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Scene Title Reunion
Synopsis A templar and mage are reunited
Location Kirkwall Docks
Date Jun 04, 2016
Watch For Several heart attack moments
Logger Adair

Ships are secured upon long stone walkways that lead to the massive platform that would have once been the epicenter of the slave trade. Once white blocks of stone have been greyed by time but still maintain their uniformity, and the pillars and pedestals that once served a more sinister purpose have been given a more decorative touch. Some things never change, and you can still find illicit trades, organized crime contacts, and other shady deals going on amidst the bustle of more legitimate business.

Adair is FINALLY off that damn boat. He's not wearing armor because armor and water are bad, mmkay? He takes a moment to place a coin into the hand of a young man who picks up a trunk to cart it off- presumably for him. Now he's going to give his surroundings a better look. Yep. Pretty much what he expected.

Lots of people, none of them looking happy. Stone and water and mildew and despair. Welcome to Kirkwall! And don't forget the shipping crates. There are plenty of those. Perched atop them is a lone figure in attire one would expect more of someone going hunting then someone casting spells. But, better to blend in and all. She's watching every boat, until her gaze zeroes in on the people disembarking Adair's boat. She squints. So very used to disappointment.

Adair scans the docks again, this time looking at faces before pausing a few feet from Maura's crates. He doesn't appear to see her at first but, after a brief pause, he glances over and waves a hand. It's an understated greeting, but he doesn't want to yell her name in this crowd.

Maura has that momentarily stunned expression on her face; like, even though she's been here every single day.. she expected to keep having to be here every single day. But then light a switch has been flipped, her face lights up bright as the lantern outside the clinic and she hops off the crates to run through the crowd (her elbows are sharp) and cling like a limpet. Sorrynotsorry!

Adair laughs and immediately hugs Maura- tightly, but not so much that he's going to break any ribs. "I was starting to think you were watching the deckhands. The one with one tooth left in the front was kind of charming." He places a kiss atop her head and then indicates they should move out of the way of the bulk of the crowds.

"Having any teeth left is considered a plus down here. And it's not even Darktown." Maura has obviously been here long enough to say these things convincingly. And if not, her shudder ought to emphasize the point. "We have a lot to talk about. I don't know whether you came at a good time or not." she admits, letting her gaze drift towards Lowtown. "What happened back home? Did everyone make it?" So many questions. Probably none of them with happy answers.

Adair shakes his head and all of it shows on his face for a few seconds before he can stop it. "There were a lot of fires. Not all of them were from injuries in combat." Which means a few mages and Templars died as a result of not being to live with what they'd seen. "I tried to convince them you were killed but there were some suspicions. So…now they're convinced one way or the other." He reaches into his pocket and pulls his hand out in a fist. He opens it briefly to expose the phylactery before pocketing it again. "We need to destroy it. …but you're here. No trouble?"

Maura lowers her eyes, and takes in a quick breath before she nods. Seeing the phylactery though; her eyes widen enough to be like huge saucers in her face. "Maker preserve me, Adair. What did you do." As if she hadn't noticed before, she looks him up and down. He's obviously not going to wear templar armor in the boat, but. "How much trouble are you in? Come on, lets get you off the docks. I've a small place in Lowtown. I can't take you to the Clinic yet. I have to warn Anders first, before I do that." He's not going to be able to make much sense of any of that, likely. "Or have you already arranged for somewhere to stay? I know you're not going to the Gallows and the Circle. You can't. Not after.." Well, stealing her phylactery.

Adair puts on his best 'what, are you kidding?' face. "They probably only want to kill me and hang me up as an example." Nothing, right? Right. "Wait… clinic… Who's Anders? Do I have to punch him?" The joking tone is gone as the question of where he's staying is asked. "I can't go back. Even if I could, I've heard things. I'll just have to figure it out." He pats the bag tied tightly to his belt. "I might have taken more than just that." Look, he had to travel, ok?

"Only want to what!?" Wheeeeeze. "Okay, well. We can work with this. I'm not going to let you sleep on the dock, so you'll just have to stay with me." Whether he wants to or not, apparently. And she stutters on beginning an explanation of the clinic when she stares at the bag of purloined things he has tied to his belt. "Well, there are plenty of fences in Darktown. Don't show any of it in Lowtown though. Okay, ah.. right. The clinic. I've been volunteering there. I make potions and help… heal people. That can't afford to go anywhere else. Anders runs the place. He's a Grey Warden." And a mage. "He and Taril talked me out of turning myself in, so I'm sure you'll like them." she points out dryly. "Come on. You must be exhausted. We'll find you something to eat and then let you rest."

Adair looked casual and even began walking with Maura before she drops that 'hi, I almost turned myself over to captain crazypants and joined the circle of hell' bomb. "Talked you out of what?! That's the exact opposite of laying low and staying safe! Why would you even think of doing that?!" He sighs. "I leave you alone for a little while and you're going to just go hand yourself over? It's in a gallows."

"Well I…." Biting her lower lip for a minute, Maura decides to just go ahead and get the heart attack out of the way as soon as possible. "I went hunting with Taril - he's an elven hunter. He's been looking out for me, kind of like a big brother." And just as annoying as an older sibling. "And we ran into some trouble hunting these spiders. I swear they were as big as ponies. And my spells kept backfiring and then my Fist of the Maker landed so hard it turned everything to goo and crushed the ground beneath us and we fell down into a pit and wound up in some old elven shrine and…" Ahem. "Needless to say, I felt like it might be safer for everyone if I was in a Circle again. But their reaction was much the same as yours. So…." Here she is!

Just give him a second. Or ten. Or … nope, there's no processing that. "Maker's breath, Maura. Spiders? Hunting? You landed a spell that hard?" Ok, never mind that Adair seems a little impressed by that one. "Their reaction was right. You just practice the spell until it does what you want it to do, not go skipping off to Captain Crazypants and asking if she'd let you hang out in the Gallows! That's not why I sent you here."

"If the consequences hadn't nearly been so dire I'd probably have been impressed at how efficient the kill was. But we were hunting spiders so I could harvest the glands for poison." Maura admits, sounding rather sheepish. "And now, of course, Taril doesn't let me live it down. But the Qunari managed to shoot him in the ass with an arrow, so now I have that to hold over him and it's all good." He probably doesn't want to hear about that incident does he? Nooooo. "I know. You sent me here to save me. It's why I've been here every day, waiting. I can't believe you're finally here. You really came."

"W-wait wait, Qunari?" Adair just keeps finding newer and better ways to look surprised. It would be funny to someone who wasn't him, but he's him. So it's not funny. "You hang around someone who was in a position to be shot by Qunari. Tell me you weren't around the Qunari." Please? No? "I had to find a way to put the guard to sleep so I could make sure they couldn't find you and wait until I wasn't being watched or I would have been here sooner."

"… they surrounded the Summersday festival in lowtown. I had to help." Which means she was totally around the Qunari. Oooooooops. And cast spells around them too. "Have you seen what they do to Mages? Their Saarebas. I've never.. Maker, it was just horrific." Seriously, Maura sounds almost haunted by that image. "But I… I have a lead on a mercenary group we might be able to find work with. I've had a … good recomendation on them. Maybe they can help us secure a line on some lyrium for you. I know you're going to need more." Topic change!

Adair pinches the bridge of his nose. "Because of course you were near the Qunari. I've never seen it. I've heard about it." Oh this just gets better, doesn't it? "You're hanging out with mercenaries." He keeps a look on his face that suggests that's completely reasonable. "Sure, why not?" Has his hair gone grey yet? "I have enough to last for a week, maybe more if I'm careful. After that… Well, once I can't get it anymore the fun starts." The real fun.

"No, not yet. But if that's what we have to do in order to survive. Including get you what you need? Then I don't care. We'll do it." Hanging out with mercenaries doesn't sound so bad when compared to the alternative of lyrium withdrawal and captain crazypants. "I don't think we have any easy choices here. Sometimes I miss the… safety of Waking Sea. As horrible as that sounds."

Adair looks completely guilty. "If I hadn't sent you away, you wouldn't be in this position." It's an apology. "But you couldn't be there for that." He shakes his head. "It doesn't matter, we can't go back now and we can't pretend we won't have to do things to survive." He gestures ahead of them. "So now you're my guide."

"You saved me, Adair. I could never be mad at you for that." Maura admonishes, slipping one arm under his so that she can properly lead him towards Lowtown. "I'm just glad you came. And I don't, at least, live in the worst parts of Lowtown. It won't be so bad. I've tried to make it.. homey." Yes, welcome to Kirkwall. Where along the way to your new living situation you get to see poison clouds of chokedamp, people laying in the street (possible dead!), the oppressive atmosphere of the gallows to one side, and poverty on the other.

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