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Scene Title She's With Us
Synopsis Two Grey Wardens buy a drink for a girl having the worst day ever
Location The Hanged Man
Date 24 Bloomingtide 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Fussy barkeep, emotional dam breaking
Logger Adeline

The Hanged Man is, after all, one of the better taverns down here. Thus, it's a busy place. The middle of the day, though, is quiet for any tavern. Especially in Lowtown, people around here needed to work to eat. Nonetheless, in the back corner, her back to the wall, sits a Grey Warden. The blue and grey tunic, emblazoned with the griffon insignia over her chest, give her away. Wild dark hair is pulled back hastily, falling like a mane about her shoulders. Sharply blue eyes watch the comings and goings of the room as she leans back, sipping slowly at a simple ale.

Bethany might just be having the worst day ever, certainly the worst week ever. Run out of her home in ferelden by Darkspawn, crammed onto a boat to kirkwall by the skin of her teeth and then off the boat not only to discover that her uncle has gambled away the family fortune, but that Kirkwall happens to be under the watch of Thedas' most unrepentantly ruthless Templar. She didn't even have the money for a drink, but should couldn't stand the sight and smell of their little lowtown hovel, and she was too afraid to venture up to the chantry. So here she was, just another Ferelden face rolled into the veritable sea of refugees from the blight. She'd be back to her chipper self tomorrow but here, out of the sight of her family, it all really started to crack.

Beside one Grey Warden is another. Though her feet are not up and she's more peering down into her drink, scrunching up her nose at it's contents. But she doesn't say anything and soon joins her companion in the silent observation of the people crammed in here.

At least Adeline wasn't the only one here anymore. Giving a small smile over to Minea, she nods to her. "Did you get your cot set up?" She asks. All of the planned Wardens, in one upstairs room of The Hanged Man, sleeping on cots. Whoever made the arrangements for this stay really could have done better. But at least it wasn't on fire. Waiting for the answer, Adeline turns her attention back to the room at large while she drinks. Cold blue eyes watch Bethany enter, and she cants her head a little, frowns some.

Bethany 's eyes do a once over of the room, just to get her bearings, nothing particularly out of the ordinary until her eyes catch that distinctive Warden Blue and Silverite. Her gaze remains on the senior warden for a moment, before being pulled away by her own sense of propriety. The room seems to mostly be Marchers, some of whom are not at all happy about all these Fereldens running in and flooding the job market. Still, she's just one unarmed girl, and even the Hanged Man has a little more class than that. For now the middle Hawke sibling looks around for an out of the way place to sit, where perhaps the barkeep will not notice that she hasn't bought anything. Sadly all of the corners she could slip into seem to be occupied.

"Set up and ready" Minea looks over to Adeline and then follows the line of sight. "Something wrong?" Inquiring of the other Warden. "Do you know her?"

Adeline shakes her head. "No." She says, "But I know what a refugee looks like, and their suffering is still bitter on my mind." All those people, displaced so much more than they should have been. If they had just been allowed to cross the border, how many lives could have been saved? How many people would still have their homes.

Bethany continues to linger somewhere between the door and the bar, quiet and unassuming before the barkeep finally lays eyes on her. "Oi, Ferelden! Unless you've got money for a drink stop taking up room in my bar!" Bethany turns in the direction of the sudden sharp words, but does not flinch. There's a retort brewing somewhere in there but it dies between her mind and her lips. "Sorry." the word comes out perhaps a little more sharp than is polite, but Bethany is still turning to go.

"Her drink's on me" This from Minea who's digging into a pouch on her person and when the barkeep is looking her way, is tossing appropriate coin the man's way and gestures to Bethany. "Whatever she wants." The elven mage says, swiveling her gaze to bethany.

You see, Adeline had been having a similar thought, leaning to her own pouch when Minea beats her to it. The Senior Warden laughs, and winks to her young friend. "Yeah, barkeep, leave the poor girl be. She's with us." Adeline says with a smirk. Shifting, she kicks one of the other chairs at the table back, so it can be sat in, and nods for Bethany to take it.

The barkeep's head swivels over to the corner table, a surprised look on his face. "Ah. Right. Sorry, warden." he says before exchanging the silver for a mug of ale for Bethany. The young Ferelden turns to join the pair, speaking as she takes her seat. "Thank you." She says almost demure, with an unmistakable south Ferelden accent, one not steeped in Orlesian. "I knew the wardens were about protecting the weak, but I never thought that extended to helping a girl avoid being embarrassed in a tavern." She offers with a smile, a well practiced one. "My name's Bethany. Bethany Hawke. It's a pleasure to meet both of you."

"Minea Redway" Defaulting to… well, the default. For hte most part, her ears are hidden with the way she wears her hair. "It's a drink. Everyone needs a drink. Little luxuries in life, least that I could do." Minea points out. "Think nothing of it."

The barkeep gets a nod of acknowledgement for his apology. Adeline's in a forgiving mood, she's had a good bit of ale already. Turning her attention to Bethany, she laughs a little. "Adeline Vael." She says, and then shrugs, "Eh, you seem like you needed it. Not because we're Wardens, but because we're decent people who know what sort of shit brings about a look like the one you're wearing tonight."

Bethany raises a brow at Minea eyes briefly examining the complex tattoos over her face, "Redway? That seems-" before she shakes her head and brushes it off. "Ah, Maker's Breath. Forgive me, it's none of my business." Her attention then turns to Adeline, "I can imagine you do know it well." She says. "So, have you come from Orlais or Ferelden?"

"That seems?" Minea looks to Bethany, curiously as she lifts that drink of her own, taking a sip and then putting it back down, working hard to disguise how much she really doesn't like what she's drinking.

"That's a long answer for me, and a shorter one for her." Adeline says with a small smile.

Bethany looks back to Minea, perhaps blushing slightly. "It just seems an odd last name for a Dalish elf." She says, quietly. "But, like I said, it's none of my business. I'm sorry I even started to say as much." Bethany offers a small smile in an attempt to smooth things over. Her eyes flick to Adeline, "Well, I've nowhere else to be for a while. Unless you'd rather not speak about it."

"Clan. I was of Sabrea, but made the journey to another clan in need. Redway. Perfectly normal." Minea assures her, a bit of a smile on her face. "No harm. Or at least, I take no harm in the question asked." ANother sip, wrinkle of her nose.

"Originally from Starkhaven, then went to Orlais, then Ferelden." Adeline answers, "Long and complicated and not a great drinking tale to be honest." Another shrug, another drink.

Bethany nods, listening to both women in turn. "My family and I just arrived from Ferelden." She explains before glancing over in the direction of the bar again. "But you both knew that." She sighs and drops her head for a moment, shaking it slightly. However, her composure returns naught but a moment later. "We lived in a village called Lothering, towards the Southern end of the country. But it's…" She goes very quiet, "Not exactly there anymore."

Minea glance to Adeline while Bethany offers her own story. THere's a sympathetic nod from the Elf. A glance to the barkeep, ensuring the man's not going to keep making a fuss.

Apparently having been given the floor for the moment Bethany continues right on speaking, shakier by the minute. "My brother, Carver, he was at Ostagar. He came back, thank the Maker, but the whole south of Ferelden was never the same after we learned that king Cailan had failed to stop the Darkspawn. I've never seen so many people so afraid." The woman has, apparently, been bereft of someone to talk to, so now that she's afforded the slightest opportunity it all comes pouring out.

Minea's hand come out, away from her own mug and settles around one of Bethany's. THe grip is firm, but not overly so. Encouraging even, to have the woman let out what it seems, she has keept close. There's a nod.

The touch, encouraging as it is, seems to rouse Bethany out of her musings. She blinks a few times before settling again. "I'm sorry. I doubt to two of you want to hear about what the blight refugees are left to contend with. I imagine the blight and its fallout are already things you have to deal with every day." She offers the pair a smile, "Thank you for listening to part of it though."

"Just because we may deal with it every day, does not mean that we lose the ability to empathize with those that it affects." Minea points out with a gentle squeeze then release. "Or that we do not know the healing and help that just laying one’s burden upon the table to those who would listen, can bring. I have lost a brother to blight, and know of others personally." A glance to Adeline then back to Bethany. "Is there anything else that I may do for you?"

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