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Scene Title Recovery by Theft
Synopsis Mor lures Macenay to the courtyard
Location Courtyard, Circle of Magi
Date 24 August, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For A healer's bite
Logger Seren

Seren is more a creature of schedule than he has ever been in his life. In fact, since he arrived in Kirkwall, he's gone from avoiding others, not sleeping, barely eating, and panicking when inside too long to the schedule keeping caretaker. He even had to have breakfast taken to Macenaya instead of bringing it himself today because today was the day every healer dreads: Healing on order from the Chantry. So now? Now he's stalking into the courtyard because he NEEDS the sun, damnit. At least it's now mid-day and he can be fairly certain to be under its direct rays.

The first hint that this day was going to be even odder would be Mor, the raven who has been causing a hubbub in the halls as he zips around sticking his beak into anyone's business, comes shooting out of the door, winging his way high, then coming back around to buzz past the door as if he is expecting somone. The fact that Seren's owl is hanging from his talons like an anchor of a ship, would no doubt give a clue that the bird has found a way to make Maceyana do what he wants. And right now, he seems to want her outside.

Seren was in the midst of trying to quell his seething on his own. The people he might have sought for comfort have their own duties and he's not going to interrupt that. Except now there's Mor with the carved amulet hanging from his talons and he just _looks_ at the bird. "…Mor?" But the anger lifts enough for him to grin and even look a little pleased with what he's seeing. Say what you will about kittens, birds are the BEST comfort and trauma creatures.

She is as covered and hooded as she was the first night they met, the heavy robes falling over her hands and hanging like a loose back to drag on the ground, deep hood pulled low enough so that only the tip of her small chin and the stray strand of moonlight hair confirm the identity of the tiny elf. Maceyana makes it to the door, one more step and she is in the courtyard and stops, hand lifting to the door frame as her eyes follow the bird. Who.. has decided that Seren is the most logical place to deposit that stollen treasure, Mor wings his way to the Healer, landing softly on the man's shoulder before the amulet is allowed to slide free down Seren's chest.

Seren reaches up to grab hold of the amulet as it falls. "Well done, Mor," he tells the bird, reaching up to offer a greeting caress to the bird's chest. "Hello, da'len. It's good to see you outside under your own will." No, he's not going to smirk. Ok, maybe a little. "Please, come out into the sun. Even with your pallor, it is good to feel it on your face. I also have something to return to you."

Raven's are social, her isolation is something that Mor can't abide. He gives little chirpy sounds, his head rubbing against Seren's ear before settling down on the elf's shoulder with a small encouraging caw to the girl at the door.

Her limbs trembling, partly from exertion, partly from fear, though the later eases a little as Seren calls to her, his presence drawing her further into the courtyard, the robs dragging along the pavers with soft whispers until she stops in front of him, her head lifting enough that he can catch the pale crystal of her eyes within the shadows of her hood. "Aneth ara, I missed you this morning." that in it's self being something of a surprise to her, both that she did and that she admitted it.

Seren holds the amulet out. "Ir abelas. I had to be away to heal men whose ill health was a cause of eheir own excesses and abundance of wealth." Yeah, there's that anger under the surface, but he manages to keep it controlled. "I would much rather have brought your breakfast and talked." He's at least pleased- if a little surprised- at being missed. "There are times when I have duties that have nothing to do with my own wishes. Today was one of them. …but your broth was brought to you, yes? We have to discuss what will go into it. I think you're ready for that. Now, will you let the sun touch your head, at least?"

Fingers closing around the little carving as it dangles from his hand, the amulet, caught up in her small fist is brought back close to her body. WHen his hurt and anger, even if it is simmering below the surface is felt, Maceyana's free hand starts to reach for him, though it comes up short, as if there is an invisable wall that keeps her from reaching out. "Yes, it was brought… I am sorry that you have had to face this.. " then there is his questions of course, of pushing her further so that, the area between her brows pucker slightly. "I learned that not being visable, though it does not keep on safe, makes one less of a target." though she does, perhaps simply because he asked carefully lift the hood from her head, letting it fall against her shoulders, her pale hair catching the sunlight like silver, eyes narrowing under the bright glare.

Seren shakes his head, finally relaxing again. "It's the price of the peace I've found in this place. It's not a hardship to pay it. The hardship is in the pain of others gone uneased because of greed and fear. There is being safe, and then there is letting go everything that makes life worth living. The sun on your face, the feel of the wind, the voice of someone you care for…" His own words bring a smile to his face. "There are still good things left. Even here. There, you see?"

Her breath is a touch fast, shallow. This isn't easy but at least she isn't fighting him or running now that she has her amulet back. "Nothing comes without a price." comes softly as she watches the tension ease from his shoulders. Instead of answering, Maceyana's head tips slightly as she watches him talk. "You have a good smile." realizing she really hadn't seen or noticed that before. Then. "I met your friend, the other healer."

"Even love has a price, even if the cost is merely your own heart." Seren actually blushes a little. "Perhaps I will see yours one day. You met Valentin? He's very easy to be around, I'm glad you met him. I suppose you met Tytos, then?" Look, that cub is adorable. "Usually where one is, there is the other."

"My heart? Well that would be a little messy and I am pretty sure void the promises you keep trying to make me follow." a tease? even if it is softly spoken and having her eyes slip away to just about anywhere else as she nods in answer to his question. "Yes, Valentin.. and Tytos." color flushing across her pale cheeks, chasing away the ashen cast as she admits that.

Seren laughs. "True enough." He's still chuckling as he catches sight of the color. "Ah, I see our dear enchanter has made the same impression on you as… to tell you the truth? Nearly everyone." Hear that fondness? Yeah. He's part of the everyone. "I'm glad. If anyone can make you forget the unpleasant just by being present, it's Valentin. Come sit?" He gestures toward the fountain. "It's where I was heading. I thought Revas might be here, but I see she's still attached to Cenn. One day he's going to come back to his room to find she's made his blankets into a nest."

That actually brings her eyes flickering up, the pale crystal widening with a shake of her head. "The healer? No.. " letting Seren lead her to the fountain. "Other than embarassing myself in front of him…. I fell asleep." then something else catches her attention, blinking as she carefully sits with a touch of relief. "Enchanter? I suppose I would have met him anyway, in time."

Seren sits, still grinning. "But you see, our meanings overlap. And yes, you would have. I was asked to look after you specifically. Now that you're able to bring yourself to come out here, you're going to meet the others. For the most part, mages. At least three of the Templars come here when they aren't on patrol- and you will see those on patrol as well- and they are people you can trust. They are here to guard you and keep you safe."

"Templars don't keep one safe." it's an automatic response, out of her mouth before she even realize it's said and causing her to turn her face away with a frown as soon as she hears it. "I am sorry, I know you trust them." a moment before a breath comes deeper. "I meant that I would meet him because I don't think they will let me shirk what they consider my duties much longer."

"There is one keeping you safe as we speak." Seren counters quickly and with more bite than he's aware of at first. "I… I'm sorry. I know you have reason to distrust. More reason than I have. You're right, you're only going to be given so much recovery time. Even if the powers that hold us didn't dictate it, it's time for you to leave your nest and live under the open sky, little bird."

There is a small flinch at the bite, but she doesn't comment or even pull away which perhaps is more telling. Hands resting now in her lap, there is that occasional tug at the cuff to keep the material in place. "Tell me about your morning." choosing not to consider what she will or will not need to do sooner than later.

Seren shakes his head. "I'm afraid my teeth come out where those I care about are concerned," he explains. "Healers are required to heal for those who can donate to the Chantry. I'm sure it has to do with paying for putting us in this prison. So that's what this morning was for me. Healing those with more than they could ever need, yet with holes in their hearts demanding to be filled with more. All I can do is hope the Mercy I healed them with makes some sort of difference. The only comfort is that one was a child who hasn't yet turned into what the adults around her are. Forgive me, I'm… opinionated on the subject. Healing is a consent between healer and patient and it seems that the patient is the only one who is allowed to have consent here."

"And yet, if you were allowed to pick, to say yes or no. You would still do so." there wasn't a question there, Maceyana didn't have a doubt that she was correct as she lifted her eyes back to him. "It is the not being allowed to make the choice that brings you this anger, not the healing." then pauses as her eyes drop away again. "Though I can understand that some patients can be more challenging then others."

"I would still do it. I don't think I've ever been able to walk away from someone in need of healing," Seren admits. "I'm not sure I can explain what it feels like to heal, but it's a very intimate thing. It should be consented on by both sides, not demanded and taken. That is life here among people who fear magic too much to give those who wield it too much security and choice. Thankfully, there are those here who value my consent."

"I am sorry.. for what you are forced, one should never be forced." pausing then looking up at him, if only for a moment. "And for being.. difficult." she said it softly but it was there and there was truth behind the words. "But you are right, it is an intimate thing and… " brows furrowing again as her breath quickens with her own difficulties, already focused on the small carving in her hands before one lets go and tentatively reaches across the small space.. almost not, the hestation seems to scream in her own ears before cool, almost cold fingers settled on his own hand.

"Da'len, you are not the most challenging patient I have ever had. …perhaps the one who has hidden their wounds with more fear than I have faced, but not the most challenging." Seren lets the touch simply be what it is, acknowledging it with a smile that's pure gratitude. "Thank you." He sighs, letting his shoulders relax. "Thank you."

Not pulling her hand back, letting it lay there as the tension seeps from him. "It wasn't Valentin.. I fell asleep with Tytos." drifting back to the previous comments. "I had not… other than Mor, contact that wasn't somehow violent or unasked for.. until then. Not for a very long time." head shaking. "You do not wish to see them, Seren"

"Da'len," Seren begins, using his free hand to push his hair back from one ear and exposing the scars there and on his neck. "These scars you see? They were started by the hands of men who owned me long after I was released from the cell. Long after those scars had healed into blatant reminders that I wasn't my own. …and the night I decided to make my body belong to me again, a Templar stood guard and watched my door so I could heal." He leaves the hair where it is, apparently now comfortable with remaining so exposed. "I'm not saying I can heal all of the wounds you have, that would mean changing you and that is not something I should or ever would do. I can help you make those scars your own and guard your door while you take yourself back from those men."

Her eyes close, her breath even as fingers tighten just a little in his hand. "Do you know that I used to be very good at a sling? Better than Rylan." said out of the blue, as if somewhere all this led to that one small memory. Letting it slip away again, a small sniff betraying the tears she is keeping at bay. "I don't know what to do, Seren."

Seren treats that information as if it's a gift, something to be grateful for, and it shows in his expression. "Perhaps you can teach me, then. Being a healer made me miss the point of certain skills." He finally shakes his head. "None of us do. Yet we have a lifetime of becoming something we weren't before behind us. You simply have to decide it's what you want, and then put one foot in front of the other. If you encounter water, you must swim. When the ground drops out from under you, you fly. …and none of these things comes with an introductory lesson."

"I doubt they are going to let us have a weapon for me to teach you." she remarked, her gaze slipping to him with a crinkling of her nose, the idea perhaps sparking something as the hint of that single dimple shows again. It slips away though, not as drastically as before. "What do you need me to do?" her eyes meeting his as the tight grip she has had at keeping him and his healing at arm's length slips and loosens.

"Oh, I'm certain that we can come up with something. A little rebellion here and there is good for the soul." Yes, Seren is still rebellious, he's just not dangerously so anymore. "Tell me about you. Tell me about your brother. Tell me what your favorite things are. Keep up the effort to regain your strength. The rest will come in its own time. Because it does take time. That's how scars form and then lose their impact."

"The smell of snow in the air." as the words slip out, color warms her cheeks as she looks away. "It hurts to talk about him and before we were taken. I can feel a knot in my belly that is never gone.. its everything that was or could have been." Her hand lifts from his, but more to tug the cuff over the scars on her wrists. "The physical wounds have mostly all healed, they seem to take longer each time.. or maybe that is just how I perceive it.. the last still weeps, but I think that it is not fevered."

"I wonder if we'll have snow here," Seren muses. "If you would allow me, I would heal them," he offers. "But not without your consent. You are the one who has to decide. I wouldn't heal you without consent unless you were unable because of injury or sickness." He nods, expression taking on that brief look of sad nostalgia. "It will. For a while. The more you speak, the more you say those things aloud, the less intense the knot will be. One day you'll be able to speak his name and talk about your childhood and notice that it's nearly gone. Nearly. I'm not sure yet if it ever goes away."

Maceyana frowns. "It is not that I don't want them to be.. every morning it is… a reminder and in truth, if there is a way, I would really really like to have a bath when they are done. But.. I am afraid that if you see them, that is all you will ever see when looking at me.. because, that is all I can. And I don't know if I can face seeing that in your eyes."

Seren thinks it over for a few seconds, wanting to choose his words very carefully. Finally he shakes his head. "I have seen and felt ugliness that I will never forget. Sometimes… especially when I'm alone, it's hard to remember that there's anything but that in the world. You are not the scars on your body, or the wounds you've received. Even if I saw them with my eyes and not through the ability of a healer, you would still be you in my eyes. Do you look at me and see only the effect that my scars had on you the first time you saw them?" Even if they now look intentional, any elf would cringe at the mere thought of having their ears scarred so.

She glances at his scars, a troubled frown before she shakes her head. "No.. it's.. " then closes her eyes with a deeper breath.. one can almost see her trying to gather the tattered edges of her courage together before simply nodding. "Okay."

"Thank you." Seren's words are a genuine expression and the power that wells up and then flows through Macenaya's body is like a breeze caressing the skin- cool, and feeling like night. The healing itself isn't aggressive, the wounds are urged closed, tissues corrected, scars urged into minimal formation where they can't be avoided, delicate where internal structures are concerned. Then it stills, fading away as if it had never been there in the first place and the healer opens his eyes. "You see? There is nothing but a brave woman in front of me."

She is trembling under the blanket of his power, her eyes still closed, breath coming in soft fast little bursts, but it's not long, not at all before he can feel the muscles unclench, her breath draw deeper, easier.. it's been so long that the physical ache has not been there that she it's absence is almost a shock in its self as her eyes open to meet his own. "Thank you."

Seren shakes his head. "Thank you for letting me." The sigh he breaths is pure relief and he relaxes from the tension his body still carried. "That is what healing is supposed to feel like. I needed that reminder." The edge that had clung to his words is now gone, his mood completely turned around for the moment. "And now your body can put the food you eat toward sustaining you. You have to tell me what your favorite foods are. We'll start slowly adding things and soon you won't have broth at all unless it's in soup."

Against his ear, where Mor has tucked his head under Seren's dark hair there is a little chirp, soft sleepy sound as the power comes and goes. Maceyana almost laughs as black feathers fluffy, before a quick preening as the crow protests lightly that his nap was disturbed before tucking back in under the elf's jaw. There is a warmth in her eyes as she watches Mor settled again and Seren relax, watches the peace settle back into his body. She even manage to roll her eyes a little as he asks about favorite foods again. "I don't know if I have any really, not any more… there was these nuts we used to gather in the fall.. one of the woman that helped raised us, she would roast them with honey and this hot pepper spice.. you could sit and eat them until your didn't know if you could take another bite."

"I adore spicy foods," Seren admits. "We'll see if Revas can identify some of these nuts when Fall comes. She's pretty good at bringing things back if I ask for them." He leans in and lowers his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "I've managed to tuck away a few of those little peppers that sting your tongue to have put into chocolate. I'm sure it won't be exactly like the ones I used to be able to get in Rivain, but I so miss the spices." A chuckle is given Mor's actions and he's careful to not disturb the bird again.

And there it is, as he leans in and confides his secret stash.. proof that yes indeed there is a dimple hiding away in Maceyana's left cheek. The smile comes with a small laugh and strips away the wear and worry, leaving her looking both younger and more innocent then he has seen her before. "She would roast them, the peppers and Rylan would have to sit and grind them into a fine powder.. he would grumble the whole time and Alisae would say that he could stop but if he did he wasn't allowed any of the nuts.. So he would keep grinding."

Seren chuckles. "That sounds like a tactic I'm very familiar with. We used to find peppers growing wild. So hot they'd make your tongue numb. I can still almost smell them. These are a little less hot, a little more sweet, which is why they're perfect for chocolate. I imagine they're the same thing you used to roast for the nuts. Red, palm sized, pure pain if you eat them without putting them on something? Although, it could be the Southern peppers are a little less hot."

She nods, reaching up to catch at strands of hair that the breeze pulls free and holding it out of her eyes, her cheeks and nose starting to show signs of the sunshine that it had not seen for so very long. "Maybe, I haven't thought of them in a very long time." then blinking looking at him. "Plums, the black ones.. when they would come on, we would eat them until we were sick. They would roast them inside gamehens." a moment then a small frown as she looks away. "This is silly.. it is wishing for something you can't have."

"How is this a silly wish? All wishes are something that you want but can't get, otherwise it wouldn't be a wish." Seren thinks it over. "I think we can manage to get the plums, and it's not as if it's impossible to ask about the hens. I could ask Cenn or Garou, even if they aren't normally stocked here, if it's possible to get them here and there. I'm sure they can ask someone and get it approved." Not that he's in the habit of asking for anything. He shakes his head. "It was good to see you smile again, but you are going to burn if you don't get into shade soon and I have yet more things to do today before I'm completely free for the evening. Keep thinking of things. You are in recovery, you can get a few special things here and there."

She doesn't argue that wishes don't come true, that she doesn't want to ask people for things, because they come with price tags that are many times too steep. Instead her hand lifts and after a brief hesitation touchs his arm. "Go, I can find my way back to my room." glancing to the sleeping Raven. "I can take him or you can send him back when you tire of him." already moving to pull her hood back into place.

"He should watch over you. I think he knows what to do when you need me," Seren answers, reaching up to wake the sleeping raven. "Thank you, Mor. You have helped beyond my own hopes." He gives a glance to Maceyana. "I'll do the asking. Sometimes you have to risk. I know how hard that is." Oh boy does he. Now he's off to put his time in checking the sorting of herbs that is usually the task of apprentices. He gets the best chores.

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