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Scene Title Salt In The Air
Synopsis A few mages spend an evening in the Courtyard.
Location Circle Courtyard
Date 19 Kingsway Dragon 9:31
Watch For Song, climbing, an upset lionette, gifts of sea glass.
Logger Valentin

The days may still be warm but the evenings have that touch.. that promise of cold to come, the scent of decay on the wind as summer lets go her hold and autumn settles in. It's not yet dark, just that time in the early evening when the light is turning golden and the sky paints it's self with tangerine and raspberry hues. Off the sea the air clean with the crispness of the coming night, heavy with salt as the winds start to pick up.

She is sitting on the edge of the fountain, robbed and deeply hooded in perhaps twice as much material as needed to cover her tiny form as she watches the colors change across the patch of sky. On her lap the large raven that some have seen going her or there, disappearing into the third floor window. But now, Mor seems more intent to get the glistening feathers back into some order as he shakes the water from them.

Chilled air hitting hot, it whips up the wind. And with the wind comes the smell of the sea and there is nothing that will get Valentin outside faster than that. That promise that somewhere beyond these walls, not all that far away at all, the sea still sits and sings and awaits for him to find a way to her again. So the Enchanter is outside. But not in the Courtyard proper. No, Valentin, in his once-pirate madness, climbed out of a window some time ago. The architecture of Kirkwall lends itself to ledges, and just above the second floor windows there is one large enough to sit upon if you can twist and climb from the window just right. There, the dark haired man has perched himself, and in the quiet of the evening, a clear tenor voice lifts over the Courtyard. A shanty, slow and sad, but in the lyrical language of Rivain, something dear to his heart and that calls to the sea like her salt-touches call to him on the air.

Not so much in tune with the passing of seasons, Ashalle is coming into the courtyard for her own reasons: It's a much quieter place to read than most parts of the Circle, and it's usually light on Templars. A little time away from the ever-implied intimidation never hurts.
She glances up at the sound of song, frowning thoughtfully as she recognizes the voice and the sight of the singer. She doesn't call a greeting, though, as that might interrupt him. Even if she can't understand a word of the song, it has a certain haunting beauty.
She spies Mac shortly after. Lifting a hand in greeting, she moves toward the fountain, her steps deliberately slow so as not to spook the raven.

Katerina has found herself wandering to the little scrap of 'outdoors' the circle mages get, much like Valentin and Mac, in search of her own solace. The elven mage finds herself seated on one of the many stone benches, distracting herself with a flower she examines closely. Her shoes have been eschewed for the moment, left to sit just beside her on the stone floor. Her eyes flick towards Valentin when he begins his singing, small smile tugging at the corner of her lips, but she lets the man continue.

The sound of the song shifts the little elven mage's eyes from the colors that paint across the sky, sweeping along the ledges until they find the singer.. head tipping just a little to the side at the realization that the rich tones come from Valentin so precariously perched. Not wanting to distract him or draw attention to herself the girl instead leans forward, silver strands of moonlight falling from her hood and against the black wings as she whispers to Mor, a few moments latter lifting him in her hands to send fluttering off over the wall. It's then that Mac notices Ashalle drawing towards her, her head dropping again with a nod as hands pull back into the over sized sleeves to hide the scars around her wrists before the other mage is close enough to question them.

Precariously perched is precisely the way Valentin likes to be. Though it does worry people who care about him, more often than not. Especially when he climbs down. All sorts of fretting then. For now, though, the Enchanter just sits and sings. As one song comes to an end, another picks up. This one, though still slow and sad, is in the Trade tongue.

"A girl upon the shore did ask a favor of the sea,
Return my blue eyed sailor boy safely back to me,
Forgive me if I ask too much, I will not ask for more,
But I will weep until he sleeps safe upon the shore…"

And it carries on in that fashion. The sea hearing the girl, sending her lover back to her, upon a piece of drift wood. And when she ran to him, she finds him cold and dead. A warning to not give a sailor your heart, for she gives only what she thinks fair. And he was whole, and upon the shore, though he was not living. She fulfilled her part of the bargain. Seems Valentin is a cheery one tonight.

If her time going cross-country taught Ashalle anything, it's that sharp eyes are an asset, and she's honed that talent ever since. So the odd scars on the silver-haired elfwoman's wrists… yes, she did see them. But actually questioning them is another matter. In a place like this, privacy comes dear. Breaking another's would be inconsiderate in the extreme.
She bows her head respectfully. "Hello again. How does this evening find you?" she asks softly, with a smile for the hooded elfwoman.

Valentin's change in language further catches Katerina's attention, and the elven mage shifts in her seat so she's studying the enchanter more than the flowers around them. Sharp green eyes also flick over to Ashalle, her friend whom she offers the ghost of a smile, and to curiously regard the Dalish woman she's not seen about before. idly one of her hands lifts to fiddle with something sitting under her robes, just over her heart.

"Hello." comes with a bow of her head, the hood casting her features in shadows, before clear crystal eyes flicker up to Ashalle, then away, finding Valentin as he sings, then to the forth person in the courtyard, landing on the elven woman. They are quick, sweeping glances that are not meant to settle but more to know who is around, Maceyana not used to having this many souls in so close proximity. Though the peek towards Katerina lingers a moment longer than intended before she is looking back to Ashalle in front of her.

Two songs completed, Valentin settles quietly for a moment. But there is quiet conversation below, and Valentin isn't actually one for eavesdropping. So the Enchanter shifts, turning and dropping to catch himself on the ledge. It seems climbing is something of a talent. Dropping from the ledge to the window, Valentin then climbs down the trellis until, with a soft thud, he successfully finds himself on solid ground. And he's about to turn to leave when a familiar jingling comes into the courtyard. It heralds the arrival of a small lionette cub who, upon seeing Valentin, chirps happily and bounds toward the Enchanter. Once there, he makes kittenish pounces at the ground, flank in the air, wiggling, trying to incite chase.

Ashalle, following Maceyan's gaze, spies Katerina. She smiles at her fellow city elf, lifting a hand to wave. "You know Kat?" she asks, interested.
Her thoughts are interrupted with the arrival of Valentin… and Tytos, who's here with bells on. She stifles giggles as the cub tries to draw Valentin into a game. "Excuse me," she says to Mac. "I'd better go rescue the Enchanter from that ferocious beast."
She hurries that way, moving to intercept the lionette as best she can in her confining robes. "Careful, Tytos, you'll trip someone!"

Katerina lifts her hand to return Ashalle's wave breifly before slipping off her stone bench and making her way over twoards the pair of elves, brushing her riot of brown hair behihind a pointed ear as she goes. She arrives at Mac just as Ashalle arrives at Tytos, the decision to intercept the cub leaving Kat with a perplexed look on her face. "That will not end well." she mutters under her breath.

Pale eyes following Ashalle's first to Katerina with a small shake of her head, then back towards Tycos as the woman rushes away to see if she could save Valentin from the "horrible accident." As Katerina comes close, Maceyana tilts her gaze for a moment towards the elven woman, enough that the strands of moonlight hair and pale features of mostly visable under her hood. "One would wonder why there is no concern for a blind man climbing off a tower, but instead with him being pounced by a kit who giggles as he moves?" the soft voice clear and soft like bubbling water over polished stone.

So, fun fact, Tytos is very well behaved, but there are certain things he does not like. One of those things is when, quite wrapped up in his kitten play with his person, there is suddenly someone else between him and the man he's come to think of as 'parent.' So he pops up from his playful stance, pinning his ears back and hissing at her with a face much too ferocious for one so small. That hiss turns into a growl, and it's good that he is so well behaved, because it looks like he is having the Worst Kitten Day Ever and would likely lash out if given his way.

Another fun fact? Valentin has learned to actually use his hearing over his years of not being able to see. And he's about to verbally tell Ashalle to not try and 'save' him from his own lionette, but he's just a little too late. And those angry, distressed noises from his cub? They pull a growl from Valentin that is equal parts protective and irritated. "Ashalle…" He says with a shake of his head, "I have Tytos belled for a reason. He knows well how not to trip me. You are distressing him." And he's moving around the other mage then, judging her placement by the sound of her robes, and dropping to a knee to call Tytos over.

Ashalle hadn't had in mind a literal rescue. But there's likely no way to tell Tytos that, and by the look on the kitten's face he wouldn't be much inclined to listen if there were. Blinking in surprise at the reaction of her mere proximity, she takes a step back and to the side, clearing the way to Valentin. "I see. My apologies, Captain. I will leave you both to your own doings, then," she replies, and moves away.

"I have long given up any notion of telling the enchanter what to do and what not to do." Katerina remarks to Mac, on Valentin. "After all, the man has a knack for it and it seems to make him happy, potential of falling aside." She offers with a shrug. She regards the Dalish woman as Ashalle and Valentin have their interaction around Tytos. "I'm Katerina, by the way. Katerina Vulcheva. I don't think I've had the pleasure."

Mac watches the exchange for what it is, the misunderstandings of the three and Ashalle's withdraw as the Mage soothes his annoyed kit. At the same time there is a dart of black, the raven coming over the wall in a flutter of feathers, drawing the elf's eyes as he goes from the tower where Valentin had been sitting and down to land on the pavers beside the two. A hop or two.. flutter of wings and then the small clinking chime as what the bird holds in his beak is dropped besides the mage. The peice of sea glass, smooth from sand and still wet from the waves glistening there again takes wing. Slowly Maceyana's gaze flickers from the scene and back to Katerina, brows furrowing as she tries to find the thread of what the woman had said then nods slowly. "Hello Katerina. No.. I have been.. unwell." biting her lip. "Maceyana."

Valentin might have been about to explain further, but Ashalle steps away and honestly? He just doesn't have the care to explain what seems to him to be fairly self evident. Tytos pads over to Valentin, much more subdued than before, and clambers into the half lap Valentin has from being down on one knee. It makes the Enchanter laugh, as he gathers the belled cub up into his arms and coos comforts into one black tipped ear, entirely in Orlesian. It settles the cub quickly, and a few moments later his tail is flicking happily, and lamplike golden eyes turn to search the courtyard before possibly apologetic chirps are sent Ashalle's way. When, though, the flutter of black wings is beside Valentin, the Enchanter blinks, tilting his head and reaching down as he hears the raven drop his prize. He smiles, knowing well the feeling of sea glass. It's then that he stands up, Tytos held under his flank with one arm. "Thank you, Mor." He says to the air, not quite sure where the bird has gone, or where his mistress is, but trusting one will hear. Or perhaps hoping.

Ashalle rejoins her fellow elves much more quietly than she left. "It seems the small one has his own ideas of company," she says simply, sighing. "Hello, Kat. Hello again, Maceyana. Have either of you seen a book with a gray cover? I left here just now, on the edge of the fountain…"

Kat's eyes widen just slightly when Maceyana gives her name, but the rest of her reaction is schooled away. "I am glad you seem to be doing better." She remarks to the Dalish woman, perhaps slightly more distant than she may have been intending to come off. There's old pain there, and like most people caught up in this oversized cage, mage and Templar alike, old and new pains are twisted together into a nonsensical mess that somehow manages to at least pretend to be a functional person. "I imagine he was very intent on getting to one of his people." Katerina remarks to Ashalle as she approaches. "He seems perfectly settled now." She says further with a glance over to Valentin. She tilts her head at the question, "Grey cloth cover or leather cover? I haven't seen it but I can keep an eye out."

Mor rises into the sky only to drop again to land down beside Maceyana on the edge of the fountain, his sharp caw answering back to Valentin as the girl extends her arm to the bird, allowing him to climb up until he can nuzzle his way into her hood. "It is a small thing, Healer. You are welcome." is answered before she turns her eyes back to the two women. A small nod to Katerina, guarded more than cold, as if the over sized robe is not the only thing she has wrapped herself in. Not commenting on if she is doing better or not, instead the girl shakes her head to Ashalle. "When you say you left it? Was in very long ago? I did not see one when I came out."

"No imagining needed; he looked like he wanted to tear a hole in me and jump through it just to get there," Ashalle replies, wincing at imagined pain. "And to think that he looks so peaceful and playful most of the time…"
She returns to the subject of the book. "Long ago? Oh, no, I left it here just now. Animals and books don't tend to mix well, not even leatherbound books." She looks back at the building. "Can you imagine what would happen if I returned a book to the library with clawmarks on it?"

Valentin nods toward Mac then with a smile. "In here, small things can make a world of difference." He says, placing the sea glass into a pocket in his robes and then stroking his hand down Tytos' back. "If it is Tytos you are worried about, Ashalle," He says, "He leaves books be. Unless you've gone and soaked it in brandy, but at that point you've got a problem with its well being anyway."

Katerina tilts her head the other way, glancing at Ashalle and then Tytos and then back again, before shaking her head. Valentin can bring it up if he wants to. "I didn't see a book when you came out here, then again i was looking at the flowers." Kat remarks. Keen green eyes sweep about the gardens in search of the missing item in question.

"Here?" Maceyana seems suprised for a moment, glancing around her, then standing.. to the chirping annoyance of the near sleeping bird in her hood, especially as she lets the hood fall back from her pale hair so that she can better see. Sweeping her robes away from the edge of the fountain, they really do hand around her small form like a bag on a stick.. but in doing so uncovers the book that her garment had fallen over in that short time. "Ahh, there we go then." mystery solved before nodding to the two. "I should probably head inside. It was nice to meet you Katerina." then again a nod to Ashalle.

"If I'm soaking a book in brandy, I've got a problem with my well-being," Ashalle replies, tapping the side of her head indicatively and making an awful face.
Her attention returns to Kat and Mac quickly. Priorities. "Not your fault, Kat. I was distracted at the time, too," she says, peering about and taking a step to look around the edge of the fountain. "It was just here, I think… but I don't see it."
Just then Maceyana moves, disturbing her passenger. The annoyed chirp brings Ashalle's gaze that way, just in time to see what her fellow elf's robes were covering. "There we go, indeed! Thank you, Maceyana," she says, reclaiming the tome. "Go in peace, friend. And you too, Mor."

"Exactly." Valentin confirms to Ashalle, as though that had been the joke from the get go. But, you know, Valentin should likely have learned by now that his joking didn't always quite land. "But I should get Tytos back to the Lieutenant." He says then, just as Mac moves to make her exit. "Good evening, by the way, Katerina." He offers, as he'd not gotten much of an opportunity, but he had noticed her presence. And then he's moving to leave the courtyard, though Tytos makes protesting chirps.

"It was nice to meet you too, Maceyana." Katerina offers to the departing Dalish mage, again likely more distant that she intended to come off. And then Ashalle has found her book, Valentin is leaving and it seems like their impromptu garden party is coming to an end. Katerina looks up briefly to see just how far the sun has sunk in the sky, debating if it is late enough to sneak off to her intended destination. "If everyone else is heading in for the night i suppose I should be on my way as well."

Ashalle watches the Enchanter and his cargo go, stifling giggles, though not a smile. "I think Tytos has his own ideas on the subject… just like every other subject," she muses. "I guess there's no point in staying out by myself. The light's getting too bad to read now anyway."
She doesn't let Kat get away without a quick hug, though. "Go in peace, Kat. I hope we can talk again soon." She turns for a different door, closer to the library.

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