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Scene Title Spelunking For Justice
Synopsis Sebastian gathers a group to go looking for a killer.
Location Chantry, Storm Coast
Date Justinian 19, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Bad Jokes and Severed Heads
Logger Adair

The chantry towers over the estates of Hightown, rivaled only by the Viscount's keep and serves as a symbol as much as it does a place of worship. The interior is large and open, with stairs ascending toward the upper levels and a large, gold plated statue of Andraste. Candles are everywhere, from the base of the statuary, to wall sconces, to candled wheels suspended from the vaulted ceilings and rafters. The central hall is lined with doors at the entrance and stained glass windows farther in. Here one can find ancient texts and worship against the backdrop of hushed whispers.

Adair might have avoided the Chantry before, but he's not avoiding it now. He's no longer hiding and afraid of being discovered. So now he's here. He's kind of missed the atmosphere a little. Sure, it's stodgy and smells like old robes and incense, but he was raised in a Chantry orphanage. This smells like home!

Maura is still feeling a little more wary than Adair is. But, Maura walks in right after him. She's used to the robes, incense, and lots of books. So it's not so unfamiliar. Just, you know, feels a bit like JAIL. Mage jail.

The Chantry Brother who had initiated the post to the chanter's board was Sebastian Vael, a prince of the line of Starkhaven, but presently a Brother. Yet, one wouldn't consider the last sentiment to be true, considering he's wearing comissioned armor of chainmail and plate, for easy movement if one was an archer. Such as he is. He's got his longbow strung across his back and a quiver full of arrows. He's standing near one of the statues of Andraste, finishing with lighting a few candles after given prayer. He waits, to see if any willing bodies were able to attend. A worried look is sent for the absence of the dwarf, but, perhaps someone else had come up. Still, the Vael would march on. His steel blue eyes sweep toward the doorway, inspecting those who arrive, wondering which had the bravery to heed his call.

Adair hasn't had time to read much. It turns out that Warden training doesn't really give you too much time for reading. They do allow time for visits to the Chantry. To Maura, he grins. "Come on, it's not like they can snatch you up now. Think of it like walking into a prison while holding the keys. …just no filling the jailor's desk with manure."

"… I expect the Maker would strike me where I stand if I pulled such a prank as that." But the rest of that analogy? Maura likes that! So she can smile again everyone, it's totally safe. "Did you want to speak to one of the Chantry sisters? Or are we just here to take in the atmosphere now that we won't wind up imprisoned or worse."

Sebastian regards Adair with a curious gaze, but, the Chantry Brother isn't going to be pushy about people to help him. He folds his arms and waits for those the Maker has come to deliver him. Though he does overhear some of the conversation in passing, eyes trailing after Maura, "If you're afraid to be imprisoned, you must have some grave confessions to make." He cants his head, "You can give recompense for your sins by working to aid the Maker's will."

Adair laughs. "Oh, I could make some grave confessions," he replies. To Maura, he shrugs. "I thought I'd… try to find out if there was any way to find out if there were any refugees from Amaranthine. I mean, if he got out or if his name had been changed if someone took him in. He was a cute baby. Drooly. …gassy. Still cute." He eyes the brother again- armor, dude? In the Chantry? Really?- and finally decides to ask. "So, you waiting on an invasion of the non-believers?"

Maura doesn't… actually reply to the notion that she might have some grave confessions to make. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone and all. But, she does offer a.. "I'm always willing to aid someone in need. Are you seeking assistance?" The light of sudden acquired knowledge goes off behind her eyes then too, and she nods at Adair. "That's a good thought. I'm sure it would be nice to find him."

Sebastian regards Adair with a flat look, "If it interests you why I'm here, I recommend you read the Chanter's Board." It was the advice he could give as he waited for … well, maybe he was the only one who cared about justice in Kirkwall. His eyes turn to Maura, "I'm a Brother of the Chantry. There have been some mysterious murders lately. I mean to trek out to the Wounded Coast with able and skilled fighters, to eliminate probable locations and theories, of suspected villains." Bronan could put it so much better. Where /was/ that Dwarf.

"You are? Don't you guys usually hang out in dresses?" Look, if you want maturity, don't look at Adair. "Well, I haven't had time to go looking for boards to read, but if you need some help…" Weren't they supposed to have some relax time? Oh well. This man's lost his dress and people are getting killed. It's one tragedy after another. "Probable locations… theories… Meaning you don't know." He's got people skills, yo. Maura is given a nod, but he doesn't look hopeful. "I doubt they'll find anything. I don't think any of the orphanage records are shared if they even keep them."

This is why he brings his lovely wife with him! Except, she's too damn tired and sore (it's not what you're thinking, really) to be much of a buffer against his juvenile sense of humor today. So this time, Maura has to bite her lip for a second and duck her head so that she doesn't giggle. Ahem. Where were they? "What he means to say is that we can probably help." She doesn't say why, or divulge their skills. Just affirms they might be able to assist. And then, "But he's your brother. Surely they can do something."

Sebastian's eyes snap to Adair, "Robes." He rectifies that in one word. Though as Adair continues to talk, Sebastian looks less hopeful that Adair is really worth the time. He folds his arms up and shrugs, "It's called an investigation, Serah. To investigate, one has to eliminate the probable locations." For Maura's addition to the conversation, he regards her, "It does sound like you're on a different quest currently." Not a yes, not a no. Just, a validation toward their focus point.

Adair ahs. "Right, you don't want to have to lift your skirts out there," he affirms, as if he finally gets it. "Come on, I used to be a Templar. We're not full Wardens yet, so we can call it doing one last solid for the Chantry, right?" He shrugs. "Oh, you mean… I was just going to see if I could get a contact to find out if anyone keeps orphanage records outside of the actual orphanages." Maura gets a shrug. "Maybe there isn't. …he might be better off if I don't find him."

Maura scowls at Adair for saying his brother might be better off. "Don't say things like that." she admonishes, before looking back up toward Sebastian. "If you want our help, we're obviously glad to provide it. If not, we can just be about our business here. No harm, no foul." Keeping it simple. They aren't going to force their help on someone. That would just be awkward. 'We will help you, or else!'

Sebastian is not impressed at the continued disrespect to the Chantry attire. "I fail to understand if you were a Templar, why you'd disrepect your own uniform," the Vael's dislike for the man increasing. It doesn't seem to budge his views of the man that they call themselves Wardens. "You could talk to Sister Toress, she is the keeper of the tomes we have here at the Chantry. She may advise you to seek the council of the Grand Cleric." He glances at the pair as Maura states they can provide help, "As … Wardens, despite that you aren't fully ranked, you have talent. The wardens wouldn't have picked you otherwise." He exhales a breath, "And it seems the Maker has brought you here for that purpose. Gather your arms and weapons, meet me at the gates to Kirkwall when you do. Expect to fight vile creatures that rival darkspawn. We go to the caves." On the wounded coast! That's asking for trouble!

"Hey, I look good in a dress," Adair points out. "It's the truth, fabulous legs. Ask her," he gestures toward Maura. "I'll remember that name. …and he might be, Maura. Let's just… forget it for now and head out. It'll be a good exercise after all of that training. Might make you less sore tonight."

"It's true." Maura plays along, nodding her agreement with the snarky former templar. "Alright. We'll meet you at the gates, then." she agrees, sounding… frankly, a little skeptical anything they come across rivaling darkspawn. She's already heard stories. She also makes a face about being sore. Meh. "Yay." That sounded so weak. SO weak. She can do better. Honestly.

Perilous ground stands between Kirkwall and the cliffs that make up the structure of the coast. The soil here is able to support scrub-brush and yellow grasses save where paths have been worn by those travelers brave enough to make their way over land. Here and there can be found small caves that were once holding cells for slaves.

It was growing dark now, by the time they all reunited. The sun dropping below the horizon. The Starkhaven Prince turned Chantry Brother, was leading the few individuals that joined the cause to the Wounded Coast, bearing a lantern to lead the way. It was his duty at least to inform those giving their service why they were down here. "A Dwarf by the name of Bronan and I, came across two Mabari hounds ripping apart a corpse. Upon further investigation, Bronan, a proclaimed physician, speculated that the deceased individual was dumped on the beach. We found most of his body, save for his head, and the injuries of the neck speak to the man having been ripped apart, by jaws bigger than a Mabari." He's rambling this on, "Bronan suspected the caves could house the …shape shifter, he expects it to be. If you've heard tales about the Hero Ferelden, you'd know the story of them." Werewolves. "We'll tackle a few of the cave systems. I was hoping for a larger turn out to sweep them all at once, but, with the three of us, it'll take longer. I've a map locating the caves which are known about in the area." He shares the map with them if they want, and continues along the path.

Adair takes a look at the map- it's always good to know where you're going- but then shakes his head. "Shapeshifter? Well, aren't you just full of good news." But at least he's now dressed for it. "Ok, but look. If this is something like that, we can't just kill whatever's doing this. I mean, that's a person, right? If they're using magic to do it, that's another story, but we have to find out first." Aw, look guys. He has morals. He glances back at Maura to share an expression that reads 'are you with me on this?'.

Maura's about as well protected as she was when she stepped foot in the chantry. Which is really to say.. hardly at all. But mages arent't known for their armor. Instead, she's got on items of clothing she hasn't worn since her time in the circle. Including her silver ring. And, the strangely elven staff she's had since that Qunari attack on Lowtorn. "Of course we can't just outright kill someone; not if we can… fix whaever is wrong, instead. Unless they're using magic and going on a killing spree, obviously." See, she agrees! And there wasn't even a joke anywhere in there from either of them.

Sebastian glances back at Adair, "It's already killed a person," he reminds Adair, "It is far beyond our help, other than for us to give it mercy. A quick death." He meanders down the road, taking a trail that skirts them along the way to the first cave system marked, "For all I know, the dwarf could have been messing with me. Though he sounded as if he truly did believe the notion of such possibilities." He shrugs, "We'll find out. Andraste will guide us to find the resolve we need to make the proper judgements." Or they'll make a call and he'll just go with it. He's kind of like that.

The Coast is surprisingly quiet this evening. In outcroppings off ahead, there is light, but it is not unheard for there to be all manner of camps out here. None the less, it seems that violence is low. The tide is calm and slack, and the entrance to first cave system is dark and silent.

"I mean, yeah, but what if this person was cursed and is doing this out of their control? We can't just run them through and hope they're guilty. Didn't you ever get that talk about mercy to those not in control of their actions?" Adair shakes his head and puffs out a sigh at that whole 'andraste' spiel. "Sure, but let's not rely on her guiding us through the cave." He made an Andraste on fire joke guys. Maura is given a grin. "I kind of missed that look. … but it looks better with all the muscle you're putting on. I'm gonna swoon."

Bonus! It's quiet on the coast, even if Sebastian and Adair are arguing. She contents herself glancing back and forth between the two. But, it probably isn't a surprise that she sides with the other almost-Warden here. "That would not be how justice works. Not at all. Wasn't there a way to lift the curse? I thought that's part of what happened in Ferelden. Or am I mixing up my stories? Maybe it's not a werewolf at all. Hopefully not." Yes, that's the ticket. "You might want to wait till later to swoon, of course. This seems a creepy, too quiet place for that sort of thing." Though, it di make her turn twelve shades of red. One shade for each year of of his maturity age.

"We usually refer to those who cannot control their actions abominations, as they're often possessed," he notes with a dry tone, "Though I'll allow you two to speak to the beast as it's trying to maul you-" he sends a wry look back, "I'm sure the conversation will be worthy of your mercy. You'll thank me for my sure shot then," he swings off his bow, in the off chance that some gory spider will come down from that cave mouth. Spiders liked the dampness of caves after all. "Sometimes, Mercy," he intones, "is to give them death than to keep them suffering." He tilts his head, "The curse was supposed to be lifted, from what I know of it-" this to Maura, "but as Bronan suggested, someone could have gotten infected during the Blight and took ship, escaped to Kirkwall with all the others who fled. And.. has managed to hide themselves well, until now. Kirkwall is rife with murder, especially in darktown." He rolls his eyes a little at their banter, holding the lantern ahead as they come up on the first cave.

Thus far, these caves are dark, damp, and empty. Though… As time goes on… It's hard to tell. Is that shine on the walls water or something else?

"Come on, it'll be great. You can catch me like a princess in a story." Adair grins but he's paying attention. He is! "Would that even work?" Not that he's expecting an answer. "Does it seem unusually moist down here to anyone else? I mean, the cave could be happy to see us…" 12, remember? His hand is already on his sword and his shield has been removed from the strap on his back to his arm where it'll do some good. "Maybe we'll get lucky and it's just a really big wolf or dog that had a lot of grudges but has moved on with its life."

The sound of water grows closer, though it is ever present in seaside caves. A pool of dark water comes up on the left, it appears surrounded by large stones.

Maura facepalms. No really, she actually facepalms. "How about I help us out a bit." Veilfire is one of the first things a mage learns how to cast. And she uses the top of her stave to host just a bit of it so they can see where they are going and what they're facing. "Happy to see us? Really?" Cue the eyeroll please. Even IF she's highly amused. "Large stones, pool of dark water. I don't remember any stories where this ends well." She just wants to make that known.

It appears it is mostly just water. Save the pool of darkwater tainted red. The large stones are all grey and dull, save one. One has hair. One is a head, lacking eyes, severed roughly from shoulders that are long, long gone.

Sebastian mutters something about the Maker guiding them. Clearly, he's reverant but not too much that it'd sound preachy to the others, not yet. He barely knows them. One he knows them, he'll be a little more outspoken where his faith is concerned. But for now, all he has concern for is inspecting the cave, which, the other two joke about. Good thing it's dark. The veilfire has him side glancing at Maura, however, she was a warden and thus not an apostate. The Circles had to know of her, likely. Yes, tell yourself that Sebastian! His lips thin as he slips an arrow out of his quiver, holding it against the rest even if he's not drawn yet. The head. Oh yes. It's noticed. "That… might be the head I was looking for. Or… someone else. Could be someone else. Where is that Dwarf… I'll have to take it to him, see if he can match it to the body we found."

Adair is just going to get it out there. Holding it in would make him explode. No one wants that. "Heads up," he alerts, nodding toward said head. "What?! It's clearly a girl Cave, ok?" Pause. "We're going to carry it out?" Ew. "You're carrying it." As relaxed as he seems, he un-sheaths his sword so that it's ready.

Maura would sigh, really she would. But she's too busy being… disturbed by the stones here. "Well, we found the head that you didn't find with the body." Princess Literal Pants, remember. "I'm not going to debate the gender of the cave." This is said for Adair's benefit, though she grips the stave a bit more tightly when he un-sheathes his sword. Man, there are SO MANY awful jokes that could go here, but the player has more willpower then Adair-the-character so … she totally steps towards the severed head to lean over and peer at it. "Someone's got to lift it up to be able to tell if it was… bitten off, right?"

It's easy enough to tell that while this cut isn't incredibly clean, this head was not bitten off.

Speak of the dwarf and he shall appear. The problem with being one of the more reliable sources of healing (particularly with such a restrictive circle) is that patients will flow in and out as they will. His sneaking ability is nothing that suggests routine use, but he's fairly quiet as he manuevers his way into the morass. And they have discovered a head! Gloves are already out, a mask over his mouth as Bronan looks over at Maura and Adair. "Ah, help. Fantastic." He leans in , checking for the seperating wound. Its a bit late, but he's hoping to also figure out (in addition to disproving or approving previous hypotheses) if this was the place of death, careful not to disturb it as he looks for spatters of blood and gore, and checking decomposition. Its only in afterthought that he looks back up. "Bronan Kodas. Doctor, alchemist, sometime examiner of bodies." At least, thats the one that allows him to poke at them with a minimum of chantry scrutiny. Right.

Yeah, you know, this thing is waterlogged, but the decomposition rate checks out. Not a lot of spatter, with all the water. But the pool of water is still a deep, dark red. That was a lot of blood. Is a lot of blood. This is probably where the death occurred.

Sebastian meanders toward the find of the head, the smell curling his nose hairs. His free hand lifts up to rub at his nose, which crinkles in disgust, "The stench is worse than darktown." That Bronan appears, has the princling showing signs of relief. Bronan was the other half of the investigation, clearly the smarter half. There's actually a half crooked grin on his face for the confidence of the Dwarf, how he goes right to it. At his own introduction, Sebastian does not hide his impressive smirk. He lifts a hand to shush the other two, "I'll wait to hear what Bronan has to say about it."

Adair nods along with the introduction and adds "Probably going to be eaten by whatever's hiding near or in that pool." At least, depending on how deep. "So… we came all the way down here just to get head?" Oh right, there's Maura. "I'm naming it head. Because it's a head." Then there's Maura's refusal to debate. "Well, I mean, there's nothing to debate." Ha! He rolls his eyes. "I'm putting bets on 'aaaaaaah!' as he's dragged away by whatever took that head."

Maura jaw drops and she turns to stare at Adair. It's the stare of doom. Her eyes are flashin' awful dangerously at the moment. And now, she's not talking to him, thank you! "Looks too clean a … removal, to be from being bitten off." she notes, ignoring the gesture to shush. Because she had something to say, so she's going to say it. "Nice to meet you, Bronan. There's an awful lot of blood in that pool. What do you make of that?"

"So our Starkhaven boy definitely died here. Makes you wonder why someone went to all the effort to dump the body when it would have probably been undisturbed here. "Not a clean decapitation, but unlikely to be a bite. Serrated blade perhaps, or just an amateur. Then again rigor does make a body a lot less pliable. Stll, sloppy work." Hopefully its not nearly as creepy as it sounds. Bronan does actually have a legitimate excuse to know about cutting people. He very gingerly checks for any other signs of wounds, if the seperation occured from behind or the front. "If the two of you have names, It would be my honor to hear them. Also more practical if we find who or whatever caused this." Bronan raising, rolling his shoulders, the clink of crystal vials and flasks a slight one. "Shall we press on? We can collect the head for burial later." He's already made the requisite notes and beginnings of sketches, and is already delving into the cave system. Maybe it will be a wash and there will be no killer, but there may at least be some mushrooms or…something to get out of this.

Sebastian for the most part has gone quiet, save for the quick ritual rite he speaks over the severed head. The Vael waits for the deduction from Bronan, not because he didn't know Maura's wouldn't be any better, but Bronan had proven himself prior. There was a certain measue of trust associated to the dwarf's way of thinking. "Maybe they wanted to get caught-" Sebastian murmurs, "Maybe they wanted to be known as a killer. Draw us down here." There's a look between the party and he nods, "Seems odd, but yes, let us continue."

The closer inspection that Bronan makes discovers the head to have belonged to a blonde, mid to late twenties. Decapitation was the cause of death, the wound happened from the front.

Adair looks at Maura with the surprised look of one who doesn't really understand why they're getting that silent accusation. "What?!" Ok, maybe he's not so innocent. "Adair Leverer," he introduces. Because- haha- the Order can't do anything now! "Or maybe they just got this far and got tired of carrying a severed head and were trying to find a way out further through these caves."

Oh he's definitely not quite so innocent and Maura totally knows it. She snorts at the 'question'. "Maura Zehavi." she supplies for Bronan. "That just seems weird. Of course, cutting off someone's head isn't exactly normal anyway, so…" Yeah, she'll just leave that hanging there and continue trekking through the cave with the others. The veilfire gives things of a bit of an eerie glow, though.

"Ascribing motive is something I leave to others. The sciences are nearly always reliable, and a truth is likely to stay a truth unless magic is involved." A pause, glancing at the mage. "No offense intended." Some might notice that he does in fact have a sword and dagger at his hip, though his fingers seem to reach for pockets before sheaths. "Decapitation, frontal wound. Means our assailant is probably further in, presuming they haven't moved on. And the head hasn't moved. The rest of the body however was seperated and left for the animals. No obvious signs of tampering, no removal of trophies…" He says as he continues to press on under the light of the veilfire. "Or one could view it as cutting off someones body. Whether for obscuring identification or for whatever reason it was the head they've kept."

Further in the cave, once they venture further, they come across a section of cave that's been disturbed. there are the remnants of someone having camped there. A dead cooking fire, cleared rocks, the imprint of where someone laid out a bed roll.

Sebastian is not opting to go in front. The veilfire can lead the way in. He takes up the rear guard since archers, tend to use range in a battle anyway. Not to say there was going to be a battle, but in the case of. He's gone quiet too. He's always been able to move stealthfully, so he sort of disappears behind them because of it, but at a glance remains ever in their shadows. Whispering ahead he offers, "To kill a man, dump his body, and return to the site of the crime? I don't think we'll find anything down here that is … with a moral compass."

Adair will take the front, thanks. He's used to standing between whatever's in front and the mage behind him. Besides, that's HIS mage (relax, it's because she said so), thank you very much. He's still going to keep that sword out and that shield in place. He's nowhere near that immature. See Maura? MATURE. MATURE AND TIMELY.

It would be really amusing to play Tank-Mage, but Maura is definitely grateful that there's a sword and shield in front of her that she trusts. Thanks so much, dudes at the back! No really! "Well, maybe he killed in self defense and it's actually the dead guy that was a problem. And he figured he had to sever the head to .. well, I don't know. And then he panicked." Because obviously a man did this, right? "Well.." She shoves at a couple of the rocks with her feet to see what moved. But otherwise… dead end? (pun intended)

"He could have been here first." Bronan points out. Not that it really excuses murder, but hey, a man has a right to his castle, right? Even really really deranged men. He sees Adair's sword and shield and seems rather thankful for it, but it does not stop him from examining the camp site. Besides, chucking flasks over Adair's head seems like quite the overhand throw exercise. How long the fire has burned down, signs of the bedroll being disturbed, anything that might give insight into the mind of the camp owner. Trying to determine if this is a temporary arrangement or if they are intruding on someones hospitality. "I do hope for innocence, but it seems improbable." He murmurs as he goes a rummaging of the camp in his clinical manner. "That was a lot of…effort for an innocent man to go through."

Hey, you two came along willingly! Offered your services as hired swords! The Princling is in the back because hello, ranged attacks can be that good if your enemies are right in front of your face! Sebastian regards the camp site, "We should look around." Advice from the guy in the back, yep. Go ahead, search around, and root in the dirt and stuff. Maybe look around that corner.

The general investigation of the immediate spot turns up what one would expect from a used place of rest. Signs someone slept there, ate there, and left. In one corner, should their search take them that far, a smashed, empty crate is found. And along with it, a good amount of shattered glass and crystal, the quality of which appears to be that used for vials and flasks. It seems only one person was using this as a camp, and that they left some days prior.

"How's this? You look around the campsite, and I'll be over here ready to put a sword in something's face. Sound good?" It sounds good to Adair! "You probably aren't going to find much other than how long this person's been gone." So he's just going to settle his back against something solid, Keep his guard on Maura, and wait.

Coming along willingly doesn't equate to being a chump! "Are you sure the face is the best spot? I guess it depends on the armor, if they're wearing any." Hey, she's having to learn these things ok? A student asks questions. And Maura has always been an excellent student! "Got some shattered potion vials and stuff here. But really, I think this one's long gone. If he was going to come back he'd probably have some provisions still hidden around."

"True. But hopefully we can dig up something that doesn't make this a dead end." Bronan opines as he continues to rummage through the camp. Hopefully he'll be able to come up with something. "Well, at least your boy is complete. Would have liked to keep his head for tests, but I imagine the Chantry frowns on extensive…probing." He's not going to beat around the bush. Gloved hands wring as he leans against one of the walls. "Rather unsatisfying outcome, but perhaps there is still something we can do. It will not be today though, I think." Collecting broken vials, bedding, other various scraps for evidence. Maybe something will come to him later.

Sebastian seems to come to the conclusion as the others do. He slips his arrow back in the quiver and pulls his bow over his shoulder, turning it to wear comfortably. "At least, yes, the body is complete. Perhaps now, with a description, we can see if anyone comes forward to report a missing man…" The evidence may have gone cold on who had committed the deed, but, they got to the head of the matter. And there's not even any loot in this cave! What gives? Sebastian turns to the way they came, offering to the wardens, "I do appreciate your time. I'll speak to the Sister on your behalf, should you need information for your brother." That is the least he could do.

And here was Maura, looking forward to smiting some bandits or something. Oh well, what're you gonna do right? As soon as Bronan is finished gathering the detritus of the former cave occupant, she hoists the veilfire'd staff and waits for Adair to start with the walking so she can light the way for them. "That's kind of you, ser. Thank you. Even if we don't follow up on it, it would be good to know if there's information out there." Perhaps she's hoping to get the thank you out, to Sebastian, before Adair can crack a joke about it.

"I appreciate it. If you come up with anything else, you can call on me. If they don't have us off somewhere doing something…" Well, it's an offer. "It would be good to know that he's still alive." Not many that called Amaranthine home are, after all. "Alright, let's head back." He'll stay in front just in case. Just because nothing was there on the way in doesn't mean it'll be the same on the way out.

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