Portrayed By Bryan Marczewski
Faction Mage
Organization Circle of Magi
Position Mage
Sex Male
Race Elf
Age 22
Place of Birth Rivain
Date of Birth Harvestmere 2
Mother Anara
Father Tanar
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Daughter Serala
First Appearance In the Circle
Character Song Fragile

So Long

Character History:

Seren has lived his entire life with his clan, traveling between their semi-permanent settlement in Llomerryn and the several impermanent camps around throughout Rivain. His childhood was as normal as one gets in a semi-nomadic group and, with the freedom from persecution his people enjoyed, his predilection for wandering off on his own to explore was tempered only by the typical safety precautions from adults.

The normality of Seren's life diminished when his power as a spirit healer emerged, but not by much. Without the threat of the Chantry and its Templars, his training transitioned from potential hunter or craftsman to potential Keeper. It certainly didn't stop him from setting out to find a nestling Nightwing to raise and train as much as one can a creature with a small mind of its own.

One of the dangers of being part of a group of people who travel between settlement and camps is that, in a land with poorly defined borders, it's easy to stray beyond safety. Thus it was that Seren was caught by Templars while gathering herbs with a small group of friends and barely had time to heal their wounds before being dragged away to be chained to a cart. Even if the rest of the group escaped to tell the rest of the clan, what could they do? He was well beyond their reach and at the mercy of his captors.

The trouble was that Seren had never been good at being at the mercy of anyone, and by the time they reached the tower in which these strange men kept their mages (and finally out of its dungeon), he had a plan.

Humans wear a wealth of clothing and the easiest to construct a braided rope from is their smallclothes. So, once he was integrated into those more accepting of their fate, Seren did little things. Annoying things. Things that weren't allowed. Punishment for small things was usually laundry duty, he'd observed, and those smallclothes would fit neatly into pockets and tucked into those stupid robes. If they were too dumb to figure it out, how was it his fault? The plan only backfired occasionally.

Sometimes Seren stole the items directly, sometimes Revas- the nightwing who had followed out of reach of the Templars- would pluck them from the lines in the late evening and drop them by the window of the dorm. Late at night, when the other apprentices were asleep, he would rip the side seams and braid the cloth into a long, sturdy rope that he hid under the lumpy thing that passed for the mattress of his bed.

It was unfortunate that his project wasn't completed before his harrowing (who would make a mage face down demons just to prove they weren't going to use blood magic? These people? Nuttier than squirrel shit) but in the calm that followed that storm, he put it into motion.

Late one night while the moon was full and everyone sleeping, he tied the rope to the foot of the nearest bed of the heaviest human he could find. It wasn't hard to slip out, and descending wasn't an issue. What WAS a problem was that he would have to jump the last 3 feet and, when he did, it was directly onto a Templar asleep on courtyard duty.

Seren's lack of remorse (in the form of finger saluting those he was brought before to answer for his crime)earned him the judgment of one who would repeat offend. He might not be ready to invite demons in and boogy on down to the orphanage to eat babies, but he would have to be taken far enough to discourage his attempts to leave. Thus he was shackled to the seat of a wagon and delivered to Kirkwall. He could be their problem.



Other Information

Memorable Quotes:

"I have a hard time believing these templars CAN have their hearts in the right place while it's still in their chests."
"Revas? Is there anyone she hasn't decided is her long lost ugly hatchling?"-Garou


Heal My Wounds
Away from the Sun
Lullaby for a Stormy Night
Illusion and Dream
When I Wake Up Tomorrow
Absence of Fear
Beautiful Ones
Come Out of the Shade
You're Still Here
Mir Da'len Somniar
Full Circle
Fade Out
I Could Live With Dying Tonight