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Scene Title Satinalia Celebration
Synopsis A pleasant celebration in the Chantry
Location The Chantry
Date 16 Firstfall 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Adorable child and snowbeast.
Logger Steel

With the setting in of Firstfall, the city has turned quite cold. This is a year of extremes, it seems. The summer had been blistering for Kirkwall, but the winter is promising to be bitter and long. Overcast and grey, the wind whips through the streets, nipping at noses and sending leaves and papers travelling across the city like some sort of sad confetti. Dry leaves skitter on hard stone, scraping a song that is the lament of Autumn slipping away. For today is the first day of Winter, or at least, the day that Kirkwall is choosing to celebrate it. Up in Hightown, though, things are not so bleak. The streets are filled with the smell of food, and gentle choral music pours through the echoing streets from the open doors of the Chantry. Golden light spills onto the steps below, and Sisters, Brothers, Chanters alike greet those who come for the festivities. Tables upon tables are laid heavy with food. Boxes of masks and silly hats are near the doors, distributed by Brothers and the younger Sisters. Children slip from their parents' grips, and all around, people exchange wrapped boxes with one another.

Satinalia's one of the few times of the year where a mage can see people who aren't either other mages or Templars. Naturally, Ashalle is going to be there! She's quietly climbing the steps now, slow-footed in her cumbersome mage-robes but determined not to miss out. Even if it means braving the crowds… she's taken the precaution of slipping her belt pouch inside her inner robe, in case some of the host aren't brushing against her because the doors aren't quite wide enough for the number of people trying to get through them.

Among the crowd, though not reveling, stands a Knight Lieutenant in his armor. It seems he is the direct superior of the other Templars present, as they speak quietly to him to ask questions or receive clarifications. There is a careful eye paid to the mages who have been allowed to attend the holiday service. One of his men assigned to each, though told to get respectful distance unless some sort of trouble arises. And he is quiet, though less imposing than some others, as he doesn't wear his helm, exposing blond hair and a kind face. Cenn shifts his weight, setting his shoulders, and watches.

Seren has never actually seen anything like this before, so of course curiosity drove him to put himself into the list of people interested in visiting the Chantry. Of course, the amount of people is a little intimidating at first and it nearly keeps him from keeping up with their escort. That, of course, earns a chiding from the nightwing on his shoulder and he shakes his head. "It's a lot of people, Revas." Unfortunately for this elf, all the bird sees is all of those children and OF COURSE she's interested. Also unfortunately, she's spotted a familiar Templar and the mage has to reach up to keep her from moving once they're inside. "You're staying with me. Try to look intimidating or something."

The last time Adeline went to a holiday celebration in Kirkwall, she'd come in a dress, and almost unarmed. She's not making that mistake twice. Her hair neatly braided, with bright red berries woven through, Adeline looks quite festive. Until, of course, you get down to her Warden blues and the well crafted bow on her back. Its bowstring is loose, and her quiver is pulled tight in a position that would make it hard to actually draw out arrows, but she's not unarmed. It might make Chantry folk bristle, but she's a Warden, they would have to deal. She smiles as she enters, though, accepting a mask in the shape of a spotted cat and putting it on.

From a distance, Katka just looks like there's a small gap in the crowd, her head a little too close to the ground to be seen over the heads and shoulders of the Chantry-going public. She can't see much, either. Too many people blocking the view. So, as the dwarf meanders through, wearing a furry cloak over her shoulders for warmth, she just lets the flow of people steer her along, accidentally slipping between some Mages and Templars, nearly tripping over a foot before emerging on the other side with a grunted "'Scuse me!" There's just enough room for her to locate one of the Brothers distributing masks, and a little while later she's wearing a red mask in the likeness of a stag. This does -not- improve her situational awareness.

Bethany has taken the opportunity of the holiday feast to get out for a little bit. The Ferelden woman is in her usual set of clothes, grey sleeves, beige blouse and so on and so forth. However, her chainmail has been left at home for the sake of the occasion, as well as her staff for the sake of their location. She makes her way in, smiling to the Chantry sister who hands her a mask on her way past. She looks at the leather briefly and chuckles before slipping the doe shaped accessory over her face. At least she has they eyes to match. The familiar ill-tamed riot of black hair and warden blues catches Bethany's attention, and she makes her way over to Adeline. "You look like Fjord." Bethany remarks with a slight upturn to the corners of her mouth. "How have you been, Adeline?" She asks, smile becoming concern. The last time they saw one another Adeline was not in the best of health.

With the festivities well underway, there is seating and chatting and food. The Brother that hands Katka her mask is in one of his own, shaped like a moth, and he seems quite pleased with his choice as he had drawn out the largest, most ornate thing he could find in his box. Outside, some people have taken to dancing, while inside most people exchange gifts or pray or are generally more mild. Generally.

One child seems particularly adventurous and is running about the steps and Chantry as fast as his little legs will take him. The excitement of the day has caught up to the little monster - Who is, it should be noted, in the most ridiculous mask of an orange and white fish and a jingling red hat - Until he goes barreling straight into Katka, tumbling to the floor until he arrives at Seren's feet, grinning up at him and then giggling wildly.

A few beats after the boy's tumble, a large, fluffy cat bounds into the Chantry. Spotted, with a long, long tail. Large as the young boy himself. But there are a lot of people in here, and with large cat noises of displeasure, the spotted animal winds through legs until she finds herself well stuck between Adeline and Bethany. And his mother. Oh, this poor woman, breathless, honey blond hair flying about her face, stops to catch her breath right beside Ashalle.

"Oh! Excuse /me/," Ashalle says, blinking as someone trips over her foot. She looks about… no one? But then she looks down, just in time to see the Dwarf hurrying on her way. "Sorry!" she calls after her.
She's just in time to almost run into a grumpy-looking chanter handing out masks. Apparently this isn't his favorite place and time of year. But she politely nods, accepting the facsimile of a black bear's face he thrusts at her. "Thank you."
She's just slipping it on when a woman comes panting up beside her, blond hair mussed and in obvious distress. "Excuse me, miss, you seem troubled," the small mage says, bowing her head politely. "Is there any way I can help?"

It's a really good thing Seren had opted for pulling at least the front portion of his hair back into the grip of a wooden clasp carved to resemble a tangle of flowering vines. Otherwise, his hair would have been all over the that mask. As it is, he looks at the thing as it's put into his hands and seems to consider it as if trying to decide whether or not to actually wear it. In the end, he opts for putting it on and instantly Revas is distracted. She's distracted, that is, until the child lands at their feet and then both human and bird look down with tilted heads. Of course, only the mage grins and bends to extend a hand to the boy in offer to help him stand. "Up again, da'len. Before someone comes along and trips on you and we have a pile." Of course he hasn't missed that cat but he's hoping it belongs to SOMEONE. Otherwise, it's taken an incredibly long time to bite.

Adeline turns when Bethany approaches, and smiles broad and warm. "Ah, Bethany, good to see you!" She says, touching at the mask when it is commented on. "Oh yes, I am sure he would be most amused if he were here. That one suits you." She nods to the doe, with Bethany's big, dark eyes, it has a charming effect. "I have been well, what about yo-" Adeline is cut off by the arrival of a fluffy, displeased cat. A cat that looks awful familiar. Though a little smaller than Fjord. "Oh, hello there…" She says down to the Snowbeast, "Where is your person?"

"Hey now!" Katka grunts as the child barrels into her. But she's pretty solid in spite of her size, and her height keeps her from losing her balance too easily. This in spite of having had an ale or two on her way here, as one does. So she just wobbles and turns around to glance at the child tumbling by, with only the slightest squint behind the mask. Before laughing it off, the dwarf moves her hand discreetly to check the coinpurse under her cloak, just in case. The other hand waves, and she squeezes herself back into the crowd. She does at least put a skip to her step, which is rather festive, and with the mask on she doesn't even look that threatening. It's a short jaunt just to get to another table. There's food!

Speak of the devil… but, wait, that's not Fjord.. the interplay of surprise and confusion are both visible on Bethany's face. Both are quickly followed up by concern, as having lived with a Mabari all her life Bethany is well aware what a distressed animal looks like. While Adeline addresses the creature Bethany lifts her head, scanning the crowd for anyone who looks to be seeking out the creature, or otherwise distressed. "I've been well. Glad to see you're doing better." Bethany remarks in Adeline's direction as she looks about.

The blond mother sighs, heaving a heavy breath which lifts her chest, and she straightens out again. "Oh, I'm just trying to catch my son…" She says to Ashalle, voice heavy with an Ander accent, nodding to the boy in the fish mask and red hat, "He's something of a menace."

Which, is… Mostly true. But he smiles up at Seren, still having the kindness of childhood. Taking the mage's hand, the young boy gets his feet under him. And then… He looks around, seeming suddenly distressed.

The cat, she looks up as Adeline speaks, long tail swishing back and forth. Bethany's search might turn up a lost looking little boy. But the cat gives out a pathetic sound and the child is off like a shot. Under Bethany's legs, barreling into the cat so both tumble to the floor in a rowling, giggling mass that rolls and rolls and rolls, until it hits one of the tables of food.

That very same table wobbles dangerously in front of Katka, a couple dishes looking like they're about to topple.

Ashalle has heard that accent a few times, back home. "I understand," she replies sincerely. "Perhaps near the food tables? The good smells are drawing much older people, with smaller appetites than children usually have," she suggests.
She's distracted by a loud sound of feline dismay, not the kind she's used to hearing. But none seem to be anywhere above the floor, and that can't be seen because there are too many /people/ on it. This crowd might confuse anyone.
But the sounds of giggling, of a solid smack, and the /rocketa-rocketa-rocketa/ of a wobbling table, along with some accompanying vocal cries of dismay, aren't so far away that she can't hear them. "You said he was something of a menace?" she asks the mother, gesturing in the direction of the disturbance. "That does look very menace-ish." She hurries to check this out, hoping the mother will follow.

Seren had been watching the reunion of boy and cat with mild amusement, but the wobbling table brings that to an end. "Try to get them away from the table." He instructs Revas, since actually getting there before the table topples onto the boy and cat- if it goes that way- looks fairly impossible. He begins winding his way in that direction just in case, moving behind Adeline and Bethany with a quickly delivered apology.

"Oh, I know, come on let's-" Adeline starts in response to distressed cat noises. Then, though, boy meets cat and they tumble and Adeline is laughing. "Well, that answers that question." And then there is a mage following with apologies and… Oh that table doesn't look very sound at all. Following cat and boy, Adeline takes hold of the table in an attempt to fold it still, all the while shaking her head.

Bethany gives a yelp of surprise before shaking her head and laughing. She'd not had a quite-so-younger brother to get her used to such things. But, no harm no foul, especially not on a day like today. "You're always looking out for others, aren't you?" Bethany remarks, following Adeline partway but instead of going to the table she stops to gently put a hand on the tumbling mass of boy-and-cat in part to make sure they're alright, and equally in part to perhaps shepherd their menacing to somewhere less likely to knock over food and/or people.

Katka's already reaching out with a hand for a tray, fingers ready to clench, when something comes rolling by and bumps the table. As it wobbles, she shifts her grip to secure the dishes closest to the edge, jamming her side against the corner of the table to help keep it up.. "Andraste's t…" she starts blurting out, then her eyes fix on a nearby Sister and gaggle of children, and in a split second she corrects course, to a subdued "…toes." It's not much of an expletive. Tilting her head, it takes her a moment to locate the source of the commotion, squinting from behind her mask, and lets out a small amused snort at the sight of the child and cat. "You again!"

Even before Ashalle points out the wobbling table, the Ander woman is wincing. Yep, that's her son alright. She'd know that combination of yowling and giggle anywhere. Following behind the mage, the Ander woman curses quietly under her breath… Or, at least, it sounds like it should be cursing. It's a hard, multisyllabic language that is difficult to follow if one isn't familiar.

The table steadies under so many hands and a shoulder. So that's something.

Boy and cat seem amused. And when Katka looks his way, she gets a wide grin and a wave until the cat swishes her tail into the boy's masked face and their play continues on. That is, of course, until a large, dark bird arrives and the boy backs up quickly. The cat is to her feet, between her young ward and the nightwing, hackles raising. The boy stills when Bethany's hand finds his shoulder, but he's still surprised. But hey, he's away from the table.

But when his mother catches sight of him, she's over in a moment, scooping the little menace into her arms. "Irma, plotz." She says sharply, and the cat relaxes, coming to her side and looking up at the boy in her arms.

Ashalle leads the way, stifling a smile at the sight of a boy and his cat under the table. And a Nightwing that looks familiar enough to draw a wince. No question who else is here, if Revas is around. She steps back a bit, to stay out of the thick of the gathering that's forming around the tremulous table.
She can't stop the smile that appears on her face as mother and child have their reunion, though. "All's well that ends well, it seems," she says, just loud enough to be heard.

An upside down turn of head, a curious half-hoot, puffed up feathers, and that ridiculous wings-somewhat-out squat. That's about it for Revas' ability to intimidate on purpose. Good thing she's not really trying because it might be even more pathetic. "She won't harm anyone. Come on, Revas." Seren waits until the huge bird is settled on his shoulder again to offer her any praise. "Well done." The boy and cat are considered and he shakes his head. "I'd nearly forgotten how quickly they can land themselves in trouble."

With the table stable, Adeline takes a deep breath. "Ah, children." She mutters, and plucks a roll from the table. Wardens. Always hungry. Turning her attention to eating this roll, she watches the reunion with no small amount of amusement.

Bethany stands when the boy is scooped up, offering the Ander woman a kind smile before turning her attention to Ashalle, who has drawn near her. "I remember you." She remarks to the circle mage. "You were the woman trying to learn the chant in Orlesian, from brother Vael."

Katka takes a moment to ensure the table's not about to flip onto her before she steps back from it. Her grip on the dishes is a little slower to relax. She has them right there, so she might as well tug them a little closer and stick her hands into each plate. Both hands now occupied with food, she uses a thumb to nudge her mask slightly so she's got more room to stuff the food in her mouth. Cocking her head, the dwarf stares at the peculiar-looking cat for a while. "Wouldn't be a table standing if that was a Mabari." she notes in a Ferelden accent. Almost wistful.

The Ander woman laughs quietly and nods, looking at her son and sighing. "Yes, well, mabari are a bit bigger. Irma is still young." The cat swishes her tail as if to say she is quite big enough, thank you very much. "Thank you, all." And then the woman is carrying her son out. He might be less of a wrecking ball outside.

Which is when Sisters start to mill the room. Handing out small boxes and blessings. Everyone gets one, full of small gifts.

A familiar voice? Ashalle glances up in surprise, pushing her mask aside for the sake of recognition as the doe-masked woman speaks to her. "Yes… and wasn't your name Beth? Longer, I'm sure, but definitely Beth," she says, smiling. "Hello again! I hope you are well?"
She spares a glance for the formerly-unsteady table, seeing that it's not going to be a casualty of Anderkid The Menace. But the examination is interrupted by the Sisters making their rounds, with sacred words and small gifts. She accepts her own with a bow of her head. "Thank you very much."

"Ma serannas… ah.. Thank you." Seren says as the gift is given and he looks moderately confused before looking at the glass. He holds it up to the light, considering it before placing it into his pocket as Revas begins to take interest in it. "Not this one, da'vhenan. You've picked up enough glass this week." There's a hint of put-upon parent in his voice as he talks to the bird and reaches up to run his fingers over the feathers of her head. "You need to stop before you drop something on someone's head."

Adeline is distracted as this box is handed to her. She bows her head, taking the gift with a pious wish of her own back to the sister. You could take the girl out of Starkhaven… Opening it, she draws out a bronze hairpin and smiles, turning it in her hand and noting its shape of the Chantry sunburst. That will see use. Setting the box aside, she puts the pin into a pouch and then glances to Bethany, and then woman she's talking to… Ah… Yes.

"Bethany." the Ferelden woman offers, not taking any offense at the shortening of her name. She was about to return well wishes but is breifly interrupted by a chantry sister presenting her with a box. "Maker watch over you, sister." Bethany says taking a moment to open the small box, revealing a metal claok pin in the form of a chantry sunburst. She smiles before packing the pin away into it's box and holding it lightly in her hand. "I've been as well as anyone in Lowtown is." She says to Ashalle. "How have you been?"

Katka has to free one hand to receive her gift, and pushes the food into her mouth, then wipes her hand on the inside of her cloak. She looks a little sheepish, even behind the mask, as she accepts the gift. "Hmmhnnank…" she tries to talk through a mouthful, chews faster, swallows, "Thank you, Sister." the dwarf pulls the box to herself and carefully plucks out a small polished stone figure of Andraste. She holds this in her hand, a thumb stroking along the smooth material while she stares at it. Glancing up, the dwarf turns uncertainly, looking through the gaps in the crowd to study the folk around her.

"Bethany… my apologies. It has been some time since we last spoke," Ashalle replies, blushing a little. "But I have been as well as anyone in my circumstances can be." The Circle has an entirely different kind of misery than Lowtown, but people in both places still suffer. "I have not seen Brother Vael in some time, I'm afraid. I hope he is also well."
Speaking of misery, there's a Templar approaching Ashalle now. And when he addresses her, it concerns the matter of a moment ago, when she was hurrying from near the door to the tables. The Elfwoman sighs, giving Bethany an apologetic look. "It would seem I have misbehaved. Perhaps I will see you in the Chantry again soon? I must discuss something with this gentleman." With an apologetic look, Ashalle slips her mask back into place and follows the armored man away.

Cenn's eyes narrow at the Knight who takes Ashalle out, but as the mage doesn't seem terribly troubled, he lets it lie. There would be talk later, but that is later. For now, there is more watching to do, and the Lieutenant remains at his post.

Seren has more interest in watching the crowd than being in it, even if Revas would gladly go greet every single kid in the place if she could. The crowd might be a bit much for him these days but he doesn't seem to mind being there on the edges of it. After all, he came here out of curiosity.

In through the tall doors of the Chantry flies a gyrfalcon. Settling on Adeline's shoulder, she pets at his breast feathers and then takes a bit of paper held in his beak. Not tied to him, he couldn't have had it long. Unfolding it, she reads, crinkles her nose, and the Warden heads toward the door. Though as she passes Bethany, there is a friendly clap to her shoulder in parting.

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