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Scene Title Speedy Delivery
Synopsis Varric makes a delivery
Location Lowtown Inn
Date July 19, 2016
Watch For Nickname dropping
Logger Varric

You know that feeling when someone's knocking on your door and you know it's not the person you expect to be knocking on your door? Congratulations, Fenris, this is one of those times. Also, Varric may or may not forever after be allergic to quilted anything.

Fenris had not been expecting company, and he doesn't recognize this knock. Thus, it takes him a moment to decide precisely what he wants to do. He'd been setting up for a job this evening, so luckily he is armored, and his blade is upon his back. Sighing, the elf turns his green gaze toward the door, turning to face the door. "Can I help you?" He asks, sounding trepidatious.

"Good! You're home. Name's Varric. I don't usually make deliveries personally, so… I may not be up to speed, but usually the door needs to be open." He's not even going to reach for the crossbow on his back just in case. He's just a friendly dwarf on a friendly call to make a friendly delivery. "Little mage girl asked on behalf of a mutual friend."

Varric. Fenris has heard that name. Taking a deep breath, Fenris moves toward the door. It unlocks, but he does not open it, but moves away from the door. "Enter." Simply spoken, though he's definitely still on edge. But he waits near the bed, watching the door intently.

Varric holds out his arms to show how perfectly harmless he is. "Just me," he assures. "I was asked to track down a rune for you. Now, normally I'd just deliver it to the person who requested it, but since this kid mentioned Blondie and that he wanted it for you, I thought I'd bring it myself." He pulls the box from his pocket and leans over to sit it on the table. "Figured maybe you could give him a message for me, if you don't mind."

Fenris blinks, canting his head. He's not entirely following this whole train of… Everything. A rune? What in the world did he need a rune for? His armor couldn't even take them, at least… Not in its current state. None the less, he just sighs. "Blondie?" He asks, though he can likely parse that himself. "I assume you mean Anders. And yes, I could do that."

"Good!" Varric grins. "You let him know that if I think he's asked too much of me, I'll let him know. I'm almost personally offended." Clearly he expects Fenris to see how horrible that idea is. "It would also save me the time of trying to track you down to see if you could even use this thing." And he's looking at that armor now and shaking his head.

Fenris shrugs. "He even asked me if I could use them…" He mutters, shaking his head. "Unless he's looking to refit this armor, which if he can do that, I'm the Queen of Antiva." So much faith, there, Fenris. "But yes, I can tell him."

Varric laughs as if that's one of the best jokes he's heard all day. It may very well be. "Well, your majesty, he may not be able to, but I know a few people." As a matter of fact, he takes out a scrap of parchment and begins writing down a name and location. "Good, and you might want to tell him that the information I gave him is an ongoing deal. I thought he understood that before he left. I can't have slavers coming after the people I do business with. I'd run out of business!" 100% his reason. Seriously.

Blinking, Fenris cants his head. "I will make a note of that for him." He says, eyeing the piece of parchment Varric has scrawled upon. Yep, he'll deliver this message and he'll make Anders read this bit of parchment to him. That'll work out nicely. Maybe. "It is… Good information to have. You have my thanks."

Varric waves off the thanks as he makes for the door. "Broody, I'd rather have you alive and out of chains. I didn't put this much effort into keeping my contacts and my friends happy to let some power hungry magister screw it all up." Again, 100% his motive for this. "Besides, it would ruin the city's sunny reputation."

There's a very faint flicker of a smile at that, though it doesn't last. "Alright then. Though… Broody?" He says, raising a brow. Yes, Fenris, Broody. He's not buying it, though.

"Good, you heard me." Now Varric is going to head toward that door. "Tell Blondie to come visit. Come along with him. I've been trying to get him to come to one of my card nights and I'm starting to think he's biased against dwarves." Now he's going to wave on the way out. "Be seeing you, Broody."

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