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Scene Title Shell Game
Synopsis Azaim has an unexpected participant at his shell game, then shows a lost Templar and his Mage charge the way to the Chantry.
Location Northern Lowtown
Date 5 Haring 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Gambling with felines.
Logger Valentin

Kirkwall in the winter is not a warm place, especially not in early Haring. Rain has come down in the city hard, and overnight ice has set in. So now, midmorning when the sky is a deep, heavy grey the streets are slick and a little bit treacherous. Breath fogs in the air, and people mostly hurry to wherever they need go. But here in Lowtown, where coin cannot be turned down easily, those who sell their wears on the sides of the streets have still set up their stalls. Mind, it's usually with a barrel fire beside, but they are there nevertheless.

Mornings had not been the easiest time this winter for Valentin. And the fact that the Enchanter is tired is evident from the faint purple that hangs under mint green eyes. But some things needed to be done. Today, that thing is that a certain lionette cub wanted to be out and about. So escorted by a young looking Templar, the Enchanter (marked for what he is in robes of purple and fuschia) is making his way toward the Chantry. Riotous dark curls peek out from under a hood of wool, too mad to be held in place, and the Rivaini mage follows a pace behind and an armspan to the left of his Templar guide. Just before him, however, is the aforementioned lionette, who looks like he is both excited and reconsidering his life choices. The ground is cold, and he raises too big for him paws high to avoid it, but golden eyes are wide and bright. He's a little lanky, coming into the age where the very first scruff of mane is forming around his neck, but he still bears his cub spots around his legs and nose, and he chirrups back at his mage with a flick of a tufted tail.

Azaim is one such 'merchant' in a way, as he is busy trying to run a shell game next to a barrel fire so low it could pass for a campfire. Judging by the distant gaze and perpetual shiver he is currently asking himself 'Why, oh Stone why, did I get out of bed today?' as he makes a halfhearted attempt to garner interest in a good swindling, if only to keep from freezing in place.

Walking with the Enchanter was the Templar known as Kaydin. He remains ahead of the enchanter so if anyone is to run into them, they would run into the Templar first. Still the Templar looks about the city. "Are you sure this is the way to the Chantry, Enchanter?" An Orlesian accent comes from the elf as he looks to the Rivaini to find out if this was indeed the right direction. The man playing the shell game is regarded curiously but most of his attention is on the mage and the lionette.

At that, Valentin barks a laugh. "Oh Maker help us…" He says, sounding amused, "I think so? You would certainly know better than I would. Should be able to see it from a ways off, I would imagine. Seems tall." Not that he would really know. And not that those instructions are terribly helpful, because the walls of Kirkwall are tall and down here in the valley of Lowtown, no, no you cannot see the Chantry. Tytos, though, the lionette, has spotted movement. Trotting ahead of Templar and Mage, a silver and ceramic collar jingling brightly around his neck, he goes right up to Azaim's table. Popping up onto his hind legs, he puts his front paws on the table as though he might play himself, which is, of course, nonsense. But there is something being moved around quickly and that is the most interesting.

Valentin heaves a sigh that is not unlike an indulgent parent. "Tytos…" He says, not quite a call, not with the laugh that colors it. Nevertheless, the Enchanter breaks away from the his escort to follow the jingling cub. Which… Well… Look, he does his best. Valentin really does. But sometimes he just misjudges things and before he's really sure of his placement, his hip finds a table and jostles everything about, and gets a displeased mrowling from the cub he was seeking. "Ah, apologies." He offers to whomever it is that this table belongs to, as he reaches down to try and stabilize the table before too much havoc is unleashed.

Azaim stops to stare at the lionette for a moment before shrugging, "I've played with worse." He says as he lifts the middle shell to show the cat, yes the cat, clearly someone is desperate, a small metal ball, "Keep track of it all the way through and I'll see if I cant find somethin for your patience." He says as he sets the shell back down and starts cycling them about at random, nearly sending them off the table from the shivering here and there. He looks up to Valentin, "Safe to assume the little gambler here belongs to you?" He says with a smirk as he tries to keep an eye on both Valentin and the lionette at the same time, the templar yet ignored from the current mental strain of keeping track of the ball, a lionette cub, a mage, and trying to decide how much he'll need to drink to before he thinks playing a shell game with a cat was a sane idea.

"I barely know my way around the gallows. Everything looks the same here, Tevintery." The templar says as he watches the lionette cub and the mage. He makes his way after Valentin, being silent to let the man talk to the man running the shell game. He then gives a chuckle as he watches Tytos. "Lets hope Tytos is decent at this game." He says to Valentin.

"Everything looks the same…" Valentin says on another laugh, "Well, still doing better than I am." It's all sent over his shoulder, but the Enchanter doesn't seem to look back at his escort. Then again, Valentin also hasn't really looked at the dwarf running this shell game. And he's certainly not trying to track the shell game going on. Though he does shake his head. "Belong to me? No. But I am minding him." He says with a small smile, "So I suppose I will take responsibility for his gambling ways."

Tytos flicks his tail, and bright gold eyes track the game quite readily. See, the thing with this game is that people are very bad at paying attention. Animals, especially predators, are not. So well, actually, Tytos has decent odds of being pretty good at this game, actually. Assuming he pays enough mind through the whole game, which he seems intent to.

Azaim smirks at his dread opponent, the bemused cat! "Lost in Lowtown? Tsk tsk tsk. I'd check your purses if I were you, make sure they're still where they're supposed to be, and not full of rocks." He starts crisscrossing shells between hands and jutting them forward before jerking them back, enticing the lionette to lunge, "Stop me if you've heard this one. A mage, a templar, and a cat walk up to a shell game…." He says as he brings the shells to a sudden stop, lined back up in a perfect row.

"If I had a purse, I might be worried." Valentin says with a smirk. It's not like they give Circle Mages money. Not even the Enchanters. That is, of course, unless it's earmarked for something they've received permission to buy. As it stands, Valentin has no coin on him. And if Tytos does, well, he's hiding it well. The little lionette watches intensely, but with how much he's having to stretch to see up onto this table (he is still young and small, even if it is a dwarf sized table), he's not lunging for anything that isn't a solid bet. Besides, cats… They pounce when there is pause. Which means that when Azaim stops the shells, there's a little wiggle in Tytos' flank, and then the cub jumps mightily atop the table and onto the shell he has been watching from the start, heedless of what sort of mess he might cause.

Azaim stops the lionette from sliding across into him and pushes it back a bit. He then reaches over to the shell it pounced and places his hand over it, "Moment of truth…" He says before pausing and lifting the shell, revealing a bare table. He chuckles, "Tough luck, normally that'd be ten sovereigns, but I think I can let it slide, just this once." He says as he sets the shell back down and pulls a piece of jerky from a pouch at his belt, "Mind if I give the little guy somethin for his trouble serah…?" He asks with the standard inflection of someone asking a name without flat out saying that's what they're doing.

"Ten sovereign for a shell game? Either the economy has changed or that's a robbery." Valentin says, though quiet and amused enough to be good natured rather than problematic. Tytos stares down at the shell, and doesn't seem bothered at all by the lack of prize underneath. He'd been tracking a shell after all, not what was under it. And that he had caught quite well, as far as he was concerned. "Valentin, just Valentin is fine." The Enchanter says with a soft smile, "And by all means, go ahead. I'm sure Tytos will appreciate you for it." He reaches out, seeming just a little unsure in the reaching until his hand finds warm kitten fur and flank. And when Valentin touches him, Tytos looks up from the shell he was still trying to paw at, chirping up at him, though his voice breaks halfways through and he sounds more pitiful than anything else.

Kaydin watches and chuckles at the cat as he pounces the shell. "I think you will have to pay for Tytos's gambling habit. Maybe Garou can lend you the money." He says before looking over the shells and looks to be debating on which shell is which before looking to Valentin.

Azaim nods and sets the dried meat on the table in front of Tytos, "Dont worry, no robberies today, left that particular dagger at home. You'd like it, its all jagged and curved, real nice to get threatened with." He says with an amused smirk, "So just Valentin, from the sound of it you're lookin for the Chantry right? For the price of that meat I think I can show you two the way. Sound like a deal?" He says with a slow glance across the visiting faces, Valentin, Kaydin, and Tytos in turn.

"I am sure the Lieutenant would more than happy to cover the costs of his lionette's habits." Valentin says with a smirk. Tytos sniffs at the offered meat, and then snaps it up, holding it in his mouth before trotting across the table to Valentin. Back up onto his hind legs he goes, trying to scramble up onto the Enchanter's shoulder, making him laugh. "Tytos, my dear, you are much too big these days to be on my shoulder." He says, but nevertheless, the mage scoops up the cub, one arm under him, the other wrapped around the lionette as he leans against Valentin's shoulder, and uses it as a table for his one scrap of jerky. "As for the guide service, you would have to ask my Templar escort. Circle Mages are not permitted coin." There's no bitterness, perhaps surprisingly, in this sentence, but he does nod, more or less, in Kaydin's direction.

Kaydin just gives a smirk and nods to the enchanter. When the lionette goes about demanding on the mage's shoulders he just gives another grin and he watches the lionette. "Alright how much would that be?" He asks as he reaches for his coin purse and he looks to the dwarf. "Sure, I will pay for directions."

Azaim does a quick count off on his fingers, "Twelve coppers, you can save it till we get there, my hands are to cold for coin right now." He says with a chuckle as he stands up and stretches, "Keep close and dont look anyone standing in an alley in the eye, especially you just Valentin, trust me on that." He says as he starts walking off, gesturing for the pair to follow.

"Oh I'm not completely unfamiliar with places such as this." Valentin says with another small smirk. But then he's nuzzling into warm cub fur and following the sound of his Templar escort. There is, a second later, however, a muffled laugh. "If someone wants to take issue with a blind man looking them in the eye, I'm not sure I can help them." He says, wholly amused.

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