to press her lips against his forehead. "I suppose it's a good thing you're so cynical. Since, well, I'm not."

"Oh good. You're out making contacts with Dwarves who have contacts. You changed. It's more comfortable than dwelling on what they can't change. "I'm not cynical. I'm… a realist. Dwaves, Dalish elves, next you'll have contacts with the Qunari."

Maura will probably spend a great deal of time wondering why it's bad to have contacts with people who have contacts. What could possibly go wrong with that!? (her delusions will one day, surely, be shattered). It's hard to miss the slightly puzzled expression on her face. This is why it will be good to have Adair on his feet again. To prevent imminent catastrophe. "Are there any Qunari that wouldn't want to turn me into one of those… things, they use as mages? I wouldn't mind a Qunari that wasn't like that." Sorry, man. You have a LOT of work ahead of you.

Adair groans. "Alright, you make the contact and we'll go with whatever presents itself. If I don't get back on my feet again you're going to friend us into being branded and shipped out on the next slave ship." He's teasing, and it shows fully in his tone. "We have to do something. I don't want to go too long without paying our host back for the lyrium. "

Maura dutifully rolls her eyes, because obviously Adair is expecting her to when he uses that tone. "Thank you. Now get some rest. I'm going to try and look less like something that just crawled up from the mines, and then see if I can't find one of the two contacts to speak to. And don't you give Anders a hard time while I'm gone." Yeah, he can only do that when she's there. "I'll bring back food for us all to eat. THAT INCLUDES YOU ANDERS, YOU HAVE TO EAT." She calls back to the back of the clinic, and pretends she doesn't notice if the healer scowls at her. Then she flees, before the former Templar comes up with any more excuses.

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