Faction Rogue
Races All

Rogues are crafty combatants who succeed in battle by combining speed, subterfuge, and a wide range of abilities to bring their opponents down in unexpected ways, sometimes before the enemy even perceives danger. Frequently armed with daggers or a bow, rogues make excellent combat support, spies and thieves - and exist in almost every organization on Thedas. Rogues can pick locks with great skill, incapacitate enemies with ease, or sneak up on targets to deliver a devious and crippling backstab.

All races in Thedas may become rogues, but Qunari take a penalty to skills and actions that involve stealth.



Duelists are flashy combatants, often using combat as a way to disorient their opponents. They are quick, agile and often fit a sort of 'Swashbuckler' image. But they are no less capable, or deadly. A Duelist is almost always a melee fighter.

  • Known Duelists Julie d'Aubigny


Assassins are masters in the art of dealing death. They are often patient types, waiting for that perfect moment to strike. As such they are quite proficient in determining an opponents weakness and exploiting it to their advantage. More often than not, Assassins develop their skills over years of extensive training, though many a self-made man has managed to master the art as well. While either school of combat styles are utilized by an Assassin, as they often will tool their weaponry for the job, on average, an Assassin tends to be a melee fighter.

  • Known Assassins


Shadows are rogues who excel at remaining unseen, and striking from the shadows. In this they share similarities with the Assassin, but their focus is more on subterfuge, distraction and stealth. Stories even abound that the more experienced Shadows have managed to 'copy' themselves to confuse their opponents. They are also always usually self-made, with only a single mentor to be had should one be had at all. They are likely familiar with the use of poisons and on average, a Shadow is a melee fighter.

  • Known Shadows Carys


Rangers are survivalists and trackers, often more at home in the wilds than an urban landscape. Their skills of stealth and subterfuge are more applied to hunting prey and navigating wilderness. It is also not uncommon for a Ranger to have found a companion in the wilderness they so frequent and will usually be seen with one such animal friend when they make themselves known. Many rangers favor archery as damage from a distance is usually ideal for hunting.

  • Known Rangers Adeline Vael, Taril Lavellan


These rogues are not just another pretty voice or set of pretty fingers set to a lute. Claiming to have originated in Orlais, Bards (by this definition) they are masters at the game of espionage. Posing as entertainers, they are trained to gather secrets, extract information and should the need arise, take a target out of the game… permanently. As one would expect their role to be, Bards are very versatile both in mundane and professional skill. They do not favor any particular style of combat as they simply will choose whatever is best for them, and the task they are to complete.

  • Known Bards


Dual-wielding Daggers

One of the hallmarks of the Rogue class is the dual daggers. Many rogues favor this combination for it allows someone inclined to melee to not only keep constant damage up but be unburdened in defense, permitting them rapid engagements and disengagements. This is ideal for those who rely on trying to set up the perfect strike (Such as Shadows favor flanking, while Duelists rely on these motions to keep a target unbalanced). This is very similar to the Warrior's brand of dual-wielding, with more emphasis on speed and gaining that perfect strike. Dual wielding is often a tiring style of combat, however as keeping up speed demands a great deal of energy. So again, usually a Rogue in this position is out to damage a target with as much damage as possible in a single strike, to take them out of the game immediately to avoid sustained combat. However, there are always those who revel in the melee and rely on the many minor injuries slowing an opponent down before their own combat slows them down.


Opposite the dual-wielding is Archery. Archery tends to be favored by more patient Rogues. The emphasis of setting up a perfect strike is still one that rings true, but they do this from afar. Hit and run tactics are also extremely prevalent among Archers. Experienced Archers are capable of doing rather fancy tricks with their bows and crossbows and are not against using the trappings most Rogues tend to reach for (such as poisons).