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Scene Title Slavers Near Sunset
Synopsis The coast becomes a popular evening walking spot for everyone, including slavers
Location The Wounded Coast
Date 06 Kingsway, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Lots of murderizing
Logger Taril

Summer days are long, everyone knows that. But the summer is starting to wane, and how quickly the sunset comes quicker than some might expect. The sky is washed in a purple that isn't quite darkness, and the shadows are long and growing to blackness around the corners of the coast. The night bugs are singing, and the birds have turned quiet, laying a hush across the Coast.

Sebastian is walking across the coast, wearing a cloak over his armor, but every once and a while when he reaches down to toss a rock as hard and far as he can into the waters of the coast, one can see the glint of white and gold underneath.

You know what this is the perfect time for? It's the perfect time to take a walk with your bear on the coast. Ena's getting a little too heavy for Taril to carry full time now, and with Ena's brother safely off to where he probably came from- and now of an age to at least find food on his own- it's time to start training the bear that won't be going home.

Julie has been scoping out the coast for weeks in search of a smuggler camp that might actually be a slaver camp, and a missing girl therein. The Orlesian woman has taken efforts to be subtle, dressed in the well used leathers that one might normaly expect the denizens of the camps out here to find themselves comfortable in. However, the quality of the sword and dagger at her side are unmistakiby high, and though she has shoved her Chevalier's chain under her coat, occsionally an edge of it catches the light as she makes her way down a craggy outcropping of rock in search of clues.

He had something to pick up, or something to drop off or maybe Tyce just needed a new veiw to get drunk in. This is probably more likely then not. However he wasn't not yet.. Instead he had set his arse down on a rock, built a small fire and was roasting some small game on a spit. Not far, Balai, the grand beast that she was, laid chewing on a bone of some sort, her head lifting now and then at the sound of others.

This is precisely the sort of time for Warden patrols. Not that there is a lot of Darkspawn activity out on the Wounded Coast, but it was worth a look. Besides, it kept her legs busy, and kept those under her command up to date on tactics and signals. Besides, Sterling needed time in the sky. So out onto the Coast Adeline Vael stalks, a pale Gyrfalcon overhead, her bow in her hand. Riot of dark hair pulled back hastily in a leather tie, the Senior Warden is in her blues, but does notice swiftly that the Coast is much more full than she is used to it being.

He had something to pick up, or something to drop off or maybe Tyce just needed a new veiw to get drunk in. This is probably more likely then not. However he wasn't not yet.. Instead he had set his arse down on a rock, built a small fire and was roasting some small game on a spit. Not far, Balai, the grand beast that she was, laid chewing on a bone of some sort, ignoring those that moved around the coast.

What is Kirkwall's tiniest templar recruit doing on the sword coast? Good question. How'd she get there? Even better question. The what? She's got time off and is following people of interest and at some point she got overcommited and couldn't find her way back to where she was supposed to be so following through became her only real option. Thus, she was following along behind Adeline and the other wardens. If confronted, Miyo would run away before anything could be accomplished and return only when she felt comfortable doing so.

It's good practice, sure, but mostly patrols like this are what keep Freyja from going absolutely insane cooped up in the city like she has been. Fjord's taken to it better than she has by a long shot, but even so? The great snowbeast is thoroughly enjoying himself out here. His summer clip is growing out again and currently he's racing under Sterling's shadow like somehow if he just lines himself up right he'll fly too. Freyja's not too far behind Adeline and off slightly to one side, hand resting on her sword - though she does not yet draw. "Adeline?" It's a single word question, but that's all it needs to be. It's hard to mistake an 'aw fuck what do we do now, boss?' tone like that. This is a lot of people for a usually empty stretch of beach.

To that, Solveig would agree: Kirkwall is damned claustrophobic. So getting out and stretching legs even if it's to wander aimlessly up the coast and back is a godsend. She trails behind the other two Wardens, glancing this way, and that, and trying to keep an eye out for things. Her axe rests on her shoulders, hands looped about the long handle casually. When Freyja states her question, the Avvar draws up along side the woman (and probably making one hilarious image considering the height difference). "Impromptu bonfire?" She suggests, a shrug of one shoulder, her tone giving a 'sounds like fun' sort of deal.

Taril isn't a people while he's out here with the bear. He's a … bear mamma. He's never going to live the title down. Still, he does spot Freyja and gives a wave in the woman's direction as his cub bounds along, trying to stick her head into places it's now too big to fit, like tiny tunnels in the rock or holes created by stacked rocks, and even animal burrows. It's all very confusing for her, but she keeps on trying. at some point, she'll either succeed or wear herself out.

Tyce grumbles low to himself as his quiet night out of the city, seems to bring the city with it. Where he had not yet been drinking, well that is about to change. The meat turned on the spit before he pulls up a clay jub that sits beside his boot next to the hunter's bow at his feet. Balai? Well thats a damn good bone.

Julie has found a precarious perch to rest on, atop the oddly stacked rocks so common on the coast. The Chevalier surveys the edge of the coast she has been trying to vie for a better view of with expert balence. However, there are also apparently a ton of people around, definatley going to spook a camp of smugglers or slavers if Kirkwall kept turning out at this rate. The chevalier sighs and begins to resign to continue her hunt for the missing child another day. She slips down from her perch into a dip created by the waves eating at the sandstone and begins to lithely climb her way back up to the coastal path proper.

Dhani has follow the trail of her brother, her own wolf bounding along side with her as they make their way along the coast. Her brother is found, along with this bear, as are other people who have also come out and about to enjoy the last of these beautiful summer nights.

Back to Solveig and Freyja, Adeline just shakes her head. "It's fine, the Coast is not exactly illegal to be walking on during a summer evening." Nevermind that this many people from Kirkwall in one place? Well… That never bodes well. And then Adeline spots her cousin and she frowns. There's a look to him, and it looks for a moment as though the Senior Warden might say something, but she doesn't, just look uncomfortable and continues walking.

Sebastian is aware of all the noise on the coast, as various people and their animals had made an appearance. He stops where the waves lick at his boots, shooting a glance over his shoulder, maybe in sensation to someone looking at him. That spidery tingle on the back of one's neck. He spots the group of wardens, easily enough, specific armor and all. He half pivots and watches where his cousin is leading them. One might be tempted… He unshoulders his bow, nocks an arrow from the quivar at his back, and aims… turning the shot upward and ahead of where the wardens are stepping. If that doesn't stop his cousin… she might remember the trick from when they were younger, or it might just land in her foot.. well.. such things do happen… Live Fire!

"Being legal has never been a guarantee of being a good idea…" But though she grumbles, Freyja does actually trust her commanding officer. If Adeline says it's fine, she'll buy it. … Mostly. Cause Adeline also doesn't look all that comfortable and Freyja is not going to really relax while that's a factor. No one in the south makes sense, so far, but Taril gets a jerk of her chin and a quick flash of a grin all the same. Just keep walking, Freyja. Just keep walking.

Thus far, the wardens seem unconcerned with their suspiciously pint-sized and obvious tail. Miyo is pleased with this. Less trouble. Less problems. Less likely to be reported to Garou for running off, even though Garou is not in charge of her, she doesn't want himt o know.

"Don't know," Solveig grumbles, shifting her axe a bit. "I would expect this many people there would be less individual mulling and more…" She moves her hands like she was…miming making a snowball? "Cavorting? There seem to be no bears so it should be safe to do that, yes?" Hey, she has experience with 'cavorting partners' and bears, okay?

Taril falls back to walk with his sister, ending up in step without really trying. "Usually aren't this many people out," he informs. "I'm pretty sure it's not some sort of festival day." The cub spots the wolf and makes off after it playfully. She may be a bear but the wolf is part of the people she recognizes now, so he's included in her family.

That arrow arcs over Adeline's head, falls firmly into the sand in front of her, and she glares at it. Bends, pulls it from the sand, nocks it and sends it back, short of her cousin. An old game. Who could fire closer. Or perhaps something more from the archer this time. "He's my cousin." She says quickly then to her Wardens, "Turn on him and I'll put you down myself." But she's stopped, that's what he wanted, right? And she's staring at him expectantly. As for her tailing Templar Recruit? She's noticed, but she's not Adeline's problem.

Dhani frowns, glancing around. "There are a lot of people here," she agrees, grateful for the weight of her bow against her back. "I thought I might do some evening hunting, but I think that's out of the question now. What brings you out and about then? Just getting some playtime in for your little bear cub?" She doesn't call him bear mama, but it's there in her tone.

"…cousin, huh?" The game itself doesn't give Freyja pause - the explanation is easy enough. "Never thought I'd see southerners play a real game." Because, you know, children in the Anderfels grow up playing at things that could get them or their siblings killed. Those mountains are a strange place. She gives Sebastian a hard looking over, then huffs. "He's not as pretty as you are, but he has good hips. His daughters will have easy births." A very strange place.

The arrow hisses as it whistles through the air back toward him, with such momentum that he has to step back out of the way as it clatters into the rocks, splintering short of being useless. He retrieves it and sighs at the shape the return shot has left it in. Though nevertheless, he starts to tread over the ground toward the warden group, stashing the spent arrow in his quivar for repairs later. He could care less about the /other/ wardens, really, as his eyes fall toward Adeline, "Cousin… You owe me an arrow." He chides and frowns a little, "Next time you're around the chantry, you should come talk with me again. I have… given thought to our last discussion and I'm ready to apologize."

Arrows going back and forth, animals all over the place, people.. Tyce growls low feet stuck out in front of him as he takes a pull from his jug, the burn.. or something else, making him hiss between his teeth before leaning forward and spitting a mouthful on the flames… they flare.. bright and high before he takes another pull.

Solveig looks to Freyja when she comments on Adeline's cousin. She doesn't seem perturbed by the arrow slinging either. "Yes, all good points. But is he /useful/? That is the important part," she offers to her shorter companion. She crosses her arms and then gives Sebastian a once over and then shrug. "I guess he is easy enough on the eyes." She'll just tstand here and converse with her Ander-comrade and let the Vaels have their conversation.

It is in all of the excitement of there being so many people that the next events transpire. Quiet movements around the outcropping that has attracted the Kirkwallers today. The first give away is the low growl of some sort of animal, not too far off from Balai. And in the next moment Dhani has a hand clasped over her mouth by a man behind, her trying to pull her backward as another man steps between her and Taril, ready to defend his retreating comrade. Might not be the best choice these fools have ever made. From the shadows a four others, and a dog, emerge. One, near Sebastian, looking likehe has half a mind to attack the armed Brother. The other, a woman, just behind Miyo, taking the young girl by the wrist firmly.

The chevalier continues her scramble up the rocks only to breach there surface of ehr climb to the sound of arrows whistling through the air. Needless to say there's a hand on the chevalier's rapier and the gleaming blade is half out of it's sheath before anyone could really blink, but it stops there as the one pericing whistle seems to be the end of anything remotely hostile. The orlesian surveys the ground around her and finds the wardens to be at least civil with the man adressing them, then shortly outs together that the man and the woman leading the wardens are both from Starkhaven, and well, that just makes sense. The antivan rapier at Julie's hip finds its way quietly back into it's sheath and the Chevalier sets back to minding her own buisness.

When she is grabbed, Miyo panics and then does what any sane person would do. She turns, free arm flailing, which happens to be rather dangerous in itself being that she has a metal bracer on her arm, and then throws herself at her attack, going for the throat with jaws of steel. Apparently ambushing Miyo is a lot like ambushing a somewhat armored cat that does /not/ like being picked up.

Taril doesn't even have time between the grabbing of his sister and the need to kill to register surprise. By the time he's turned and crouched he has an arrow ready and then looses it at the target before readying another. If the first one is down, he'll have to be more careful but he's not playing here. It's arrow to the face or neck. No one else is going to matter until his sister is safe.

Adeline sighs. "I can't take you two anywhere. And no daughters for him, Solveig, he's promised to the Chantry." She says back to her Wardens. To Sebastian, though, he gets a genuine smile. "You can have any of mine that you like, cousin." And it's all warmth. It seems she forgives easily. Or, at least, she forgives her family easily. "I'll be sure to find time to come see you." And then… Oooooh and then. Bad choice, buddy, appearing behind her cousin like that. Adeline already has her bow in hand, but it's a blue-fletched arrow that draws. The ones she keeps to mark a target for Sterline. And it's that she fires at the man behind Sebastian.

Elbows and feet, that's what Dhani is using at this moment. Elbow to the stomach of the one grabbing her then stomping down on one of his feet. If she's able to get free, she's reaching for her bow, but her focus is on getting to that point as best she is able. Renan, her wolf, who has bounded off with Taril's bear, catches wind of what's transpiring and hurries back, teeth bared and at the ready.

Rapier in, and rapier right back out again as the Chevalier seems to have found herself in the proximity of the tiny templar moonlighting as a warden stalker. As her right hand comes around the blade her left hand goes to her mouth and in a practiced, fluid motion the chevaier pulls the glove from her hand with her teeth and then throws it at the woman accosting Miyo, aiming to strike the slaver in the back of the head. "I know slaving doesn't come with the most skilled education, but a child, really?" the chevalier delivers the cutting barb before reflexivley dropping into a defensive parry stance.

Oddly enough that growl, has both dog and man turning towards it. Balai only a step behind Tyce as if the archer's attention is better than ears. Tyce's cold blue eyes flicker around the area quickly at the multiple attacks and does the one thing that makes sense.. as Balai jumps to get between anyone and that dog, that clay jug goes flying smashing into the flames like the homemade bomb that it is.. noise, light.. fire! it jumps high into the air as Tyce grabs his bow and jumps the opposite direction.

The conversation between the other wardens may have escaped him, or at least he didn't acknowledge them until Adeline reminds them that he was vowed to the Chantry and so no babies. He does blink at that, first. Since in the next minute, he has barely time to register her forgiveness before she's firing over his shoulder! Sebastian glances toward the man who is eyeing him up, one that just appeared out of thin air. "Not one of yours, then, cousin?" Asked… but then other people are being attacked, Miyo's being grappled with…

"Useful? He doesn't have to be useful so long as he can lay still and last long enough to be a good rid- oh." Well, now Freyja's whole train of thought has to be scrapped. "The Chantry? Pah. Waste of good breeding stock." Why Sebastian in particular strikes her as 'breeding stock' is anyone's guess, but there it is. Except the fun grows teeth in the next instant and Freyja is whistling shrill and sharp through her teeth as she draws her sword and shifts her shield from her back to her arm. It may take her a full combat action to get herself in gear, but the streak of white fur flying down the beach ready to leap and bite at the man eyeing Sebastian has to count for a bonus action, right? Right?

A shrug is given to Adeline when she chastizes the pair of them. She does give an acknowledging nod to Freyja though. "But even a man can fail at /that/ you know," she says this in a tone like she has experience here. She then glances around and and just then chaos seems to errupt everywhere. Or well, not necessarily chaos but a bunch of really stupid people. AS it seems whatever is dumb enough to try to go for the Chantry Brother is about to have a very bad day, the Avvar grasps her axe and turns. Aiming for the nearest cluster of idiots (which seems to be the pair near Dhani), the woman just charges right into them.

The first of the Slavers ambushing this group is having an okay time of it, really. Dhani lands some solid kicks and knees to him, but does not manage to break free immediately. In fact, he might just throw her over a shoulder if a wolf wasn't biting into him in the next moment. And the moment after that, Taril's arrow sinks deep into his shoulder. He staggers, dropping Dhani to the ground unceremoniously and cursing, drawing a blade of his own.

The second slaver, well, he has a very angry Solveig in his face, and that is not a good time for anyone. The axe bites into his side, but he turns his body, using the momentum to bring his own blade down over Solveig's back, cutting into her shoulderblade. Blood hits the sand, and there's cursing in a language some might indentify as Tevene.

Balai, poor, sweet Balai, gets jumped on by the slavers' dog, who snarls and bites, but Balai is larger, and she manages to roll him off without too much trouble. Tyce, on the other hand, his blinding explosion has drawn attention of one of the other two slavers. An arrow is fired his way, but with the recent bright flash of light, it fires wide, missing.

The tangle around Miyo… Well, Miyo bites, but this slaver lady just laughs. Young girls with teeth aren't much of a problem. Duellist Chevalier, though, that is a problem. The strike of a glove makes her growl, letting go of Miyo and turning on Julie with a swing of her blade that misses entirely.

And as for the knot around Sebastian? Well, this guy's having a… Lucky day. Adeline's arrow catches in his shirt, but does not draw blood. And Sterling doesn't manage to get purchase on the man, though he screeches and tries. Fjord barrels into the Slaver, but it only makes him take a step back, avoiding teeth and claw. And perhaps Adie's bad luck can be explained by the other slaver firing at her. Adie moves out of the way of a shot that would have gone wide anyway, catching on a rock on the beach, and tumbling to the ground.

Well, Miyo biting might not have been the biggest threat, but as soon as the lady turns her back on Miyo, the little templar draws her sword and shanks her in the back with it, or at least tries to. If nothing else, its going to be two against one, and Miyo has practiced a /lot/. One technique. It'll have to do. At least she isn't like some people and screams like crazy when going to stab someone to give it away and what not.

Balai is sweet as pie, until she is not. One good thing about all that mopbrownfur…. well it's hard as hell to get through and reach flesh. Which the dog uses to her advantage as she uses her superior size against the slaver's hound, not even working at wounding, but going straight for the throat. Tyce, eyes closed as he drove in the other direction with his bow, doesn't have to start blinking as he turns, arrow notched before his eyes catch a target and loosing the arrow without hestitation, already reaching for a second.

Well, THERE'S what Taril needed. That accent. This time he actually growls, baring his teeth as he takes Aim and unleashes his next arrow. If all goes well? Critical Shot to the face. Really, he's just an arrow gun right now. Until everything slavery near his sister is dead. And that accent? Fuck that accent. If he weren't shooting, he'd probably be trying to rip their throats out, and that would be messy. Be glad he's got the bow and a lot of arrows.

Adeline curses as she hits the ground, rolling and only pulling herself to her knee before firing again. And this time it's a Archer's Lance at the Slaver near her cousin. Because like the Void is she letting that stand. Sterling doesn't stop his assault, screeching and clawing and trying to get at what flesh he can with deadly talons.

Dhani is dumped, but she can work with this as she rolls off the side and up onto her feet, reaching to free her bow and notch an arrow. There's no finesse in this shot, other than her own skill when she aims at the man who held her, whistling for Renan to Shred the arm holding the bared blade. Once she fires, she's already reaching to notch another.

Sebastian has just moved out of the way of those who were battling. The brother was oddly not moved enough to attack. He knew the odds were against the poor idiots that decided to attack when a bunch of WARDENS were hanging about. He can only wince at the violence, "Maker's breath…!"

Julie sets down to work on her delightfully enraged target. Delightfully so because an angry woman with a sword is a sloppy woman with a sword, such mistakes all being things that Julie has well learned how to exploit. Between years of training at Sure Strikes and the natural ease of Parry and Riposte, the chevalier remains cool and collected in a one against one fight. That is, until someone takes it upon herself to interfere. "Merde! Fille, leave the fighting to the adults!"

Sebastian has just moved out of the way of those who were battling. The brother was oddly not moved enough to attack. He knew the odds were against the poor idiots that decided to attack when a bunch of WARDENS were hanging about. He can only wince at the violence, "Maker's breath…!" He's definitely a Man Of The Cloth

Deprived of his initial target, Fjord does not waste time trying to continue attacking from a position of vulnerability. He's been well trained. So instead, he's going to streak across the sand and make for Solveig's target, because he's got angry axe lady now pissed off furball can complete the set and leap with fangs and claws out for the scent of fresh blood. That suits Freyja just fine. With her sword and shield in position, her whole body language shifts until every little movement screams Threaten. She's moving around Adeline and Sebastian, swinging in a wider arc to rush this clown and draw his attention where it damn well should be; her blade.

Okay. Before hand, she was just merely 'angry'. It was a nice leisurely walk, and she was having a bonding moment with her new coworkers. Albeit, it was a moment involving her new boss's cousin, but whatever, right? Long story short, the ambush of slavers had indeed vexed her. But it wasn't until she felt sharp metal digging into her shoulderblade that Solveig went from merely 'angry' to 'fucking pissed off'. And there's this problem when she gets to that point. And that problem is, she goes Beserk. And that rage fuels the next axe swing towards her target, and for the moment, she's moving as if she didn't get sliced in the back. Ahh, the advantage of suddenly seeing red and wanting everything in the immediately vicinity very, very dead.

The woman dealing with Miyo… Well… She's having a bad day. She steps aside of Miyo's blade, and right into Julie's. She too curses, also in that same Tevene. She tries to strike back at the Chevalier, enraged and taunted, but there's really no good in it. It catches Julie just on the shoulder, but the worse is a scuff in her leathers. Not this woman's day.

The first man, the one that had been holding Dhani, also not having a great day. Taril's arrow flies true, and lodges in the man's throat. Blood spurts brightly, and he falls to the ground. Which, so sorry for him. Maybe he should have chosen a better profession. The second of those two, though…

Well, that guy is having even a worse day. An arrow from Dhani, right into his chest, and then Fjord barrels his way into the man, tearing at his calf and sending him to the ground. Solveig's rage drives her axe hard and deadly, through his head. The sound is… Unpleasant at best, but he is dead.

The man who had went for Sebastian, though, he's having a better time of it. His arm comes up, swatting Sterling away as he steps out of the way of Adeline's shot, though it catches his arm and cuts deep. But it's surface, and though it looks nasty, he'll survive. His blade raises to catch Freyja's in a clash of ringing metal, turning her strike aside and returning it with a strike that cuts into Freyja's forearm.

Balai's tussle with this other dog is more complicated than one might expect with their size difference. But it seems as of now neither has done real damage to the other. Tyce's arrow catches his target in the leg, but does not lodge there, a lot of blood, but not enough to end this fight. The slaver fires back, catching Tyce in the shoulder with a well placed arrow.

But the man who had been firing on Adeline changes tactics, firing on Sebastian, and doing so well enough to catch the brother in the shoulder. Enough to cut through cloak and armor, but not enough to sink into real flesh. That will need seeing to later.

Feeling as though she has contributed, Miyo has nothing else to add. She turns and runs away as fast as she can, preferably not being seen by anyone else and does the best she can to get behind everyone else where it is at least moderately safe.

Ok, look. Enansal is very young, and her combat ability? Well, it's limited. But she sees Taril shooting things, and she sees his sister shooting things, and that means things need teeth. So she's going straight for the first wounded badperson and biting them in the soft bits. Take THAT. Taril? Well, his sister is out of danger, but there's still at least one around, so he's going to shoot at that. He'll have to be careful, there are others around, but Freyja is his friend. You don't cut his friends.

What the hell! Sebastian had been standing there minding his own business or … such is the like. That he suddenly gets caught in the cross fire as an arrow catches him, has him pivot from the momentum of being clipped, stagging aside with a yowl for the shock wave of the arrow slamming into his shoulder. He looks for the culprit, unslinging his bow and snagging an arrow from his quivar. Even with an arrow sticking out of him like a pin cushion, he turns his own upon the enemy who attempted to strike him down, "May the Maker forgive you… May the Light of Andraste aid my aim…" And he's lowering himself into a stance to unleash Righteous Chain.

A whistle and Renan is back at Dhani's side as her eyes scan for another target. There's a lot of combat going on, but she confident in her skills. This time, she takes her time with the shot, Aiming for the one who has switched from Adeline to Sebastian, intending to get him with a Crippling Shot if he is within her range.

Julie makes an attempt at twisting out of the way of this woman's blade, thankful that there is naught but a scuff to her leathers. And more thankfull still that the unescorted child has elected to run away from the fighting. "It's the longest dance I've had with a Vint, however…" The lungs on Orlesians to be sassing and fighting at the same time. However despite her quip the chevalier's Vendetta against the slaver is clear, and she is done wasting time.

Balai, she is doing fine.. has it undercontrol so to speak, as she uses her greater weight to bare against the other hound. For those that have the moment to watch, well its an odd fight as the hug mop doesn't so much as snarl during the whole thing. Tyce.. thats another story. His body jerking as the arrow hits, comes fully to his feet, arrow cocked pulls back in a full draw of the bow.. cold eyes locked on the other archer as he takes aim and holds. Making a grand target out of himself for a breath or two… one would think the man has a deathwish….. before the arrow is lauched.

There are a lot of things Adeline can put up with. An arrow into her cousin? Absolutely not. So that man? He gets Taunted, and then fired upon with a wicked growl that is vicious and not entirely normally in her nature. Sterling continues his assault upon the first target, but the Senior Warden is protective, putting herself between Sebastian and danger.

There's a slice in her arm that… yeah, that hurts like a bitch. It's bleeding an alarming amount, but it's not enough to put her out of commission. No, the pain just makes her grin in a way that looks rather a bit unhinged. "My five year old nephew can hit harder than that, you son of a flea-infested rat whore. Do better - again!" It's perhaps not the most conventional Taunt but it should keep his attention on her and if it makes him mad enough not to notice the low swing of her blade arcing up in an angle for his hip? So much the better. Fjord? Well, he got a good taste of leg meat and his white face and jaw and neck and chest are stained a rather disconcerting bright red, but with that target down he's moving on to charge at the man attacking Tyce. He knows better than to eat before all the squishy things are dead. He's coming back for that calf, though. Totally called dibs.

The satisfying crunch of steel sinking into flesh abates the red haze just a little, but it's necessary. Otherwise, in her search for a new target, Solveig would just as likely swing that massive blade at a friendly than a foe. And we can't have that. A quick glance about the field, just long enough to find another target, and she locks her attention on the one archer that Tyce is involved with. If anything, a giant raging barbarian charging for the man should prove to be an excellent distraction for anyone else wanting to turn the guy into a pin cushion. If not, well, Solveig's charging and swinging. HOpefully Fjord doesn't mind the help.

Small bears just… Aren't terribly scary. Small, mentally stunted bears? Not really all that scary at all, the Slaver steps aside with a look of displeasure, but that is about it. But Taril's arrow flies well, lodging to the slaver's arm that is fighting Freyja. It's a bad day for him, even as he steps aside form Freyja's blade, turning it into a strike of his own that is likewise blocked. Though, Sterling swoops again just at that moment, tearing with sharp talons into the side of the man's neck. As for the Slaver that turned his attentions on Sebastian? Well, Sebastian and Adeline fire well, but he too is an archer, and hits the ground. This, however, puts him quite in line for Dhani's shot, with lodges into the right side of his chest and he… He's in some very real trouble if he doesn't get help. But even from the ground he fires back, lodging an arrow into Adeline's leg that produces a lot of bleeding.

The man that turned on Tyce, however, he's having a bad time. Though he sidesteps Fjord, Solveig is another matter. Her blade cuts into his chest, pulling him aside enough that Tyce's next arrow grazes the inside of one thigh, flying between his legs in a way that would likely be terrifying if he wasn't trying to backpeddle and fire on Solveig herself. Which he's marginally successful at, an arrow finding a place to bite into Solveig's leg as he wobbles in stepping away.

The two dogs are still at it, falling to the ground as the Slavers' dog finds purchase on Balai's hip. There's growling from the hound, and he does not seem to have mind for anything else.

Julie's opponent? Well, she never stood a chance. Slaver and vicious she might be, but she's about to swing on the Chevalier when Julie's blade buries into her chest and she goes limp, heart stopping immediately, falling to the ground in a pile that is unceremonious and very, very dead.

If there's a man on the ground, he's easier to hit and Taril isn't going to wast the opportunity to Arrow of Slaying the slaver bastard in the vitals. He gives his bear a whistle that's fully intended to bring her back to him (And she's unique! UNIQUE. Not stunted) where she's safest. If he can get this slaver dead, he can think about the other one but that guy's already having a bad day.

Well with the dude he has been shooting at now bleeding rather well and having to face a wall of angry Warden, Tyce turns towards the dogs with the growl that Balai isn't making. Bow down, blade pulled he is wading in not minding teeth and claws, only one real plan, to take hold of the back of that dog and bury his blade into it's throat.

Dhani swivels her bow around looking for an open target. Seeing none that aren't having an bad day or aren't well on their way to death, she keeps the arrow notched, easy back into position beside her brother. That he's aiming at something isn't a surprised, but she's confident that he's going to hit what he's targeted and her help isn't needed there either. She's not willing to give up the fight just yet, so maintains a wary vigil. If one of the slavers already on the ground but left unattended move, she's turning them into a pin cushion.

Adeline hisses as an arrow buries into her leg, but does not cease. Warden training was good for something. But she's pissed now. So another Archer's Lance gets fired to the man on the ground, because fuck that. Fire on her and her cousin? Nope. No thank you. Besides, she's taunted him anyway. Best to make use of it. Sterling, though, he's continuing looking for eyes.

Julie stands with the woman she's just killed for a moment, letting her body go limp and lowering her sword so the body slides off the blade and quietly crumples on the ground. With a cold, exact bearing people might not expect from the usual carousing layabout that is Julie, the chevalier steps over the corpse of her opponent, picks up her glove and begins to seek out a new target. Though Freyja's crudly wrought, but artfully hurled insult does catch her attention. "I apparently need to take notes." The Chevlaier calls to the Ander warden before quick strides take her accross the feild to the slaver engaging Solveig in combat. Coming up alongside a raging beserker may well be a decision she comes to regret, but for now she levels the slaver with an En Garde and settles in for another fight.

Look, Freyja's had a lot of patience with the south so far, but at this point in her night? The field in which she grows her fucks is now barren. This Peon's Plight is about to take a turn for the worse. Especially when there's a pretty lady calling compliments. "We can exchange - " Sterling's slash against his neck is a great distraction for the way the short Ander Warden bares her teeth in an animalistic snarl and whips her blade around in a vicious slash for that bloodied throat, loosing a frustrated roar as she makes the motion and then finishes her sentence. Because one is not simply rude to ladies. " - over drinks." As for Fjord, he's prowling around the other side of the fighting dogs, teeth bared and a startling growl rumbling loose from bloodied chest. If there's an opportunity, he's going to get his teeth into the spine of the dog attacking his friend, Mop.

…. Ow? It's a wonder if the damn woman even felt the arrow that is now stuck in her leg, but Solveig's still moving. Since this guy decided to get cheeky with his arrows, Solveig's going to return the favor. Well, sort of. She lunges at him with a burst of speed, her axe swung in a Barrage. The downside to suddenly having a burst of speed is that she's not really paying a whole lot of attention to her defense, and the openings one can take are very, very obvious.

This dog. This dog just will not quit. From Tyce it jumps away, at Fjord it growls and snaps at, sending the snowbeast back. But Balai, she finally puts an end to this exchange. The dog falls as Balai goes for it, blood staining the sand darkly.

Solveig's opponent, though, he is another matter. He blocks each of Solveig's attack, turns to face Julie and catches her rapier fiercely, and he's about to bear down on the Chevalier when Taril's arrow sinks into the back of his head, emerging through his eye. He falls to the ground dead.

Freyja, though, she finally gets the upper ground on this man. Her training pulls her through, blade sinking into the man's neck, nearing taking his head off as he too falls to the ground. Sterling returns to Adeline's shoulder, his target felled.

This leaves one last archer, who rolls to his feet away from Adeline's shot, and fires back. This arrow settles into Adeline's chest, just to her right side, dangerous but not immediately lethal.

With his sister no longer in danger, and with those fucking accents gone, Taril can now react. His bow is still in his hand, but it hangs there in his grip as he makes his way to Dhani. He can't really say anything, so he opts for resting his head on his twin's shoulder. Not to cry, he can't manage that yet. It's merely a whimper. Hearing that accent more than hurt, it opened wounds. The others are gong to have to deal with the last-and there are plenty of others- because his ability to cope with this? It went away with the direct danger to his world.

Dhani lowers her bow in time to wrap her arm around Taril, the arrow once notched clattering to the ground unnoticed. She checks him over quickly, making sure he wasn't somehow hurt in all this chaos. Once she's certain he's fine (physically at least) she's going to steer him away from all this shit. The bear she knows will follow and she sends Renan off ahead just in case. That last living slaver? Well, he's got more than he can ever hope to handle and she feels not a smidgen of remorse for his sorry ass as she and her twin brother depart.

As Balai takes the dog down, Tyce gasps for breath, blade held tight in the hand that is not covered in blood from the arrow to his shoulder.. cold gaze lifting from the animals to look for any others. The sound of the bow drawing is gaze with a snap, arrow sinking into Adeline's chest has the man running. Not towards her or even his own bow but to the archer with a raw angry yell that only Tyce with his broken voice can manage. A sound like he intends to rip the mans heart out with his barehands and feed it to him.. which well is perhaps exactly where he intends to do.

Adeline gasps as the arrow sinks into her chest. She knows well the severity of a shot like this. There's nothing to be done for it here and now though. So she pulls once more arrow. Fletched in blue, and fires before she falls to her knees. One word, one last word before she loses conciousness, meant for her Wardens. "Anders."

Julie had been content to let people resolve their seperate combats as the fight had been severe, but not yet lethal. Now, now though, if they don't cleat the feild and get her out of here fast Adeline might die. Though the Chevalier doesn't know the senior warden commander overly well, they pound the concept of a flawless victory into future Chevalier's heads pretty hard. The Chevalier rounds on the man and opens with a spew of Orlesian words that are anything but nice, meeting him with the fury and deadly accuracy that Antivan Duelists reserve for Blood Feuds.

"Oh fuck no." Freyja doesn't even have a chance to properly enjoy the sensation of ripping through a man's throat before Adeline is going down with an arrow in her chest. "Not today, demon." And sure this last guy is probably super screwed and that's great, because Freyja's running along sand to try and get to her unconscious commander. "This," she hisses, mostly to herself. "This is why healers should not be exempt from patrol."

It takes a few moments to register that the man she was trying to hack apart falls over dead, and not by her hand. A voice from her flank pierces through the haze and the Avvar turns and notices the predicament Freyja and Adeline are in. Shaking her head to get some sort of thought other than 'Smash, kill', she uses the dying reserves of her rage to get her to Adeline's side quickly (especially considering she's still got an arrow sticking out of her leg). "Where do we go?" She asks Freyja (newb to the location, here), moving first to stash her axe and then, unless she's halted, moving to pick up the Senior Warden, with surprising gentleness, in preparation for moving somewhere other than a beach lined with corpses.

Tyce's blade hits home in a throat just as Adeline's arrow finds heart, and Julie tears into the remaining Slaver more as though he is a fish meant for gutting. The man is dead. So very dead. It's a mess, but he's not getting up from that.

Adeline is limp in Solveig's arms, but she's breathing. Sterling returns to his mistress, perching upon Freyja's shoulder with a concerned creel. The Senior Warden coughs up blood, and she's starting to lose color in her face.

Blood now covering both hands, his and the slavers, Tyce lets go of the body as the others also lay into it and drops to his knees as Balai limps up to him burying her large head into his uninjured shoulder with a soft whine. Watching the Wardens pick up their Commander, he doesn't say a word, not anything he can do that would make a difference, hell he was even out of booze and dinner was charred.

"Anders. She said Anders." And Freyja hasn't exactly been the most sociable person since coming to Kirkwall, but she's picked up on her fair share of details - especially the important ones. "Darktown. We've got to get her to Darktown." And despite knowing the futility of doing so, she looks left and right, up the beach and down, like she's searching for something. "Fuck! Why doesn't anyone use horses here?" Because a nice strong charger or even a dainty little palfrey would be a real boon right about now. She does not like how quickly Adeline is losing color.

Julie pulls her sword from the dead slaver, brown eyes flicking to Dhani and Taril… or rather where Dhani and Taril used to be, good, they either made it out or were at least not her problem. The Chevalier looks to Tyce, quickly and clinically appraising his and Balai's status and deciding that even if the gruff man would take her assistance, there isn't much she can do. Falling in with the wardens though, that's on the table. "Go." She says to Freyja. "I'll cover your exit in case there are more along the coast." Orlesian blues move back to Tyce again. "Fall in behind me if you want to get back to town."

"Calm," Solveig offers to Freyja. "I am a horse," she attempts some humor as she begins a power walk, the gait meant to jostle Adeline as little as possible, back to Kirkwall proper. And UGH, that rage is vanishing quickly and the walk is /not/ feeling good on that damn leg wound. Nor is carrying a woman good on the shoulder back there. Ah well. Darktown. They'll get there, Adenline will be seen to, and then Solveig can promptly pass out face first on the ground of…wherever they're going. She can be a new decoration.

"Stop!" Tyce growls out.. yes growls.. like ground glass then his hand slips into his tunic before he is pulling out a vial and holding it out towards Adeline and whoever will take it. "Some argumentive Templar decided I needed that… I don't.. you could probably use it."=

Warden stamina isn't got nothing. And though she's pale, and bleeding from the mouth, Adeline has some time, at least. She can probably get to Darktown, if people are quick. And people are being quick. And, conveniently, her lips are parted enough to pour a potion down, if someone chooses to.

Dire the situation may be, but Solveig's statement is enough to draw a snort of dry laughter from Freyja. And that's enough to put her mostly back in her right mind, noticing her bird passenger (who gets a couple pets to breastfeathers) and whistling for Fjord (who gets a rub behind the ears) and reaching out to take the potion Tyce is shoving at her. "Thank you!" So at least some manners are remembered. Mostly. The rest of her is concentrating on pouring the damn thing down Adie's throat. Should at least buy them a little more time to get there, at any rate.

And Stop Solveig does, and turns a withering look to Tyce. A kind of look that suggests she just might fly off into antoher rage even with a critically wounded woman in her arms. Probably /because/ of said injured woman. But the exchange of the potion is noted before it even gets that far (She /is/ insanely exhausted right now, and is focusing her remaining stamina in being that 'horse'), so she stands still for it to be administered. "Thank you," she does gruffy tell Tyce. Once that's all settled, and Adeline is again settled (hopefully a bit more comfortably thanks to the brew), she's off again with that same purposeful stride. Horse indeed.

The bleeding stops, and that is something. The Senior Warden coughs again, shifting just a little. She's alive. Enough to move. Enought to breathe, and swallow down a potion that helps a little. She still needs to be seen to, and she's not regained consciousness, but it is something.

Tyce watches them go, doesn't do much more than grunt at the thanks then climbs to his feet, hand resting on Balai's head as he turns them back towards the fire, dropping the blade into the glowing coals on his way pass before dropping back to where he was sitting when this all began… well at least the night will be quieter now, right?

Julie continues her retreat training about ten feet behind the wardens as they make their exit.

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