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Scene Title So Smooth
Synopsis Carver and Carys prove yet again they are Kirkwall's smoothest 'couple'. No, really.
Location Lowtown Slums
Date Solace 25, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Your hair is nice. Also, Barkspawn cameo.
Logger Carys

It's still summer. It's still hot. There is now rubble everywhere, and Lowtown just keeps getting better, everybody. Okay, no. No it does not. But Carver's at least put in a good deal of work in helping clear this rubble and now he is sitting on his porch. Shirtless. Sweating from moving chunks of stone and trying to not actually die of heatstroke.

At least there's an effort to deal with the rubble. Always the chance with it being Lowtown that people just…have lowered the priority on clearing the mess. At least past being able to walk around through the main thoroughfares. Carys herself feels she's finally of a decent mood to actually venture back to this place, possibly to help with the rocks, but she's got something else to do first. Check on people. HOwever, what she wasn't expecting was, well… tHe sight before her that causes her to abruptly stop in her tracks. She's likely not visible at first…not until her abrupt stopping causes some guy to bump into her. He tells her off, and absently waves to the man, muttering 'Thank you, ser, have a nice day' because she… really didn't hear what he said to her. She's… too busy staring at a bared chest. It may border on gawking at this point. Yup, this is just going to make the best impression ever. … She's still gawking.

Carver does, in fact, not immediately notice Carys. His left side is a mess of bruise still, though it is slowly, but surely, fading to a dull green-yellow. The suspenders that normally sit under his mantle are left loose, hanging from his hips. And the mabari tattoo over his heart is likely a little too appropriate for anyone to be totally comfortable. Except maybe the actual mabari who comes trotting over to him from around the corner, flopping down beside him like a complete idiot. The Ferelden is distracted with Barkspawn's arrival, reaching out to rub at the dog's belly while he rolls around like a fool. It's only then that the weight of eyes makes him pause, making the dog whine. Looking up and over, he catches sight of Carys and tips his head to the side, much like a confused dog. Eventually, he raises his hand, waving, perhaps a little stiffly, not sure quite why she's staring at him.

Well, at least the tattoo will give her an excuse when she has to explain why she's standing there staring like a stupid idiot. AT the wave, she does drift over, her movements kind of mechanical because… damn. It's always nice to see that all that sword swinging soldiers do does some good. Ahem. "Uh…hey," she squeaks out, before she coughs a little bit. "…" A bit of an awkward rub at the back of her neck. "WAs in the neighborhood," she finishes lamely and she forces her attention to the dog so she'd stop at least /looking/ like a doofus.

"Maker, why?" Carver says with a laugh. "I would never come down here if I didn't have to live down here." The dog, though, he is entirely too excited for there to be a new person. Scooting himself, while still on his back, with his hind legs toward the edge of the porch, he whines. From legs extend past his head, batting at the air in an excited puppy motion that can only mean 'come here and pet me.' Complete. Idiot.

Carys is now doing the complete opposite and is trying everything in her power /not/ to look at Carver. So the dog provides a welcome distraction. She can't help it, she answers to the pathetic beckoning of an animal wanting pets. Crouching, she offers her hand so that the mabari can get to know her before she touches him. "Actually… it was intentional," she mumbles, the bridge of her nose, and tips of her ears flushing. "I, uh… just, um. Wanted t'see if you were alright. AFter, y'know." Rubble and then having a not-quite-feather light woman in chainmail landing on him.

Barkspawn spends all of two seconds sniffing at that hand before he's nosing at it, trying to scoot closer but being smart enough to know that if he actually does he'll go tumbling off the porch and that sounds uncomfortable. Carver, for his part, has the flicker of a smile. "Oh…" He says, rubbing the back of his neck, "Yeah… I… I'm fine."

"Did you lose your shirt?" Carys blurts out just like that in response. Swlalowing she instead looks back to the dog and tries to convince him of the foolishness of his behavior. "Yer gonna topple over if you keep doin' that," she chides gently, but she does reach over enough to give him good jowl scritches. "Wow… you're /large/." She's talking about the dog. Promise.

"What?" Carver starts, brow knitting, then looking down at himself, "Oh… No. I… I was helping move rubble," Seems they're going to have matching blushes, "The summers here are hot…" Carver clears his throat, suddenly uncomfortable, moving to stand. "Give me a moment…" And he's heading toward the door of the apartment. Likely fetching a new shirt. Barkspawn though, just returns Carys's commentary with a woof that is only loud for the size of the chest it comes from. He's wagging like a fool, which is even more comedic for him being on his back.

"eh?" She blinks and glances up. "OH! You don't have t'do that!" She likely has this 'that'd be a shame' tone to her voice that she catches and she winces. She takes the advantage of his back being turned to rub her face and she grumbles nonesense to herself. "… You're really goofy," she then tells the dog, moving so she can get a perch close enough to give the dog belly rubs since he's all on his back and stuff. "YOu're not as fluffy as Princess though, but you're kind'a cute." She pauses. "In a huge, bearish sort of way, I guess."

Carver pauses, stuck in something of a dilemma. To go put on a shirt to abate the spreading blushing happening, or to not because it was damnably hot. Let's choose bold. Bold worked out for someone in his life on the regular, why not him? So he stops, turns, returns to sitting on his porch. Barkspawn, though, he's wounded. He whines, turning over, dropping his head onto his front paws, ears dropping, looking up at Carys with the most pathetic puppy dog stare he can muster.

"I'm sorry!" Carys lifts her hands up in a defensive gesture. "Princess is like this big, an' she's all fluff." She pauses. "An' she's a fox." She dons that grin of hers and turns it to Carver as he sits down. "She's the most adorable thing ever to never wear a shirt…." Yes, she just sort of trailed off as she noted again that there is no shirt there. And then at this? THIS is where she just… facepalms. OUtright facepalms. "AT least you're comfortable," she says with all sincerity. Behind her hand. So it's mumbled.

Barkspawn whines. It's not that Princess was cute, it's that he was 'cute, I guess.' He's hurt, really. "Oh, hush, you great oaf." Carver chides the dog, though he reaches over to rub at the mabari's head. But then he's blushing again. Damnit, Carys. "Okay, look I think this will just be easier on everyone if I just…" He's standing again, moving to the door with a little more haste, disappearing behind it before Carys can say anything else.

Oh well. if he INSISTS to take awya something she was obviously enjoying. Or well, not so obvious becasue she was just staring. And letting her brain rattle off words that had no business being uttered. She'll just watch the /retreat/ before /that/ vanishes as well. "Wow." And there's an absent patting of her hand to the Mabari. "Okay, you're cute too…" Said so absently right now before she shakes her head. "I need a drink," she grumbles and pinches the bridge of her nose. Their only saving grace is that there's /no one/ around that could tease either of them about this. Lucky considering he's got a house full of family right there and she's heard family tend to be the worst.

Family really is the worst. They're both lucky on that front because Maker either one of his siblings would be a nightmare right now. But Carver re-emerges only a few moments later, with a shirt. Unlaced, mind you, but a shirt none the less. He drops back down the porch. Barkspawn has perked back up, leaning forward then and licking Carys across the face quite affectionately. Carver, for his part, groans.

And Carver's back. "Hey, um… look, I've got some light weight material that I've come int' ownin'," No she didn't /steal/ it, "I could, y'know, if you'd like, make you someth—EEK!" Sudden Doggie Licks! The problem was, Carys was, as usual, pearched. This time, it was on a step, on her toes in a squat. And the damn dog took her completely by surprise. Fortunately it's likely only a few steps but she's now flat on her ass and half-sprawled. "Oh… well, I guess I could just sit down, too, right?" She's now eyeing the Mabari skeptically because that is a very large animal and sometimes large animals don't really get that they're large animals and try to do things small animals do-like claim laps. And she's kind of ina prime position for that.

Oh yes, yes she is. And Barkspawn does so love laps. And that is how Carys winds up with a dog the size of a small bear in her lap, panting happily. Carver tries not to laugh. He fails. "Barkspawn, leave the nice woman alone." He says, but it's just met with a contrary bark. Carver sighs. "He never does listen to me." He says, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I'm sorry."

There's another squeak from her as her lap is occupied. But then, she just begins laughing. "It could be worse, he could be heavy enough t'squish me,r ight?" That grin's turned up to the youngest Hawke at that and she finally gives into the dog's demands and gives him lots of scritches and attention and oh yes who's a good boy who deserves jowl scitches, you are aren't you! Yes you are! Complete with stupid faces made with each cooing word. "He's adorable," she compliments, tossing a bit of a bashful smile up towards Carver.

Barkspawn is absolutely thrilled. And he indulges in it for a long moment. Until, eventually, satisfied, the mabari crawls from her lap, trotting up the stairs and flopping down by the door, apparently done being a menace. "Yeah, he knows it, too. Smart enough to understand you, mabari." He says, "Don't let him pester you too much. He does know what 'go away' means."

She waves Carver off as she stands up and dusts off whatever hair she might've acquired. And dust. Which means she spends about five minutes furiouslybrushing and patting all parts of her body, irrgardless of how it may look to any onlookers. "Aw, he's fine. I'd be an idiot t'push somethin' that adorable outta my lap, y'know?"

Carver laughs a little. "Yeah, well, he can be an absolute menace. Trust me." He says, "Gets bolder the more he's indulged." And… He's definitely not staring as she turns about and brushes at her clothes, pushing the fabric in brief moments against curves. There's definitely not a hard, dry swallow that follows. Nope.

OF course there wasn't, if you asked Carys. Because she completely misses it. "There. I think I got it all," she comments quietly. Clapping her hands to dust those off she throws her hands on her hips, cocking them to one side. "SO! Alright, I can think now," she comments to herself and then turns the converesation to, well, the other person that's /actually/ there. "How're you ? You weren't hurt all that badly were you?" She pauses. "I think I saw a bruise…" And just like that, she actually reaches over, as if to try to grab the hem of his shirt and lift it so she can inspect waht she thought was discoloration. Personal space awareness, sometimes Carys has none.

"Oh… Uh…" Carver pulls away slightly, but not enough, and not fast enough. The shirt is caught, and he doesn't really fight it. Though he does blush again. "No, really, I'm fine. It bruised but…" But if he'd actually been hurt, Bethany would not have let it stand. "It's not so bad now." Nevermind that it covers most of his left side, faded though it is.

Fortunately, Carver's awkwardness doesn't get through the concerned expression on Carys's face as she notes the bruise. "Was this the side I fell on?" She asks and she might be two seconds away from flailing her arms and apologizing. Y'know, for having no control over dwarves exploding and knocking her ass off of a roof. "It doesn't hurt too much?" she asks worriedly and likely touches the outeredge. "Cause I know someone who's probably got some salves that could help. I"m sure he won't miss if I took a little bit for you." She then spares his dignity and settles his shirt down again.

"No, no, this is the side I fell on." Carver says, laughing a little. "Really, it's fine." He doesn't even flinch at her pressing. For all that Carver wasn't the best at not whining, he does actually have a pain tolerance that is admirable. Though he does swallow hard again at the touch of her hand. Even if it is just prodding at a bruise. There's that blush again, and he gives a small, relieved sigh as his shirt is put back down.

With that, she settles down on the same step he is, lacing her fingers and dangling her hands between her knees as her elbows rest on her legs. Those are sprawled before her in a most childish manner. "Oh.., right." She pats her belly. "I had mail on… it absorbed most of the damage, thankfully. But it still look like someone had a go at me." She's quiet then, before asking, "Can… I ask a kind'a serious question?"

"Yeah… I did not." Carver says with a laugh and a shrug. He's just quiet for a moment, as well, but not unpleasantly so. And when she asks that next question, he blinks. "Uh… Sure?"

"Were you… okay?" She asks again, but there seems to be a different spin in regards to tone. Her feet rock back and forth, the toes of her boots knocking together lightly in a rhythm. "I mean… I've heard of people who've been in…um…battles before sometimes havin' a rough time of it if somethin' similar happens, so I was just…" She eyes her hands. "I mean…yeah. Um. Just…wanted t'make sure you were okay, there, too." She lifts a hand to idly twirl a curl around her finger, not knowing how else to word her concern. HOw /does/ one ask someone about their mental health after encoutering something that could be considered triggering?

Carver just sits there silent for a long moment after Carys speaks her question. His brow knits, he frowns a little. He'd almost forgotten how, in his drink fueled conversation with her, he had told her that he had been at Ostagar. Carver sighs. "Yeah…" He says, voice more gruff than before, "I'm fine." More snappishly than he probably means.

If he looked at her face just then, it's obvious she doesn't by it. But she lifts a hand and rests it against his forearm, giving it a light squeeze and a pat. "Alright. I was worried," she says, not pushing the subject, not really responding to the snappy reply. It's likely she expected something of the sort, to be honest. It was a testy question, and a testy response was the most likely response. She glances over the rubble and she lets out a sigh, letting her shoulders slump. "What a mess."

"It really is…" Carver says, also sighing. Seems he's happy to latch on to anything other than that topic. He's not touching that topic. Not with a ten foot pole. No. Nope. "I think it's going to take weeks to make it reasonable."

"I don't think I"m gonna try t'get another place. First one I ever get an'… it gets destroyed," Carys throws her hands out before her, apparently quite willing to let him deflect. It'll probably end up being a sign how far their friendship (or something) has progressed when he doesn't pull these tactics on her. "It had a nice view of the harbor," That she /covered up/ of course, "an' everything!" She pauses and then she shifts to hipbump him lightly. "An' now you don't got a place t'go an' hide when you get tired of the crowd. We're just gonna have t'camp on someone's roof, I guess."

"Look, losing a home doesn't mean you shouldn't find another one…" Carver says with a small frown. He's said the words before he thought about them. They make his nose crinkle a little. And as for the deflecting? Well, he does that with his twin so… Well, don't put too much stock in it. He laughs at that hipbump, though. "That would require climbing a building, and the first time I tried that, it came crashing down so… Maybe not."

Carys glances at her hands for a moment before she glances up again. "Y'think?" she says. "It's not somethin' I"m used to, y'know. Havin'… " She waves her hand over her head as if to mime 'roof over her head'. "Not even when I got stuck in Ostwick." She then blinks and regards him before she sighs. "That's because freak dwarves blew up." she's leaping to her feet, and… dammit, she's on steps. Pardon her while she staggers down a couple to keep herself from landing on the ground. AGAIN. "C'mon!"

"Yeah… I do." Carver says. Damnit, Bethany might have a point. He'd never tell her so, though. Then, he's blinking. But he's following anyway. "Where are we going?"

Wandering over to a nearby building, and a bit of an area that gets little to no traffic, she points to it helpfully. "Oh, over here." She stops and smacks the wall. "This is a good example. It's not really hard at all t'climb somethin'. Not with those biceps of yours, anyway. The trick is…" She chews her lip and curls her fingers against the (admittedly cheap) wall. "Findin' a good…UNGH!" And just like that, she's yanking herself up a few feet in a shakey free-climb wall attempt. "Hand hold an' liftin' yerself up. So… Y'got this one here.." She wiggles her left elbow to show where her hand is, "An' this here.." A wiggle of her right. "Y'don't have to worry about your feet too much.. Use yer toes for traction by pushin' against the wall. Y'wanna try pushin' /up/ with your legs as opposed to /pullin'/ yer weight. Cause let's be honest here, a body tends t'be kind'a heavy. Y'don't want your arms givin' out on you right?" She flashes a grin. "'Kay got that? NOw, watch an' you should be able t'figure out where my hands go." And just like that, she works on scaling that wall. …. In a skirt, we remind.

Carver follows, he listens, shakes his head. "This is… A terrible plan." He says… Though in the next moment his mouth is going dry. Because she is, in fact, climbing this wall in a skirt and… Carver at least as the manners to look away. That's something, at least, right? Better to distract himself with doing something. So he reaches up and tries to do as she says. And… Well, he's not terrible at it. But it's hard to follow when you can't look up and watch your instructor without the concern of peaking up clothing what ought not be peaked up.

"I /promise/ the building isn't going to collapse," she calls back over her shoulder as she hefts herself up onto the roof top. Though, she does pasue and mutter to herself, "I hope." She hops a little on the roof to make sure there isn't going to be loud rumblage. "Okay, right, not crumblin'." She then turnsa nd bends over the side to look at what Carver's progress is. "You've pretty much got it," she calls, encouragingly, as she reaches one hand down to offer an extra hand hold once he gets close enough. "Besides… if it's such a terrible plan," she quirks a grin, "Why're you already up th' wall?"

With Carys over onto the roof, climbing becomes simpler. Well, aside from the fact that he's having to look for hand holds himself since he couldn't very well watch her find them. But he manages. "Because… Well… Apparently because I'm a Makerdamned fool." He calls up with a sigh that is too indulgent to be angry.

"Well, at least you're a cute fool," Carys comments, mostly to herself, but she doesn't quite think about volume so there may be a chance it'll carry. Maybe. "Just a litt'e bit further an' then I can help you up. Okay, put your hand there… an' your foot over there…" She will do her best to give directions that don't involve her coming down and physically show him.

And Carver listens, grabbing things she points out. He's using his arms likely a little more than he should but… Well… Those biceps weren't for show. Eventually, he's high enough to be hauled onto the roof, and he straightens himself up with a deep breath. "Well that was… More exhausting than I was expecting." Because climbing uses different muscle groups than swinging a sword or lifting rubble.

Carys is answering before she lets go of whatever appendage she took hold of to help him onto the rooftop. "Oh, it'll get easier if you keep at it. I been doin' this for years. It's easier if you got a bit of rope riggin', but it doesn't hur t'know how to scale a wall in a pinch, y'know?" Like when dwarves piss you off and you want to make with stabbity death. "But anyway, if you turn…and look there…" She points with a grin. "You get a decently nice view of the place. So, now you have a spot where you can just sit an' zone if you need it. Th' dog might complain but I don't think I can teach a dog how t'climb a wall. He might be clever, but I do think opposable thumbs are kind of necessary." OH, she should probably let go of him now… that's at least the blink she gives and the way her hand drops to her side suggests.

"Yeah, well, he's more my brother's anyway…" And he looks, smiling faintly. "It's a good spot…" He says, that same moment realizing that she has her hand on him still right before the touch is taken away. And in an action he doesn't exactly think through first, Carver reaches out to take hold of her hand. Not a grab, not tight, just… His hand on hers, saying she didn't have to stop touching him without using words that had this tendency to get in his way.

She shrugs. "He seems taken with you regardless… 'course I don't know your brother, so…" She could ask waht the man's like, but that might be opening up a can of worms and she's trying to show him something nifty. YOunger sibs, go figure. The retaking of her hand surprises her, but she doesn't pull away. She is going to blush about three shades of red and twist her toe into the gravel on the rooftop floor. But she's not pulling away. "If you get up on some of the higher tops, you can get a really good view of the sea, but those are tricker t'get up on. An' the best ones are in High Town… an' they got pointy roofs. NOt as good t'sit on."

"I think this one does just fine." Carver says. Seems he's not even going to begin to continue the line of conversation about his brother. Kailen was not someone he wanted involved in this conversation even a little. Her blushing makes him smile some, and he is… Definitely not looking at the view anymore.

Now she's cratching the back of her head with her other hand. "You think so?" She's now looking elsewhere. "I guess so," she's not discounting his opinion. "But really, the higher the roof the better the view an' you really ain't seen the WAkin' sea until you've got a good look at it from rooftop during sunset." She furrows her brow, resting her fingers against her chin. "Or sunrise… I've been up then, too." A shrug's given before she flashes a grin. "But if you like it, then it isn't so bad." She does catch his look and her immediate thought? She's rubbing her nose as if she's worried she's got a spot.

In a moment of uncharacteristic boldness, Carver smirks. "Yeah, the view here's more than fine…" He says, though his blush makes it a little less charming than it probably could have been. He is still not looking out at the city. But then… Well… He's just sort of staring. Because he's not quite sure where to go from here and… Uh… Thedas to Carver, come in Carver.

And Carys is… "Do I have something on my nose?" Yeah, Carys is that. She's still lightly rubbing her nose, absently. Maybe THAT is why it's red. She must be rubbing it really hard because the entire tip and bridge is red. Her cheeks are red. That red has spread to her forehead. That must be some absent nose rubbing. Her brows furrow slightly and then…Suddenly, "It's really nice outside don't yhou think?!" She winces. She … visibly winces in a '… dumbass' sort of way.

"What?" Carver says the word before thinking. "Oh…" He blushes terribly, "No. You don't… I… Uh…" He clears his throat, looking out over the city. "Yeah, yeah it is." No it isn't, it's bloody fucking hot. But he'll say it.

He glances away to look at the city and she glances down at the fact they're still kind of holding hands. Her nose twitches a little bit, almost rabbit like, as she considers what she sees. Again,s he's toeing the ground in a sort of bashful way, but she's /thinking/ right now. Considering. Recalling the conversation she had with her closest friend (Kirkwall worked out in that area!) she had recently, it seems to get her mind kind of going. Having made up her mind, there's a little nod to herself. "I mean, Kirkwall's shitty," she comments as she takes a subtle step closer and assuming it hasn't been done yet, she'll move to lace her fingers with his. "But it's got some things goin' for it, so…can't complain."

Maker, they are terrible at this. "Yeah… It is…" Carver agrees quietly before he realizes she's stepped toward him. His mouth goes dry, and he looks back to her and then his hand is moving and… Carver glances at their laced fingers. He blinks. "Doe- Oh… OH, you mean - Ah…" Blushing. Clearing his throat, Carver shifts his weight. Staring down at her, likely a little longer on her lips than is reasonable, "You're very… I mean… Your li- I mean… Uh…" A pause, "Your hair is nice." Really, Carver? 'Your hair is nice', you couldn't come up with anything better than that? Hopeless. This. Boy. Is. Hopeless.

Okay… this /is/ nice. Carys could probably get used to this. Maybe in three weeks she might be able to do more than just /hold hands/. Or maybe… maybe not that long! Her eyebrows arch upwards as he stammers almost as if she's expecting something. I sshe? Or maybe she just likes the fact he stammers, that isn't out of the realm of possibility. And then THAT happens. OTHER women might be disappointed. CArys? "Oh, really? YOu think so?" She uses her spare ahdn to fluff the (thankfully currentlyu relaxed) curls. "You're sweet."

"Yeah…" Carver says, smiling, watching her fluff her hair, "I do." It seems her accepting that compliment as though it is a well delivered, shining thing has helped with the stammering a bit. It's probably a good thing he's already blushing, so it can't get worse. He does, however, laugh a little, rubbing again at the back of his neck. "I don't think anyone has ever called me 'sweet' before."

Now Carys is trying to use that hand to do something with her hair to make it look…better? It's the kind of nervous gesture a girl would do when she wants to make sure her hair /does/ look nice… Save Carys ends up shoving curls in her face, which she ends up having to shove out of her face and now she's got curls everywhere… that was smart. Shoving her hair back and deciding she can't do that coy 'fiddle with your hair' thing some girls do, she just lets her free hand dangle. The other hand seem s quite content to keep a hold of its 'conquest' for a while longer. She's so brave! Ugh. "Really?" She actually looks surprised. /Genuinely/ surprised! "Well… you've been sweet t'me, so… that's all that matter." So there.

Carver laughs, just a little. Not really able to himself. But when Carys's hand falls away, his free hand lifts. And he brushes what stray curls remain in her face away, having the benefit of being able to see her hair properly. "Yeah… I…" He starts, biting his lips a moment later and then shrugging, "I'm not always great with people."

Ahh! And… she's back to ducking her head in that bashful manner again. She can't help the positively twitterpated grin she dons, though. She really can't. "Ah, well…" She shrugs a shoulder. "Sometimes you just… need t'talk t' the right people, I guess." She flashes that smile up to him, "I'm sure your sister thinks you're sweet… in your own sort of way."

"Yeah, I guess I do." Carver says, smiling faintly still. The blushing he certainly seems to find charming. He shrugs. "I don't know. She mostly just calls me a prat. Which, to be totally fair, I generally deserve from her."

This standing is obnoxious she has suddenly decided. It's either design or accident that she forgets she's got one hand occupied in holding one of his, and she moves to settle down on one of the ledges, choosing the one that has the best view for it's location, so it'll likely have as much of the water as posisble because well.. even in Kirkwall the water's pretty. But long story short, he's likely getting just yanked around. Again. AT least it isn't towards Golem Trouble. "I can see it," she says without apology, the grin she gives him with that bright.

This, too, makes Carver laugh. "You're very… Forceful… Anyone ever tell you?" He says, though he sounds too amused to be offended. He follows, sits down beside her even. He's never much minded heights. Didn't relish them like some people, but he could appreciate a view. He shrugs again. "Yeah, well… Sometimes she earns it."

If the fact she scales walls like a freaking lizard is any indication, Carys is absolutely at home with heights. Makes sense with her profession… which she hasn't quite owned up to. She doesn't hide what she is, but she usually doesn't announce it outright. "I'm forceful?" Violet eyes stare at him wide and she blinks once as this again processes. And it's only after he's settled next to her that she realizes she didn't let go. "OH! Oh…Um. Sure, forceful sounds less…embarrassin' than 'I'm really easily distracted an' tend t'go with whatever I'm thinkin' about at the time an' temporarily forget other stuff'," she admis sheepishly, letting her legs swing and kick lightly. The grin fades into an equally sheepish smile at that. She then tries to take 'control' of this pathetic situation and straightens her shoulders. "You didn't complain, so there." It doesn't last and she's soon laughing gaily at his comment about his sister. "I've often wondered what havin' a brother or a sister'd be like. I mean, I hung out in gangs but that's different, yanno? It's about survival at that point."

"Yeah, it wasn't a jab." Carver says, laughing. He seems quite content with this whole situation. Until, of course, siblings come up again. "It's sometimes about survival with your actual family, too…" He says then, looking away.

She regards him for a moment. This topic wasn't as obvious as Ostagar, but Carys is finally realizing he doesn't quite like talking about his family /either/. She squeezes his hand lightly and gives it a bit of a tug to get his attention back to her. She doesn't say anything, though apology is openly displayed on her features. She simply gives him a little smile, no less sincere than her other ones, but it has a softer edge and is the culimation of the apology for the topic. "I…" she begins before she just shrugs a shoulder slightly. "I ever tell you I often don't /think/ either? 'Cause I do that a lot too…" And then in the same breath, "An' I totally succeeded in gettin' all of my chocolate, so there's that."

"Yeah, me either…" Carver says with a small shrug. "Gets me into trouble sometimes." Sometimes, he says. All the time, more like. Junior here really should learn to keep his trap shut with people he's trying not to offend. Though he does smile again in the next breath. "Oh, did you? Good. I suppose it wasn't a total loss then." That's something. "And you said something about fabric earlier…"

"Hey, you're only in trouble if you get caught," Carys parts that bit of life-earned wisdom. "which I guess is kind'a easy t'do if you're /talkin'/ to someone but… whatever." She watches her legs swing, and that 'not thinking' thing kicks in, and she shifts in order to rest her head on his shoulder, and will probably be content to stay there if he doesn't shrug her off. So yes, Carys is now sitting there swinging her legs, crossed at the ankles, with her head on the shoulder of a guy who's hand she's holding. "It's really hard t'get chocolate int' Kirkwall. I can't make rumballs if I don't have chocolate. It was important." Apparently so important she didn't realize she completely demolished a 'moment'. Then fabric. "Oh yes! I came int' some decent stuff yesterday. Very decent thread count…nothin' like the linen I usually work with. It's makin' me actually want t'find someone how to learn fancy stitchin' from so I can do it justice." … Because Carver'll understand THAT, Carys. OI.

Carys leaning her head against his shoulder makes him smile. And he does, in fact, let her stay there. Doesn't even try and free his hand from hers. This was simple. This was… Comfortable. More comfortable than anything in the city had been since he arrived. He could linger in this for awhile. "I see…" Carver says, not sure of what else to say about fabric and stitching. What does he know about clothes? A whole lot of nothing useful, that's what. And he's about to say something else when a distinctly Ferelden, feminine voice calls his name from below and behind. He sighs. "That… Is my mother…" He says, "I should probably…"

Moms have the /best/ timing. The grumble that Carys gives is testimony to that fact. She, too, was comfortable. And full of fuzzy fluttery warm which she'll just have to puzzle later. "… get goin'," she finishes for him, echoing his sigh. She didn't think she would actually /miss/ her own place so soon, but it would've certainly come in handy right now. "I understand," she says a she sits up straight. "Should be easy enough t'get down, especially if you're not an idiot like I am an' just jump." But she's… not moving quiet yet. "It was… Um, I had… uh… um, y'know, nice evenin' an' all. Thanks." Oh look her hair's interesting again.

"Yeah… Probably…" Carver says, not sounding thrilled about this turn of events, but it is what it is. But then, he smiles just a touch. "It's been nice." Carver says, a gentleness in his tone that hadn't quite been there before. Then, in a stroke of courage, he lifts the hand that is still twined with his, and presses a quick kiss to it, right at her knuckles, before unlacing their fingers and standing. And before he can blush too terribly much, he's crossing the roof to back where they climbed and begins to climb back down.

That's okay, she'll sit there and blush a terrible amount for /both/ of them. So hopefully Carver doesn't fall on his ass and break something because that little goodbye of his has completely rendered Carys dumbfounded and it's going to take a few for her brain to pick itself back up off the floor. Nice evening, indeed.

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