Voiced By Alec Newman
Faction Rogue
Organization Chantry
Position Brother
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 26
Place of Birth Starkhaven
Date of Birth Firstfall 24
Mother Rhona Vael (died Cloudreach, Dragon 9:31)
Father Erskine Vael (died Cloudreach, Dragon 9:31)
Siblings Kirklan Vael (died Cloudreach, Dragon 9:31), Cameron Vael (died Cloudreach, Dragon 9:31)
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance The Exiled Prince
Last Appearance

Character History:

The third son of the Prince of Starkhaven was not as endearing a role or free ride as one would imagine it could be. Royalty could be a pain in the ass, especially if you were a natural threat to the Heir. As second spare, Sebastian was often over looked and constantly over shadowed by his elder brothers, if not blatantly used as their whipping boy. Under the guise of healthy competition was he subjected to the abuses of his brother's torment, bullied by them on a regular basis. And while this behaviour was not outright encouraged by his parents, they did nothing to prevent it. His cries of protest generally falling to deaf ears and a sentiment akin to 'take it like a man' or 'you have to learn to fight your own battles, Sebastian.'

Naturally, his parents did not put great stock in Sebastian's upbringing nor did they encourage him to the level of training his brothers received; promoting the lack of importance he had in the familial standing. Praise was all but unreachable for the young Vael, and he grew desperate for it. It was a harsh thing to endure as a young child, knowing that your family looked at you sideways and were scheming for some way to dissolve you from the family unit.

The struggle to gain that approval was what led him down the path of self-destruction. He had given his efforts time and time again, sometimes proving to be considerably better than his brother at some royal talent, receiving scorn or no recognition at all for it. His failures however, they were sure to mark them, and never let him forget it. He was about to give up completely when his grandfather took him aside and mentored him quietly.

His grandfather, a famous archer himself, redirected Sebastian's loneliness toward the pursuit of archery. Mastering the bow was in essence, part of mastering yourself. The confidence he gained from mentoring under his grandfather made the stinging ache of not earning approval from his parents a little easier to tolerate.

For a time, this was enough. The exercises would keep him distracted from what was lacking in his life. The praise from his grandfather filled the gaps. He was beyond himself the day that his grandfather promised him the Starkhaven Longbow which served in the familial defense of their principality. It was a great honour to receive the weapon, something that would transition him into manhood when he was thirteen years of age.

Time however, takes their eventual toll on old men. His grandfather died not long after seeing Sebastian secure a victory in a grand tourney, a victory that held him above the placement of his brothers. This hard won victory earned him praise and attention from the populace of Starkhaven, from noble and otherwise. People acknowledged his existence, acknowledge his prowess, and were struck by his indomitable presence. This helped considerably, when grieving over his grandfathers passing.

An insatiable appetite was founded in these years; gripped in the excitement of these vices which enabled him to ignore the grief in his heart and the rising discontent at his situation within his family. He spent a considerable allowance on drink, entertainment, and the wooing of ladies of Starkhaven. He figured being a prince with no power that he might as well have fun with his title. Earning a lothario reputation certainly fit in line of what his parents already thought of him, so it didn't bother him as much as it could have, had he been trying to win their favour. Winning that favour was something he had long ago dismissed as impossible.

Unfortunately, such actions gave his parents the ammunition they needed to remove the weight of his presence from around his brothers neck. Fearing that he would father a bastard which could grow to challenge the Vael throne, his parents forced him into the Chantry, exiling him from their principality.

Literally, he was dragged by soldiers sworn to his parents from a tavern in Starkhaven to Kirkwall Chantry to be cloistered, with Captain Leland, overseeing the task personally. Leland was his parents personal guard, loyal to the death. Sebastian felt that a prince wasnt meant to be chaste, nor bound to such vows. Yet, he was obedient to his captors, while he waited for his opportunity to escape.

He learned the Chant as a boy and could jump in on any verse, he tithed faithfully, he's stood up for what was right, he's fought against Tevinter's slavers setting foot in Starkhaven, and he's been kind to the elves. Yet he felt initially, at that point, he would be giving up his life to take his vows so young. He needed to leave. His freedom was important.

A note he had received during his stay promised to aid him on his escape and prompted him to with the tools acquired. His mysterious collaborator was Grand Cleric Elthina. She understood the political nature of Sebastians presence at the Chantry and gave him the coin enough to live a comfortable life, excusing him from a life of vows and service to Andraste and the Maker.

He could have followed his whims, to live the life he had always wanted…he had the gold for it. Except, he realized such a path would make him useless, aimless, selfish, and utterly alone. He returned to the Chantry and entered through the front door this time, willing to commit himself to the Maker and to Andrastes guidance.

Elthina helped him to regain his faith. Embracing his new role, Sebastian took vows of poverty and chastity to become a sworn brother of the Chantry, an initiate. There were other ways for a Prince to do His Makers will, than to be a Prince.



Sebastian Vael has turned to the Maker and he relies heavily on the draw of faith to help him persevere the trials set before him. This does in a way, play a part in how he's viewed by those around him, for it isn't difficult to obtain the label of a zealot when caught speaking a prayer with every other breath he makes. However, this doesn't make him weak, as some would assume - he doesn't rely solely on the word of the Maker when his other hand bears the Longbow of Starkhaven. In fact, he's always been of an indomitable nature. Having faith just makes him that much more boundless and resilient, also, yes, self-righteous. Hardened from his upbringing and softened in servitude by the Maker, Sebastian Vael is a man torn between Duty and Faith.

Looking beyond the fervent dedication to the cloth, Sebastian's personality roams between driven and procrastination; the former rooted in the teachings of his Grandfather, versus the latter developed from his want to be accepted and the need to be coddled into it. He is gun shy where affection is concerned, having limited experience with it himself, thus can be standoffish to those he doesn't know and a little less to those he does!

On issues of justice, he has tenacity about him to help right wrongs and bring the guilty to bear, but also to confession. Though, sometimes, he'll drag his heels to take action or make an important decision without a lot of coaxing by those around him. In essence, his shortcoming may be the imbedded hanger-on mentality, sliding into support roles with those who have a superior sense of self and have the take charge gusto.

That is not to say, he's easy to walk on. Fear thee not; this man does have a swift sense of anger about him. Direct mockery, for pointed pains of his past, encourages his temper when he does not hold so strongly to the word of the Maker for support or when the individual hasn't taken that time to build a rapport with him prior. Mocking him out the gate because he is a man of the Maker will not win any friendship points with him.

On the other spectrum, he does have some charm to him. Naturally, just get hit with that smile and you'll see for yourself.


Firstfall 24 Dragon 9:5 - Sebastian Vael is born, a third son, of the current Prince of Starkhaven. They had hoped for a girl.


Wintermarch 30, Dragon 9:12 - Sebastian's eldest brother, Kirklan, for the first time corners Sebastian and beats him. Cameron watches.
Drakonis 15, Dragon 9:14 - Sebastian spends the rest of the year in his cousin Adeline's home, because he embarrassed Kirklan in court by showing him up. This starts a yearly tradition of being fostered out.
Guardian 1, Dragon 9:15 - Sebastian's grandfather takes time to mentor Sebastian, to curb the damage already done. He starts to trains Sebastian in the ways of a Royal Archer.
Kingsway 10, Dragon 9:17 - Sebastian manages to avoid serious injury after Kirklan purposefully tries to kill him, thanks to the training received by his Grandfather. The attempt was covered up and swept under the rug as 'boys being boys.'
Firstfall 24, Dragon 9:18 - Turning 13, Sebastian's Grandfather passes on the Starkhaven Longbow. To avoid Sebastian's brothers, they celebrated quietly.
Firstfall 18, Dragon 9:19 - Adeline, Sebastian's cousin, leaves to join the Wardens. He is shaken by her decision.
Bloomingtide (Annum: Summerday), Dragon 9:21 - Sebastian competes as the 'mystery knight' in the Summerday Tournament held in Starkhaven, an event meant to showcase Kirklan's prowess and inspire leadership by his performance, if not prepare the people for his Brother's eventual reign. The games are, inevitably rigged in the Heir's favour. Sebastian manages to defeat his brother, and when revealed, this causes a great stir amongst the people - there was obvious signs the games were rigged, he unknowingly, prevents a riot. The accolades he receives from the crowd watching make it impossible for Sebastian's family to deny him the rewards promised. They have to acknowledge him. His Grandfather smiles. Kirklan leaves in a temper, humiliated and labeled a cheat.
Solace 23, Dragon 9:21 - Sebastian's Grandfather dies from the fever which sweeps through Starkhaven.
Harvestmere 9, Dragon 9:22 - Sebastian fought against Tevinter's slavers setting foot in Starkhaven
Firstfall 24, Dragon 9:23 - On his 18th birthday, while out celebrating, he gets detained by guards loyal to his parents. No amount of reasoning will sway them. He makes the long journey to Kirkwall's Chantry, escorted by guards who fly the Starkhaven banner. He becomes the Exiled Prince.
Drakonis 10, Dragon 9:24 - With a mysterious collaborator, Sebastian makes his escape from the Chantry, only to find out Grand Cleric Elthina was the one who would aid him to do so. Gold is offered so he can live out the rest of his days as he pleases, but, considering his options, he decides to remain with the Chantry, becoming a layman to the faith.
August (Annum: All Soul's Day), Dragon 9:24 - Sebastian makes his vows to the Chantry, becoming an initiate and Brother of the faith. His father commissioned armor fit for a Prince of the Chantry.
Cloudreach, Dragon 9:31 - The Vael's are assassinated. His parents and two brothers are murdered, along with any cousin unfortunate enough to be too close to the Throne.
Justinian 13, Dragon 9:31 - Sebastian finds out about the murder of his family and issues a bounty on the Flint Company. He starts to wrestle with the notion he is now in line for succession. He is the next blooded in line for the Principality.

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Sebastian's Short Story — This short story written by Dragon Age creators, has been accepted as canon on Smoke and Shadows for this Feature Character.

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