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Scene Title Return to the Clinic
Synopsis Anders and Fenris return to the clinic, to find Maura's brought home a Templar
Location Clinic
Date Justinian 4, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For A mouthy temporary Templar setting everyone off.
Logger Adair

A large wooden panel sports two doors that lead into what is now a make-shift clinic, though the hall has clearly seen other uses over the course of history. Faded banners the color of rust hang from the walls, their decorations lost to time, while ragged cloth festoons the ceiling high above. Pillars offer support along the outside walls, though holes high above on one side provide enough ventilation to make this one of the safest places in Darktown. Tables also line the length of the clinic with the center of the floor left clear for traffic. Here and there are barrels topped with planks to create places for bowls and pitchers of water while yet more supplies and crates have been pushed to the back of the room. Further in still is another room set with a bed made of ropes stretched over a wooden frame and topped with a mattress of old blankets, a half-barrel that serves for washing, and several other personal items neatly packed away.

Morning. It was finally morning, they had slept, at least somewhat. They were alive, at least somewhat. And were clean… That one a little less somewhat. Bathed, yes. There are dark shadows around the articulations of Fenris's armor however, that probably shouldn't be thought about too closely. That's too dark to be blood right? Surely. Nothing bleeds that dark… Does it? The elf shadows the healer as they head down to the Clinic. Maybe it's Fenris not wanting to be alone, maybe it's that Adeline was frightening enough to be thorough in the order of getting Anders home. The Land of Horrid Quilts was not, after all, Anders' home.

At some point during the long wait at the clinic… Maura and Adair fell asleep. That's how long she insisted they wait! So long that they're propping each other up by leaning up against each other… asleep. It's a little awkward though, since he's pretty much decked out in full Templar regalia aside from the helm. It's kinda hard to see the hands of the delicate looking mage too with the way she's curled inwards. So, is she all tied up? Why else would she be asleep against a Templar of all things? And who the hell is this guy anyway!?

LOOK, he was tired, OKAY? You try holding up all that armor and a mage. Adair doesn't snore, at least, but he does appear to have fallen asleep guarding a prisoner. In fact, he could have fallen asleep guarding newly arrived mages in that posture.

Anders is not quite so stained by questionable substances as Fenris is, but he looks almost as unhappy about being awake. He keeps glancing over his shoulder every few steps, like he's got to reassure himself the fool elf is still there, but when he steps into the clinic (and his eyes adjust somewhat) his first instinct is a hand flung out in front of Fenris like this wuss is gonna bodily shield him from a Templar and the disorienting sensation of dizzying fear combined with a really short-fuse temper. A jerk of his wrist casts a Glyph of Paralysis beneath them both and only then does that arm drop. It's not a permanent solution - not with a bloody Templar - but it should give them enough time to get Maura out of reach, right? Right?

The tingle of magic is what wakes her up. Maura's eyes flutter open, and … she still can't see who just caused that funny magic feeling because she can't turn her head. "I sincerely hope that's you that just did that, Anders." Her voice, still hoarse and sleepy. "But, ah… could you, uh, undo it please? Dammit, I just had to fall asleep. You haven't hurt him have you? Adair? Adair, are you awake? Don't you dare use any of your Templar hoodoo to break the spell or you'll use up the lyrium in your system faster. You promise. Right now!" Maybe paralysis also causes panic.

Fenris huffs slightly as Anders's arm comes up. Really, little mageflower? What are you hoping to accomplish here? He bristles, about to step in front of Anders when Maura wakes and speaks. He cants his head, hand pausing in its reach back for his blade.

For a few seconds, it's just like home. Some jackass has decided they're going to immobilize the Templar on hall duty and he's won the draw. "Oh come on. Haha, not…funny?" Look, Adair JUST woke up. "Well I'll promise if your friend lets me move! …c'mon, I need to shift before this armor cuts into important things. You know what I'm talking about, right?"

It's not until Fenris huffs that Anders really seems to process what exactly he just… did. Everyone is going to just ignore the flaming pink staining his cheekbones, okay? Okay. Damn pale skin hides exactly nothing. The voices coming from his friend and her… pet? are enough to distract everyone for now. Right. Good. "Maura, there is a Templar in my clinic. I am not going to do anything until somebody explains just what in the actual Void is going on here."

Hell no. If Maura ever sees the pink cheekbones she is totally commenting on it forever! Forever, Anders! "Yes dear, I know what you're talking about." she whispers, because she's just not going to discuss that right now. Instead, she's going to clear her throat. "He's really only a Temporary Templar. Until the last of his lyrium runs out." she points out, helpfully. Hopefully. "We've been waiting for you to come back so I could make sure you're ok. Can… Dammit, Anders, just let us up so I'm not drooling against his breastplate trying to explain this!"

Until the… "That seems like a bad plan." Fenris says to Maura, though he is possibly a little too vague to make any sense with that comment. But if he knows anything about Lyrium, which stands a decent chance of being the case with the metric shit tonne of it seared into his flesh, having the last of it out of someone's system sounds like a very, very bad day.

"Okay, you can wait until she drools. It'll be worth it." She can't hit him! Yet. Adair would wince at that explanation if he could. Instead, it'll just show on his face. "Wow, delicate. Thanks." Seriously. Women. "Look, I could get out of this on my own but I didn't. You think that's enough to maybe convince you I'm not part of the forehead stamping committee? Because I'm not kidding about the metal digging in."

"A Temporary… Andraste's flaming knickerweasels, Maura. What have you done? Alright. Alright…" There is definitely a hand sliding down Anders' face, but he turns and looks to Fenris for a moment first, one brow lifting over the other in a silent question; an opportunity for him to leap in and say this is a terrible idea if he so pleases. If there's no complaint, no protest? He'll release the damn thing. But he doesn't look at all happy about having done it. Nor does he look even a little bit comfortable.

"I think you will appreciate my lack of delicacy if it gets us out of a paralysis glyph." Maura is quick to point out, mostly because she can't kick him for the drool remark. Since she rather does consider this entirely her fault, her expression is just guilt ALL over again when Anders wonders what she's done. "I told you that a Templar got me out of Ferelden. This is him. He came to find me. And, it certainly wasn't with permission from his Commanders." So yeah, that lyrium's gonna run out real fast.

Catching the look, Fenris shifts a little, putting himself somewhat between the Templar and Anders. After, though, it comes with a small nod. There's a faint glow around Fenris's wrist, in case this Templar gets any stupid ideas when he's let go of the paralysis, though. Seems he's not the terribly trusting sort either. Or he's protective. Or both.

"Technically, it's my fault. I'm the one who sent her here," Adain points out even as the paralysis wears off. "Oh Maker bless you." He sighs as he shifts enough to get comfortable again. "I SWEAR they make the armor to do that on purpose so you pay for falling asleep on duty. Oh come on, it's not really her fault. I'm the one who insisted on the armor. I figured anyone who saw us would just see the armor and leave us alone." Pause. "You're Anders, right? Your boyfriend's glowing." Look. They talked. He's good at connecting dots.

"Let me get this straight," Anders begins, gathering Spirit energy into his hands (in case he needs to put a Barrier out quickly) in weird synchrony with Fenris' own glowing wrist. "Not only did you bring an armored Templar down into my sanctuary, but he's a rogue Templar as well?" Don't mind them, they had a Really Bad Night and both came too close for comfort with some fairly nasty fuckers. So touchy-and-protective is a bit of a theme. "Kirkwall is not Montsimmard. It is not Cumberland. We do not have so many Templars that they don't all know each other." Obviously no one thought this through very well. Or at all. And as if things weren't already tense, the stranger's comment about Fenris raises Anders' hackles until his upper lip curls in a very unpleasant-looking snarl. "I've seen him rip a Pride Demon's brain from its skull with that hand." Okay, so he didn't see it personally, having been dead at the time, but the chattering children in the group of slaves had been all too eager to recount what he'd missed. In gory detail. "So if I were you, Ser Mouthy, I would speak to him, rather than over him - and with a little more respect."

Maura groans, and stretches to crack her back (yes, audibly) when they're released from that magical hold. And darnit, she didn't have time to clap a hand over Adair's mouth before he could open it again and say the thing about the people. She distinctly remembers saying that Anders' hadn't actually admitted it out loud yet. So she's just going to try and blow right past that. Or try to, until Anders.. unleashes. "Well, alright then. Excuse me for caring enough to come here and wait to make sure you two fuckers were even alive after being dumb enough to go into the Qunari Compound. You obviously don't need my help. So we'll be leaving until YOU apologize for talking to HIM like that." Or she will be, at least. Cause she's ALL set to stand up and stalk out.

As if Fenris wasn't all set to be on edge enough, being spoken about in that particular fashion is just a little too close to being Danarius's intimidating conversation piece. He's about to retort to the Templar when Anders snaps and Fenris, legitimately, looks surprised. Blinking, the elf looks over his shoulder to Anders, seeming strangely touched. And then, there is Maura. Fenris… He doesn't even know what to do with that. Has he even properly met this woman? She receives a glare, but Fenris manages to keep his mouth shut, for now.

Adair holds up both hands. "Fair enough. My apologies. Fenris, right?" Oh look, Maura has unleashed the temper. "No, no one needs to apologize to the guy in the armor." Pause. "Did you just say fuckers?" He looks both confused and surprised. "Anyway, I'm not a rogue anything. I mean… maybe I'll get called that. I took her phylactery." One more pause and he shrugs. "Ok, yeah, that's a pretty fair assessment, but I'm not here to cause any trouble. I'd say I was guarding Maura because she was so set on coming down here, but the truth is I really just didn't want to be away from her."

Anders… Anders has not the foggiest clue what to even do with Maura's outburst. There's a moment where it genuinely looks like he'll jump back in that fight with reminders like 'I am an apostate' and 'That is a Templar' and 'WHAT PART OF THIS SCENARIO SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA TO YOU', but he's so flabberghasted that he can only fling his hands up in the air and mutter under his breath about crazy Ferelden women. Whether he reads Fenris' look as questioning or understands by now that 'touched' with this particular elf tends to come with a fair bit of 'confusion', Anders returns the glance with a single firm nod. He said it, he meant it. And honestly things could have gone so badly so quickly had the Templar in question not… well. Alright then. "You took her phylactery." There's something high-pitched and breathy about Anders' tone. It matches the laugh that follows and screams 'disbelief' loud and clear. "Maker's balls, man. Do you know what kind of excuse this would be for Meredith? She'll put out brute squads the moment she knows you're here and they will drag in every apostate west of Ostwick."

"I've picked up a lot of new words here." Maura will let Adair's imagination get the better of him as he considers just how much more colorful her speech will be from now on. It could prove entertaining. And her lips twist wryly at his explanation of why he's not a rogue, which makes him sound exactly like one. It's, you know, the last admission that makes her eyes water. "I believe he's sufficiently aware of the possible consequences. As am I. And we're prepared to leave. Run. Hide.. whatever we need to do so that she does not find out he's here. But, if you'll excuse us. We're tired, and sore from the whole sleeping in chairs thing. And you don't need or want my help at the moment. Let's go, please, Adair." She'll nod to Fenris politely. "I'm glad you're alright." is said simply, and then to Anders. "You know how to find me if you need more potions made." And then just waits to be sure the man in the shiny armor is following before heading for the door.

"Yes." Fenris says to Adair, confirming his identity with a simple syllable. He takes a deep breath, and then sighs on the exhale. The glowing ceases. The situation might be frustrating but it's not a reason for an active melee, and he can still that urge. "As someone who has spent a lot of time running, yes, lose that armor. Fast. Now, even. Darktown whispers, and Darktown remembers for enough coin." Fenris says, "And don't get comfortable."

"It can't be an excuse if she doesn't find out. I'm getting rid of the armor and then I can just be another face in Lowtown." Adain shakes his head. "Look, I heard things. I know she's bad but you can't pin what she does on me, I'd just be an excuse. She's gonna do that sooner or later anyway." He stands to follow Maura. "What she said. Our circle was good, but they still frown on Templars falling in love with mages." Now he's going to follow that mage because THEY ARE GOING TO TALK about that language. Fenris' suggestion gets a nod. "I'll get rid of it. Maybe melt it down. It was… uh… interesting meeting the two of you. Let's do it again without the paralyzing thing?" Now he's gonna go.

"Maybe, but on behalf of the mages that don't want to leave Kirkwall yet, I'd rather it be later. Much, much later." Which means if someone gives her an excuse to do it earlier, he'll absolutely hold them to that! It's only when Adair explicitly says 'falling in love with mages' that the lantern goes on in Anders' head. It's been a long, long few days. "Well, fuck." Now he can't even be mad and he would really, really like to be mad right now. "Leave it here. I know a few dwarves that can fence anything." See? He's HELPING.

Maura can't leave while he's in the middle of stripping armor. Cause it's really hard to strip armor and walk at the same time and obviously she's obviously not going to torment the poor man that way. So she halts halfway through the threshold and nods subtly. "It's a better idea then us dragging it out into the bone pit and letting me fireball it into slag." she points out. "Thank you." Okay, they'll leave quietly AFTER the armor is stripped.

Fenris moves farther into the clinic then, finding a flat spot to settle down. He doesn't really have much to say to any of them. There is the faintest hint of a blush at the edge of the elf's ears, however, when he notices the still present vase now somewhat wilted flowers.

Adair gives a nod and his gratitude is obvious and he leaves the armor in a pile save for one small piece of metal that's taken and placed in his pocket. "A coin from home. There's not much more than ash coming out of Amaranthine anymore," he explains. "I'm in your debt. Remember that. Hopefully I can return the favor before I'm completely useless and drooling on the floor." He says it as if it's all a joke, but then he gestures toward Maura. "Well? Now I really do get to walk back much lighter. Let's go."

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