Portrayed By Beth Phoenix
Faction Warrior
Organization Grey Wardens
Position None
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 30
Place of Birth Frostback Mountaints
Date of Birth Kingsway 9
Mother Ingrid
Father Reiner
Siblings None
Marital Status Widowed
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Like all Avvar, Solveig was born in the Frostbacks, her father being Reiner, her mother Ingrid. And for the most part, her upbringing was uneventful. It was obvious from a young age that Solveig would make a fine warrior and was soon trained in the art of warfare, something she had a penchant for. It was quickly discovered that she also had a tendency to lose herself in battle and skills as a berserker were honed from there on out.

When she was 16, she was taken from her clan as a bride. She was doomed to a rather lengthy marriage by Avvar standards but her husband apparently wasn't all he was cracked up to be and found himself dead while hunting. It at least freed up a good portion of her life as she no longer had the obligation to do the mom and wife thing, at least until someone else thought she'd make a great wife. And she wasn't really too broken up by it. She barely knew her would-be husband when he snatched her, and even after a year or so, sometimes people just don't get that close.

However, to sort of avoid yet another snatch-and-grab marriage (Avvar, go figure), Solveig started exploring areas around her clan and then branching out some. Exploring seemed like a fun thing to do, and it kept her busy. She could've done without the rare occasion she ran into other people from other cultures as they never were quite sure what to make of her. But it really didn't matter much; she was who she was and if the weaker people around her had issues, that was their problem. This did sometimes cause for tense situations where her intentions were mistaken, and diplomacy would have to be used to convince people she was not a gigantic axe-wielding maniac. Unfortunately, trying to convince people you're not said axe-wielding maniac while specifically waving an axe at them was often counter productive and Solveig would find herself moving on to newer areas out of necessity.

It was one of these sorts of incidents that lead to the next major life event for the woman. She had staggered upon someone who, while appearing to be rather equipped to be out and about in the wilderness, did seem a bit lost. While she tried her best to be friendly, or at least, nonthreatening, this man had apparently gone through a few things and was severely frustrated. Frustrated enough that Solveig's attempts to figure out what he was about soon lead to the pair drawing weapons and having a row in the middle of a forested area.

It ended in a draw, and it seemed that this individual just needed to vent that frustration, because Solveig found him to be rather pleasant once he was exhausted. And it turned out she was somewhat right in that he was lost. The exploration of the area was intentional, he just had apparently missed his own markers and was turned about in a way that made him a bit testy. Having familiarized herself with the area, she offered to get him going in the right direction. He nearly got his face punched when he suggested she make offers of help without holding a giant axe.

They ended up traveling for several days, in which Solveig found he was a Grey Warden. And she also found herself being somewhat intrigued by the idea. He had apparently picked up on it, and proposed she join their ranks. After giving it considerable thought, that being of about a minute, Solveig agreed on the very well thought out reason of 'I don't have anything better to do'. A few weeks later, she survived her Joining and became a Warden. It was quickly decided she would not be amongst their diplomats.

That was ten years ago. The past decade was spent mainly routing out the occasional Darkspawn raid to the surface and training newer recruits. Traveling as a Warden took her father and farther away from where she was originally from, and she was in fact stomping around the Free Marches when word of a Blight occurring south got to her. Naturally, considering the huge amount of idiocy Ferelden decided to ingest at that time that made them close their borders to the Grey Wardens outside of their kingdom, Solveig did not take part in the Blight itself. She was, however part of the cleanup efforts after the Archdemon was defeated.

A time later would find Solveig being directed back towards the Marches, this time to Kirkwall, to assist the Senior Warden there. And so she went; after all, it wasn't like she had anything better to do.



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